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JM_Runs #201

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/03/2009 01:33:51Copy HTML

Yes Sharon, thong tanlines are quite exciting!

As far as in the locker room...when I have a thong tanline, I sense that other guys try harder to catch a glimpse, but without being noticed. (as opposed to when I don't have a thong tanline)  I don't spend a lot of time in the locker room...I'm at the gym to work out and get out.
jprob50 #202

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/03/2009 05:21:03Copy HTML

I love my thong tan lines. The only rough time I get is when I play ice hockey and have to shower with my team mates afterwards. The ribbing only last for a minute or two and I can give some pretty quick witted comments in return. It's all part of the fun. In the hockey dressing room, good natured banter is expected. The secret is to laugh it off and rool with it.
stanpuppy #203

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/08/2009 07:26:49Copy HTML

I pulled a muscle in my back recently and have gotten two massages (professional, therapeutic massages....not the "happy ending" kind) to loosen it up.  I dont wear underwear so in when I was asked to disrobe and get under the towel, it wasn't wearing anything. (Note: the therapist did not instruct me to leave anything on or take anything off...in each instance they both simply instructed me to "disrobe, and get under the towel".   Wife and I just got back for a week long beach vacation, and my thong tanlines are burned in nice and deep.  I had to laugh, because in each of the massages, the therapist made mention of my lines.  The first said something like "wow, where did you get a tan line that?".  The second said "thats a cute tan line"  In each instance, they were very professional, with no inuendo whatsoever, but i did think it was interesting that they mentioned it.  Obviously, they dont see this alot where they work.
JM_Runs #204

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/12/2009 05:15:24Copy HTML

I just switched to thongs and have been out for a couple days and starting to see the thong lines come out in the back. The thong I've been wearing has the same 1/4" side straps in the front as my bikini tanline. Wondering how long it's going to take to get my thong tanline in the back? I can't wait!
n2thongsngs #205

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/12/2009 11:26:57Copy HTML

 I have visited a few nude beaches and lost my thong tan-line!  It took me about 2 days at the beach to get it back, and I love it: from now on when I am at a nude beach, I will wear a thong when sunning my buns.
JM_Runs #206

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/16/2009 01:02:25Copy HTML

Just for fun...This spring we decided to have a little contest here at home just among the 3 of us.
Whoever has the most noticeable thong tan line at the end of summer gets a new thong suit of there choice.
nicksthong #207

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/16/2009 10:18:42Copy HTML

This may not be the most "newsworthy" of posts, but

My wife and I were in the shower yesterday, and she said that she could still see my tanlines, and that they were "too cute!"
I told her thanks, and that I wanted more, I'm gonna miss them when they fade.  I might have to hit the tanning booth...

JM_Runs #208

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/18/2009 04:51:17Copy HTML

I have pretty deep lines, i usually get then deep enough that when next late spring rolls around, i can put my suit back on and see the lines to put my suit back in place. I have pics of my lines in my profile images from this year. They were taken 2 weeks after my last "sitting in the sun". I love the lines, only problem with them is i have to stick with the same style suit throughout the summer so not to mess them up. I have so many different style suits, and i just can't bring myself to ruin a perfect tan line.
Sunson #209

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/27/2009 12:06:17Copy HTML

I love thong tanlines on women. It is absolutely hot. Never saw a guy with thong tanlines, but I do have thong tanline. My mind say, it is maybe not 100% manly, but hell, I like it and my wife likes it too. For over a year, everytime I am in sunbed, I wear thongs, so the tanline is almost white and the body light brown (unfortunatly, it´s hard for me, to get real nice brown tan).
BTW: I would hate to have speedo or swimmpants tanline - that looks aweful in my opinion, and because I don´t sunbathing naked, I have thong tanlines:)
stanpuppy #210

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/27/2009 08:31:42Copy HTML

I think you hit the nail on the hear with your comment about "my wife likes it too".   I have major thong lines that my wife adores.  My wife is totally into my body and loves that i shave my pubic hair and wear thongs (she does as well).  Truthfully, for years and years I went nude on CO beaches.  I find it very comfortable. It really wasnt until i met my wife that she told me that she prefers I wear a thong to going nude.   I work out alot, so i am in gyms usually 4-5 times a week.  I used to be a little self conscious about my thong tanlines...now i really dont care.  I dont purposely walk around to flaunt them, but I make no special effort to cover them up either.  Funny thing is ....since i have had them, nobody has said a word to me about them (or being shaved either).  If anybody did, I would simply make mention of the fact that my wife adores them and I do it all for her.  My wife is super hot, so all I would have to do is show them a picture of her (I carry one of her in a wicked weasel in my wallet).  I think it would shut just about anybody up
John Howard #211

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/28/2009 02:43:32Copy HTML

"but I do have thong tanline. My mind say, it is maybe not 100% manly'.....

