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Matt37 #51

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:09/20/2016 02:41:01Copy HTML

Do exactly that. If yours offends others, then you can just as easily be offended by theirs.
mack_back #52

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/10/2017 02:59:54Copy HTML

 Today at my gym seen a young tall couple, they both looked slim like swimmers or volleyball players. The female was wearing loose black short shorts she seen me on the gym floor as they both were passing by. The female had smirk on her face trying to keep from laughing knew my outfit wasn't what she seen a guy wear before and probably silly for her senses. 
Later i was showering on the pool deck wearing my desmit swim briefs. While walking along the pool deck i noticed the same couple in the sauna. As i made my way to the whirlpool the couple walked out of the sauna. To my delightful surprise she was wearing a black cheeky thong bikini. The boyfriend had on dork shorts and tank top. She came out to cool off but went immediately back in the sauna by herself while the boyfriend stood guard outside on the pool deck bench. 

Fellow member showed up as i was sitting alone in the whirlpool nodding to him with my head to look over to the couple. The girl was showering on the pool deck cooling off from the sauna. My fellow gym member smiles said, she is quite cheeky seen her before.  As the couple departed the pool i started to think what double standard.
About year or more ago i was wearing a thong swimsuit to the gym pool during summer months maybe dozen times. Than i got a talking too from the female gym manager asking me to wear more using the pool. While i never questioned her motioning with her hands along hips of the word MORE means, i decided thonging isn't something i can do swimming in the indoor gym pool. Being it has a panoramic bay windows for anyone to observe while members heading to the change rooms and aerobic studio  exiting and entering. 

So my beef is she gets away wearing her thong cheeky bikini black bottom while i'm asked to cover-up. Although she came at a quite hour not much traffic and far as i know never used the pool, only hidden in the sauna while wrapping herself in a towel leaving.Suppose if she was regular and came while there was aqua class session as i did or same during peak busy hours not hiding the fact i'm wearing a thong to anyone observing outside the pool windows or pool deck. It maybe different story and someone might ask her to not wear a thong as i heard second hand one female trying to do but asked to change before using the dry sauna even though she was wearing a towel as coverup.
Never spoke to the couple or female in the thong only because of them leaving while i was in the whirlpool. Would of found it a perfect time to ask why she is wearing a thong and i get reprimanded for wearing exact coverage backside. What surprised me most is she didn't have a great buttocks wearing the thong in fact we probably look identical. 

So i'm working on getting a better tan backside. then i will try to attire a thong again seeing the female manager left the gym.  Will see what happens, but this time i will try to avoid the busy hours when more people can see me. Yet that sort of spoils some fun wearing a thong in the first place....
Cenkboy #53

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/25/2017 11:23:59Copy HTML

I had the same experience at my conservative gym. They removed the no thongs allowed sign about 10 years ago.

I have worn thongs at the gym pool for about 10 years.

I tried out a thong maybe 7 to 10 years ago in Alabama and had no problems with staff. I wear thongs for laps now about half of the time and briefs the rest.
modelnude4u #54

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/30/2017 03:25:27Copy HTML

 Heading to the gym now, and taking my red, white & blue flag print thong.  I've never pushed it here, but have worn other thongs a few times in the hot tub when few are around.  We'll see what mid-day Friday is like!
20897 #55

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/01/2017 08:50:43Copy HTML

 The last time I posted on this topic was six years ago and I am still going to the same gym swimming laps 3 to 4 times a week wearing a Skinz G-string. I have never heard a negative comment. This morning a women in the next lane was trying to swim at my same pace and I noticed she had a suit malfunction. One of her boobs was exposed. I stopped for a water break and she also stopped. I pointed to her top and she looked down and made an adjustment. She just smiled and went on swimming. 
NudeNArizona #56

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/04/2017 03:11:40Copy HTML

 A few years ago I was going to a gym that had an indoor pool, and one day there was a guy who went to the gym management to complain about me wearing a thong in the pool while wear camo denim shorts. But when the gym manager came to the pool he made the other guy leave the pool because he didn't have propper swimwear on
kiyoothong #57

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/04/2017 03:48:03Copy HTML

Any Canadians here? I don't know what it's like in the States, but in Canada, there are public pools that are free. Everyone can pretty much go in and swim. Since it's free, a lot of kids use the pool. My question is, is it appropriate to swim in a thong when there are kids around? Some pools have 'adult only' time slots, so maybe it's okay for me to thong then.
mack_back #58

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/04/2017 08:02:15Copy HTML

Depending how you look in the thong. Sometimes you maybe asked to change only because lifeguards find you appear lude or not attractive enough.  Whenever there are kids around you always have one mom being a prude. If she complains about your thong only recourse from the pool staff is to ask if you wear more coverage.  If you decide to ignore their suggestion then the police show up to remove you from the pool. Even though there maybe another female in cheeky bikini bottom.  If you show up alone to the pool then the staff may decide to pick on you being easy target rather being in a group.  

