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Date Posted:10/28/2005 02:29:30Copy HTML

I spent first 10 years of thonging tellin myself that I only like the feel and sensation. Its all lies, I have always loved to see other men in thongs, prefer tall toned, and especially from bthe back view. Men just have such high hard bums. I know that there are lots of straights out there who will think this is crap, but I am straight and I love seeing men in thongs.
Gymbuff #1

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:10/28/2005 06:29:35Copy HTML

Hay liverpoo,

Always great to see another Aussie on the board!

I know what you mean when you say  "... loved to see other men in thongs...and especially from bthe back view. Men just have such high hard bums." I think the human form in general (especially when in good shape) is something to be admired. I probably developed this view from me younger years (in art school). I am straight as well, but also being an avid gym-goer I can really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into keeping fit looking bod.

A good site (posted somewhere else on the board) is, http://www.thongmen.dk/

You said you take photos (I did a little bit of photography back in my art days), have you taken any of yourself or others? You should post some of your work like others on the board... 

liverpoo1 #2

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:10/29/2005 10:57:50Copy HTML

Will post pics soon, need a wax and am a bit white as canberra is cold,
Gymbuff #3

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:11/03/2005 02:58:40Copy HTML

Well its definately warming up, and only getting hotter here in Newcastle! Summer is going to be great!!!

Oz_Thong_Boi #4

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:11/09/2005 06:34:01Copy HTML

its an awesome day here in sydney, im off to the beach to enjoy being in my thong!!
Ex_Member #5

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:11/14/2005 12:51:25Copy HTML

Stop taunting us with your warm weather! ; )

Over here in Vancouver, it's cold, wet and grey... and will be that for the next 4 months!

showoffmark #6

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:11/15/2005 12:04:51Copy HTML

It's getting too cool on the east coast also but I love to hear about warm meather and people enjoying sunshine. Am I jealous? Yes. But for a moment I am reminded of the feel of sun on my skin.
mrever_ready #7

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:11/16/2005 04:13:14Copy HTML

I agree with Thongboy.......here in Ottawa Canada, winter is starting to show its ugly head......it snowed here yesterday.    My wife and I are definitely not winter people, we are sun and thong worshippers.    This winter we're getting away without the kids, don't know yet where we're going, all we know is there will be a beach, drinks and us showing off in our thongs.    Maybe this winter, I'll shovel the snow from my driveway in my thong........really show off to the neighbours, lol
nadathing #8

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/06/2006 06:44:56Copy HTML

I don't really ENJOY seeing other guys in thongs.  (Not that there's any thing wrong with that. - to quote Sinefeld.)  I do like having thonging company and I am interested in what they are wearing and how they look in it as idea material and as a way of gauging how others approach thonging.

Now women in thongs - THAT I enjoy quite a bit.

jocstudad9 #9

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/07/2006 12:12:14Copy HTML

Being guys.  I think the one thing that levels the playing field of sexual orientation is the being a guy thing.  Str8t or gay, we all

know what it takes to have a hot ass, or how hot we look in thongs.  The deal, in my opinion, that binds us a men, is the

willingness and appreciation to be in thongs, micros, etc.  Being confident and guys.  This is hot.

Bunsrae #10

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/10/2006 05:33:40Copy HTML

I love to see women in thongs. Guys I don't mind, but I don't stare at them like a lovely lady. I don't scope out the man scene on a beach. For me it's strictly chicks!

Gymbuff #11

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/10/2006 12:56:06Copy HTML

Hey everyone, how has your summer been? Any adventures to be told?

Anyway, I've been enjoying the sun and working on the tan...

Have posted some pics on a few sites, mainly http://ratemyfaceadult.com/profile.cfm?member=gymbuff1680

tell me what you think.

Ex_Member #12

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/10/2006 04:50:34Copy HTML

Still waiting for it to start over here! Have had a few sunny days but not hot enough to get kit off.
Pithecanthropus #13

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/11/2006 05:52:33Copy HTML

I don't know if I really care to look at men in thongs.   I don't mind them being there, but I wouldn't look at men the same way I look at women.

