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Date Posted:08/15/2010 09:08:25Copy HTML

Have current gym I go to with pool and have been wearing my thongs at the pool for 6 months without any problem.  The disadvantage, it is a drive to get to this gym. 

LA Fitness is closer by with pool.   Does any body know much about LA Fistness and abount thongs at their pool?
The Gabe #1

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/16/2010 05:15:37Copy HTML

 I have just started using the pool at the local YMCA. Not in my thong yet, but a Joe Snyder capri. The thong is coming soon. It probably helps knowing that the lifeguard kinda thinks of me as eye candy.
winebob #2

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/18/2010 05:24:43Copy HTML

I have just check out another gym club with pool.   Pool is srounded by glass for 1/2. 
Not sure they would like a thong.  I did mention i wear suits.  The club cost much more than I am paying at this time.  It is closer but will not join.    If the pool was not open to the lobby I may have considered.
Not sure this is the place.  Have not checked out any YMCA's they may be too far to drive.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/19/2010 04:31:10Copy HTML

This might work at _some_ gyms, but I seriously doubt that YMCA is one of them.  Remember what the acronym stands for.  They even get snitty about walking through other parts of the gym in regular swimwear.  I am a member of a for-profit gym near Knoxville, TN that has signs at all of its pools explicitly prohibiting thongs, but it's the only one in town and I see my boss and co-workers there enough that I wouldn't wear one there even if it were legal.  Maybe those on the coastal areas would be more accomodating.
shaved_thong_lover #4

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/23/2010 11:21:18Copy HTML

Well I know that Bally Total Fitness has a rule posted at their pool stating no thongs.  I wear them anyways when less people.  But I have been asked to wear more clothes when I work out in the gym with shrot shorts on (as in my profile).  YMCA's near me, more family so no thongs really fit in.  I am in Tampa.
winebob #5

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:11/19/2010 12:07:21Copy HTML

Went to the gym pool yesterday after work. Got into the pool after 7pm.  Still some of the all female arobics class was in the pool.  I just got in and said hello and started my pool workout.  Had my thong on.  Did get some smiles from the women.  Was in the pool for about 1 hour.  Any other pools around Indianapolis that I can check out.  I have also heard some motel/hotels have pool clubs or you may use the pool for a fee. Looking for places in summer to layout around pool.
peterjde #6

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:11/21/2010 02:08:55Copy HTML

I go to the YMCA 3 miles from my house, and wear speedos in the pool and spandex shorts or tights (with a thong underneath, of course!) when using the fitness equipment.  No one has ever said anything to me about either, but I probably have gotten a few looks from time to time.  The pool rules specifically state "Appropriate swim attire is required."  I'm guessing that includes thongs, although I remember years ago when some YMCAs allowed nude swimming, one sex at a time.
alee01 #7

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:12/14/2010 04:33:52Copy HTML

 I sometimes wear a swim thong/t back for laps at the Y though usually a bikini. Nobody has ever said anything to me about it nor pay much attention. Some women tend to talk to me it seems a bit more, a few guys too and I notice one of the female lifeguards sits where she can see me do flip turns so I think she is looking at my butt ;) when I turn.  Usually I just wear an Asian style Speedo or TYR which is quite low and shows a lot of cleavage. Sometimes I pull the leg opening up so as to let my cheeks show.

I swim or sun in thongs often at hotel pools or recently at a scuba resort in the Caymans, some people look, usually they get used to it and I think most are looks of approval or curiosity and not mean or negative. Lately I really like sutis that are way down low in the rear and all over, rather than a thong as I think they can actually show more but fool people into thinking not. Plus I can let them slip down even a little bit lower ;).
12 wheels #8

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:12/14/2010 07:37:17Copy HTML

I haven't used my gym pool yet - but with this current deep-freeze that we're in, I'm giving more thought to going for a swim tomorrow.

I probably won't wear a thong, but will definitely wear a Speedo bikini (1" sides) for starters. I guess I'll pack a thong in my bag, so if I see anyone else thonging, I'll go change into mine . The good part about my gym is that the health club isn't open to view from the rest of the gym or the street - so I wouldn't be surprised if I saw anyone wearing a thong there.
12 wheels #9

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:12/14/2010 07:39:24Copy HTML

meant to say that the pool isn't open to view from other parts of the gym or street
12 wheels #10

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:12/16/2010 03:36:20Copy HTML

I went to my gym yesterday to go for a dip in the pool. It's been so cold here lately that I needed a change of pace.I wore my Speedo bikini (1" sides) as planned, as I hate to wear anything larger if I can help it. It felt good to walk around and go swimming wearing almost nothing. Used the pool for a bit, then the steam room. There was a woman who came into the steam room while I was in there - she was wearing a bikini that looked like it was one of those 80's styles cut high on the hips & narrow in front & back. I also used the hot tub then one final dip in the pool.

All in all, it felt good to spend an hour wearing nothing but a bikini. Didn't see any thongs there, but I think I'm going to use the pool a lot more this winter. I'll try & get my GF to come with me & have her wear a little bikini or sexy 1-piece suit. I'll keep wearing my speedo bikini for now. Maybe over time I'll wear my Skinz M63 bikini as I get used to wearing bikinis at the health club pool. I'll keep an eye out for any thongs & may try wearing one if I know that I could get away with wearing it.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/01/2011 09:15:52Copy HTML

 I love wearing my  thong to swim laps its the best. My new thing is to wear a warmup outfit over my thong then strip and shower right in the pool area it fun. Funny lots of guys wearing smaller suits these days lots of sqaure cuts baby steps guys
nicksthong #12

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/01/2011 10:39:58Copy HTML

I tried a week long trial membership at LA Fitness here in Pittsburgh. 
I wore a black N2N metro bikini the first day, (very lowrise in the front and back, with a big pouch and skinny sides) and didnt get a second glance. 
For the next three days, I wore a Joe Snyder Capri (everybody knows this one, right? If not, you need to go order one). The capri invariably slips inbetween my cheeks, so I did get some looks.  However, it's really easy for me to pull off the teeny bikini look, so most of the looks I got were smiles, or suprised stares.  For the last few days, I wore a N2N thong and I got the same reaction that I did before.
I had the feeling that if someone had complained, then the managment would have asked me to change- but that didn't happen.

