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Date Posted:10/01/2004 11:02:20Copy HTML

What does everyone think about thong tan lines?  I've just started working on mine at the tanning salon and I like the way it's turning out.  I just have to decide which style of thong I'm going to go with while I tan - if I keep changing styles it kind of doesn't work.  I like the look of thong tan lines - you can take off your thong and still have it on!
packiest #1

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/02/2004 01:31:04Copy HTML

I'd love to have a great tan and some well defined thong tan lines. Just don't really have the time or money to go to the salon to do it. Not sure what I'd wear if I did do it, though. Probably my very sexy gstring from bodyaware.
nicthong #2

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/03/2004 07:12:06Copy HTML

I was recently given an 'over-bed' sunbed by a friend and, having been working throughout the summer and not getting any sun, figured I'd enjoy using it. I was trying to decide whether to tan naked (as I've always done previously at salons) or to tan in a thong. I decided I usually like the thong tanline whenever I get back from a holiday so decided to use a thong. I use the same style thong each time - very low cut front, 1/4" sides, thong back. Fortunately - given this is my favourite thong style and 'thong of choice' when on holiday - I have this style in a few different colours (and one print).
Thonglicious #3

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/03/2004 10:19:02Copy HTML

Thonglicious loves the look - particularly on women.  I tried to get some lines myself while on vacation but it didn't quite work out.  I have a very dark complexion to begin with so high contrast is probably something I'll never see.  And since I'm already dark I had never really set out to intentionally try to get any darker.  Well, I wanted to give it a shot but I made two fundamental errors.  First, I wore a thong under a tan-through speedo.  Great for modesty but absolutely detrimental to my goal.  And, if that weren't bad enough, I tried to tan througha 45 SPF sun block.  Sheesh!  I finally got wise on the last of 4 consecutive days at the beach but it was too little too late. 

I'll have another chance next year.  This time it'll be in a thong only with a nice sheen of baby oil to help me bake.


Ex_Member #4

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/05/2004 11:08:25Copy HTML

I have had a thong tan-line for the past few years, and love the look, and getting it !  I swim every day, and have noticed people looking twice when I shower and change. Good feeling! I also like the idea of others being able to see it no matter what, even when naked. I usually tan enough in summer that the thong tan is visible right through winter to the next season. So the doctor, chiropractor, everyone, gets to see my swimwear choice. A subtle way to carry the message all year!
nick12341234 #5

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/05/2004 02:25:05Copy HTML

I love my Y-thong tanline. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. The people at the gym can tell which swimsuit I prefer.
clubthongs #6

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/05/2004 10:50:41Copy HTML

Being fortunate enough to live in southern CA, I have a year round thong tan line and it has been in place for 20 years!
modelnude4u #7

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/07/2004 10:17:54Copy HTML

I have been wearing thongs for about 10 years, and have been keeping a thong tan line for 3 or 4.

I love it and my wife loves it too.  I do try to always tan in the same style of suit to keep the lines sharp.  Most of my tanning has been in the great outdoors, that way I get my exhibitionist fix at the same time.  I agree with the idea of advertising that you wear a thong even when you're naked.


imathonglover #8

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/10/2004 05:42:01Copy HTML

Living in southeast Texas with a pool in the backyard and a privacy fence, there is no problem for me to keep my thong tanline.
cbthong #9

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/10/2004 10:33:23Copy HTML

I also like the sharp tanlines. I have been working on them and they are very well defined now, I like the way they look and my GF loves the tanned rear with the contrasting lines.
Ryan Booth #10

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/12/2004 01:26:15Copy HTML

Well I'm still in two minds. I agree that thong tan lines do look very sexy and I can see the appeal of that. I also find that if I completely shave my pubic region it looks a lot better with a tan than without. You don't notice the stubble as much and I seem to get less stubble rash if the region is exposed to UV rays on the sun beds.
Does anyone else's skin react in the same way as mine?
nadathing #11

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/14/2004 05:37:59Copy HTML

For me, I like the idea of a very skimpy rio back tan line and then wear a thong with that. Seeing that on a woman would drive me wild too!

In front, I like an extremely minimal non-tanned area, just my equipment, with the tan right up to it.

Fo a woman up top, something similar, an extremely minimal tanline, and then go topless.
trapking #12

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/14/2004 09:19:36Copy HTML

I prefer no tan line. All winter I tan at a booth so I prefer to be nude and in the summer I tan in shorts around the neighbors, a thong when alone and someone might come over and nude when I know the neighbors and their kids are gone or I go to the nude beach.

