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Oz_Thong_Boi #101

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/10/2007 03:13:00Copy HTML

Why worry about it?
mrever_ready #102

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/10/2007 03:46:27Copy HTML

Hey Glutsie ... I have the same problem.    I play hockey with a bunch of Catholic school teachers and I wait until I get home to shower.     I don't think they'd understand or accept a guy with thong tan lines like myself.     Since I'm a goalie, maybe they would understand, lol.    
redraider55 #103

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/10/2007 11:51:14Copy HTML

Since I didn't make a strong effort to get a thong tanline this past summer, my tanline is very nearly almost gone. This summer, I'm going to make a much better effort to get that defined thong tanline. I no longer have Barton Springs Pool to visit, but I now have the Boulder Reservoir only minutes from work. I'll try to squeeze in a lot of half-days, and head out for lunch and a full afternoon of thonging.
Dipster733 #104

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/14/2007 03:23:59Copy HTML

I personally love seeing thong tanlines on anyone. For that reason I try to get one every year. Last fall I ahd a really good thong tanline going but has since faded. Its still somewhat visible, but faded alot. My initial problem was not sticking to the same thong throughout the season. Last year I found my favorite thong and since then the tanline was much easier to get.

1Tinysuit #105

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/15/2007 12:53:04Copy HTML

I love the tanlines I get when wearing a thong. Usually try to keep the same line thoughout the year. Mostly into skimpy Dore thongs and not G's. Nothing sexier than a sharp thong tan line on a guy or a girl.
mister_string #106

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/16/2007 11:30:12Copy HTML

I also love the tanlines I have after the summer is over.
In fact, I live from summer to summer.
I cannot wait to hit the beach in my Hom Uni String swimsuit
treasureisland #107

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/23/2007 10:40:39Copy HTML

Tan lines g-string ones are hot on women . I tan in thong when I cannot go to nude resort. I use tanning booth 3 weeks before vacation feb -march nude and then  first couple of days tan in thong then can get rid of those at nude resort. Yes a tan line at nude resort on women is hot. a little mystery, but the women want the men nude which is cool. nothing better than seeing a women in dental floss g rubbing oil on there sweaty bodies. And yes i am a ass man love the booty 
Beachlover492000 #108

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/25/2007 10:12:40Copy HTML

Back in the days when I was living up north, the last beach day was usually in September. My tan lines, which were well etched into my body by then, consisted of thin lines on my hips and a "Y" over my butt. These lines were slow to fade, and I could still see them well into January. It was a wonderful reminder of the great days that I had enjoyed at the beach and the wonderful days that were coming. And yes I did hear some comments in the locker room from time to time.

At first those locker room comments bothered me a little, but then I thought, "Hey, I do things differently from other people. Why should I be self conscious about it?" Now I view my tan lines as well earned tattoos that mark me as a person who has the courage to do what he enjoys. Being part of the herd is not all it's cracked up to be.

JM_Runs #109

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/19/2007 04:38:23Copy HTML

I love them...Even when tanning indoors I wear a thong just so I don't lose those tanlines!
stanpuppy #110

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/12/2007 08:05:16Copy HTML

I own 9 different color joe snyder rio thongs and they are all i wear to the beach, right now i have a real sharp tan line that my wife absolutely loves.   She wears wicked weasel g-strings all the time (except for her one "conservative" suit which has a thong back) and she has had g-string lines all summer.   I think thong tanlines are hot.  We are going to try to keep them as long as we can, but it is hard when you live in the northeast
tommiethong #111

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/18/2007 05:35:53Copy HTML

I keep my pubic region completely shave bald & find that it looks & feels better when tanned.
I have tried the thong tanned look but feel more comfortable without.

newthongwearer #112

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/05/2007 01:21:33Copy HTML

I agree thong tanlines are hot on women! I must say that I just started wearing thongs a week ago after much curiosity and I'm lucky enough to live in Arizona, so I have already started my tanline it's fairly visible right now. Thong tanlines are very hot on women but as a younger guy with a thong tanline it makes me feel more sexual and i guess kinda sexy for good reason too I guess, my GF liked it!
nicksthong #113

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/06/2007 09:18:14Copy HTML

Howdy friends,  I personally adore thong tanlines, they are fantastic!  BUT I cant seem to get my buns to tan, I have been out in the sun half a dozen time this year, but they arent even red.  I neglected to use sunscren, and my back and lower legs tanned, leaving my butt looking like printer paper! 