As for the gym membership, I liked it and all, but besides the pool, it just wasnt worth it for me.  I can wear whatever I want at my inlaw's pool, and I'd rather just go run in the woods, and do sit/push ups.
chucko85 #13

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/02/2011 02:25:54Copy HTML

nicksthong ... I'm in Pittsburgh too. I go to the Pleasant Hills LA Fitness. Which one do you go too? I only wear boxer/brief Unico swimsuits to the pool. I'd love to meet up with you at the pool and hang out!
mack_back #14

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/02/2011 05:14:30Copy HTML

12 wheels

I hit the gym pool often only wear small bikini's all my skinz M63 got eaten quickly away from the chlorine, hot tub, sauna. Now i wear japanese low rise swimwear TOOT find it is a bit wider at the hips 2 inch sides but wear it until it falls apart saving my other seamless bikini's for better times. Have other Al Challing's smaller posing suits to wear but find them worn out a bit.
Few times when pool is empty on Friday night closing time i worn Skinz teal rio some guys seen me though kinda laughed as they walked bye. During summer months i got brave once wore custom black tanga with 1.5 inch sides some people looked at me but i was paranoid to give them a backside view coming out of the pool or hot-tub waited until people cleared away somewhat. Most times or almost always no guy wears speedo swimwear at my gym pool. As for thongs that will never going to happen if the smallest swimsuit i seen women wear was a string bikini red narrow front with 3/4 back showing as much butt as i wear with my swimsuits. So to ever see anyone wear a thong at my gym pool would be me and only me alone. I think i may try a pistol bulge bikini N2N first see what reaction i get but not sure how well it would fit properly. Only worry is looking tiny upfront wearing a suit like that. Have dore bulge bikini narrow upfront maybe to much but find it difficult to see me wearing something like it truly showing it all out there especially when wet.

12 wheels if you bring your GF she would probably get away wearing a thong to say the least. If it's her first time and she knows nobody there get her to wear a thong maybe bet her you will wear one after she wears it at the pool first. This way it will make both of you less inhibited to wear one if it's a dare.
Believe me wearing skimpy bikini's at the pool or sauna isn't a big deal once you worn it. You will be sitting in the hot tub bubbles will stop anyone from seeing what your wearing. Coming out of the whirlpool depending how many people were in there with you will see your buns and GF. If in the pool last thing anyone can see is your rear end. As for a sauna once you jumped out of the pool you will be seen from the front if anyone sitting in the sauna with you. After you leave nobody will comment to you why your wearing a thong with your GF because your heading to the lockers changing anyway.
For a single guy like myself it's harder because women may get offended or feel i'm a perv of some sort. But if you and GF are together thonging would only be seen by a couple doing something fun. As experiment if she alone wears a thong see what reaction it gets a your gym pool. If your together you can be behind her blocking everyone's view giving you opportunity to wear a Skinz m63.

As today when i went to the gym pool hot-tub i entered thinking i was the only guy wearing a small bikini until the guy in the hot tub got out quickly jumping into the pool wearing smaller bikini then me it was probably black underwear because when he got out of the pool and bolted to the locker room i seen him upfront, looked to me it was unlined for sure. To me he looked as he was uncomfortable being seen by people at the pool who were coming in. He was in luck because the gym pool was getting pretty crowded once he left. Timing is everything.  I know if i came late enough at the gym pool where nobody is around except the cleaning crew and the desk girl which is very fond of me i probably could wear a thong being i'm the only person there.
Many times i did late night swims and found myself alone in the pool. Only problem was the gym itself had people walking around working out looking into the pool glass window seeing what i was wearing. Some women stopped on there way to the locker room staring at me in the water as if there was something to see. I recognized her ditchy, pasty, tall, toned, married, blonde surprised to see her at this late of hour working out. Then the locker room opened to the pool deck late night shift workers came in and some young college guys disgusted seeing me in my posing bikini. Sometimes there is know perfect time to wear a thong just do it.

Ex_Member #15

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/07/2011 12:06:03Copy HTML

 I’m off to my old gym tomorrow after a bit of a hiatus... Haven’t worn a thong in the pool there but would always wear a thong under my tights for running and biking and of course after the shower as well... i wouldn’t attempt to hide it whilst getting changed and I’ve had some comments from other members there about that they like my thong whilst I’m working out.

I haven’t had the courage to wear a thong in the pool but I sent them an email a few weeks ago about asking if it was acceptable for thongs to be worn in the pool and no answer. sent them another email today asking pretty much the same and still no response, so I guess either they aren’t too crash hot on answering their email queries or that they don’t really care that much.
So on that note, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it goes. It’s an un-guarded pool (5 lane, 25m pool) which is used for the usual sorts of pool classes and the sorts as well as general lap swimming. So I’ll be taking a pair of Speedos as well just in case I get asked to not wear my thong.

I’ll report back with the results of my experiences tomorrow... till then
Ex_Member #16

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/08/2011 12:19:23Copy HTML

So I went to the gym today, did a bit of a work out and of course had a bonds thong under my shorts as I normally used to when I used to work out. So after my work out session, went and hit the showers and got changed for the pool.
now I almost backed out from wearing my swim thong (black ozon) in the pool as there were a few people in there but then I figured it was either now or never so I stuck to my guns and put on my thong and out of habit wrapped my towel around my waist. I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself by just parading around in my thong so I stood at the end of the deep end and took my towel off and then slipped into the pool. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done any swimming in a thong so it was great feeling of just being in a thong in the water and not having any board shorts (dorkshorts) on like I used to do in the past.

So after a bit of warming up stretches in the water I got to it. now I’m not a fantastic swimmer and I’m happy to just do my own style (frog swimming :D ) and I made my way up and down the lane which I had all to myself. there was an elderly Asian couple sharing the lane next to me and after a few laps I stopped for a breather and they were beside me speaking in their own language and I knew for a fact that they were speaking about me and my thong which brought on a few looks and laughs between themselves. At this time I couldn’t really tell if it was the excitement or the exercise that had my heart racing but I wasn’t going to let them faze me in wearing my thong in the pool. So I took off and made sure that when I dove under that my ass broke above the water to give a full showing of my black thong.