Working on a thong tan line would work against my goal of being nude as much as I can.
miaswim #13

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/14/2004 02:34:52Copy HTML

I also have a thong tan pretty much year round and enjoy the look in and out of my thong.  I'm an ex-HS/College swimmer and still swim laps at the gym 3-4x/week.  Always interesting to see the others checking out my tan line when I'm in the shower or changing clothes.  Since I'm and avid sailor, I usually thong when out on the boat as well.

Buttman31 #14

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/09/2004 08:13:15Copy HTML

I love the look of a thong tan on my girlfriend, especially when she wears very low cut trousers so that other guys can see it when she bends over. A few times guys have commented and once a guy came up to me at a sporting event here in UK and said "can I take a photo of your girls bikini tan", I was happy about it but she was a bit shy. I think it is sexy because shows others what you wear on the beach, and in most cases what they daren't wear. I love taking photos of my girlfriend wearing thongs and to be honest the ones with thong tan lines are even more sexy 
Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/09/2004 08:42:55Copy HTML

I've had tan lines every year, but this season I ended up doing things a bit differently. At the beginning of the season I acquired the usual "Y" tan line over my butt and the thin lines on my sides. Then I decided that I really didn't want lines at all. I started wearing Kaola suit that is called the Sheer Side Camel Toe. The suit covers only enough to barely make me "legal", and it has clear plastic sides.  After about six trips to the beach plus some time in the backyard all of my lines disappeared and I now have the equivalent of nude beach tan. I really like the all-over tan look, and I think that I will stick with it for a while. Maybe next year I'll go back to the lines ... or maybe not.
rogerp #16

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/10/2004 01:18:32Copy HTML

I prefer to have an "all over tan" so people can tell what kind of swim suit I prefer...;-)

Ex_Member #17

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/10/2004 01:10:50Copy HTML

I've been doing the thong tanline for three years. I just love the look of sharp lines on my body!
redraider55 #18

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/09/2004 06:11:43Copy HTML

This past year, I had a thong tan line from both suntanning and booth tanning. I wore only my Joe Snyder rio thongs to keep the tanline crisp and clear. It looked great!  I wore the same thongs at the beach, but wore the straps at angles different from my tanlines to show them off.  My mother-in-law complemented my thong tanline, and then teasingly chastised my wife for not having a thong tanline.  At the gym lockerroom, I would not wrap the towel around my waist so I could display it.  One guy asked if I vacationed in Europe this past summer. Nope, Texas.
notherbigr #19

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/10/2004 02:24:03Copy HTML

I just got back from Costa Rica and my thong tan line is now pretty visible.  Around the gym I walk from the locker to the shower area with a towel wrapped around me as I'm just not quite ready to be "swinging low" on the walk over.  However, once in the shower it's pretty much obvious.  I haven't had any comments at all.  In general the guys in the locker room aren't talking much unless they just came from the racquetball courts together or something like that. 
Ex_Member #20

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/12/2004 03:51:23Copy HTML

I would love to have a thong tan-line, but unfortunately I burn easily and normally have to be careful in the sun. I really get turned on by the sight of a thong tan-line on a slim, smooth guy. The sort I prefer comes from tanning in a thong which has a narrow pouch, narrow high-cut sides, and the waistline dipping slightly at the back to a small triangle.
nicksthong #21

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/14/2004 12:07:20Copy HTML

Friends- thong tanlines are like the icing on cake.  Its almost unbelievable that something as great as wearing a thong, outdoors and in public, could actually get any better, but those sexy thin lines of pale skin make those hours of sun even more wonderfull.
corona10 #22

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/21/2005 08:50:38Copy HTML

When I go to the beach I wear a thong. It doesn't take three hours to dry, make me feel good and it looks pretty racy too. But foremost I do it because i like the look of nice defined thong tan lines. It says 'Yearh, I thong' when changing in the locker room or when the pants drop perhaps just a bit too low and that makes me feel confident.

But how do you girls like it on guys, all over tan or thong tan lines?

backstrap357 #23

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/02/2005 03:37:49Copy HTML

I love the look of thong tanlines and I love the idea of tanning in a thong and then wearing a G in public. It kind of says "This thong wasn't exposing enough of me so I am going even smaller.

If you look out on the web there are plenty of pics of what I call "Negative Thongs."

Charlie03 #24

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/02/2005 07:03:56Copy HTML

I think too that most of us do it because of a nice Thong Tan Line. First times when I had to change at the gym I felt a bit strange, because everybody could see what type of swimweare I'm wearing. But the good side effect is that I do not hesitate anymore to change my thong underwear in the changing room. It is obvious that I'm wearing thongs anyway. I have to say tht I have never had any coments about my tan lines. It's February now  and you can still see them, not that good but it's there.

regards Charlie

MarcoUSA #25

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/03/2005 04:26:16Copy HTML

Thong tanlines are the best. They are sexy and say alot about you. I see other guys at the gym and I will ask them, tanning booth or outdoors. Most of them are pretty cool about it. 

