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hnryhiggins #101

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/21/2014 04:42:21Copy HTML

I am going to be in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday, April 22.  I've booked a room at the Radisson at the airport because they have an indoor pool and hot tub.  Does anyone know the thong friendlyness of hotels in the area?
thongman8 #102

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/23/2014 02:14:22Copy HTML

 Just call the hotel and ask them.  I've sent e-mails in the past to hotels but found that I get better responses with a  phone call instead. 
Birdieman #103

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:08/25/2014 02:44:40Copy HTML

 Any thong friendly hotels in Charlotte area??
thongboy052000 #104

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/14/2015 06:32:44Copy HTML

 This is a great subject, but can we narrow things down a bit. Which places hold out the promise that you won't be the only thonger on display? In other words, which ones offer the best prospect for having some company?
lindros #105

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/15/2015 05:33:31Copy HTML

Well that's pretty easy, just about any hotel in Miami Beach especially in the summer when the South American tourists are in full swing. The hotels that I've seen the most thongers at one time were the Deauville (67th) and the Miami Beach Resort (48th). Other notables were the Riu Plaza (33rd) and South Seas (18th); however I'm sure there are many more since I've only stayed at (or covertly infiltrated) about 15 different hotels in Miami.
lindros #106

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/04/2015 11:20:42Copy HTML

Best Western in Ridgeland, SC (I-95, exit 33). Their pool is in a separate building from the hotel so it's very private. In the afternoon on weekdays nobody uses the pool (it's mostly a hotel for truckers and overnight guests that are too tired to continue driving north/south rather than a tourist destination). This afternoon I was traveling back from Georgia headed to Myrtle Beach, so I stopped off and had no problem skinny dipping for about 45 minutes before continuing the drive north (you don't need a key card to get into the pool so it's not necessary that you have to stay overnight). The pool surface is dark too, so once you're in the pool someone would have to be standing over you on the pool edge to know you're not wearing anything. I have also stayed at the hotel overnight. Even though the "pool hours" are technically from 8am to 10pm, I've had no problem wearing g-strings or skinny dipping at 6am or midnight. There is no security checking anything out, and even with the lights on at night if it's winter time the glass windows will fog over so nobody can see in.
islandguy #107

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/18/2015 02:13:56Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a week recently at the Westgate Resort South Beach.  It’s a small, older facility located on the beach at Collins Ave and 36th street.  Accommodations consist of one- and two-bedroom units with full kitchens and separate dining/living areas.  The resort is a member of the Interval International timeshare exchange.  It also rents rooms like a hotel.

The clientele consisted mostly of older couples along with a few families with school-aged children.  Swimwear at the pool and on the beach was conservative.  However, I wore a sheer, teardrop g-string swimsuit without incurring any negative responses.  In fact, people simply ignored me.  Such behavior appeared to be the norm; people did not interact with others outside their own families.

I often skinny-dip in hotel pools after dark when the lights are low and fewer people are around.  However, the pool area remained brightly lit all night long, thereby making it less appealing for such activity.  Nevertheless, I did swim naked in the pool at night a couple of times.

However, the pool hours of 7 am to 10 pm were strictly enforced.  I was in the pool when 10 pm came and a resort staff member asked me to leave due to the time.  One morning I woke up early and went to the pool around 6 am.  A few minutes later, I was asked to leave until the formal opening time.  My lack of swimsuit must have been obvious, but was not mentioned on either occasion. The pool rules made no mention of swimwear requirements.

Bottom line:  I would describe the resort not as thong-friendly but rather as thong-tolerant.  Resort staff also seemed to be nude-tolerant, although what might happen if another guest were to complain is open to speculation.
gosteelers827 #108

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/19/2016 12:20:13Copy HTML

I recently traveled to Phoenix on business about 2 weeks ago and ended up staying at the Phoenix Mesa Marriott.