A while later the Asian woman left and left her husband (assuming here) in the pool to swim so I continued on my merry way. There was an Indian fellow two lanes over from me doing some sort of swimming/stretches up and down the lane and another woman in the "fast" lane powering up and down the lane like a champ. After a bit I decided that it was the exercise that had my heart hammering away and decided to call it quits. After a few slow laps, I made my way back to the end where my towel was and proceeded to climb up the ladder to get out. As I turned around to gather my towel and goggles the Indian fellow was staring at me and had a slightly amused and interested look on his face which was clearly brought on by my choice of swimwear. all I could do was smile and nod as I tossed my towel over my shoulder and made my way off to the change room which was half way down the length of the pool and I didn’t even have to look back to know that all the people in the pool including the woman who was powering up and down the lanes like a champ were looking at me.

after showering and changing, I was pulled aside by the staff at the front desk when I dropped off my locker key and I expected them to say something about my thong but no, all I was told that I had to go back to the membership desk as they had to retake my membership photo. So I’m heading back to the gym tomorrow and if it’s quiet again like today then I’m definitely in the pool in just my thong.

So that was my experience at my local gym pool in which I’m very pleased with the outcomes. I’ll keep reporting on my future sessions there and if anyone who's in Sydney Australia wants to know where I’ve been then just let me know and I’ll tell you where it’s all at :)

pjmodel2002 #17

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/19/2011 05:00:20Copy HTML

Personally, I prefer a thong for lap swimming - killer fast.  I enjoy swmming for exercise and I like a bit of variety in my swimwear.   Besides, it avoids having the suits self-destruct in the cholrine.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/23/2011 07:06:33Copy HTML

I had a nice time in my gyms pool and sauna swam for lots of people men and women no one batted a eye. Talked football and swimming  techninque with some of the other memebers.  More people should try a thong for swimming
SlidingG #19

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/24/2011 05:08:07Copy HTML

You're lucky they allow it.  I wanted to try it at my health club, so I asked the director, but he said no.  So I stick to my bikinis, the briefest suits there.  If the director changes, maybe I'll forego asking and just do it, see what happens.  
Ex_Member #20

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/24/2011 01:18:35Copy HTML

 I would not ask the director if you could wear a thong just apply the posted rules that what i do. I swim in my thong all the time. I figure if its a issue someone can tell me. I do know the gym owner but so that maybe gives me some more confidence. I just swim hard and am very confident and i always shower between pool sauana hot tub :)
SlidingG #21

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/24/2011 04:19:50Copy HTML

Good approach, Tbacksmon.  That's what I did at our town's neighborhood outdoor pool last summer, and was fine doing my laps for several weeks.  Finally, though, the head lifeguard pulled me aside and said some mothers had complained about the 'brevity' of my suits -- authentic Speedo thongs -- but whether to continue was purely my choice, they had no rules against it.  Hey, these are my neighbors and fellow taxpayers.  I responded that I wore them all the time at the beach (build some credibility for my choice there), but that I didn't want to offend anyone and would wear other suits in the future.  Which I did, and there was no change in my friendly relations with staff and other swimmers.  I felt more relaxed, too, for I felt I had been pushing the envelope and could now just settle back and concentrate on my swimming, not worry I might be offending people.  I'd seen, for instance, groups of little boys hovering at the edge staring as I swam by, fascinated by that man's bare buns.  I'm sure they're okay, I'm a normal, decent chap, and we all have glutes.  Now their mothers are okay, too. 

We're all adults at my health club pool, where I've been a member for 25 years.  I'm retired now, but I know many of the folks well, former colleagues, etc.  It will be fun to see their reactions if my chance to thong ever comes.  The rules do say, 'appropriate swimwear'; that sounds like solid ground to me! 
Ex_Member #22

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/24/2011 05:07:29Copy HTML

 Sliding im jelous of how articulate you are in your posts always a pleasure. Yes it does say appropriate swimwear  and what i really like about the pool is the family swim times are posted and not no problem to avoid. I think kids with little or no supervision very anoying in any social setting. :)  Yes the speedo logo helps your image a real swimmer.  After now a few years of doing this i would figure some one would say something. I have had a few disaproving looks from seemily insecure men but they have done nothing and basically get the same response in a 1" solor speedo or speedo thong so whatever. I like to try to be confident like a ancient spartan warrior when im at my pool. They two guys that own the gym a ex body builders so im thinking they would be cool with thongs and minimal swimwear from professoional experiace as body builders.
SlidingG #23

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/25/2011 06:04:00Copy HTML

Thanks for the compliment, I enjoy crafting my words to intended effect.  It's so true what you say about kids frolicking in the pool, and that's what is neat about our town pool.  I'd arrive shortly before 5:30, strip to my thong, and calmly seat myself at the edge as the kids splashed about.  At the 5:30 whistle, though, it was their time to exit, now the adults turn to swim for a half hour.  They'd hover about with their friends or parents, eagerly awaiting their turn again at 6:00, a few sometimes watching that funny man that mom said shouldn't dress like that.  And so it went, a nice community facility.

It was in this setting that I was pushing the envelope, daring myself to do it, knowing my thong was extreme by community standards, yet convinced of its decency and the okay-ness of shaking things up a bit.  I'm pretty conservative; thonging is one way I've found to break out in a bold and daring way.  My pleasure comes in acting normally, with confidence and casual nonchalance, like I'm no different from anyone else, I just happen to prefer a briefer cut in my swimwear.  If I'm an exhibitionist, it's these attitudes I enjoy exhibiting most, not mere skin.  