But on the rare occasions when I've seen that, I do think to myself, "Cool!", since the guy has the guts to do it.

mrever_ready #14

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/18/2006 03:57:53Copy HTML

It's not yet summer here in Canada, but the weather lately has been very summer-like, so my wife and I have been out on our secluded patio enjoying the sun in our thongs.   We can't wait for summer to come, so we can hit the local beach and show off in our thongs.    I keep hoping to see other thongers on the beach, I saw a couple guys last summer wearing thongs, so maybe a trend is starting.    I enjoy checking out both men and women in thongs, I think it shows a positive attitude about their bodies and I hope a positive sexual attitude.    We keep hoping to meet the stud of our dreams but so far, the search continues.    I keep bugging my wife I'm going to go rollerblading in my thong, lol.   She doesn't think that will fly in our conservative suburbs.    Makes me snicker just thinking about it.
Ex_Member #15

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/18/2006 09:05:22Copy HTML

Yes indeed, we've had some good weather here in Connecticut, too.  Got out on our condo patio both days last weekend to catch some rays in my g-string.  Good prep for nine days in Bermuda come May, don't want to get a sunburn by too sudden exposure.  Plan to try thonging and stringing at the hotel pool, despite my wife's misgivings, and would hope thereby to encourage others to join me, men and women both.  Following the theme of this thread, I enjoy seeing other men in their thongs, as well as women, for several reasons.  For one, it feels good to share a spirit of freedom with like minded folks.  For another, the human body can be a wondrous work of art, both sexes, so the more exposed the better.  And with other men, I find there's a kind of ego identification, like were in this together.  And of course I compare my own body's fitness to their's and my own suit's attractiveness to their thong or g-string, and maybe get some ideas on new styles, prints or fabrics to try.  After all, I'm not going to hit the beach or pool in a g-string if I think I don't look good.  I don't want to be that proverbial old fat guy in a speedo people love to joke about, comparable to the woman in a bikini who shouldn't be.    Don't get me wrong -- I support their right to choose, but also my right not to look! 
Gymbuff #16

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/19/2006 02:01:21Copy HTML

Where abouts are you staying in Bermuda? I've had some great thonging experiences in and around, St. David and Bailey's Bay.

Can't wait to get back that way. Enjoy the sun!

Ex_Member #17

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:04/20/2006 02:55:57Copy HTML

Gymbuff:  We occasionally stay Oxford House B & B on Woodbourne Avenue, at the edge of Hamilton.  With no pool, I ride our rented scooter over to Clarence Cove, near Admiralty House, on the north shore out toward Spanish Point, for pre-breakfast swims, usually in a thong.

More often we get a good package deal at the Hamilton Princess.  My wife prefers to be near downtown, as she is much less of a beach person than me, and can find plenty to do when I'm off at the beach.  In mid-January, when we were down there for International Race Weekend (I did the half-marathon), only their fresh water pool was heated, and I tried my morning laps and a little afternoon time in my Skinz orange thong.  Was very discreet, as others were around and it is overlooked by their restaurant and many rooms.  This May their unheated salt water pool should be very pleasant, and since it is more discreetly situated away from high traffic areas, I'm planning on starting out wearing the Skinz thong, which is fairly moderate, even at mid-day with others around, and see how it goes.  Hope to transition on to my very brief and low orange Nu-Parr V-kini thong, and perhaps even on to my much briefer He swimwear tan-thru sliding g-string.  I'll just have to see what seems appropriate, and how much of my wife's protests I have to overcome!

During the sunny mid-days I like to spend as much time as possible at Warwick Long Bay in my tan-thru g-string.  I've become very comfortable there, usually at a discreet distance from others, yet in full view, acting completely naturally like any other beach goer enjoying the sun, sand and surf.  Have never been hassled.