I ended up going down to the pool one afternoon and laid out in my Skinzwear thong swimsuit. There were 4 women down at the pool when I was there. None of them ever said anything to me or were rude in any way. At one point, it got too hot (hit about 98 degrees that day) and I had to get in the pool to cool off. When I stood up and stepped into the pool, I did notice one of the younger women smiling and probably took pictures, but that's okay -- she was very attractive and looked to be about 2 months pregnant.

pikeman #109

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/23/2016 08:44:52Copy HTML

 I will wear a thong anywhere unless the pool is full of kids.  There is little notice, and if management objects I will oblige with a very minimal bikini. But I have never had any problems. Thong everywhere! 
tangathong #110

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/24/2016 03:11:21Copy HTML

 I agree that you can wear a thong to anymo hotel pool - you are a paying customer. It shouldn't matter as this is America 
NudeNArizona #111

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/28/2016 12:55:30Copy HTML

 Only once I have been approached by hotel management about my swimwear, and the issue was with wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts because I didn't think they would allow a thong, so i asked if I removed the shorts and swam in my thong if that would be ok and was told that was fine.
sailor250 #112

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/29/2016 08:03:01Copy HTML

 One positive trend that I see will continue to make thongwearing more possible is that fewer Americans seem to be using hotel pools.  I think it may be obesity that's making people more hesitant to put on a bathing suit and go to the pool.  That will mean fewer people at the pool to bother us and fewer people using the pools in the evening hours too.  I've stayed at hotels and I've seen as few as a total of three people use a pool in a whole week.
sailor250 #113

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/26/2016 03:51:25Copy HTML

 The ability to swim at any time I'd like including late night, early morning is important to me too.  This is one thing that's driven me to house rentals from hotels.  Due to insurance regulations pool hours are limited almost everywhere- it's just how enforced they are that matters it seems.  (OK counsel if we limit the pool hours to 8 hours, that's 1/3 of the day we'll prevent 2/3 of the drownings and liability- OK do it!)Sometimes I've been at places where the pool is at the edge of the bar or night club area.  There have been some places where this kept me from wanting to swim, other places where it's encouraged me.  Wearing a G string in yellow once at a hotel in San Francisco I attracted a group of guys and girls from the club inside to come out and talk to me, some of the chicks thought I was naked even when standing there talking to them-they were a little wasted ( and little waisted too)...wouldn't take me up on my suggestion to join me in the warm pool in their underwear.
bugmenot2 #114

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/26/2016 08:59:04Copy HTML

 Here in Germany in 99% of the resorts and hotels never make any complains about wearing thonging in hotelpools.If you're not with to explicit exposure, transparant or with a boner it is ok.
The 1% i speak about was with a transparent white skinzwear thong, my stuff was i a half erected, and one of the guest make a complain to the staff. They checked me out and we have had a small talk about,if it was accepeble. I changed over in a bikini swimwear and that it. No problem at all.
ThingThong #115

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/29/2016 03:04:05Copy HTML


I recently stayed in Hotel Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom.


They have a small pool area on a roof top in the middle of the hotel, not at the topp of the hotel.
It is nice but small, outside pool with a gym on the side of the pool separated by big windows.
You can see all this in the gallery of their site.
I was wearing a blue thong and was the only one in the pool. Two people in the gym looking out on the pool area and two couples laying in the sun tanning next to the pool.
I was only in my thong when I walked from the changing / shower room from behind the gym to the pool. The two in the gym did not look when I looked their way but when I pretended to look another way I could see they were looking and it looked like they approved, if you understand what I mean.
The two couples could not care less they saw me, I saw them and that was it. One of them had a cheeky thong on so I had company in that aspect.
Before I went to the pool I checked with the management and they said that as long as I had cover and was not naked I could wear any suit I wanted.

