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nautirogue #401

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/08/2015 03:28:05Copy HTML

 Awesome pics, BarelyCovered!
a_lex #402

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/12/2015 05:46:06Copy HTML

 I have a very distinct thong tanline which my gf even started envying (her skin is naturally darker than mine, so it takes a little longer for her to get tanned enough to have a tanline). Fact is, I bought a smaller thong swimsuit than the ones I usually wear, and it looks a little funny with my current tanline. I was thinking of going on a tanning bed before wearing my smaller swimsuit on the beach again, to reduce my tanlines. My gf even suggested tanning naked while in the sunbed, yet I don't really want to lose all of my tanlines.

What's your advice, people? Tanning nude or tanning wearing my smallest thong?
nautirogue #403

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/12/2015 10:58:30Copy HTML

My vote would be to tan wearing your smallest thong.  I like tanlines.
Thongzo #404

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/12/2015 08:40:50Copy HTML

Love tan lines as well. I've been tanning nude a lot lately so my lines are totally gone but all this talk about lines is making me want to bring them back!
Sharon73 #405

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/12/2015 11:24:41Copy HTML

 I love tan lines on guys - it draws my eyes right to the most interesting part of them
letshavefun1313 #406

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/13/2015 08:30:26Copy HTML

 Which part is that may I ask???
fordrs #407

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/15/2015 07:27:35Copy HTML

 as a nudist i like to tan nude but love a thong tanline when i cant go nude hehe '_
SlidingG #408

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/16/2015 01:09:19Copy HTML

No tanlines wanted here -- an overall tan looks better when I'm legitimately nude, like on c/o beaches or in the studio modeling for artists.  Thus the tan-thru sliding g-strings I wear almost exclusively during tanning hours.  Stylish Speedo thongs most other times, though, since going mainstream puts me on an equal footing with my fellow beach-goers, making it easier to socialize and enjoy their company.
Rick21 #409

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/18/2015 01:05:09Copy HTML

 I hate having tan lines in the back, thus I try to wear the more tiny-string-Versions for the beachRick

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/19/2015 08:27:14Copy HTML

 I love tan lines and I have a thong tan line.
CDNThongLover #411

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:08/19/2015 10:10:31Copy HTML

 I love thong tan lines on myself and on others (men or women).  I haven't had one in a couple years, but I always made sure to get a good thong tan line going before going on vacation to a hot destination.  My wife was excited and loved it when she saw my thong tan line for the first time.  Before we went on the trip, we were comparing each other's tan lines and how they were progressing before going on vacation.  That just kept on going when were on vacation (Jamaica).
JM_Runs #412

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 12:22:55Copy HTML

 Me too I always loved seeing them.on women...often wondered if they would look ok on me?? Found out two years ago I definitely like how they look on me, it's like having a tattoo 'd thong...shame it fades though : (
nautirogue #413

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 05:03:24Copy HTML

I agree, M_MThong71.  The thong tanline is kind of erotic because there's no hiding it.  In the locker room, I used to be discreet with thong underwear.  It was possible to slip the thong off with my pants and no one would see, but with the thong tanline, there's no discretion.  It's there for all to see when I'm nude, and there's no disguising the fact that I tan in a thong. 
JM_Runs #414

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 06:16:55Copy HTML

 Lol! nautirogue know what you mean I bottled out of showering at the gym today as mine at the moment is really prominent. I usually train at the gym at work which has its own private shower! 
Thongzo #415

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 06:28:44Copy HTML

I've only busted out the thong tan line in the gym shower two times. Once when it was a busy night and filled with dudes. I got a few casual looks but no comments. It was kind of liberating and erotic so have it on display for so many others - especially when they were all naked...Another time I thought I was alone so I was showering out in the open when one other guy came in - a total blue collar type who actually stopped in his tracks when he saw it but continued on into the shower anyway. I was already naked and showering so I just finished up and went back to my locker. Then, as I was getting dressed, he finished his shower and came to the locker area to find his locker was like - right next to mine - and we were the only guys there. He was visibly uncomfortable. He probably told his buddies at the factory the next day but big deal! A little culture for him I figure. 
Grabeach #416

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 08:24:47Copy HTML

Rear:- Always worn g-strings, so no tan line there.