But let's face it, I was using them to test myself.  Every time I hit the pool.  Was that fair?  By the time the head lifeguard pulled me aside, I'd passed my tests with flying colors; with relief I could cover my butt and relax, rejoining my community of regular folks, albeit in bikinis briefer than any females' there.  Folks still knew I was the bare-ass guy, a daring fellow, yet they also knew I was a nice guy, willing to modify his behavior to respect their sensibilities.  I didn't have to; I wanted to.  It's fascinating how multiple, seemingly antithetical characteristics can inhere in one person.  Imagine, thongers who're also part of the human race.  
wanabenaked #24

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/12/2011 06:26:51Copy HTML

Are there any indoor pools in Wisconsin that allow thongs?  I have heard that some Milwaukee County indoor pools have allowed thong wearers early in the morning and also the pool at UWM. 
20897 #25

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/13/2011 10:08:52Copy HTML

This morning was the first time someone besides me was swimming laps at the gym pool. I have been swimming laps at my gym for about a year and a half in a thong 2 to 3 times a week. The person in the lane next to me would remove his speedo when doing back stoke and put it back on when swimming freestyle. Maybe after seeing me swim my whole workout in a thong, he might try the same. I told him that no one has ever bothered me before.  
ithongit #26

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/13/2011 11:28:15Copy HTML


The University of Wisconsin Madison used to be okay with thongs -- at least on guys.  Randy went there a few years ago to visit an old buy who was going to graduate school and he wore his thong every day for almost a week at different times of the day.  These were "exercise" or "open swim" times.  A few of the girls noticed and made (positive) comments, but nothing official was said, even though there was no way anyone missed what he was wearing.

I had him e-mail his friend (now a professor) and his friend said he hasn't heard or seen any official rules about thongs on men or women.  At the same time, he mentioned only seeing others in thongs a few times since Randy came to visit back in 2008.  So it seems you have two possible ways to go -- Make sure there are no obvious signs prohibiting thongs (I have only seen these a few places.  They seem most often to be at condo pools and places like that.) and try your luck, assuming the worst that probably would happen is they tell you to change into something else.  I would bet that unless you are making a spectacle of yourself, they might not even bother to confront you unless they get complaints from others, and most colleges (even UWM) usually are a little more liberal about things like this than the general public.  From reading these boards and personnal experience, you might find they don't even say anything until you are leaving, then give you a "next time you come, please wear more" type comment.

The other thing you could do is send the annonymous email message, explaining that you have been told that UWM used to permit thong swimwear, and asking to confirm this before you visit.  The good thing about this is you get some type of an answer -- usually Yes, No, or some version of "as long as nobody complains".  You are not going face to face with some sort of athority figure, so if the anwser is NO, you shouldn't feel embarased.  The bad thing about doing this is that if the university does not have a policy or if they have not had to answer this question for a while, your question might cause them to investigate the wearing of thongs and ultimately the decide to come up with a rule.  Unfortunately, rules of this type usually work against thongers.  Should you decide to write or even call, make sure to use the term "thong swimwear" or "thong swimsuit" not just the single word "thong".   Randy and I have found more and more places who have had trouble with people wearing thong lingere or underwear which is not really designed for swimming.  We have twice been told "as long as it's swimwear, it's okay".

20897 --

Glad to hear you have stuck it out.  Your efforts may now be rewarded!  Randy and I have found that once people get used to seeing us swimming, running around, etc. in our thongs, eventually someone else almost always joins us.  It may take weeks or months or even years, but inevitably, someone else decides to join us.  At the "Y" where we go, thongs are permitted, and there are probably at least a dozen "regulars" who wear thongs most of the time when they come to open swims.  In fact, sometimes 5 or 6 wind up being there at the same time -- which adds to the image that thongs are okay, and promotes more people to try them out.  We see fewer in the indoor pool used mostly in the winter, but come summer, when they open up the outdoor pool, we expect that they will be even more popular especially with those looking for a more all-over-tan.

Ex_Member #27

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/14/2011 01:59:58Copy HTML

I am very surpised any "Y" permits thong swimwear.  In the ones here in east TN, they have conspicuously posted signs warning not to wear "string bikinis" at all or wear any swimwear outside the pool.  In other words, they don't even want people walking between the pool and locker room in permissible swimwear without covering up with a towel.
BeachBum413 #28

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/14/2011 01:38:13Copy HTML

 I think that this depends on what part of the country that you live in. Our Y says that appropriate swimwear is required. For them that does not include thongs. I have seen gals wearing string bikinis but generally its a one piece suit. Most of the guys wear board shorts - I suppose that it's because that is about all you ban buy off of the shelves. The real swimmers wear Speedos or the skin tight technical swim shorts. In all reality these reveal as much as a thong but your rear end is covered. They really do reveal a lot at least n outline form - skin tight. I suspect that what you see and what is appropriate depends on what is OK in your local community.Here in Michigan, like TN it's pretty conservative
ithongit #29

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/14/2011 04:24:09Copy HTML

Thonging at the "Y" is certainly dependant on the local community.  Here in Ohio, where thongs are permitted on the beaches, I think a "Y" or similar club is more likely to permit thongs.  Likewise, I am not surprised when thongs are not permitted in very conservative places.  As I have traveled the country, I would guess that probably between 10 and 20 percent of "Y's" permit thongs on their patrons.  I have been to a "Y" in Lincoln Nebraska, an area I thought was pretty conservative, and seen a male thonger at the downtown "Y".  I have also visited "Y's" other places where thongs are permitted.  At the same time, I often find out when I call or email a "Y" that they either do not permit thongs or use the "we will ask you to leave if anyone complains" method of thong management.  But many either pemit thongs or have no specific rules about thongs, and at those places, I would not hesitate to at least try thonging.

Within our immediate area, thongs are permitted in two "Y"'s and not permitted in twelve others.  The decision is up to each club and/or the local management.  Our club is within 20 minutes of Ceaser's Creek, where thonging is legal and a place where some of the "Y" members have themselves worn thongs, or at least seen them in public. 