I don't understand why would a thong tanline not be 100% manly;  unless we are under the assumption that a thong is actually not a 100% manly attire, which actually IS.

I enjoy the company of my wife at the beach, but unfortunately she can't come with me during the week at my lunch time, therefore I go on my own.
She likes my tan lines, she has always encouraged me to wear whatever I feel comfortable with.  I don't have the tanlines for her, but basically for myself.
I'm used to go alone, sunbake, read a book, go for a swim, and do my business, luckily without ever been harassed.
Some people might think I am a stripper, others would think I'm gay, others would think I am strange, others would think I am a priest, or a naturist, at the end, who cares.

Don't think we should get influenced by others' opinions, what matters is our own confidence and this shows on how normally we behave wearing a thong on the beach.  We shouldn't rely on the presence or absence  of third persons to feel more or less confident.  Reminds me a little bit of what happens with gym buddies who always workout together at the gym, once one of the buddies is absent, the other one seems to be a bit lost. 

I AM my ultimate judge;  I don't let anyone else's opinion affect my enjoyment of wearing a thong on the beach.   Weather I am accompanied by 12 super hot playboy models, 12 super macho rugby players, or just on my own.  I wouldn't change anything at all.   If someone doesn't like it, it is her or his problem.

John Howard
stanpuppy #212

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/25/2009 12:26:10Copy HTML

my thong line is the width of my muscleskins MP thongs....they tend to be pretty narrow.  Not g-string narrow....but they are not very wide
JM_Runs #213

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/25/2009 06:43:33Copy HTML

 I personally prefer going with no tan line that way you ca wear any suit you want with out it looking odd. So if you must wear something to tan in always go smaller for the tan lines
stanpuppy #214

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/25/2009 12:24:44Copy HTML

I get the logic Mako...problem is both wife and I love tanlines on each other.  I like to watch her get ready in the morning with her little G line looking at me when she dried her hair in the mirror.  Then comes my favorite part...she slips on her G for the day and the little line disappears.
bmicro #215

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/25/2009 04:48:10Copy HTML


The choice must be yours. If you like thong lines, choose a thickness and stay with it. This is a personal aesthetic decision.
Personally, I believe that "happiness is no tan lines". For about two years I maintained a wicked tan line based on a Dore VLC or Alphamoda Kalimnos. Then my wife bought me a great g-string with narrower straps. The resulting burn was painful and I have had Mako's philosophy ever since. I love to wear a great variety of minimal swimwear and tan lines bother me. I much prefer an even, all over tan.
hawaiianthong #216

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/25/2009 05:51:24Copy HTML

 Thanks guys for your input...I have been tanning for the past few days with no thong, for those of you that do an all over tan what do you use to protect your boys from the sun...I have been using a folded up towel  but find that it always slips off or shifts to the side.
Thanks again and happy holidays to all! 
pjmodel2002 #217

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/26/2009 07:15:12Copy HTML

I work from the lines of a rio bikini to either none or alternating between an UG pocket thong (v-line), a JS thong or a Skinz Skinny side thong.  Generally, it is to minimize the definition of the line.  Stick with one thong if you really want a defined line.  I spent a week in St. Martin with only the Skinz and had a line that lasted two years.