I recommend this place because of the open minds, I did not ask the management but I got the feeling that many people went to stay at the pool in just a thong.
josht #116

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/29/2017 12:36:45Copy HTML

Long Beach, CA - any information on relative thong friendliness of the following:

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

The Westin Long Beach
Camloser #117

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/29/2017 03:47:53Copy HTML

 I have thonged on the beach in Long Beach...right near the Hyatt Regency, but never at the hotel itself.
clubthongs #118

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/30/2017 01:53:49Copy HTML

josht, I have worn thongs, and even small g strings, at numerous Hyatt properties over the years and never had an issue. I can't speak to the Hyatt Regency Long Beach specifically but I would assume it would be similar to other Hyatt properties. Send me a private message if you want more information.
Cyberluc #119

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/16/2017 06:06:27Copy HTML

 I'll admit, I've always been skeptical of stories people post on this board about meeting women  in thongs at hotels....until this week when it happened to me.  I was staying at the Marriott near LAX a few nights ago and I went down to the hot tub around 8pm in my lime green skinz M1R g-string.  The suit gets very sheer when wet.  There was no-one in the pool or hot tub because it was a cool night.  After about 20 minutes, I see a couple start to walk over with towels in hand and I figured it was best to pack up and head out so I walk out of the hot tub and start to towel off.  When they approach the man tells me not to leave on their account.  At that point the  women takes off her shirt to revel a sheer bikini top.  When she takes her towel off, she's in a white wicked weasel g-string.  They both go into the hot tub and I join them.  We talked a lot about thongs, both hers and mine.  Her husband was very obviously proud of her appearance.   She was 62, but had the body of someone half her age.  After awhile, he went back up to their room and brought back down 3 other WW suits, all sheer micro g-strings, that she slipped on.  We talked a long time and ended up closing down the hot tub at about 1030.  A couple other guys joined for awhile in board shorts.  I kept getting out of the tub to restart the timer.  The lady was appreciative of that and the other guys (surprisingly) didn't say anything and even continued to talk to me (although the subject of my g-string didn't come up).  A very positive experience at a hotel hot tub in LA!
ithongit #120

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/20/2017 02:42:28Copy HTML

 I stayed a few weeks ago at one of two hotels run by the same company that are directly across the street from each other.  The one I stayed at had rooms in the $130 to $200 dollar range, and had over 400 rooms.  The one across the street was in the $180 to $350 per night range and has about the same number of rooms.  Both hotels have two pools, one inside and one outside.  Both outside pools were closed for winter.  I ask about thongs at desk at our hotel and was told "we don't permit thongs inside, but in summer, women can wear them outside.  The lady said the hotel across the street, which she said appealed to a "higher class of people, including international tourists" had not thong restrictions and both men and women could stay there.  The lady at the desk offered to have us moved there.  This was a company trip, and the hotel where we were at was perfectly acceptable in all other respects, and at the time, we would have paid almost $50 more per night to move, so we didn't.  I have said before that top-of-the line and the most classy hotels didn't really care.  These hotels were locally owned an operated, and not part of a hotel chain, like Hilton, where we have never had any issues.  Fortunately, not all smaller, cheaper, or less prestigious motel and hotel find it necessary to keep thongers out -- either as a corporation, or on a motel by motel basis.  But I do think this does show again, that not all bad perceptions of thong wearers are universal, and for some unknown reason, more wealthy or international guests are more likely to be accepted in thongs.

ohiothonger #121

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/20/2017 11:25:47Copy HTML

 Maybe the reason more costly motels and hotels don't mind thongers as much is that they don't want to discourage those who can afford to stay there.  In your example, the rich people hotel charges almost twice as much, but is right across the street and the same management.  It would be interesting to know if the 'fancy' hotel really has that much better accommodations that would justify the higher cost, or if they are simply catering to the wealthy since some of the wealthy simply don't want to have to deal with more average people.