It appears that thongs were permitted at most "Y's" and private clubs in our area back in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  That of course is when thongs were first popularized and when the first anti-thong feelings started to brew.  There does not seem to be any trend to where thongs have or have not been banned.  One well-to-do neighborhood club banned thongs almost immediately, while another continued to permit them until it closed a few years back.  One club in a poor part of the city permits thongs, while another in an equally poor neighborhood does not.  I do think that the clubs with outdoor swim areas which are used in the summer are more likely to permit thongs -- perhaps due to the sunworshipping aspect of the style.

Randy, my husband spent years volunteering at our local "Y" as a swim instructor and Lifeguard, putting in over 3000 hours in three years, a record at the time.  He never pushed the limits when volunteering, wearing the standard "Lifeguard" uniform of T-shirt of tank top, swim shorts or Speedo.  During this time, the place was thong tollerant at the outside pool, but nobody thonged inside.  In the summer when we visited as guests, Randy didn't hesitate to wear one of his red or black Speedo thongs at the outdoor pool, and nobody ever complained. 

It was a Memorial Day weekend when this all changed for him.  We had all gone for an afternoon of swimming and soaking up rays.  We didn't have our own pool back then, and split our sunning time between the "Y" and the various state park beaches in the area.  To make a long story short, we were laying out in the grass when Randy got a call from the manager of the "Y" asking if he could come in and help with Lifeguard duties.  One of the Lifeguards got sick and had to go home.  He told her he was already there and was happy to help out.

The manager was new to this "Y", having only a month or so on the job before Memorial Day.  She was also the first female manager at this "Y" and one of the first in the state.  She had come to Southwest Ohio from the Miami, Florida area, where she managed a private gym.  Randy headed into the office, wearing his thong with a towel as a coverup, to meet with her and she said she was glad he was already there and dressed to start.  He pointed out that he was wearing a thong and thought he should change first.  She had him remove the towel, had him turn around, then said she didn't see any reason for him to change since she didn't see anything wrong with what he was wearing. 

Randy had never thought about wearing a thong on "duty", but didn't need any more encouragement to join the other lifeguards dressed as he was.  Nobody complained, and Randy continued to wear thongs exclusively when working at the outside pool that summer.  Randy was a familiar and highly respected character at the "Y" and in the neighborhood at the time.  A good deal of the members at the "Y" had seen us thonging when we visited as guests, or seen us wearing our thongs at the beaches, so I don't think anyone was really shocked.  They knew he was a Lifeguard.  They knew he wore thongs.  When the two behaviors merged, nobody was surprised, or upset.

Randy was not alone that summer.  Several other lifeguards tried wearing thongs at one time or another that year.  One male lifeguard joined Randy by wearing Speedo thongs most of the time, and one of the female lifeguards often wore a one-piece swimsuits with a thong back  It too was made by Speedo, and was pretty conservative as thongs go.  Later, the three started wearing these same swimsuits when working at the indoor pool and when teaching swim and diving classes.

The "Y" is still thong friendly.  Rules have been written which tell what a swimsuit must cover not what type of swimwear is prohibited.  Guests and volunteers can wear thongs in either pool as long as their suits are opaque and cover their "private parts".  Nobody laughs, nobody complains, nobody really cares.  Thongs are treated by all as simply another form of swimwear -- something that can be worn as an alternate to a bikini on women or board shorts on men.  The rules, or maybe I should say lack of rules, also permit topfree pool use, but very few women have done this outside and even fewer have tried it inside.

Will thongs always be tollerated at our "Y" so well?  Who knows?  But Randy and I do intend to take advantage of these times when thongs are permitted and well received.

Ex_Member #30

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/14/2011 04:41:14Copy HTML

Great story Traci and yours and rands approch to thonging is spot on. I tend to think the same.
I was a member at the Y for a while in a certain western wisconsin town. Back now 5 years ago. The pool rules were to take a showe nude and not wear jeans or cuttoffs in the pool. I never wore a thong there becase the place gave off a very consevitive vibe and just wearing a 1''speeedo solor would hae the lifegaurds looking at you weird maye if if you they most ripped swimmer. Maybe they hated there jobs. I asctaully a week before my membership ran out i asked one of the lifeguards (bikini clad lifeguard) if wearing a thong was cool  we then got up and asked the pool manager who came out of her office checked me out obviously so see if i was in a thong and then went back to her office they then ligeguard came up and said no you cant wear a thong. I dont think the guard minded and would have allowed it. The pool manager was a ulta conserive christian i later discoverd through some people. Now a the golds gym in WI i wear jammers speedos and a speedo thong on occassion to swim. Thong with no reaction now but i dont wear a thong everytime.
The gym is so much cleaner than the filthy YMCA in my town. They private gym pool and gym in gereral is great peole definaly like to look at nice bodies and dont seem to be close minded types and they have some hygenic standars.
OS777 #31

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/15/2011 04:18:18Copy HTML

 Why not wear a tech Speedo suit with a thong or G-string under it?  I always wear a G-string under my swimsuits, whether they be a Speedo style suit, Dore, Nu-Parr, or bikini.  Who is going to complain if they see the outline of a G-string under the tech suit?  That would be invasive if they complained because you were wearing a swim support under your suit?  This technique does work.  I was a member of a Masters swim team in a large town on North Island, New Zealand and no one of the many age groups that swam during the evenings ever made mention of my wear.  I swam in a No-Tie Nada bikini in the Waikato River as part of the competition and continued to wear the suit as I arose from the riverbank and got together with my swimclub comrades.
Ex_Member #32

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:03/15/2011 01:17:25Copy HTML

I think its all good to wear a string or thong under tech suit jammers. I do it but only if my buns are strating to get hairy and i need  a wax.  I just will rock the speedo thong and not be to worried just need to belog to the right fitness club.
scoutniagara #33

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/01/2011 08:22:11Copy HTML

I'm a nudist and would swim naked if allowed, but as others have said, most pools post "appropriate" swim wear, whatever that is.  One lady at my Y, wears long pants, long shirt, head scarf... yeah, you know the picture....and she gets away with it for "Aquafit" classes.

I wear my Kiniki swim micros; they're about as small as I've dared, so far.  I finish my laps just before the aquafit class gets in to use the pool.  I swim, then cool down and get my repiration down in the warmer leisure pool before heading to the shower area and up to the machines and weights.  I pass all of the ladies in the pool on my way to the showers....I've had whistles, and most of these ladies know me now. ;)  Do I dare wear a tanga? or thong?