This is international rules that apply worldwide because in majority cases thongs are shunned upon. Only females with skinny bodies can get away with thonging almost anywhere.  
When i went to outdoor public pool in the evening wearing bikini brief had too many shocked stares from female lifeguards. Only could imagine wearing my Dore bulge thong to the pool. At my gym pool i wore the thong and not too long after 8 or so visits the female manager told me to wear more coverage.  Although do know most outdoor public pools allow thong swimwear but many families with kids can misinterpret my thonging as stripper wear. Seeing a fit bronzed lean male in a thong often has stigma and assumption he is a dancer- stripper... Having larger then average bulge only exasperates the stereotype. Then mom's begin to complain asking for family oriented atmosphere not adult entertainment which many females do enjoy without a complaint.
So if your like minded as myself and have too or need to be noticed your asking for trouble at public family pool atmosphere. In my case if i'm not welcomed to location such as public pool what i enjoy to wear then i stay clear. What's the point wearing a thong if none is noticing me or complaining. You may say getting better tan lines but always being prepared to wear a thong and have already bronzed tan appearance. 

jackk #59

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/07/2017 02:20:43Copy HTML

My gym puts out a monthly newsletter. The most recent had a summer style guide written by the staff. I was pleasantly surprised by the swimwear recommendations. Of course, they had a board short for guys and conservative one piece for women, but that wasn't all.

One of the male trainers wrote a recommendation for a Nike swim brief. The female aquatics director wrote one for a Body Glove thong. The captions were cute.

"Don't let board shorts drag you down. This brief by Nike feels great in and out of the water. "

"Suns out buns out. This thong by Body Glove is the perfect suit for tanning stays put when you decide to go for a swim."
modelnude4u #60

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/10/2017 07:19:20Copy HTML

 Boy don't I wish!  That is clear endorsement of thongs by the gym.  I still wear mine generally when there is little to no one else in the pool area, just to be safe.
Comfythong1 #61

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/04/2018 08:59:25Copy HTML

 I recently started wearing thongs to the pool and hot tub. I’ve been wearing them almost daily and have not heard any complaints. And that’s during all times of the day.   I usually wear my Jor Ipanema or Desmit thong.  Sometimes my Jor sport thong. They are all lined. I know some folks on here like to go as minimal as possible, but I think that’s where they might shoot themselves in the foot.  If folks wear something that clearly shows off genitals, I could see how some people may be uncomfortable ( I wouldn’t be, but I’m way liberal).  Sometimes I’ll wrap a towel around me and other times I’ll walk in just the thong. I think it also helps to be in shape and toned.
modelnude4u #62

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/12/2018 03:30:10Copy HTML

 Just to get a feel, where are you folks at as you're describing these situations?  I'm in Iowa.  I really like this gym, and have always worn short shorts & a thong (or not) in the gym part, and either the shorts or a thong in the pool, hot tub & sauna sections.  I'd love to wear just a thong more often in the hot tub, but if anyone is around, I'll usually opt for the shorts instead.  I'll work on that slowly this year.  I don't want to push to the point that someone complains, but hopefully, no one will!
Poimbeach #63

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/12/2018 11:42:07Copy HTML

 Modelnude, I go to LA fitness and always wear either a very brief single layer suit or a cheeky during normal busy hours. On Saturdays in the afternoon, there are usually only one or two people in th pool. If that is the case, I will walk right from the locker room to the pool only wearing a thong and swim laps then enjoy the hot tub. I just received a few thongs from AliExpress that are 90% nylon and very comfortable. They really offer only about two inches of triangle in the rear. Saturday I decided what the heck and wore it to the pool for about 10 laps then the hot tub. No problem or even funny looks but only a few people in the pool area. I think although I have not seen any other male or female wear a thong to the pool, no one seems to care or comment. I think a lot of the anxiety that is in our minds come from us. I would not do the same if there were kiddy’s around or if the pool was packed with people because it is probably a number game that someone could complain. LA fitness does not have a dress code spelled out.
modelnude4u #64

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/12/2018 10:40:12Copy HTML

 Saturday afternoon is our slowest time as well, so a favorite time of mine to go!  I went today, and wore shorts to the hottub, but stripped to a thong to actually get in.  A couple folks walked by, but pretty slow today too.
Comfythong1 #65

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/13/2018 01:08:52Copy HTML

I’m in a chicago suburb. The gym is open 24/7, but I usually go either late afternoon or late evening, and mornings usually on weekends.  I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Probably more in your head than anything else. Unless you’re wearing something transparent or a micro g-string. All the thongs I swim in look pretty much like briefs from the front. So unless your pool has an explicit policy, I say go for it. To your surprise, you might see others become more willing to wear thongs. Like yesterday, I was doing laps and a couple of young girls may be in early 20s came to the pool. They weren’t wearing thongs but very cheeky bikinis. I’m certain I  had nothing to do with their choice of swimwear. But seeing me openly swim and go to hot tub in a thong probably gave them extra confidence in their choice of swimwear. 
stringueur #66