Given Bermuda's reputation as a conservative place, it's great to hear that you have enjoyed thonging there, too.  Over time, I've seen and chatted with a few others who weren't intimidated by that reputation.  Their tourist literature says there are no nude or semi-nude beaches.  I've come to conclude that they mean no topless for women.  Where at St. David's and Bailey's Bay do you thong?  They're on the way to/from St. George's, and might make a pleasant rest/recreation/lunch stop on one of our scootering journeys.            

LoveMyThongs #18

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/22/2018 07:31:20Copy HTML

A fit guy in a thong drives me crazy. No disrespect to my wife and women but a thonged man is so sexy. I love the confidence it takes to wear them publicly and that is a turn on too
nicethong82 #19

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/22/2018 01:23:57Copy HTML

I like to see both sexes wearing thongs. i do find it to be arousing on both. i think because I know I'm not the only man who wears them and because i think if a man or woman has the confidence to wear a thong or g-string, it's sexy to me.
tobias5711 #20

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/22/2018 11:09:10Copy HTML

Nicethong82, I agree with you. I like to see both men and women who are in great shape in as little possible. I think it takes more confidence to wear a thong on a public beach than to go nude at a nude beach. I agree confidence either a man or a woman is very sexy. Yesterday I was at the gym pool at college wearing a black skinzwear stuffit thong, the one they sell for $20. There were five other guys at the pool. One wore a small speedo. He has been on the city water polo team for the last 4 years and is ranked in the top ten in the area. He was in and out of the water and was at total ease wearing a speedo. I talked to another young guy doing laps and complimented him on his swimming. As we talked I mentioned the polo player. The guy could plainly see my ass as we talked, and then said he was trying out for the swim team and wanted to buy a speedo. Both the kids have fantastic swimmers bodies. A third wore a compression speedo long body suit that is very low on the waist going down to the knees. the suit looked like it was painted on. I think the guy I was talking to saw the polo player in a speedo and me in a thong and said to himself, if they can wear skimpy suits, so can I.
Felsen #21

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/25/2018 03:03:13Copy HTML

I notice several comments include a reference to how fit a guy is. I'm an older up, work out regularly. I'm in much better shape than most guys my age. But I'm not completely ripped, and even though I have abs definition, I can't quite seem to get rid of a layer of fat around my mid section. (My female massage therapist told me I have a great body). So this begs the question, in my mind anyway, how fit do you have to be to look good in a thong/g-string?
JM_Runs #22

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/25/2018 03:43:53Copy HTML

Looking good is in the eye of the beholder. We give more grace to the older person who is in reasonably good shape than a young person with flab. You asked how fit? Being fit and looking fit is the new beauty standard for everyone but photo models. It does help if you lose a few pounds, but you don't need a six-pack, just be reasonably healthy. Running, swimming or fast bike riding can lead to a healthy looking body. Doing endurance exercise to look good in a thong is a good thing, but if you start, and join a group, you will probably find it is rewarding in its own right.
Felsen #23

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/25/2018 10:58:55Copy HTML

Thanks JM_Runs. I go to the gym 4, sometimes 5 days a week.  I do some cardio to get warmed up then workout, typically I spend about an hour.   A few years ago, I was doing Crossfit regularly, and was living and working in Georgia.  Since I was alone I was able to manage my diet better.  My wife, God bless her, feels like I ought to eat more! 

Felsen #24

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/25/2018 11:08:16Copy HTML

I meant to add: Reading through this thread I noted the comments about men's buns. I'm straight as well, but do admire guys with great buns. Part of my workout routine is doing Kettle Bell squats. I start d doing them after reading that they are great for toning buns. I can definitely see the difference, I've been able to avoid the old man's flat butt and have developed some definition. I do two sets of 25 at 20 KG, which is a little over 40 lbs. also has done wonders for my legs.
kiyoothong #25

Re:Thong + guys

Date Posted:09/28/2018 03:18:14Copy HTML

I just want to see a hot ass in a small thong. If there is one thing I don't like: hairy ass.
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