Front:- Over the years there has been the occasional change room query about where do I sun nude. Never anything about a tan line, which was a bit surprising. I eventually put this down to a combination of things:-
1. I wear very brief g-strings (currently Skinz M1R2 scrunched to the minimum when sunning), so any tan line is at the junction of ‘flat to three dimensional’, which tends to be less noticeable.
2. In the dim dark ages before I wore g’s I seem to remember that the c & b tend to be darker to start with. Combined with the occasional nude sunning, there isn’t a huge colour change anyway.
3. While it’s okay to glance at your neighbour in the change room, it’s not the done thing to examine them closely!
ShadowT #417

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 09:35:08Copy HTML

I started tanning nude at a salon for a while, foregoing the tanlines for probably a couple years.  I don't recall exactly when I started the thong tanline back up again, but it was somewhere around 6 months ago, and I found that I missed it a bit.

-I just stick to my usual routing, but without the tanlines, I was a bit more nonchalant when changing at the gym.  Our YMCA has separate showers, with curtains, in the adult locker room, so nothing to see there.  It would be outside my norm to walk around naked, so that's a complete non-issue.  People rarely see my thongs, since the benches are in the center.  I place my bag on the bench, and change with my rear facing the lockers.  There's no doubt I'm wearing something skimpy, but rarely does anyone get a good look at the back.  I'm also mostly shaved down there, so there probably isn't much I can do to surprise anyone anymore.

-With the tanlines, there is no doubt people notice on occasion.  I've never seen any reactions though, and the regulars don't treat me any different.  Most of them have seen me working out in compression leggings or shorts, or in my swim briefs anyway.  The thing is, I face my locker when I undress.  I just pull everything off and hang things in my locker before slipping on a swimsuit and heading to the whirlpool and showers.  There's no hiding the thong tanline, without doing something outside my normal routine.  Unlike before, I don't much care who sees, and I know most people are too busy minding their own business to notice anyway.  FWIW, I've been going 5+ days a week for almost 5 years now.

-Until a few years ago, many of us entered the whirlpool nude and I had thong tanlines back then.  No reactions.  That's prohibited now, with claims of "health code" requirements.  BS, since I'm sure a naked person has showered more thoroughly, but rules are rules.

-10+ years ago, before this YMCA was built, my wife and I frequented another branch.  I had a couple instances where gentlemen... um... reacted in the showers.  One was soaping himself profusely, while peaking out from behind his curtain.
John Howard #418

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/03/2015 10:09:03Copy HTML

ShadowT said   "Until a few years ago, many of us entered the whirlpool nude and I had thong tanlines back then.  That's prohibited now, with claims of "health code" requirements"......
Oh well, what can you say...... I wonder if it is also prohibited for a guy to jump now in the whirlpool wearing long board shorts on top of visible jocks or underwear with of course the big logo showing.   That probably IS accepted.  Why?  because   that's trendy now.  Most guys swim that way, which can be in my opinion one of the most anti hygienic attire.   Dirty jocks with potential remains of urine and excrement are ok.  Naked is not.       BS and political correctness madness.
nautirogue #419

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/04/2015 01:42:50Copy HTML

My gym has a clothing optional hot tub, but I don't use it often since I normally work out over lunch, and I don't have time to kick back and relax like that.  The gym is also only about a block from my office, so there are a lot of co-workers who work out there.  I'd feel more comfortable baring it all if there was less chance of showing people that I work with.
ShadowT #420

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/04/2015 01:46:15Copy HTML

 It is common for guys to wear underwear in the whirlpool, with OR without a swimsuit over them.  It's sickening.  Before the rule was enacted, a man wearing underwear under shorts berated a naked man, saying being nude was disgusting.  Personally, I don't mind wearing a swimsuit, but the water is hell on the fabric (thus additional expense for me), it's never been unusual to use a whirlpool nude, and I do believe nude is much more sanitary.  Nude is most definitely more sanitary than wearing the same sweaty underwear you wore during your workout.