Another question I can not answer is would the wealthier clients be less likely to complain about thongers?  My experiences on beaches, etc. are that it the trailer trash type people are the first to objet to thong wearing.
sailor250 #122

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/21/2017 02:02:10Copy HTML

 My thoughts are that the more well to do guests have travelled more and often to Europe or S America where beach nudity is more common.  Also those who wear thongs can afford more than one bathing suit usually have many.  Others may swim in their shorts.Also if thongs are considered "fashion forward" and they are- then the upscale guests will not object.At some non branded resorts wealthier guests do let their entitled tendencies go and wearing a thong or less is an entitlement (or topless would be an ex tit lement)
Nuwalket #123

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:04/21/2017 02:38:37Copy HTML

 I have to say in my limited experience of wearing thongs at hotel pools I must say that so far my radar has worked fine. It seems that if one avoids times when children are present, women who are wearing one piece suits with skirts and most weekends you'll be fine. When we travel and stay in the more upscale places it seems that it's more or less business travelers who are too tired to make a fuss. Or as Sailor250 pointed out more upscale clientele are more tolerant. 
There was a chuckle when I read Ohiothonger's comment about trailer trash being the first to complain. And not to be one to put down how anyone lives but some of the states of dress or lack of that I've encountered in trailer parks on EMS calls makes me wonder. Unless it's more of having males in thongs than women?
But back to the thread, I just spent some time in Columbus after Easter and had the pool and hot tub to myself for late night (after ten) relaxing. I wore a thong under a pair of shorts but ended up nude both nights. Al intentions were to wear just the thong if anyone was present just to test the reaction so maybe n the fall. Camping season starts soon!
JM_Runs #124

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:08/26/2017 06:12:12Copy HTML

I seldom have a camera or phone with me, my wife has hers all the time, but we're not necessarily together all the time. Right now I'm pool side at a lake side resort with my wife and friends. They are both former models / body builders that now own their own small business. They came down earlier in the week for a conference and invited us to come down and spend the weekend with them.

We got here yesterday evening and the women decided they needed to do some shopping so Tim and I spent yesterday afternoon at the pool. This is a big place with 3 pools and this one is adults only. When we got in yesterday I asked the woman at the front desk about swim wear regulations and she said the usual, as long as nobody complains, wear what you want, as long as we're at the adults only pool.

Tim wore a white string side bikini and I was in a red JS bulge thong. We were the only ones there and hadn't been out but 10 minutes when the lady from the front desk came out and headed our way. My first thought was she changed her mind or somebody complained, but she walked up and asked how we were and if we needed anything. Tim asked if it was ok to have drinks from the bar out there and she said yes but they would serve them in plastic cups. She asked us what we wanted and said she'd have somebody bring them to us as quick as they could.

About 10 minutes later she came out with our drinks and we asked if she was doing double duty. She said most of the people that had been there had checked out and that the place was pretty empty at the moment so she had time. She asked if we needed anything else so I asked if she would mind putting sunscreen on my back, really thinking she wouldn't do it. She said she supposed she could so I turned over and she asked, "buns too?" to which I replied, "if you don't mind." She did, then said she would come back in 30 minutes or so to check on us again, and left.

Tim almost fell out of his chair, he said I can't believe you asked, and she did! We were there for almost 2 hours and she came back out 4 times and refreshed our drinks and chatted with us. The women came back and said they were ready to go get some drinks and food so we cleaned up and changed and went out.

We arrived back around 10:30 and the same woman was at the front desk so I asked if the pool was still open. She said the adult pool is open until midnight but since there was practically nobody else there we could swim as late as we wanted.

My wife declined to go swimming, saying she was tired and ready for bed but the rest of us changed and met at the pool. Tim was wearing his white bikini again and Cathy was in a very small white g string suit. I had on a tiny red TM g-string and had a towel around me to get to the pool. As I was standing there and dropped the towel the front desk lady had come up behind me and I turned when I heard her ask if we needed anything that the bar was open until midnight as well. She looked down and said that's much smaller than the one you wore earlier today. I asked if it was ok and she said that at this time of night, with the small crowd they had, she didn't care if we were nude as long as she didn't get any complaints.