Have any of you fine folks ever heard of such a thing, its really irritating. 


newthongwearer #114

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/06/2007 01:15:09Copy HTML

Well "nicks" I have never heard of that I tan very well on any part of my body, I personally think it's because I'm Hispanic so I'm fairly dark and when I hang in the sun I get a great dark tan. Maybe cover up your legs with a towel and just expose your cheeks maybe that could work?
JM_Runs #115

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/06/2007 05:19:17Copy HTML


I have the same problem with the undersides of my arms and the sides of my
body. While some of it is because of the positioning of the skin, i.e. the
top sides of my arms are going to "see" more sun in everyday life, I do think
that certain areas of the body tan more readily than others. In my case, if
I've been sunbathing, my back above my waist up to the top of my shoulders
will more readily burn whereas the buttocks below my waist and back of my
legs don't tan as quickly. You may have to use different SPFs for different
areas of your body. Also, while I know most of us have a rounded rump, make
sure you have it pointed directly to the sun as possible to get the maximum
concentration of sun rays per unit area.

nicksthong #116

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/07/2007 08:51:34Copy HTML

-Thanks guys
mrever_ready #117

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/09/2007 05:59:57Copy HTML

Who knew that tanning would be such hard work !        I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, tanning comes easy to me....being lazy helps too, lol.
nicthong #118

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/11/2007 02:56:03Copy HTML

When I first started thonging, I loved the tanline. Then I tanned nude for a while and enjoyed the tanline-free look. I've just come back from holiday with a striking thong tanline, which I like, but I also feel very self-conscious of it at the gym. Still, I wear thongs when I workout and never hide them in the changing/locker room so I guess the thong tanline won't be too much of a surprise given I'll be changing out of or into a thong anyway! Funny how our views can feelings about them can change with time though!
modelnude4u #119

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/16/2008 01:58:39Copy HTML

I've got a very strong thong tan line, and love it.  I've worked on it for years, and the guys at the gym can just deal with it!
JM_Runs #120

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/16/2008 11:49:17Copy HTML

i have been wearing thongs and gstrings since i was teenager so its no surprise to me to want to get that tanline. just for years i have been through a lot medically that my doctors dont like me to be prolonged to sun exposure. thankfully i just tried on of the spray tan booths at the tanning salon and now i finally got that sexy tanline ive been wanting for all these years.just love them on women, now its my turn.
JM_Runs #121

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/10/2008 12:01:40Copy HTML

I have been tanning in thongs for a few years now and have a Very defined thong tanline. I love the look of it and the contrast and the fact that even when I'm naked you can tell what kind of swimwear I prefer. I loved the reaction I would get whenever I was with a woman for the first time when they would see my dark tan contrasted with the white skin where my thong was. Quite a turn on for me.
barefischer #122

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/29/2008 02:48:42Copy HTML

I spent 4 hours on my boat fishing today and am starting to get a great thong tan line on my front but kind of hard to tan my butt though.

solargod #123

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/29/2008 06:31:06Copy HTML

While I have worn thongs at some thong friendly beaches, for most of my beach time I wear a Skinz bikini with one half-inch sides so my butt until recently was white.  However, since my neighbors have moved out, and my backyard is now private again, I tanned last weekend in a yellow Olaf Benz Beeches thong.  After just a couple of hours, my butt had a nice pink tone to it.  The next day, I got about another hour in the sun so my thong tanline started to develop.  Yesterday, although it was mostly cloudly, I did manage to catch the few minutes of sun here and there.  After a total of only three or four hours of sun the last couple of weeks, I now have a nicely defined thong tanline.  It looks like today will be mostly sunny so I will continue to deepen the tan.

I love having a pronounced thong tanline but haven't had one in several years.  Back about 9 years ago, while living in Italy, I traveled back to the States for a doctor's appointment and to visit family.  During the physical exam the doctor noticed my thong tanline and asked "just what type of swimsuits do they wear in Italy?"  My response was "skimpy, very skimpy!"  I didn't tell him that I was probably the only thong wearer in Italy, but nevertheless, I enjoyed that he noticed and commented on my tanline.  I think thong tanlines are really sexy and makes a daring and pronounced statement about the wearer. 
Olaf_benz_man #124

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/11/2008 09:09:20Copy HTML

Love the look of a tan line. Always try to tan in my olaf benz blue flip flop thong. Love the little triangle of white above my bum! Also the pouch is preety minimal at the front. Always get comments on my tan lines at the Sauna.......
stanpuppy #125

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/13/2009 04:59:03Copy HTML

Primary reason wife and i wear thongs is to get the tanline.  We both think they are super sexy on each other.  That being said, I have always had issues with tanlines, as the OCD in me requires them to be clean and crisp.  As a result, i find myself selecting one style of suit and wearing it all the time.  For years, it has been the joe snyder rio.  I love the lines it gives me and they are comfortable and sexy while being appropriate on any beach, anywhere.  The only problem with this, it that whenever i try another brand of thong, the lines dont match up and i always find myself reverting to the JS rio.  As a result, i have 9 JS rios in different colors that I usually wore when i went to public beaches to tan.