I would never wear anything under jammers.  Why hide the fact that I'm male?
ithongit #34

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/01/2011 09:06:50Copy HTML

Dear Scoutniagara --

Randy and I have worn thongs and smaller almost everywhere we have been in Canada.  I think your country is a bit more forgiving of thongs.  As many people on this board have stated, one way to get others to accept thongs is to work into it gradually.  Once people get used to a Speedo, go for a Rio.  Once they accept your Rio, go for something a little smaller.  You probably won't get into that much trouble, even if the management or others complain -- you can probably back up to where you are at without any future issues.  You might try a thong one day, then return to the swimwear others are more used to seeing for a day or two.  Then do the thong thing again, but this time do it for a couple of days.  Chances are, you will be accepted by those used to seeing you in little more anyway.  The only issue would be if there is a rule about thongs or one of those wishy-washy "as long as nobody complains" or "swimwear approriate for a family location."  We have only been to one place in Canada that absolutely, positively prohibits thongs -- and we got away with them anyway.  The only thing that happened was that on our way out, we were ask to wear more the next time we visited.  Living over a thousand miles away, and visiting only once every two to three years, our memories sometimes slip.

As for the un intelegent rules, I recently recieved a response from Point Peelee in Ontario about thongs:

Proper attire is required on the beaches of Point Pelee National Park.
Thong swimwear is considered acceptable, as long as meets the requirements
of proper attire in a family friendly beach such as Point Pelee.
Thank you for your inquiry

This is about as ambiguous as it can get.  I will assume that thongs are okay, as they have always been in the past, when I go later this year, and find out for sure.  Whatever "the requirements of proper attire in a family friendly beach" means is up to anyones interpretation.  There does not seem to be any reference to such in Canadian law.

nadacadadia #35

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/01/2011 10:41:55Copy HTML

 A new 24 Hour Fitness just opened in my area, and I was amused by the sign from the locker room into the pool, which simply says "Swimwear required."  Not "appropriate" swimwear, just swimwear.  I doubt that this is an official statement of policy, but I was amused nonetheless!
scoutniagara #36

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/02/2011 12:20:54Copy HTML

With an attempt in Canada for all to be politically correct, it is difficult for people to enforce century-old laws with religious freedoms superceding those laws.  All one has to say is, "I'll report you for religious persecution" and we let them wear whatever they wish.  "Swimwear required" says you can't be naked, but allows religious freedom to  wear other than traditional coverings while in the pool. :D

As for me wearing less than my micro swimwear:  As someone else posted, if you're swimming fast, you need the tied waist that most thongs don't have, and the material stretches quickly in the chlorinated water.  I will try a tanga first and see how that goes.
Alder08 #37

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/25/2011 11:00:24Copy HTML

OK. Time for me to chime in. Been reading a while and new here. I have thonged off and on frmo 1998 to 2004. First in Iowa at a YWCA pool. The staff I had asked ahead of time and they said people wore them "quite frequently".But I never saw anyone else do it besides me. I think the all female staff got a kick out of my swim outfit. I tended to swim very fast and used mainly prevail sport thongs and micro thongs. By the way those state in place just fine at speed and even turn arounds. Other swimmers asked me about the hydrodynamics of the thong and got out of the water with a reasonable basis for it. 
But I am at a new facility and ready to wear the right stuff again. But I have to get some of this fat off myself first. I mean I want to wear this stuff in the pool cause it is honestly lightning fast in the water to wear one. You dump off about 3 cups of water without the fabric of a trunk or speedo. With that water mass stuck between the cheeks and back crotch. This and a good hair shave and you can swim much much faster. Forget Jammer suits. 
I digressed. 
NO regulations are at my new club so I will start with some prevail sport powerlifter bikinis with half rear coverage. Then as I loose some weight transition over later. 
Anyway. All of you out there definitely have it right. Ask the question and or just check and then use the water. Start ot discrete though. I also would tend to steer away from the kids in the crowds. I had shown up along time ago to the pool I "thonged" at a lot and ended up using the water in a regular Speedo for fitness swim because of kids in groups or other people there in family setups. Just meter the folks around and be decent about it. Chances are you'll get to "thong" more when you pick your situation out right. 
BTW the Prevail sport micro thong is one that kid of has the waist section up a bit higher. It does not peel back when you rocket off the wall underwater. 
Do watch the hot tub sauna temps on their fabric though. 
nadathing #38

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/29/2011 08:21:27Copy HTML

Regarding comments about gradually wearing smaller suits so that others will get used to it,  I'm sure that works in some places, and some people on this board have said so, but it's not necessarily they way things go.  It may be just a matter of getting down to where you have crossed somebody's or management's threshold and they complain or invoke their rules.  What happens at that point can vary from "Can you change into something else?", to "Leave now", to "Leave now and don't come back again", to the long arm of the law, and it can affect your ability to back off above the threshold and continue using the place.  You may get past the line for a while before others get up enough ire to complain too, and then the reaction can be stronger than it would have been "just over the line."   If you want to be sure to be able to go back and avoid other permanent poroblems, by staying just on the safe side of the line, you judge by things like policies, other peoples practices, community norms, etc, or to be really sure, you need to ask where it is.
nadathing #39

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/29/2011 08:51:52Copy HTML

I swim laps regurarly at a public pool that is generally a "family place".  In fact it has two pools:  one with 8 lap lanes, and one as a small water park with fountains, slides etc.  For many reasons, including my selection of swimwear, I prefer to swim at times when the water park is not operating or at least not busy.  Generally that does not include weekends at all, nor most any time when schools are out, which includes all summer. 

The kids can be a problem when they migrate to the lap pool, because they either don't respect the lap lanes, and one has to get the guards to act, or they want to swim lams, but don't let you know they are there and there are collisions, usually mild.  They can be a nuidance in the locker room with unrully behavioius, noise, and not bothering to dry off away from the locker area, so the floor is soaked.  (Some adults on that last point too.)  All that tends to occur more when the "water park" is operating. 