We ordered our drinks and when she left I slipped off my g-string and got in the water but the pool lights were on and you could tell I was nude. She came back with our drinks and came to the edge to hand me my drink, and said I see you took me literally when I said you could be naked. I said I'm naked as much as I can be at home too. She said I can see I'm going to have to keep my eyes on you and she turned and left.

She came out one more time before the bar closed and we were all in the pool nude by then, only Cathy had her g string on but no top. We told her we were good for the night and she said she was getting off work at midnight and bid us a good night. Tim and Cathy both told her she should come join us at the pool for awhile but she declined, saying she had a teenager to get home to, and left. Again nobody else was at the pool the entire time.

We've been out here now for a little more than an hour, I'm in a navy, thinskinz thong, my wife is wearing a green 2 piece, Tim is wearing a black Prevail Sport bikini and Cathy is wearing a pink Victoria's Secret thong. There are 2 other mid 30's ladies out here as well, one of them is Asian and she is gorgeous. She is wearing a yellow tie side string bikini and the other is in a brown and green bikini. We have been chatting with them and all having a good time and drinking. Both of them have mentioned my all over tan. My wife told them that we have the privacy and that I tan in the nude all the time at home.

We've seen a few other guests walking around but we've pretty much had the adult pool area to ourselves. I asked at the desk and Pat, the woman that was there last night, comes in again this afternoon.  I may go change into my sheer white TM thong for her to see. Looking to be a great weekend. Stay tuned.
JM_Runs #125

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:08/27/2017 02:21:37Copy HTML

As a follow up to the last post the wife decided she'd had enough sun for the day and went to the room to take a nap. Tim had some business calls to make so he left the pool area but Cathy and I stayed for another hour, nobody else came to the pool in that time.

We all left to grab some happy hour drinks and then went to eat, arriving back at the hotel around 10pm. We decided to meet up at the adult pool area again and went to change. My wife asked what I was going to wear and I told her I was taking my white sheer TM thong but wasn't going to put it on if nobody was at the pool, was just going to stay nude. That made her mad so she decided to stay in the room again. I wrapped a towel around me and went on down.

Tim and Cathy were there, he in his black bikini again and she in her white g string again. Pat from the hotel front desk was there talking with them so I asked how she was and she said good, then asked me if I was going to behave for the evening. I said I always do then dropped my towel and jumped in the pool nude. When I turned around she was smiling and shaking her head and said she should have known better than to ask.

As she was leaving the pool area, the two ladies from earlier in the day were coming out to the pool area, but still dressed. They said they were checking to see if it was open still and were planning to come back down. They saw that I was nude and asked if Pat had said anything about it. We told them what she had said last night.

They left and came back a short while later, both wearing what they had been in earlier but by that time Tim and Cathy were both nude as well. They got in the pool and said they hoped they weren't crashing our party but we assured them it was all good. We floated around for some time when Pat came back out and asked if every one was ok, that she was getting ready to leave for the night. We told her we were good and Cathy again asked her to come back out and join us. To our surprise she said she brought a suit with her this time and would join us for a little while.

She left and came back after maybe 20 minutes, dropped her towel and was wearing a very tiny lime green bikini. She got in and said that she wasn't going to join us in skinny dipping because she worked at the resort and we said we understood. We enjoyed chatting with everyone for awhile and then she and the other two ladies called it a night and left, leaving just the 3 of us again.

We stayed another 10 minutes or so and then decided we were done for the evening. I wrapped my towel around me and headed up the walk to the booms when Pat came out the door and said she wanted to let us know she overheard that some other guests were planning to use the pool too but I told her we were done for the evening. We have to check out soon and be on our way home but it's been a great weekend and we're glad Tim and Cathy invited us down.  
JM_Runs #126

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/24/2017 04:14:23Copy HTML

I had to make a business trip to Minneapolis and rather than fly I decided to drive because it was going to take about the same amount of time, by time you mess with the airport and the waiting around.

