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JM_Runs #251

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/29/2011 11:24:13Copy HTML

 I find tanlines very sexy but do have a problem. My skin is light brown in color and its very hard for me to get a tanline. Getting a tan is no problem though. What do you recommend I do to get a tanline and which is better to get one, light or dark color thong?
JM_Runs #252

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:10/30/2011 07:36:04Copy HTML

Just worked on my thong tan line with a 13-minute session in the bed. Just a week ago I was in Mexico, and I wanted to give my color an extra boost. Now I have great contrast and a nice, sharp tan line.
sailor250 #253

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/03/2011 06:05:07Copy HTML

Anyone else get to show off a thong or string tanline ON the beach?  I alternated wearing a single sided suit on different sides on different days and one day wore a G string so I often had a tanline to tan in!  I've seen chicks on the beach in G's with thong tanlines on southbeach.  Top tanlines are common while theyre topless too.
stanpuppy #254

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/03/2011 10:38:39Copy HTML

The only time I have done that is at clothing optional Gunnison beach.  I used to tan at home in a thong all summer long.  I got rather dark and had a killer tan line.  When I was younger (long before I met my wife), I used to go to Gunnison alone and go nude (now I wear a thong, my wife does too).  I was nude the whole day with a very pronounced thong line for all to see.  I actually got quite a few comments (all positive) about it. I have to admit.... I found it to be sort or a rush
SlidingG #255

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/04/2011 04:28:19Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, interesting observations.  I may get a chance for the same this January:  after weeks wearing thongs on the beach in Naples, I plan a day trip over to Haulover.  One more nude among many -- ho-hum.  But with prominent thong tanlines, I'll surely be noticed.  Glad you posted.    
Nrstorm1980 #256

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/04/2011 06:43:45Copy HTML

I am going on holiday and wanting to get tan lines, i have started the summer just gone, but wanted to know if i should go for thin lines or wide lines? i have a few swim suits two wide and one thin, what do you guys think would look best?

Thanks for your input

Sunson #257

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/05/2011 02:06:00Copy HTML

 @Nrstorm1980 - I prefer thin tan lines, especially on front. I started working on my tanline on bed, wearing very skimpy thongs, and the tanlines were abolutely amazing. However, I couldn´t wear them on the beach, cause my goods were visible (not see thru - just like the thongs were really to small) so I had to wear something wider (on front), but my wife says it still skimpy but OK.And I love it that way - front, rear, sides - as thin as possible.My advise - always buy 2 pairs of the same thongs, because when 1 get dirty, you have to have another, which are exctaly the same, to keep your tanline pefrect.

stanpuppy #258

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/06/2011 02:14:46Copy HTML

I essentially have only one style thong suit (muscleskins).  I vary the pouch between the poser (public beaches) and torpedo (clothing optional and/or private beaches/pools etc.), but the back stays essentially exactly the same.  My tan lines stay consistant that way
hotbunz1969 #259

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/06/2011 09:13:26Copy HTML

I'm with stanpuppy on this one, I too tend to wear just one style of suit for tanning, the Jovana PAU1. It comes in 3 front sizes, standard, slim & super slim, (profile picture) all the backs/sides are the same, so depending on my location and the amount of brevity I can get away with my rear tan line always stays the same.   

pkthong #260

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/06/2011 09:45:05Copy HTML

 My natural complexion is light brown, as evidenced by the color of the skin in the area covered by swimwear. When I am out in the sun I get REALLY dark so my tan lines are distinct. Weird but true. Do any other dark skinned people experience this phenomenon? 
Anyhow I love my tanlines and so does my wife. My masseuse seems to like them as well.
1Tinysuit #261

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/07/2011 11:27:38Copy HTML

Anyone else notice how your scenery and what you do in your thong tends to get better results with tanlines? Wife tends to like to lay out on the beach when we go , where I like to do more walking. My tanlines when I am out and moving around more tend to get sharper than hers. Also, we tend to get better tans @ the beach as oppossed to when we lay out @ our pool. Maybe its because of the sun reflecting off of the beach, dont know.
Jeffthong #262