At my preferred times, when the number of kids is zero or low, I will wear small bikinis with narrower but ample pouches that are confortable and fun and backs that are conventional rio styles (a bit wider than the Az Rio from Parr.) 

When there will be more kids, I get more conservative, wearing Speedo bikinis with 1" sides (the most conservative suits I own) or something similar with a 1" or so side.

But kids are not a concern for me regarding small suits.  They are in the water park pool.  It is some of their parents that can be a problem.  They will be standing around whatching the kids and may notice me as I leave the water and walk the short distance to the changing room, and may complain.  I try to mimimize those complaints.  That staff is okay with me, but I try to stay on their good side.  

There are no other guys wearing anything as small.  Only occasionally are there any women wearing anything really small.  Those tens to be teen girls that are not regulars at all.  .

I sometimes wear a thong with a pouch similar to my preferred bikinis under a swimsuit.  Sometimes to reduce "see thru" possibilities, if that is a risk, or just because I like the feel of it and the idea. 

I'd like to wear similar thongs in public, and like the idea of stripping down to the thong from a matching bikini, but rarely have had a chance to thong someplace that's okay.  I have worn the push out style thongs in a resort pool doing laps a few taimes, but I've decided I prefer the other pouch style and don't desire to push the envelope that far any more.
20897 #40

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/25/2011 12:15:56Copy HTML

Over the last month I have switched from swimming my laps in a thong to a Skinz gstring. I've noticed there is some slippage if I swim fast, but I like the feel of the string back more than the thong. There is usually only a couple of other people in the pool while I do my workout. One lady that does a water arobic workout mentioned that my suits have gotten smaller over the past year. She has no problems with my choice swimwear which is great!
mack_back #41

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/25/2011 01:19:59Copy HTML

Just curious about then woman who does water aerobics meant in a polite way of broaching the subject of wearing g-strings at the pool. Did she mean that your swimwear is getting out of hand in some way? Or what reason you gave her about swimming in a g-string? 
At least your at the pool to swim and get a workout and people see that. While some see me as guy showing off at the pool who doesn't know how to swim correctly.When i get to the pool two or three times in a week it is packed with no swim lanes open. I usually like to night swim and get out of the locker room by midnight. Find my one hour stay at the pool sauna, whirlpool is enough but i usually see 20 people there most nights. One guy i noticed in the whirlpool had on white cotton boxer briefs jumped out and ran for the pool to do fourty minutes of laps once a lane opened up.
Just wearing my one inch side low rise swimsuit is most anyone can handle seeing me in. Wearing a rio skinny side skinz suit would easily fall off when pushing off hard on the pool wall. Find some Bods bikini's i wear tend to slip off when i suddenly push off with my legs on the pool wall. With no tie up front except elastic waist band that can happen often and have to watch out when climbing out of the pool. I guess the same can happen to you in your g-strings i seen in your photos.
Glad you can wear what you want without anyone hassling you. With just two people with you at the pool i doubt it matters what you wear nobody will stare once your in the water.With my pool earlier this year i could maybe the only one using the pool with odd couple relaxing on the deck loungers. Now it seems everyone now wants to swim at a late time of night, guessing summer holidays for most of them. 
20897 #42

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/25/2011 02:39:34Copy HTML

The lady doing water aerobics is fine with me swimming laps in a thong or g-string. She has seen me for about a year doing my workout in a thong and most recently in a g-string. I usually have a short chat with her after my laps.
Ex_Member #43

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:10/12/2011 10:22:10Copy HTML

I swim during the day at the health club - not a lot of people there then so I wear my thong to and from the pool and swim in it.  Every now and then there is a lady or a guy there, but no problems at all from them.  They look but don't think anything of it.
nude2020 #44

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:02/09/2012 04:02:39Copy HTML

I really enjoy swimming wearing only a g-string it feels so good. I know you sometimes get some strange looks you can't please everyone.
pjmodel2002 #45

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:02/20/2012 04:44:38Copy HTML

No doubt.  A thong for lap swimming is ideal - especially as you get stronger, but it can be a controversial choice with a given demographic.  I prefer the Joe Snyder thongs and bikinis given the fit.  They don't move when you launch off the wall at the bottom of a flip turn, the t-back sits square enough to duct the water between your cheeks and the cut really is flattering.    Typically, I'll wear the thong when workout needs to focus on speed/strength.  I don't know why, but it feels faster in the pool.  Either there really is less drag or you just feel more motivated to move more quickly in one. 
mack_back #46

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/06/2012 12:29:26Copy HTML

So i finally put on rio swimsuit that was altered very narrow at the bottom, basically the fabric disappears like a thong tanga.

Was wearing my c-rings underneath smallest i had and a gland ring around the head. This black swimsuit (thong- tanga) had me bulging out as i never had ever tried before.

Went at at a busy hour felt apprehensive wearing such narrow back swimsuit at the pool. Had my other bikini swimsuits i brought just in case i couldn't go through with it.
First i wrapped a towel around my waist after showering so nobody would see my backside walking out from the locker room to the pool deck door.  As i opened the door to the pool, off went my towel and i hung it up beside the whirlpool. After taking off my thong flip flops i slowly walked into the whirlpool which i didn't look at anyone as many males in the tub looked at me from the front noticing my bigger then normal bulge and one older woman.

There must of been dozen people in the pool and whirlpool and sauna. Slowly many people were leaving to the point where it was me and another man in the whirlpool and few swimmers doing laps. As i adjusted my wedgie tanga pulling it out of my crack as i slowly walked out of the whirlpool knowing the lone guy would be facing at my backside.
As i walked towards the deck shower cute asian 30 something married woman came out of the sauna and turned on the shower. She noticed me as i approached and i past by knowing full well she glanced at my backside as i got drink of water from the fountain. I approached the deck shower while the woman began to look as i waited for her to finish. She began to glance at my bulge and  surprised at how big it was looking back couple times then she walked towards her bag and towel left on the bench. I asked if she was finished nervously she said, yes looking at my hip region. Then as i turned spinning around under the shower everyone took notice of me.