Within the past year, i dabbled with Muscleskins.  I absolutely love the suits, but the lines are not even close to lining up with my JS rios.  Everytime i would wear one, i would get funky messed up lines and switch back.  My first attempt was with the MPX.  This is about the max on the extreme meter for me.  I wore them alot last year at Gunnison beach in sandy hook, nj (which is clothing optional).  No problem there, however, we go to the NJ shore alot and thongs are men (and women for that matter) are virtually non-existent. No way would i wear the MPX there.  THen on a whim I ordered the MP.  While still being minimal and sexy, it just struck me as alot more appropriate for public beach wear.  I guess cuz while the pouch is pronounced, it is not sticking out almost straight and obviously designed to be noticed.  I decieded that I am going to change my standard suit to the muscleskins MP from this point on. I am going to order about 5 more this weekend, and put my snyders on eBay.  A big change for me.

Anyway, the point is i think i have finally struck a balance between finding a minimal, publically acceptable thong that will give me consistent tanlines.  Now all i need is for the weather to get warm up here so i can put my theory to test.
JM_Runs #126

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/14/2009 01:18:59Copy HTML

Good on yer, Stanpuppy, nice choice.  I love my MP, too, in saddle, though I wear it only when I won't get much tanline action.  It rides low, and as I don't shave, a touch of pubes shows, just enough for a nice, masculine effect.  Unlike you, though, my preference is for no tanlines, thus my customary tan-thru sliding g-strings.  They're acceptable in fewer places than the MP would be, or course, and usually I switch to a thong when my wife is joining me.  For her sake, and just to feel more comfortable in a wide variety of venues, I usually choose my 1" slim front thongs from HE Swimwear.  More conservative than the MP, yes, but damn good-looking, especially the two-color harlequin ones.  With high SPF sunscreen, some shade, and limited time at the beach on such occasions, I manage to avoid the tanlines, while still enjoying the pleasure of wearing minimal swimwear among the regular folks.  It's worth it to have her company from time to time.  She has to avoid the sun for health reasons, so these thonging excursions are nice interludes away from serious stringing.  We get to enjoy the beach together, she protects herself from the sun -- long clothes, high SPF and umbrella, and I get to bare my butt in a socially acceptable way that she has come to accept with equinimity. Life is pretty good.  And though she has yet to join me at places like Sandy Hook (more specifically, Gouverneur and Grand Salines last month on vacation), she's okay that I go and enjoy them from time to time.  No worrying about tanlines there.  I expect you'll look fantastic in your MP's, even better that in the JS rios.  On St. Bart's, premier see-and-be-seen land, you'll stand out more than any nude, they're a dime a dozen, and as you know, they are very good looking, so you'll be a winner in your MP.
clubthongs #127

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/14/2009 04:40:43Copy HTML


I too like the uniform thong tanline. Last season I tried to switch over to the Muscleskins MP (I have 7 of them) but alas, my partner felt that they were just too skimpy for the public beach. Perhaps that will change this season.
stanpuppy #128

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/14/2009 06:01:04Copy HTML

Really?  Guess i am not surprised.  I could understand the MPX, since the fact that it pushes you so far out really emphasises the C&B's.  I think the MP is a perfect blend of giving just enough bulge to be masculine, but not too much so that it looks like you are showing off (like the MPX).  What size are you?  If you are interested in selling your MP's, I might be interested in buying them from you.
jthong #129

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/19/2009 11:50:54Copy HTML

 I always wear the same thong to the beach, the standard thong from Joe Snyder. I find it small enough for a regular beach and I my opinon beach thongs shouldn't be much smaller. I have a Muscleskins MP as well but I find that the straps are too thin and don't cover enough, if you can say that about a thong. Also with the rio thong from Joe Snyder I find the pouch too small and I would feel uncomfortable wearing too little.
The important thing is just to wear always the same thong, otherwise the tanline doesn't look good. Sometimes during summer I go to beaches where you can't wear a thong and I alwyas wear a N2N low cut speedo then but I actually hate it beauce even when I go just one day and use sun protection the covered area always stays lighter and you can see the tanline of the speedo. I just don't like having two diffrent tanlines and I think it doesn't look good.
JM_Runs #130

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/19/2009 02:58:53Copy HTML

Jthong, I have the same problem, sort of.  I hate tanlines, and wear a tan-thru sliding g-string almost exclusively.  But when my wife joins me at the beach, she'd rather I wear at least a thong, so I choose a very good-looking moderate thong (I agree, some thongs are too small to look good, and your JS standard is a nice choice), usually a two-color harlequin 1" slim front from HE Swimwear.  I use high SPF, seek some shade (trees or umbrella) and limit our time there, which works for her, as she must avoid too much sun.  It works well at keeping those thong tanlines at bay.