I must say that to see a woman remove her skirt/slacks/shorts and reveal a thong tanline is among the sexyest thing a woman can do without speaking to or touching you.

I generally sport one at the beginning of the year, when I'm hitting the tanning booth. As the season goes on I endup with a bikini style tanline. Thats from being on the beach with the kids and other familys.



mirco #26

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/03/2005 05:04:12Copy HTML

I wear thongs in the tanning bed,so lines are cool.but I don't wear thong on the beach.
barefischer #27

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/14/2005 07:58:29Copy HTML

I usually have thong tan lines as i can't always tan nude in my backyard so a thong is the alternative.
g-star #28

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/05/2005 07:42:04Copy HTML

I love the look of the skinny side "Y" back thong tanline. I think this is very flattering.

For some great tanlines check out: www.thongmen.dk/
sailor250 #29

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/10/2005 01:17:37Copy HTML

Recently while on South Beach I was near a young lady about 20 wearing a tiny white g string and topless while sunbathing.  I noticed her tanline for a slightly larger thong around her waist.  While on her stomach she often took time to rub sunblock under the t of the gstring to keep the triangle of untanned skin from burning.  This was sexy, but I know she didn't want a sunburn there, it would be painful while wearing thong  or g string underwear all week.  I wear g strings enough to not have much of a tan line.


Anyone else have this problem?

Beachlover492000 #30

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/12/2005 10:27:03Copy HTML

I love my tan lines because they show that I wear a g-string to the beach. I've always been proud of my unusual tan lines and never felt intimidated about undressing in a locker room or in front of a girl friend when I was single. The most common reaction from girl friends was, "How have you been able to do that?"

Recently I finally got the courage to take the next step and shaved my body completely. I was very apprehensive about doing that because I live in Florida and wear shorts most of the year. I've not heard any negative comments, and several of my beach friends have commented that I look great without the hair. I also enjoy the fact that my smooth body is a 24-7 reminder that I am totally committed to wearing a g-string whenever I go to the beach.

thongpwr #31

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/14/2005 12:16:43Copy HTML

I did some sunbathing in my backyard last weekend and got thong tanlines already. Absolutely love them. Wife noticed them too and complimented. What a great start to the upcoming summer.

Had to order more low cut thongs from Dore as I don't want to mess up the tanlines by wearing different kind of thongs. Originally I was going to wear Joe Snyder thongs all summer (have several of them) but I like Dore's thongs because of the slightly narrower (but not too narrow) front, smaller triangle in the back and those 1/2 inch straps. Just perfect.

imathonglover #32

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/15/2005 05:57:26Copy HTML

Well, I hate to say this, but my thong tanline has almost completely faded away.  I wore a Speedo thong last summer, but this year, I have a new Joe Snyder rio thong that is a much smaller cut.
gradstudch #33

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/16/2005 03:48:08Copy HTML

I need some advice. I love thong tan line. But I have dark skin. I have never tried to get a tan line. However, i have noticed that during the summer time, i do get farmer's tan, so I think if i tried, I could get a tan line as well. I was thinking of tanning beds. Does anyone know if I can wear thong underwear (as I don't have any swimsuit thongs) and can still get as good a tan line? Coz I was thinking maybe the underwear fabric is different and thinner and so will not be able to make a tan line.

   Also, is it alright to get in a tanning bed if you have darker skin tone. (I am south east indian by the way)

tangamen #34

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/16/2005 05:01:19Copy HTML

I love thong tanlines. That? the reason I try always wear my Y back thong with a V shape front always at the beach. If you wear sometimes a speedo or a different swimwear you may loose all the work.

I think a thonger have to show that is a thonger dress or undress. Do you?

Keep thonging

g-star #35

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/17/2005 09:28:24Copy HTML

Hi Tangamen. I have been looking for a new swimsuit with a V shaped pouch and a Y back connected by thin sides. Where do you get your suits from? It's hard to find this combination.
tangamen #36

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/18/2005 07:01:46Copy HTML

You can find these thongs at Dore. I think they are the best. The narrow cut thongs have a beautiful V front pouch with a low Y triangule at the back. There many colours and different textures. The qualite is really very good. You can tell her to made the sides very thin or what ever you need, so that? fantastic.

You can find also in Man Store some great ones. If you go to Koalaswim.com you may see all kind of thongs, some of them very "extreme". I have 4 of them. You may like the Touch Me. The Maiden Voyage is the last one; incredible!!. The New Frontier is perfect with very V front with room enough at the front, but the sides perhaps are too rigidity. There plenty of photographs, so you can choose with good information. I hope you enjoy and see you at the beach.