My meeting was scheduled for Friday but I left early Thursday morning and arrived at my hotel a little after 1pm. I wanted to get some lunch but decided to see if I could go ahead and get checked in and see what was in the area so I went to the hotel first. I specifically picked this hotel TownePlace suites Marriott, because it had an outdoor pool and was hoping to get in some sun tan time. 
I was able to get checked in and I went to look at the pool, it was kind of small but a very nice setting. There was nobody out so I decided to get my tan on first and eat later. I had only taken a Joe Snyder red bulge thong for swimwear. I didn't even ask if thongs were allowed, I didn't see anything saying they weren't, and figured better to do it and ask forgiveness later right? 

I got my towel on a chair and jumped in the water which was maybe a little cool but felt very refreshing as the sun was out and it was mid 80 temps. I got back out and was laying in my chair looking over some info for the meeting when a woman that I'd guess was in her late 30's or maybe 40 came out in a sheer white swimsuit cover up and had a light blue bikini on underneath. 

She took a long look at me and said hello.  I asked her how she was doing. She said she was exhausted and was looking forward to some time to relax in the sun, that she was from North Dakota and didn’t get near enough sun and warm weather. She said hadn’t seen a man wearing a bikini in person in years. 

I smiled thinking she was really going to be shocked when I stood up or rolled over but just replied that I’m a sun worshipper so to speak and spend a lot of time in the sun and love getting to the beach whenever possible. She said she wasn’t complaining, that she didn’t mind seeing a guy who obviously cared about his appearance and staying fit in such a small suit. Then said I can see you’re wearing a ring, your wife is a lucky woman. I thanked her.

As she was removing her cover I got up to get back in the pool before laying on my front side. She must have thought she’d scared me off because she said "Oh don’t leave I’m not hitting on you"  and kind of laughed. I told her I was just going to get in the water and cool off and I turned enough so she could see my backside and then jumped in the pool.

She then quite loudly said now that was something she’d never actually seen in person, a man wearing a thong bathing suit. She said that it took a lot of guts to come to the midwest and wear a suit like that in public, but that I certainly pulled it off well. I told her that I was from the midwest myself but that I generally wear smaller suits than that on public beaches. This then started a whole new conversation, about Americans being so uptight and judgmental, based on trivial things like clothing or hairstyles.

After talking for quite some time she left the pool.  I decided to get in to cool off one last time. A young girl that worked at the hotel came out and asked how I was. When she saw what I was wearing she said she was surprised to see a man in a bikini, that they didn’t get many male customers there that wore them.  I asked her if it was a problem and she said no, just that she was surprised. 

She hadn’t noticed that it was a thong and she was straightening up the chairs and area when I decided to get out and I heard her kind of gasp as I walked over to my chair, so I’m sure she saw, but she never said anything.

I wrapped my towel around me and headed to my room. That was the only chance I had to get to the pool and get some sun. When I was checking out Friday I did see a few more people out there.
joelpool #127

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/26/2017 01:34:00Copy HTML

 Had a great experience in early August at the Radisson hotel downtown in Manchester NH. The indoor pool is on the 3rd floor, and next to the pool is an outdoor rooftop sundeck! Was able to swim and lay out the entire time in very skimpy bulging thongs and a tiny g string. Many people saw me who were around the deck from the spa next door. There were also quite a few using the pool and deck too. A lot of long looks and stares but all were positive. Like my swimwear choice was perfectly normal! 
clubthongs #128

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/05/2018 02:36:44Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any experience at the Hyatt Zilara Cancun? It is an all inclusive adults only property so I can't imagine that thongs or g strings would be an issue but I am curious if anyone in this forum has stayed there.
Blackthong23 #129

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:08/13/2018 06:33:22Copy HTML

I just wanted to share my experience over the weekend at Palace Casino in Biloxi MS. I’ve have been to their hotel pool about 3-4 times and all the times I’ve worn a conservative bikini suit while laying out and swimming. Never had an issue with the staff or even the people around the pool. It’s always been a relaxed atmosphere with the occasional kids playing in the pool but nothing that would keep me from tanning in my bikini. 