Along the same lines, when thongs aren't permitted, I wear a tan-thru 2" racer and apply 10-15 SPF sunscreen all over.  Then, alternately, I spend some time with the waist slid down 1/2 inch and some time with the legs slid up 1/2 inch.  This compensates for the seams/drawstring tunnels, yet remains very decent looking.  Works well -- I keep my overall tan.  For you it would allow keeping you thong tanlines.  They might get a bit muted by the sun coming thru the mesh, but you won't end up with two tanlines. If you try this, make sure you choose a tan-thru speedo-type suit that adequately clears your tan-line to make the waist/legs sliding up and down easily maneuverable.  Good luck.         
adware1977 #131

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/19/2009 03:48:24Copy HTML

In my opinion it looks sexy that a women has some tan lines. For instance there might be a women a little hesitant to wear a thong at certain locations, until they feel comfortable. I find it sexy, when for a few days she wears someting that covers most of the cheeks, and then wears a thong, for a week or so, then we probably have a women hooked on a thong .
kawasaki #132

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/19/2009 04:31:02Copy HTML

I totally agree with jthong, The important thing is just to wear always the same thong, otherwise the tanline doesn't look good. I have still mine from last summer. Especially when you go nude in the sauna, people are aware of it!
stanpuppy #133

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/21/2009 04:36:47Copy HTML

Have to disagree with you adware.  That is one of the dumbest looks (in my opinion).  I have a pic of my wife from a long time ago when she first switched over from regular bikinis to thongs.  We still laugh at it as you can see her little tiny butt all white and then this pink print thong shooting between it.  It may still be on our flickr page, but probably not as it was some time ago.  She has been a thong girl for ages...
JM_Runs #134

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/21/2009 02:56:39Copy HTML

I recall one handsome dude last month on multiple days at both Grand Saline and Gouverneur beaches on St. Bart's who sported the remnants of a cotton-tail.  He was doing his best to erase them, while his wife continued to cultivate her bikini-bottoms-only tanlines by wearing the same suit every day.  They must have been French, as she was well-tanned up top -- only his speedo had gone missing.  I felt lucky to have prepped nude in a tanning booth on my company's premises.  A speedo cotton-tail is much worse than a thong tanline, I think, though I prefer the all-over.  Stringing allows that, right here in the US, don't have to be French to get the job done.      
clubthongs #135

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/24/2009 03:40:53Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, I completely agree with you on the issue of tanlines and have worn the same style of thong for years. At first I believed that the Muscleskins MP would be too skimpy for a public beach but you have given me the courage to adopt the MP for the 2009 tanning season. Thanks! I will now feel comfortable in weaing my Muslceskins collection of thongs in royal blue, emerald green, black, grey, orange and purple. When the weather warms up here in So Cal, I will be hitting the beach in my Muscleskins MP thongs!
bajaflyer #136

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/24/2009 05:53:41Copy HTML

  I think tan lines on women are sexy, to an extent. Tan lines from different style bikini's and such. But yes, the granny pantie or other start white tan lines are not attractive.  On men as well.  The "farmers" tan looks really bad to me. 
  i my self am Hispanic. My wife thinks I'm crazy for laying out in the back yard to tan. i like to be even toned all around. And I like the thong tan line on me.
stanpuppy #137

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/24/2009 08:03:38Copy HTML

I found the link to the picture I was speaking about above (wife with her first wicked weasel).


Because your cant see her face, we actually submitted this picture to Glamour magazine and they ran it as a "DONT".  I think that says it all.
TBSJ_03 #138

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/28/2009 10:56:49Copy HTML

I really like the look of thong tanlines; both on myself and on a woman.  This past summer I was blessed enough to live in the LA area and I took advantage of Venice beach on many occasions.  Even now In February I have a very distinct thong tanline.  I love it.  It's nice to be able to have something "tattooed" on me that reminds me of the good times I had this summer.
modelnude4u #139

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/02/2009 01:52:27Copy HTML

I've always been a thong tanline fine, on myself, or on the ladies. 
I work to keep it consistent, and always keep the same style of thong as so many have already mentioned.
We just got back from Mardi Gras, and plenty of folks got to see the results of my tanline work!
JM_Runs #140