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/07/2011 01:59:02Copy HTML

I spend the spring & summer months mostly in a thong working around outside the house.The tan lines seem to be sharper and I tan more evenly when I'm moving around. Laying out is OK and we certainly do our share of that but toasting mostly on one side or the other doesn't seem to work as well.
ShadowT #263

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/08/2011 01:51:50Copy HTML

I can imagine that moving around helps the straps and everything settle in, at least on a lot of thongs.  I know that for tanning in a salon, I can generally get things lined up on the hips and centered in the back, but the straps in between (i.e. across the top) are more difficult to get lined up.  At home, just walking around a bit seems to make them settle into a natural line between the hips and rear center.

I'm half Filipino, so I have some (not a lot) of natural color.  I get considerably darker when I tan.
DocBrown #264

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/09/2011 07:05:14Copy HTML

 I prefer seeing hotties with no tan lines, it means they've been almost nude out in the sun, which is really sexy!
BJR #265

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:12/20/2011 09:38:07Copy HTML

The woman that gives me a massage once and awhile commented that i had nice tan lines. This was shortly after coming back from Austalia. Very nice thong tan line.
arogers1031 #266

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/31/2012 03:55:57Copy HTML

You guys with thong tan lines are awesome!
I would absolutely love to have a thong tan line of my own and really wish I had the nerve to do it. I think the fact that there would be evidence of my thong even when I'm not wearing one is incredibly sexy, but I'm since I'm so shy the fact that it's non-trivial to get rid of it a deal-breaker.
I think in the meantime I'm going to go the tanning salon and try out their "spray on" tanning product while wearing a thong. That should give me the look that I desired temporarily, but I'll be able to get rid of it if I need to do something where I'd be self-conscious about it.
Anyway, big thumbs up to all of you out there with thong tan lines! 

sxmthonger #267

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/31/2012 04:35:20Copy HTML

I think thong tan lines are super sexy, on myself and others!
hoff7894 #268

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/09/2012 12:39:33Copy HTML

Hi there, I am BRAND new to this board and wanted to contribute. I have always love to tan/bodybuild etc. I started wearing RIO style bikini's here in Ft. Laud and Hollywood. I enjoy the looks I get and the sexy tan lines. Here is were it gets erotic for me. I love going to my massage therapist and having her comment on my cheeky tan lines! I have also been to the doctor who has taken notice and made little comments on my appearance. Especially my dermatologist who made straight forward comments about my body, all while standing naked in front of her. Awesome experiences! comments PLEASE
upthecrack #269

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/09/2012 02:42:17Copy HTML

I agree. I love when a woman gets flustered or a little hot from looking at my body and my tan lines or no tan lines.  Massage therapists always make comments to me. My dermatologist also got a little flustered (in a good way)   It is a ral turn on!
hoff7894 #270

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/09/2012 04:22:22Copy HTML

EXACTLY!  I love it! Love rising eyebrows!
modelnude4u #271

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/11/2012 05:23:09Copy HTML

 I've had very solid thong tan lines for years, and getting a massage is indeed one of the best experiences!  If they don't mention it, I'll say something like: "Bet you haven't seen a lot of tan lines like those?"  That usually gets them going.  I've got a pretty good looking female doctor for the last year or so, but I've never had the opportunity to be nude in front of her.  Maybe my annual check up this year should include some good excuse.  I'll have to think up something good.
Sunson #272

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/12/2012 11:59:40Copy HTML

 hoff, sorry for the OT, but what kind of phone R U using? I am having Android one, and can´t post anything here...
JM_Runs #273

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/12/2012 11:46:56Copy HTML

 I am working on the tanline myself. Its tough when you have tiny side strings...
IotaTheta #274