FWIW, at the same time, they prohibited bare middriffs.  Apparently, women showing their middriffs can be intimidating to other women.  I'm sure it had to be, at least in part, an attempt to reduce the "meat market" atmosphere that develops late in the day.  As a happily married man, I'm still somewhat disappointed though.  I enjoyed seeing a little skin; toned backs, abs, etc...  Innocent viewing IMO, but oh well.  Also, the long shirts that have resulted tend to make it difficult to spot thongs.  That's not why I'm there though, so I digress.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #421

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/04/2015 04:04:36Copy HTML

 I agree with the underwear being unsanitary which is why a lot of European pools ban boardshorts because people wear their underwear underneath.  I see guys at the gym go from playing basketball in their shorts and underwear then get into the hot tub.  Pretty damn gross.  And I'm the one who gets the strange looks when I get in with a clean string bikini.

I remember years ago my late wife and I were in Germany and staying at a hotel with a sauna.  After swimming we went into the sauna in our swimsuits and got the most disgusted looks from the men and women in there.  All of the people in the sauna had towels but no suits.  They hung their suits outside of the sauna then would shower off naked and put their suits back on to go into the pool.  Much more hygienic.

My sister used to go to the Y and use the hot tub.  She would tell me stories of the Latino women who would go in with their kids and a bar of soap and bathe the kids.  She said they were constantly shutting down and having to drain the spa.  Different cultures.... different ways.
ozthong #422

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/04/2015 07:50:31Copy HTML

 What is worst? boardshorts + underwear or just underwear in the spa? It is very common for men to be just wearing just boxer trunk underwear to the spa that I go to. The sad part is when the material is made of cotton, when he climbs out of the spa, he still needs to adjust his underwear as the weight of the water is pulling it on. There is already a sign posted that wearing underwear is not allowed and some people still don't get it.
ShadowT #423

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/04/2015 09:52:08Copy HTML

 Not to further derail this thread, but cotton is absolutely horrible for chlorinated pools and tubs.  It's generally prohibited in writing, but not in practice unfortunately.
Thongzo #424

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/05/2015 02:38:32Copy HTML

Let's get back to talking about thong tan line - my goodness, they're great! 
mack_back #425

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/05/2015 08:52:16Copy HTML

My gym pool hot tub often is shut down. Not knowing the details on what may cause the levels being unsafe stopping people using it. Some say the pumps filters are weak, thus management repaired as required. Often I do see when using the hot tub in my thong, guys wore dork shorts or cotton underwear. I got remrimanded not wearing enough by female manager ever since was offended at being told to wear more. Seeing many males don't wash before entering the hot tub or pool maybe I'm doing myself a favour staying away. 

Talking to many females before asking them why they don't participate in the liquid soup called the hot tub basic answer was yuk, seeing they have phobia of the old fat male members soaking in it in a brown stew Encircling a ring around the walls of the tub.Only rule I see written near the pool or hot tub is to prohibit anyone without first  fully showering with soap before entering the pool facility. Difficult to enforce often people use it as bathtub. Once in awhile I do hear vocal members asking someone to shower before they use the sauna. So many violations woman rubbing oil on themselves then using the hot tub. Guys cutting their toe nails next to the hot tub then denying it was them when someone complains. At times I felt like the cleanest guy their one woman excluding me from her complaint of males not showering before using the whirlpool. Yet wearing a thong without any tan lines upset some members to get me to wear more material covering up. Suppose showing off my smooth tanned butt is taboo and obscene for anyone with eyes. Yet seeing how woman stared upon me having the courage to wear it well must disappoint a few. While others feel uncomfortable being around me calling it creepy as I overheard a wife comment to her husband that I talk to. 
Don't understand why woman are so offended or focused on my bulge in swimwear or tights at the gym. Overheard a woman hater chatting to male in the gym about my bulge looking smaller then usual. Wearing 2xu leggings that compress my legs and bulge to no details seen funny to her. While seeing me other tights that are not so fitted but show enough detail to see the size very well. Woman get way to uncomfortable seeing me or my bulge shown off calling it creepy. If wearing a thong they particularly don't find it normal. Even though a well fitted bikini bottom can show exactly the same with a back seam. Don't understand the fuss about a males package being seen over fitted Lycra swimwear or tights. Asking to wear more is insult to the male form. Why do woman so focused on looking or commenting on a males package yet judge you as deviant?