Did 30 minutes of backstroke while the asian woman that seen me earlier was in two lanes away sharing it with her hubby. They took breaks and talked about me looking at me thinking i didn't understand there language but heard one word in English "Naked". Woman and man began to smile towards me and laugh little thinking i didn't know what they were talking about but i got pretty good idea it was my swimsuit being so tiny in the back or on backwards.
Did notice the asian woman was taking looks as i approached each end trying to look at my bulge, guess she was curious or thinking earlier i had a XXX.

As i finished my laps most people left was only maybe four left on the pool deck. Walked into the sauna and seen woman walk by not noticing me standing showing my backside through the bay windows onto the pool deck. Then i walked the pool deck towards my towel and people in the whirlpool didn't seem to care but looked nontheless as i turned my back towards them and went into the locker room showers.

Thought the whole experience in my tanga thong wasn't that eventful which i initially thought. Except for the asian couple chatting about me in the pool they minded there business and tried to be politely discreet.  Again there were more single people not partnered up to chat about me like other times i see at the pool. Maybe i was lucky but wearing thong at my gym pool gets heads turning and looking at me.

Shows how conservative the pool is seen beautiful woman, young 20 something, with great body and legs day before and she had a skirt bikini on. Piece of fabric that covers the hip area like a small towel. I couldn't believe woman are so afraid they may show bit of ass cheek, suppose she got gander when i had on my 3/4 back bikini getting into the whirlpool with her. This gym pool i go to is prudish people wearing dork shorts and woman in skirted one piece swimsuits. I must of been the only person male or female to wear thong-tanga to this pool ever, no joke.

Now do i got the guts to put on the muscleskins 1/4" thong triangle back after i come back from my fLo-Rida vacation? Yes it's lot narrower then any i wear and low as well but if people stare at me in my tanga and feel i'm naked from the back might as well be comfortable showing it all.. What do you think? Only takes one old woman to complain and thongs will be banned at the pool, no signs just yet to prohibit proper swim attire. Seen to many times guys in workout shorts and cotton boxer brief underwear on the pool deck even when i had my tanga on.

tanlines2thin #47

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/06/2012 10:33:32Copy HTML

mack-b, no offense, but don't make such a big deal out of this......i joined a gym 2 mths ago and go about 4 times a week.......during my weight time, i wear tighter than the average bear pants, and when i go to the whirlpool and pool, i wear a narrow-front, rio back suit.....sure, it shows that i shave in the front, and in the back it shows better than half my cheeks........i feel sexi in it......i like to show it so i show it........that's it, plain and simple......sure, i get the disapproving glances and glares......B-F-D......nobody says anything directly to me because i am not showing the least bit of insecurity or concern........i ain't in the best shape, but i ain't in the worst, either.......the gym is about making the effort to not be a fat slob who can't wear anything but t-shirts and mo-mo's........

to conclude, guys like us who want to show more skin ain't second-class citizens......wear your rio......quit hiding behind your towel......live with confidence and security.......sporting a rio ain't on the criminal list.....you ain't breaking any moral code, or even a common courtesy code.....heck, congress hasn't passed a budget in two years......that's the only issue they are responsible by law to perform.......they ain't done it and that makes them less than legal......sporting a rio at a gym pool don't come close to that........
1Monte #48

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/06/2012 12:47:18Copy HTML

I think its interesting that Asians react so differently.  I've been going to some asian massage places 7-8 years now.  They are all familiar with my tanlines, and some stay in the room while I undress now.  A couple times I had a ring on underneath, and they both asked about what it was for, how did it work, etc. without hesitation, just a normal conversation. Not to mention that none of the women have ever hesitated if the towel moved during the massage!  Oh my god, a naked man!  lol

mack_back #49

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:04/06/2012 02:56:20Copy HTML

Tanlines2thin it is big deal for some people if you know conservative prudes you know what i mean.

Your right and beg to differ on breaking moral code people especially some woman who see me on the gym floor are angry at what i wear. Just to say no man in my gym wears what i do, maybe few girls can and there only handful that might attire spandex like me.

Think my custom tanga which i modified from a woman's bikini using the front as the back tailoring the front to have better fit gave people something new and different to look at. Find all the attention from the asian woman was my bigger then normal bulge that looked as if i were hard, thus she felt uncomfortable. Next time i may not try for a bigger bulge using a c-rings and less of a profile may not attract so much attention.

Wearing triangle tanga back isn't big deal so i shouldn't care what others think of me. Wearing my other bikini swimwear i find  no issue. People on how they look at me notice i'm fit and can't complain or criticize for wearing it. Only to glance to see size of my bulge from time to time when i'm in the sauna.

Have stories i've told here before at the pool where asian female attractive lifeguard couldn't stand and watch me do laps in my bikini turned around facing the pool wall waiting for her kids class to begin, while other lifeguards laughed at her waiting as well with there backs against the wall.
Or getting dirty stares from middle age proper conservative woman at my skimpy swimsuit as though i'm trying to impress someone.

Only reason i may not wear a thong is my AC thong are to big upfront and fit badly not looking good in them. While my muscleskins thong is to small and doing laps in the pool the suit may try to fall off as well my skinz skinny side rio i don't wear.
Almost all my rios suits have loose bottom don't cling well to my glutes like my 3/4 cut bikini suits do when wet.

Beached_Santa_Cruz #50

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:09/20/2016 02:33:46Copy HTML

 When I checked in at the front desk today the guy behind the desk says I have to talk to you about your choice of swimwear.  I said , "Yes".  He said "you have to wear a suit with more coverage".   I have been wearing a rio back suit which doesn't entirely cover all the butt cheeks and he said I have to cover the whole rear.  I wasn't in the mood to argue.  There are women who wear a VS Itsy suit and there are many women who wear rio suits that cover less than mine.  The last time I was in the pool in my rio suit the old lady swim instructor was there so I'm assuming it was her who complained.  The next time there is a woman in a cheeky suit or rio I'm going to complain to the management about being offended.
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