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/13/2012 03:46:03Copy HTML

 I want to start working on my tan but the weather up here in the dc area hasnt been working for me. Everyday that I have off it is either raining or is way too cold. When the weather gets better I will have my wife take some pictures to post. 
hoff7894 #275

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/14/2012 11:57:44Copy HTML

Found a tanning bed near my home does uva and uvb...tan lines are coming in
hotbunz1969 #276

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/15/2012 02:55:05Copy HTML

For the first time in 5 years I'll be getting my tan lines back this year.  
My ex was not a lover of thongs on me, so thong tan lines were out of the question, hence I started to wear the one-sided suits to tan in,  these meant I could alternate the hip I wore the side strap over and in doing so eliminate tan lines.  Much as I liked an all over tan I think thong tan lines are SOOOOO sexy, both on guys and girls, and am looking forward to getting mine back. I'm still only wearing my one-sided suits, but only over the right hip, we had a couple of days earlier on this year that were warm enough to tan in and I've started the line comeback! It's only very faint at the moment but I'll work on it over the summer and on an up coming trip to Ibiza. 
If I do "run into" anybody that sees what will be quite a unique, one-sided tan line, it should make for an interesting conversation! And truth be told,  I'm looking forward to it! 
Cheers Paul 
hoff7894 #277

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/15/2012 05:01:36Copy HTML

I luv the anticipation of the comments from my tan lines, I like to show them off and wait for the remarks, what a turn on!  I also like to prance around at the beach, having guys and gals point, look, whatever!  ESP a chick with her man checking me out!

sure is FUN
thonger2005 #278

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/15/2012 07:59:56Copy HTML

 We prefer nude sunbathing, but there are times when we end up with thong lines.

However, our thong tan lines arent the kind that run straight across out lower back/ tailbone area. they always dip down alittle.

sxythng #279

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/17/2012 02:34:28Copy HTML

i love the tan lines that my thongs and g strings leave on my butt too.  i like to switch my bikinis often, as each one leaves different tan lines which  i find very sexy and flirty.  in matter of fact,  today i wore a black g string with a small bowtie on the back.  even though my bum got a bit burned today, it looks like i will have a nice tan line in the days to come.  
Beachlover492000 #280

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/25/2012 03:23:07Copy HTML

I love tan lines, but in recent years I've been wearing suits with tie sides. The strings tend to move more and make my lines less defined. Years ago I worn suits clung to my body more, and my tan lines were great. I've got a couple nude pictures of me with my tan lines, and I have say they are some of the best pictures anyone has ever taken of me. I wish I had the guts to post them!

A long time ago when I was single I used to wear tiny string bikinis that gave me tiny triangle lines front and back. Showing my tine lines off to a new lady was always a lot of fun. "How did you ever get that?" she'd ask.

... Well it's like this ..
JM_Runs #281

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/29/2012 07:53:45Copy HTML

 I am planning on wearing my thongs to the beaches during the summer, so hopefully I will get a noticeable tan-line by the end of this summer . I just have a question. Would a day of sunbathing be enough for a thong tan line to appear?
JM_Runs #282

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/29/2012 08:27:06Copy HTML

 IMO yes it would. Especially if you're fair skinned and burn easily. I'd put on some sun screen to start with because without it you're gonna be in pain the rest of the day. Then, once you get that base tan you'll eventually get nice and dark back there that is if you stay with it. That's been my experience anyway.
modelnude4u #283

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/29/2012 09:00:26Copy HTML

 I've had the same basic thong tan lines for several years now and love it!  They fade a bit in the winter, as I don't generally do the tanning bed thing, but they never go all the way away.  As has been mentioned, I love having the solid evidence that I wear a thong on a regular basis, even when I'm nude.
sundog516 #284