Tanning during the winter - no lines because it is in a booth.  Since one of my jobs is as an artist model no tan lines are ideal.  However, in Summer, a tan line is envitable when outdoor swimming is more the norm.   Gasp! Sometimes even bike short lines.

stanpuppy #218

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/26/2009 10:25:18Copy HTML

I only wear muscleskins mp or mpx thongs.  It is now late december, I have not layed out in the sun in over 3 months, and i still have a very pronounced thong line.
hawaiianthong #219

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/29/2009 06:17:39Copy HTML

Thanks guys,
I think for now im going to go with no tan lines....I do like having a thong tan line but i think for now I will try tanning w/o a thong....ill look into those baggies.
jtanguy #220

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/09/2010 12:12:05Copy HTML

There is nothing better than seeing and having a great Tan line. (A Thong Tan line ofcourse)

Now here comes the big issue (dilema) of sticking with the SAME style cut suit (or the ONE THONG for the next few days) to have a consistant same tan line.

As we all know there are different makes and cuts/styles of thongs... and when tanning - we can get a different tan line if we wear a different cut/style.

Some of us on here.... really appreciate buying a great cut and style thong and going to the beach to show them off or just feel good in them overall.

How many others on here really think far in advance about what your packing before you hit the beach? Or go on your vacation and think about the type of Tan line that suit/s will give you?

I know I like having the option of bringing many suits on vacation (sometimes even changing thongs on the beach- where possible and appropriate), but messing up the tan line can be an issue or disapointing if we mess it up.
Any other thoughts - or experiences on keeping your Tan line consistant?
Dipster733 #221

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/09/2010 03:18:12Copy HTML

I have that dilemma too.  I LOVE thong tanlines, but have a hard time getting them.  Typically once I find a cut that I like, I buy it in a bunch of different colors and prints.  That way the cut is the same, but I can still changes suits and keep my tanline.

Currently I'm sporting a MP cut from muscleskins (i dont know what the new cut equivalent is).  I find that the front cut is similair to a low cut Dore, bulge joe snyder and a fred from tendenze; maybe about 1/4" difference.  The backs are quite different though :(  The joe snyder back is about 3/4", dore and muscleskins 1/2" and the fred from tendenze about 1/4".  With the winter season my tanline has been fading though :(  I cant wait for summer and work on sharpening my thong tanlines!
stanpuppy #222

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/10/2010 05:34:44Copy HTML

I solve the problem by only wearing 1 type of suit (ok...technically 2).  I wear either the muscleskins poser or the muscleskins torpedo. Both with the "sun thong" back, and always with the narrow front pouch.  They keep my tan lines remarkably consistant
sailor250 #223

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/16/2010 02:30:49Copy HTML

I recently spent some time at a hotel for several days where I could wear some skimpy swimwear, but not as skimpy as I usually wear. I thought that there would be trouble if I wore a microthong or G string.To maintain my essentially all over tan I wanted to eliminate thong waistband tan lines and my idea seemed to work.I wore a conventional brief thong one day, but this relatively high waisted thong gave me a tan line in front and a waistband line. The next day I wore an ultralow rise bikini I've had made with very little "inseam". The front is as low as a Dore Very Low, and the 1/2 inch sides go to a small rio type back that doesn't stay in place, and forms somewhat of a thong.The way I wear it Iwant to try to cover some of the top of the ass crack, but it creeps down like the girls pants do. Then I alternated.If you've figured it out, the ultralow rise stays below the tan line of the thong and the thong exposed the waistband and backside areas covered by the low rise. The only common area covered is quite small, considering the limitations imposed.
cobray #224

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/16/2010 05:59:43Copy HTML

I'm going to lay out on my balcony tomorrow in a G-string to work on my tan.  I want to keep the lines to a minimum. 
SusanaM #225

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/17/2010 02:57:52Copy HTML

I welcome tan lines on both me and my husband since it keeps a record of how much we've darkened that season. Both of us think certain type of tan lines are very sexy and of course the smaller the untanned area the better. He doesn't thong but he usually ends up with a speedo tan line. Me, usually a gstring tan line and up top the smallest of triangles which we both love.
cobray #226

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/18/2010 12:50:11Copy HTML

I took a picture of myself in a skimpy thong last night to post in my profile.  My tan is so lopsided that I decided to wait until I could even it out.  My back is dark, my lower legs are dark, but my midsection is as white as a fishbelly.  I plan to lay out after work in a thong or G-string for a little while each day until it looks better.
thong1 #227

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/28/2010 12:39:01Copy HTML

 I'm rather pleased with my tanline - didn't expect to get one this year with the limited opportunities for laying out, but an afternoon on the beach with inadequate sunblock, whilst wearing my Jovana swimstring, left me quite badly burned .However, I was on my back in my string, and was left with the waist string and back triangle quite clearly visible, and it has persisted for months.