ozarkG #426

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/21/2015 07:39:47Copy HTML

 I love bikini tan lines. the more contrast the better. On my self, but more so on women.  I also like when I have good tan lines on my feet from bearing thongs/flip flops.
navythong #427

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/21/2015 01:46:11Copy HTML

Thong tanlines look very sexy, especially on women. The smaller the tanlines the more sexy.
If a woman has thong tanlines you know she is wearing thongs when sunbathing, which means that she must be a self-confident woman.
On men I find thong tanlines  more an expression of having the guts to wear a thong to the beach.

I used to have thong tanlines on my back-side, which I liked very much. The last few years I started sunbathing naked when lying on my stomach.
I started with this to prevent people seeing my tanlines when I'm bending over or kneeling down.
Since thongs on men are still not very accepted, I don't want to provoke comments by showing tanlines. I think that nude sunbathing is more accepted for men then thong sunbathing.
On my front side I have very small tanlines because mostly I wear a MS poser thong with narrow front an 3/8" straps.
John Howard #428

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/21/2015 07:32:17Copy HTML

 Don't change the things you like to do to satisfy others expectations.  You manned up enough to wear a thong in public on the beach, then a tan line is also worth to show with pride not purposely but if happens naturally.Wear a long top tucked out when you kneel but dont get rid of your tan line.
navythong #429

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/22/2015 02:03:10Copy HTML

You are absolutely right, John.
If you totally don't mind what comments others make, having thong tanlines is very nice.
Sometimes one has to compromise, I think. For me sunbathing nude when tanning my back is such a compromise.
I'm living in a small villages where most people know each other and are not that open-minded.
I have lots of fun thonging on the beach, and fortunately we have many km's of sandy beaches around here.
But I don't like others (people who know me, for instance colleagues) knowing about my thonging.

bmicro #430

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/22/2015 05:10:41Copy HTML

 Happiness is no tan lines
pikeman #431

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:11/24/2015 03:17:07Copy HTML

 I have  to agree with bmicro. As much as I prefer a thong _if_ swimwear is required, I'd rather be nude. I haven't been sunburned in at least ten years and a tanline seems to present an opportunity for that. I've seen plenty of uncomfortable-looking burn lines on folks and want to avoid that.
Thongs4life90 #432

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:02/27/2016 08:22:44Copy HTML

 I have thong tan lines. They are so sexy. The key is to pick a thong that doesn't shift when you move around. Otherwise the line won't come out well. Also, be sure the thong isn't see through. I put some pics of me up on my blog trampstampthongguy.wordpress.com
CDNThongLover #433

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:03/30/2016 05:46:11Copy HTML

 Anybody seen any thong tan lines lately on other people?  Gym? Pool? Beach?I haven't seen any on anybody for a while.  The last time I saw a thong tan line was about a month ago at the gym that I go to.  I made sure to compliment him on it.
Thongzo #434

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:04/24/2016 05:49:24Copy HTML

I was at a baseball game last summer when the girl in front of me (a cute 30ish blonde) bent over in her seat to reach for her drink and as I glanced down her shirt pulled up and exposed the lower part of her back and lower, where I could see into her low rise jeans. I saw that 1) she wasn't wearing any underwear and 2) she had a distinct g-string tan line. 
Another time I was at Target and one of the Target gals (a sexy late 20's brunette) squatted to get a box off the floor and I saw her whaletail, which happened to be a gold glitter g-string. Sexy stuff at Target! 
HermesOrange #435