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/30/2012 04:35:05Copy HTML

 bootyfulasian - 
I doubt you will see much of a tan in one day if you are bone white. you need to start slow anyway, do morning sun as it is less intense than afternoon sun. you dont want to burn so staying out all day is not an option.  My advice is start at 15 minutes on each side for a week, morning sun only. the next week go for 30 minutes. the following week increase it to 45 mins or an hr on each side. you can time it if you want for an even tan.what you are doing is developing a base tan and conditioning your skin to the sun. after tanning shower with a cool to tepid shower and PAT dry. then use 100% Aloe vera gel over your entire body. this repairs your skin. I would then use a good moisturizer to replenish moisture to your skin. Anyway, if you go slow and gradual, in a week or so you will start to see a tan line and by the time summer starts you will look great. 
JM_Runs #285

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/30/2012 05:59:57Copy HTML

 Thanks for the advice, sundog516.
BTW, what is it like to tan at a tanning salon? Is it as effective as tanning at the beach?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just new to this whole idea of tanning, so I just wanna get it right.
sundog516 #286

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/30/2012 09:36:41Copy HTML

 bootyfulasian -
Tanning salons are ok, and being in canada, they might be what you want, since you have a short summer .  Shop around for a reputable shop.  A good shop will take care of the equipment and change out the bulbs and acrylics on a regular basis.  Afterall, it is your skin, you dont want to burn it because of crappy equipment. ( it does happen).  I have used tanning beds in the past during the off season to maintain my tan that I worked so hard on to develop.  You have to be careful with time, starting out, bone white, no more than 5 minutes at a time for a while. ( after all if you bought a monthly menbership and you are going everyday, theres no hurry, make it part of your daily routine. Ie: workout, tan, shower,  breakfast etc. ) after a couple of weeks you can layout in a bed safely for 20 -30 minutes at a time. again, AFTER, 2 or 3 weeks and you have the base tan built up.
 Always go slow and gradually increase time.  Personally, I dont like the spray on jobs that some salons use. Its kinda like the stuff you buy in a bottle and spray on a tan. It doesnt really tan, it just turns your skin orange! No Thank you! Anyway, salons typically sell monthly memberships for 20 - 30 bucks a month. and it can be cost effective depending on where you live, how long your summers are etc. so again, it might be a good idea for you. Also, there is special suntan lotions made especially for tanning beds, they are expensive but worth it.  anyway hope it helps :)  ps: if your skin is tingling when you are out in the sun it means you are starting to burn, you need to get out of the sun. Again, go slow, do it right. and dont forget after care, aloe vera gel and then a moisturizer. your skin will thank you and so will the dermatologists ( after they condemn you for being in the sun in the first place)  :) you only live once, get a tan and have fun.
JM_Runs #287

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/02/2012 05:13:01Copy HTML

 Thank you, sundog516.
Ah, there are just so many things to consider about. But, I guess it's all worth it.
JM_Runs #288

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/05/2012 02:54:55Copy HTML

 my only tan line is on my ring finger!!
and if I go to a Dr., masseuses, or locker room my complete line-less tan does occasionally raise eyebrows and questions.  like you must use a tanning booth and I will say no I am a nudist!
showoffmark #289

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/20/2012 11:40:48Copy HTML

Does anyone else have to worry about sun damage? My husband is a physician who does cancer research for a pharmaceutical company. Primarily he works on skin cancer drugs at this time and really cannot abide me laying in the sun. I have started using the spray tan booths to give myself the line I want and the look I prefer. So far a win/win except tanning is free and the spray tan is at least $30 a pop and lasts about a week.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
Gstringing #290

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/26/2012 02:41:10Copy HTML

I've been sunbathing at a pool that has a no thong policy.  Fine. I've been wearing low-riding short trunks and am very dark all over except for where the shorts covered.  I'm going to south beach (fla) and Haulover in a couple weeks, and want to darken that area before I go nude at Haulover.  Any suggestions?
tanlines2thin #291

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/26/2012 07:37:53Copy HTML

i love these complicated dilemmas - try the ole tanning salon down at your nearest 'strip' mall.....just don't go crazy.....i swear these tanning contraptions don't produce the genuine color tan..........they make your skin look yellow, rather than carmel, and i ain't color blind.....
upthecrack #292