Keep thonging


Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/03/2005 05:58:30Copy HTML

When necesary i weay a thong when tanning but hate tan lines.Like the look better with an all over tan with no white areas.
ozthong #38

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/25/2005 03:48:50Copy HTML

My fading thong tanline is now back after 2 days of sunbaking in Boracay. I used to have speedo tanlines but now have to tan in my thong when my speedo tanline is becoming more prominent.  I use 1 inch speedos to swim in a public pool and tan at the beach in a thong or g-string.
beachfolks #39

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/26/2005 05:57:35Copy HTML

Why have tan lines- Wear a "Baggie" male pouch suit. Practically nude. The tanlines are not really visible.
backstrap357 #40

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/01/2005 09:53:29Copy HTML

Love the thong tanlines! So does the GF. It makes me feel very sexy in the gym showers or with low riding jeans.
Ex_Member #41

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/02/2005 05:01:57Copy HTML

After many years of having an allover tan, I think I'd like some really defined thong tan lines but I seem to spend more time nude than with a thong on. Perhaps a good way is to acquire them in a tanning salon over winter. I do think they look good though
Nooddee #42

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/02/2005 10:47:37Copy HTML

Thong tan lines are probably sexier than thongs themselves
Ex_Member #43

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/07/2005 12:35:04Copy HTML

I now have a thong tanline. When my family went away on vacation before me, I laid out with my thong suit. Not too skimpy Y back. The problem is that I had never tanned ( except once ) in a thong or speedo. The wife took the lotion with her to the beach. I ended up with a pretty good sunburn on my buns. When I caught up with my family at the ocean my wife noticed my buns and said, "what happenned to you?". There was no denying. ( she knows I where thong underwear, she buys them for me.) I told her I was laying out in a thong getting some sun on my buns. She looked at me and smiled and slapped me on the butt and jeez. I don't know how the doctor is going to react though. I have to go to the skin doctor for my annual check up and my doc is a woman. Also I was going to get a massage. Soooo I guess we will see. I think I will be a little nervous. I went to our public pool on Labor Day and when I changed from my "dork shorts" to my clothes I forgot about my new tanline. I got a couple of double takes from some guys before I realized what they were looking at. I love having the tanline in fact I'm going to work on it some more.............
big daddy thong #44

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/19/2005 12:14:58Copy HTML

I had a good thong tan line from my vacation to Cancun this past April.  It was a well defined T across that back of my butt.  I continued to sunbathe this summer and worked up a good thong tan line.   Howver, this past Labor Day week end I went to a nudist camp and got naked for 3 days and lost my thong tan line.  The thong tan line to me is my badge of honor.   I happen to see most of the other sunbathers with boxer trunk tanlines for the guys and bikini tan lane for the gals.  I was the only man with a t back tan line.  I saw one other woman with a thong tan line.


Buttman31 #45

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/20/2005 04:31:42Copy HTML

I love my girlfriend to get a thong tan line but because she wears different thongs everyday the tan marks don't always look so good. When she wears more of a g-string type bikini the side marks are not normally very noticeable, so I think a thong tan looks better with a larger thong, here is a photo of my girlfriend after a couple of days wearing a thong, in fact, to make sure she didn't lose the tan line I rubbed total sun block on her thong tan marks after the first day, this always made people stare a bit on the beach as i pulled her thong out and carefully smeared the suncream between her bottom! I always feel proud of her when she has such a tan and bends over in low cut trousers and people look surprised.



UKBernie #46

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/20/2005 08:18:14Copy HTML

Great tan line she's got there Buttman, and if I'm not mistaken, she got those tan-lines on Skiathos because that road looks awfully familiar !
hempnot #47

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/28/2005 04:13:57Copy HTML

Over the past summer i gained an incredible thong tan line. i can go nude in my backyard but i prefer a thong. i wear a Narrown cut front, 1/2 inch side, thong from Dore, i love all her thongs and its all i wear.
vm88au #48

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/29/2005 01:43:10Copy HTML

i want to tan in a thong now to get the lines and i was wondering what is the approximate minimum temperature it has to be in order to get a tan at the beach? hope someone can help!
packiest #49

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/03/2005 01:31:28Copy HTML

its not really about temperature, its more about UV index. I've gone to track meets when it was 50 degrees and mostly cloudy but I still wound up with a tanned face because the UV index was still really high. www.weather.com usually has the UV index listed as part of the daily forecasts.
vm88au #50

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/06/2005 08:49:52Copy HTML

how many hours do you need to stay in the sun and what uv index is ideal (over 1 day period to get a thong tan line)
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