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/28/2010 03:54:52Copy HTML

I still have my thong tan line!
bluestreek #229

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/28/2010 06:12:09Copy HTML

 yep,still got my thong tan lines,but they are fading fast
BarelyCovered #230

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/29/2010 07:07:30Copy HTML

 I tanline is still visible. This is the first time others can see it. I usually shower after my training at the local gym, I try not to care what other people think! Its hard but I try.
seadoc #231

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/30/2010 01:36:52Copy HTML

Thong Tan Lines are the best and most erotic, I think.  Unfortunately, many places find thongs unacceptable and discourage them.  This is unfortunate and requires an extra effort to find a suitable tanning spot/beach.  The predominant attitude in the U.S. is for board shorts.  I have traveled often and thankfully this is, mostly, limited to the U.S.  A happy butt is one that sees the sun !

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/30/2010 04:12:56Copy HTML

It's easier to thong with a babe at your side!
siso #233

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/26/2010 04:39:25Copy HTML

well i think you should wear the one that u feel very sexy in
stanpuppy #234

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/29/2010 03:31:13Copy HTML

I will recreate mine (and my wifes) when we go to south beach in a couple of weeks
NW_Thong_Guy #235

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/01/2010 09:07:10Copy HTML

I still have a faint thong tan line from a Joe Snyder suit from the Summer of '09!  I must hold tans really well as it seems like it will never go away!  I want it to fade some more so I can redo it with MuscleSkins suit.
man100re #236

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/02/2010 11:21:39Copy HTML

 I still have my thong tan line!))) (muscleskins)
kiwi_thonger27 #237

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/02/2010 02:34:55Copy HTML

I think thong tan lines are so sexy as it shows what your`ve been tanning in. O.k so over winter I`ve bene wearing thongs on the sunbed, but come summer again I`ll be in them on the beach.  Just love seeing a sexy tan line on my wife.

They do get a few looks from strangers in the gym showers but if your`e confident then they never seem to say anything.
bmicro #238

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/02/2010 09:51:17Copy HTML

I enjoy wearing a large variety of suits (all minimal) and found a long time ago that having strong tan lines is a precursor to getting a burn in that area. I am not satisfied with wearing the same style suit all the time. I guess I have adopted the nudist saying "Happiness is no tan lines".
JM_Runs #239

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/04/2010 01:24:49Copy HTML

I love the look of thong tan lines. It is the most sexiest look aside of the actual thong on itself. My tan lines are pretty good yet, you can deffantly see exactly what kind of thong i was wearing. 
thongexpert #240

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/06/2010 09:54:43Copy HTML

Going to Sobe and Haulover over holidays to refresh my thong tanlines also.  Started using Dore low cut with small metal loops on the front and triangle rear.  Metal rings got warm during summer, and have these small tanned holes where the skinny straps tie to the pouch and triangle.  It was more challenging to keep my thong in place for this year's tanline choice.
JM_Runs #241

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/03/2011 04:45:12Copy HTML

Thong tan lines are a turn on for me. I find them very atractive and sensual.
SlidingG #242

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/05/2011 04:02:12Copy HTML

Since I prefer an overall tan, when we went to Bermuda over the holidays I packed SPF 85 & 90 to use with my thongs, since I knew wearing my tan-thru sliding g-strings would be too extreme there -- I'd rather have no tan than get thong tanlines, or speedo, squarecut or boardshort tanlines, for that matter.  As it happened, it was cold, wet and windy, so I never bothered with the sunscreen for my few hours lying in the sun.                                            
Today I saw my dermatologist, who has often seen my thong underwear during full body checks.  I commented how I like to wear thongs and g-strings at the beach, too, to get an overall tan (I'm sure she's noticed) -- frown -- but took SPF 85 & 90 to Bermuda -- smiles -- but didn't use them -- shared chuckle.  I also asked her what I could do about the wrinkles on the base of my butt -- not much -- because I'm sensitive about them at the beach, adding that it wasn't a problem at c/o beaches, by contrast, because of the 'body acceptance' ethic wherein such flaws simply don't matter.  In closure I said I'd just try to age gracefully.       
navythong #243