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/25/2009 09:20:13Copy HTML

 It's a cold and rainy day.  So I did a full 7 minutes in the tanning bed at the gym.   My tan line is very visible now.   In the locker room and showers everyone notices; but no one says a word .
NoTanLinesToo #141

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/25/2009 11:36:23Copy HTML

For a long time, I tried to erase all tan lines.  However, at the end of last year, I got a thong tanline, and decided to keep it.  This year, I hit the tanning salon a few times before going to Mexico in early March.  I got to spend 3 days with my own private pool and thonged the entire time.  Since then, I've been to the tanning salon a couple of more times. Right now, I have a great tan and the thong tanlines are very evident.  I think I'm going to strive to keep them all summer! 
stanpuppy #142

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 12:08:07Copy HTML

I prefer my wife to have thong (actually g-string) tanlines.  Between our trips to south beach and sandy hooks gunnision beach, by the end of the summer she has perfectly tanned boobs (from going topless) and a sweet little G line that usually lasts well into winter.  She is ok with showing her lines at the gym because she tells me that she usually dries her hair in front of the mirror in the nude. I asked her if she ever gets any second looks or has anyone discuss the lines with her.   She says no. I guess because it is more accepted that women may wear thongs and G's.  I dont flaunt mine, but i dont make extraordinary attemps to cover them either. I certainly would not shave nude in the locker room with my lines in full view. 
JM_Runs #143

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 12:23:45Copy HTML

 stan, i'm not normally an exhibitionist, but for some reason it's a hoot with the very conservative people at my gym to have them see my tanline and wonder what goes through their minds.
NoTanLinesToo #144

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 01:27:35Copy HTML

My wife tans like no one else I have ever seen.  Because we usually get to South Beach a couple times per year, she usually has a great thong tan line and great tanned tits.  Her tan typically lasts through the winter, and just a few minutes in the sun in the spring is enough to bring back her color.  We spent a few days in Mexico where she thonged topless, and she is really looking hot!

As for me, I don't typically carry a tanline past December.  However, I had such a tan at the end of last year, that I actually had a tanline heading into our trip to Mexico this year.  Just a few trips to the tanning salon and a few days in the sun, and I have a great tan right now.  I do go to the gym, but rarely change clothes there anymore.  However, I do see a couple of guys with great tans, but none of them have thong tanlines.  One guy usually has a great bikini tanline and he has a smoking hot body, but that is about the smallest I have seen (I go to Gold's Gym in Chantilly, VA).
chris0721 #145

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 02:57:33Copy HTML

I like tan lines of a thong better that no tan lines.  I have had it both ways and I get more postive comments with the tan lines of a thong.  It give your body some contrast vs an all over tan. 
JM_Runs #146

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 01:40:02Copy HTML

I think tanlines can be sexy...when very skimpy. But usually I avoid them all together. The only comments I've ever had made towards me have been because of a lack of tanlines. At the gym locker room and he mentioned something like " looks like someone found a place to tan naked"
DavyJ #147

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 04:12:29Copy HTML

I like the tan-all-over look too, but don't like the "strap lines", you know, that telltale bit of pale white where the strap goes around your waist.  I always move the waist strap around just a tiny bit to make that line less noticable.
JM_Runs #148

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/27/2009 12:34:27Copy HTML

I'd like to try a season with distinct tan lines, in contrast to the norm of my overall tan, since it could be fun at my health club and elsewhere.  But I hesitate because of the things I want to do nude, like model for an art class or run a c/o foot race.  It would just look dumb, in my opinion. Even on a c/o beach I'd rather have an overall tan, which I get in my tan-thru sliding g-string, so I can appear to be a regular, even though such visits are very rare for me.   
dayne #149

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/29/2009 09:40:33Copy HTML

 When I went to school in Oklahoma, there was a place by the river where most everyone went naked, so I did and really learned to enjoy it.  For years I went hiking and got an overall tan by doing so in the nude.  I could wear anything I wanted from a bikini to a g string.  After a severe accident, it was back to a speedo tanline out by the pool in the complex as I recovered.  They just redid the walls around the condo complex so I have complete privacy again.  I really like going naked by have never had a thong tanline.  Think I may try for it this summer.  Hope my surgeon says start hiking again and maybe I will just do that in a thong instead of naked.
modelnude4u #150

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/29/2009 11:16:03Copy HTML

 I still vote for a strong thong tan line, as the sexiest option for man or woman!  I've made sure to keep the same suit/cut for about 3 years now, and the lines seem to last forever now.  They certainly fade in the winter, but it is still quite clear where the suit was.  I tanned a bit for Mardi Gras, and it came back strong pretty quickly.
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