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/18/2016 08:41:33Copy HTML

 I really prefer a razor-sharp thong tan line, although I find it's not the easiest look to obtain...  It takes a commitment to one thong style, but if I am going to be on a beach vacation when I have a few days in a row to be at the beach, then I go for it and stick to one thong style, just changing out the color. No issue at the gym showering, as here in New York it's not so exotic to sport one, especially as I always wear a thong or thongjock under my workout gear. 
Thongzo #436

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/30/2016 10:39:05Copy HTML

I discovered the Daniel Alexander Freedom thong is great for thong tan line. Narrow in front, normal T-back in back, doesn't let light through so you get a nice sharp line. I added a photos of my backyard session to my profile in the 2016 folder. Here's the thong...
JM_Runs #437

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/31/2016 06:33:41Copy HTML

Thongzo, I picked up a few of their string bikinis and "cheek peekers" recently.  Great, affordable stuff.  As an aside, Mensuas is a sponsor at SunSplash this summer and they're giving away $25 in free merch each week from now until the event, in July. Everyone on the board is encouraged to enter here:

Enter here:http://www.mensuas.com/sunsplash

You only need to enter once and you're in for the entire length of the giveaway.  So what are you waiting for???  They've been really great to work with and they'll actually have a representative at the event giving away more free merch.  They are very interested in establishing a relationship with the members of this board.  Good luck to all who enter!
nautirogue #438

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:05/31/2016 10:10:29Copy HTML

 I prefer lower-riding swimsuits, Thongzo.  I like the waistline to just skim the top of my shaft to reveal either a full shave, or my current thin strip of a patch.
JM_Runs #439

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/02/2016 12:23:12Copy HTML

 Just added pics of my tan lines on my profile
Thongzo #440

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/05/2016 11:27:26Copy HTML

Gang! I added a pic of myself working on my thong tanlines to the Mensuas contest - please vote!
ThingThong #441

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:06/29/2016 09:50:18Copy HTML


What do you think look best?
A high positioned thong tan line or a low positioned thong tan line?
Do you like the same look on both men and women or low on women and high on men?

Example high thong tan line:

Example low thong tan line:

I like the high tan line on both women and men, look both great and sexy at the same time, win win!
What do you think?

hotmedic65 #442

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/03/2016 03:52:04Copy HTML

 Finally getting back my tan lines.   Stricktly gstring lines so far and I love them 
thong_relax #443

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/04/2016 04:50:41Copy HTML

 I prefer low on both.
kmackhard #444

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/04/2016 05:15:48Copy HTML

 I also prefer low on male slightly higher on the female
tradof #445

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/04/2016 07:27:31Copy HTML

 I prefer low. :)
thongalactic #446

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/04/2016 07:36:41Copy HTML

For me, no tanlines are best. I like to spend what I consider a healthy amount of time in the sun. When I'm in the sun, there are 3 things on my mind: (1) to use my body to synthesize Vitamin D, (2) to brighten my mood. (In the winter time, I get Seasonal Affective Disorder like nobody's business.) And (3) to avoid damaging my skin. So, after about 20-30 minutes, I either cover up, or lather up with sunscreen and reapply frequently. At any rate, studies show that people actually prefer the look of a carotenoid glow to a suntan. You can get that healthy glow from eating vegetables rich in beta-carotene, like carrots and green leafy vegetables.
Thongzo #447

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/05/2016 02:16:38Copy HTML

I like low. Damn, both of those pics in the low tumblr up above are simply amazing lines!
SixDelta #448

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/05/2016 03:55:40Copy HTML

 I prefer them high on both. That second pic is a perfect example of what I like women's tan lines to look like.
SixDelta #449

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/05/2016 10:16:28Copy HTML

 Whether you prefer high or low, thought you all might appreciate this pic I found today. Nice sharp tan line. :)
tiggerix #450

Re:Thong Tan Lines ( tanlines )

Date Posted:07/06/2016 09:34:39Copy HTML

Prefer low on both m/f - but girls always look better if the back of the suit is above the butt so it doesn't cut in or look like it is falling off.  At the front, the lower the better.  Too narrow at the front can look ugly - best to follow the natural lines of the body.  High cut 90s styles are of that era and only seem to work now on a few females.
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