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:01/07/2011 06:41:00Copy HTML

 I'm proud to have nice tan-lines. They are rather small because most of the time I wear a muscleskins MP thong.
Every time I take a shower the tanlines make me remember my beach visits from last summer. I can't wait for the next summer!
JM_Runs #244

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/23/2011 05:29:19Copy HTML

I think thong tanlines are beautifull and sexy specially when you are naked indoor. But I don't find it sexy outdoors, e.i. when you see a man or a woman showing his/her thong tanlines in a nudist beach.
A few year ago, I got a nice thong tanlines that I show off, not only at home, but in public places like the locker room of the gym.
The problem is when you wear someting skimpy like a G string. I think it's awful. Its like at the beach you see somebody with bikini tanlines wearing a thong or a string. I'm happy for one more thonger but aestetics are bad.
For avoid this problem I wear skimpy thongs and string and change it so often using very different and changing the way I wear it shapes in order that my presenbt tanlines are just a little triangle.

I posted some pics in my profil.
thonglife #245

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/27/2011 12:21:43Copy HTML

I enjoy having sexy thong or g-string tanlines as well as seeing them on others. Of course, I also enjoy seeing an even all other tan on a nude lady as well. Both are hot.

Until recently, I've never shown my tanlines to anyone other than my wife and my female dermatologist. After our recent vacation to the beach, I got the skimpiest tanlines ever from wearing only g-strings for a week. I than got the chance to spend a few days at a nude resort not realizing how uncommon my tanlines were. Everyone I met was very friendly and I received lots of stares from younger ladies, complements and inquiries from both sexes. A lady friend I met was very complementary but also shared that she thought my tan also looked gay. I didn't care and she knew it. One guy inquired where I got my swimwear so I gave a few websites and encouraged him to get a thong for wearing at non-nude beaches.
John Howard #246

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/28/2011 08:44:16Copy HTML

 I got a similar experience last summer when I went to Sunnyside (nudist beach)....    I couldn't spot any other male with a thong tan line;  most guys had no tan lines at all, only a few with speedo tan lines., and definitely nobody had a short's tan line....  Which made me think that the crowd on that beach might be really naturists at heart.  Anyway my thong tan line did stand out, which made me feel discerning from the crowd and somehow 'different', like wearing a specially cool tattoo.I loved the experience, and I can tell you I'm almost sure the girls there did like it.And not, I don't think the thong tan line looks gay at all.   Enjoying a nude beach is a real different experience, the feeling of freedom is unique.   
stanpuppy #247

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/28/2011 12:54:43Copy HTML

Back in the day, I had fairly extreme tan lines.  When I would go to gunnison beach and go nude, I was typically the only (male) with thong tan lines.  It felt awesome showing my lines so freely.  Some (but very few) women had them and I personally find thong/G tan lines much sexier than none at all. These days, I dont get much time in the way of thong tanning so my lines are very faint (from the one day wife and I had at Gunnison earlier this year).   I am hoping to get a deeper line and then schedule an appointment with my (female) dermatologist.  I finally have the courage and confidence to show my lines without caring.  A major growth experience for me.
mo_thong #248

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/02/2011 06:33:10Copy HTML

what a great thread!  I love my thong tanlines.  Work hard to get them in the summer, but a little challenging to maintain in the winter.  Even in the event I don't wear a thong I still have my year round thong on.  Makes me feel so hot
JM_Runs #249

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/11/2011 05:03:26Copy HTML

 I once had a thong tan line that lasted only for a few weeks. Back then, I sunbathed for only 30 minutes without any tanning oil, so the resulting tan line wasn't great.
JM_Runs #250

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/28/2011 08:47:07Copy HTML

Love my thong tan line!! I got it in Mexico with my wife at my side, while traveling with another couple who were totally ok with my thonging, and were in fact quite surprised and impressed (to the point where the wife snapped a few photos and encouraged me to walk and swim in my thong)...but my lines are amazing and my wife commented that they were "awesome"...Even though vacation is over, I plan to keep them for a few more months. Such a great reminder that I was bold enough to wear a thong on a beach!!
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