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Date Posted:12/22/2004 06:06:24Copy HTML

Dear all,I've seen quite a few topics on this board about people wearing thongs and low cut jeans to show their thong above the waist but what about exposing the tan line. After I come back from holidays and I have a very prominent thong tan line I like to wear very low cut jeans but not wear any underwear so my tan line can be seen above the waist of my jeans. Do any of you guys do this?
nicthong #1

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/22/2004 06:32:29Copy HTML

I've only seen a couple of photos on the web of this look and personally I think it's very sexy - moreso than seeing an actual thong. As for doing it myself, no. First because I don't wear my thong straps high enough and second because if I was wearing my really low jeans (that would definitely show a thong line if I crouched down or bent over), I'd be wearing something underneath. Would be interested to read others' answers to this. Good question Kat!
Ryan Booth #2

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/23/2004 03:06:20Copy HTML

I think in theory it would look great. But you need to have the right body to pull it off. Possibly in the UK if a guy tried this you could be accused of having a "builder's bum". 
Gstringing #3

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/23/2004 03:18:21Copy HTML

Last summer I wore some low rise hot shorts I bought from undergear, that really showed prominently my g-string line that I obtained from south beach. 
The Gabe #4

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/23/2004 03:31:02Copy HTML

KathrynnG, I love to let my thong show just a bit over the top of my low rise jeans. I bought the jeans specifically for that purpose. And the best I have founf to date that fit this guy the way he likes are the Levi's 522, stovepipe legs jeans. Originallly designed for women, they fit me perectly. And yes I do also like to let my thong tanline slip and show people what I wear. it's a kick for me. Even my mom commented to me recently, nice tan line, Gabe.

So, the ladies are not alone in this quest to give a peek. Be proud, and let your thongs be seen.

JM_Runs #5

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/27/2004 02:38:09Copy HTML

These jeans would have to be VERY low rise to show my thong line. I wear a Dore low thong and the triangle in the back starts right at the top of my crack -- so in order to see that, you'd have to be seeing my crack as well. Very erotic, but not sure I could do this. Maybe in a night club.

thongexpert #6

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/28/2004 04:45:21Copy HTML

Thongs gets my attention, but a thong tan line is definitely from a person that not only wears the underwear, but brave enough for sunning in swimwear, so they really get my attention.   My tan line shows more often since I like to go bare, and sometimes shown deliberately.   But, I wonder what the girls really think.   Since it's so rare to ever see this, it might be perceived more as a unusual man here, what do your girlfriends think?   I think most guys would love this on girls, but may not be the other way around.

koordje #7

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:12/29/2004 12:49:49Copy HTML


I also have a thong tan line, but don't like to weare low cut jeans, so that tan line isn't really visible.
However, i' wearing more then 80% of the time thongs, at work (I work in the banking industry) thongs aren't very much appreciated, so wearing them covered up by some costume isn't a problem, but really visibel under a low cut jeans, hmmmm.
When not at work, I wear normal cut jeans and a thong, which masks the tan line. Sometimes when the weather is good and some friends come over to BBQ, one might notice it, but I don't really care.

If you go out to the beach in a thong, with I don't know how many poeples around you, why be shy afterwards about a tan line that might show.

Buttman31 #8

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:01/20/2005 05:18:45Copy HTML

I think it looks great, my girlfriend had a really good thong tan once and we were at a cricket match and she was wearing very low cut trousers, a guy came up behind her whilst she was bending to reach into her back and he took a photo! i saw him later on and he asked to take more pics and that he loved the tan, I said maybe not! It was a test match on a sunny day so i think much alcohol had been consumed. I wish it was possible for me to post pics here.
backstrap357 #9

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:01/28/2005 04:26:05Copy HTML

I absolutely love that look. Almost to fetish proportions. I have an entire folder of pics that I have collected of nothing but thong tanlines, both with low-rise pants and without. Personally I have not gone with that look myself only because I don't get tan enough to have lines.
MarcoUSA #10

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:02/14/2005 10:12:44Copy HTML


Last summer while at an outdoor concert, I spotted a very tan blonde woman wearing lowrise jeans and a tube top (pink). Very visable high on her sexy hips were tanlines. Thin but very apparent. When I got behind her (it was the beer line) I was treated to her bending over at least twice and revealing a tanline T on her lower back. That was the first time I had ever seen this.

Last night I was watching a reality show about Las Vagas (Nevada, USA) and these 2 girls had these tanlines. WOW. My wife even commented that it was kinda wild looking and sexy.

Peace all.

Backstrap -- I'd love to see your collection of low risers.

sailor250 #11

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:07/04/2018 01:40:36Copy HTML

 This video of removing her shorts at the pool  - ah --when that WWtoe appeared!
LoveMyThongs #12

Re:Thong Tan Line and Low Cut Jeans

Date Posted:07/13/2018 01:24:32Copy HTML

At the beach I don’t hike up my thongs but keep them low so my tan lines don’t get exposed. 
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