This weekend we stayed at this casino/hotel and on Saturday we showed up around 10-10:30 AM and went straight to the pool. It was so nice.. only about 5 or 6 people there. Around noon more and more families showed up and I just kept my desmitt bikini on with zero issues. I wasn’t going to press the issue by tanning in a thong with that many people around. I had one underneath but just kept the desmit bikini on. The whole time we were there, a lady was wearing a very small string style suit but she would never show her backside or when she got up, she immediately covered her rear with a towel while getting drink. I kept thinking she has to be in a thong. It was so hot this weekend that everyone had to get in the pool... and she was cooking her topside so much that I can tell she had to get in to cool off. She was hesitant and looking around while no one was looking. She kind of scooting in the pool quickly and I couldnt see if she was wearing a thong or not. She stayed in the pool so long and I could tell she kinda felt trapped with her backside against the wall the whole time. I really think she was trying to find a good time to get back to the chair when no one was looking. 

She then started to get some drinks and I think she loosened up a good bit. After about 2 mix drink she eventually got out of the pool and she was wearing a string bottom that was definitely a thong but not a g string. She kind of walked quickly back to the chair and sat down. Of course... and overweight one piece younger girl kinda chuckled and said to her friend omg.. I couldn’t ever wear that in front of people. That kind of ticked me off because that lady looked 10 times better than her but of course.. leave it to the overweight conservative girl being the most judgemental. 

I’m just sitting here tanning and notice that he lady decided to roll over and say screw it and tan her backside. It’s amazing how a few drinks will make you more loose and carefree haha! She looked great and I was happy to see her showing off her thong! 

The next day we showed up to the pool right when it opened and I really wanted to wear my thong while no one was there. I had a traditional thong on with a bikini cover up just in case. We sat down and I strip down to my thong and roll over to get as much sun as possible on my backside I wasn’t sure if it would be ok if I could or not but a few staff members walked right by me and never said a word. We were there for about an hour or so before the first group of people came down. I rolled over but just kept the thong on. As the day went on more people came to the pool but I still had my thong on but since there were kids around I put the bikini on to go to the pool. I also pretty much never turned back over since it was kinda crowded.

It was a awesome time at that pool. Multiple times I folded my thong almost to a string to get the best tan lines and many people walked by staff included. Waitresses walked up and took my orders with no issues or weird looks and could see I was In a very tiny suit. It was very encouraging to go to a casino pool and not have any issues especially in the south. Good time, great tan lines

tobias5711 #130

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/20/2018 12:17:07Copy HTML

I had the opportunity to stay at a Sonesta hotel yesterday. A very upscale hotel. I was busy all day long and didn't have a chance to use the pool in a thong until 10:30 at night. I went to the indoor pool with an outdoor connection, but the water had cooled down very quickly. I instead I hopped in the spa. Another man was in it on the phone and stayed for ten minutes. When he got out he was wearing a square-cut unlined sit which clung to him revealing just about everything. It looked like it could have been underwear. He grabbed a towel and placed it around his neck and walked to the elevator. I stayed for another 40 minutes and even walked around the outdoor pool letting my thong dry. I don't think anyone saw me. This morning I returned and took another dip in the spa. Three men saw me and noticed my thong. One while I went to get some water. No negative reaction. Again I walked around the pool outdoors to let my thong drip dry. The pool is surrounded on three sides by rooms and banquet halls. A few workers were in the halls and could have seen me if looking. I really don't know if anyone saw me while I was outside the 5 minutes. I returned to my room in just my thong with a towel over my shoulder. My room was only 15 feet from the elevator. Once again no one saw me. I don't know how other Sonesta hotels are, but I felt very comfortable going around the pool and spa in just a black stuffit thong. Here in Gwinnett County Ga. I don't think wearing a thong would be an issue.
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