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/26/2012 08:16:07Copy HTML

Gstringing, It Sucks, Really Sucks when ur ass is white and the rest is nice and tan. Test out some Bronzers to see if you can match ur color.

shavedboy #293

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/26/2012 08:36:39Copy HTML


haulover is chockablock with cottontails.  you'll be in good company.
JM_Runs #294

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/27/2012 01:11:23Copy HTML

So true about Haulover too - easy to tell the lookers and wanttobees - but i like being naked with them
2xist #295

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/27/2012 01:53:36Copy HTML

 Haulover was my old hangout.  I was voted the best male thong tan line there years ago.  *sigh* those where my "perky glute" days... LOL
Thongzo #296

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/04/2012 12:03:22Copy HTML

Love having thong tan lines! Love seeing them on others too. Got a great thong tan line during a recent vacation and then visited the tanning bed a few times to keep it crisp and sharp. I have a couple pics in my profile. They've since faded but I hope to bring them back after the next tropical vacation.
Thongmad #297

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/04/2012 12:18:57Copy HTML

I love my thong tan lines, and work on them every chance I get. They last all winter and can still be seen at the start of the next summer.
When I got a massage recently, the young lady doing it (not my usual therapist) comented on them while tracing her fingernails alone them from my crack upwards, asking 'Do you always sunbake in a g-string?' I said 'Yes whenever I can, I wear them to the beach and around my pool, and I always wear them for underwear as well'. She replied 'Yes I noticed them, you don't see many these days. I like them actually'.
We had a little chat about them and she said even though she wears them as underwear, she wasn't game enough to wear them at the beach. I did my best to convince her she needs to try them, as she certainly had the body for it!
modelnude4u #298

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/07/2012 03:09:25Copy HTML

 I've had the same basic thong tan lines for years, and love them.  I do find though, that it's kept me from getting any suits that have a different profile, to avoid messing up what are now very distinct lines.  Since I'm an exhibitionist at heart, the tan lines allow me to identify as a thonger, even while naked, and I like that.  Trouble is, not enough reasonable opportunities to show off such tan lines, but I'm heading to South Beach in less than 2 weeks, so I can hit Haulover for sure, and I would bet find a chance for a nude beach walk a few of the evenings.  I've been able to do that a few times in previous visits, and it is a wonderful feeling!
JM_Runs #299

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/08/2012 04:51:28Copy HTML

I love having a tan-line. I like the look, especially on other peoples faces, like at the gym or the doctors. I recently went to the dermatologist for my annual skin cancer screening. I have a woman doctor that I have gone to for years. This year I arrived at the office and an assistant and a trainee took me back to the exam room to take the general info. before my doctor came in. Both women were pretty and in their twenties. After the info. the assistant asked me if it was OK for her and the trainee to stay for the exam and I told her, sure. The assistant gave me a drape and told me to take off everything except my underwear and to use the drape to cover that. When they returned with the doctor I was just wearing a pair of 2xist briefs (not a thong). The doctor did small talk about where I vacationed and the beaches I went to while the other two stood behind me. The doctor examined my whole body while I sat on the exam table. Then she asked me to stand and she said she needs to check under my underwear. I said that's fine. She pulled down my underwear in the back exposing my butt and tan-line in full view of the two behind me. Then she pulled them down in the front exposing my trimmed and shaved pubic area. She said everything looks good and I have no problems but to use more sunscreen. Not a word about my tan but I am sure the younger women had some discussions later. They left so I could get dressed, the assistant and the trainee looked back with a smile on their faces and said "It was nice meeting you, have a great day."
richard12181970 #300

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:09/08/2012 07:44:11Copy HTML

 My thong tan-lines are great!  I can't image my body without them.  My thong tan-lines make me feel very sexy (just like wearing a thong).  I love thong tan-lines on women and men, especially t-backs.  I joined a new gym last winter, after my tan faded, so I'm not sure the reaction I'll get, but I'm excited to find out.
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