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/13/2018 10:53:49Copy HTML

 I totally agree with Poimbeach and Comfythong1.Nowadays, the difficulties are in our minds because when we wear a conservative thong, there is no problems.
modelnude4u #67

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/18/2018 09:31:08Copy HTML

At the gym today, going to the locker room from a workout, and getting ready to get in the hot tub.  I always check out the hot tub/pool/sauna area before changing, it helps me decide what to wear.  On the way by, I noticed 2 or 3 guys in the pool, and a couple folks in the sauna, 1 male, 1 female.  22 also in the hot tub: an older male, regular & a drop dead gorgeous ~20 year old female.  I could only see a bit, but she had on a tiny black bikini top.  Since the guy was in there, I didn't go for a thong, but of course, I probably should have.  I went with Soffee teeny tinys instead. 
When I came out, there was another guy there too, and within a couple minutes, another young guy, who sat next to the girl, apparently a boyfriend.  We all chatted and soaked for a while, then the couple decided to get out & go to the sauna.  She had on the tiniest little cheeky bottom, I'd be right on the edge of calling it a thong, but it was a bit bigger than my suits.  They left their towels by the hot tub, so I knew they'd be back. 
I got out and got some more water, and then back to the hot tub.  Gradually the other guys left, and I was alone.  A bit later, she came back out, alone, and got her towel.  I said "I just wanted to tell you that is the second smallest swim suit I've seen around here, and you wear it very well!"  She said, "Oh, thank you!, that's good to know"  "But, only second smallest?"  I said "Yes, buy not by much", and stood up, pulled down the back of my shorts a ways, so she could see the thong tan lines.  "These are from the smallest one, but I don't often wear them here."  She said, "You should, I doubt anyone would care."  With that, she gathered here stuff, said "Thanks again, have a great day!" and headed to the locker room.
Such a great interaction, and I hope to see more of her in the pool area!
Comfythong1 #68

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/18/2018 11:03:21Copy HTML

 Modelnude4u, you should’ve totally worn a thong. I don’t really think people care. May be they’ll take a second look, but that’s it. I don’t know for sure, but I think that since I started wearing thong swimsuits to swim laps and go into hot tub, it feels like others have been wearing smaller swimsuits as well. Both male and female.
modelnude4u #69

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/19/2018 01:35:44Copy HTML

 After seeing hers today, it really made me think again about wearing a thong more often.  I always want to anyway, so I just need to take the plunge again.  I've worn one several times, but usually only when I'm convinced that there will be little to no traffic.
Comfythong1 #70

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:01/21/2018 04:05:43Copy HTML

I wear one even during peak hours. The only way to follow through is to wear one and not change your mind last minute.  You’ll get used to wearing it to the point where it feels more natural than any other swimsuit. I think the key is not to have crazy exposure in the front.
modelnude4u #71

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:05/28/2018 12:14:56Copy HTML

 Wore a thong to the hot tub/pool area today, without covering it up on the way, or the way back.  There was a 40 something attractive lady sitting in one of the chairs by the hot tub when I came out of the locker room.  The button to start the jets was about 5 ft from her, and I pushed it in only a thong, got in and soaked, and she never said a word, or left.  When the timer was done, she asked if I wanted her to restart it for me, but I said it was probably a sign I should go.  I climbed out slowly and walked back to the locker room, and again, she didn't say a word, but certainly at least noticed.  Maybe we make too big a deal out of such things!
kiyoothong #72

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:43:04Copy HTML

 Called the gym and asked if I could swim in a thong swimsuit. The guy on the phone said there are no rules against thongs, but a speedo would be the 'bare minimum'. I dont know if that was pun intended.
John Howard #73

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:05/30/2018 03:00:16Copy HTML

that's why its better not to ask;   just wear a thong with a towel wrapped on top when you walk around;  people will see you are wearing a thong when swimming, but that you have the 'etiquette' to wrap yourself up with a towel when outside of the pool.
I reckon that after a few times of following this you will gain credibility as not being a creep or exhibitionist, and you could casually drop  the towel a few metres away from the pool  and walk around in a casual way wearing only the thong.

I've done it many times and it always worked.
Comfythong1 #74

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/07/2018 04:54:12Copy HTML

 That’s a good rule to follow. If I’m in an indoor pool, I’ll wrap myself with a towel. Outside pool or on the beach it shouldn’t really matter as everyone is in swimyaround you anyway.
Comfythong1 #75

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/07/2018 05:01:36Copy HTML

 Besides, if your swimming laps, it’s probably not super noticeable unless people take the time to look closely. Btw, I’ve never asked if thongs are ok. Just put one on and went about my business. And no one has mentioned my swimsuit at all. Neither other members nor employees. I’d like to think I even motivated others to don smaller swimsuits. 
abczyxabczyx #76

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/18/2018 06:08:22Copy HTML

 I was at LA Fitness last week and a woman wore a thong to the pool.  She got a few looks, but that was all.
mack_back #77

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:06/26/2018 04:52:58Copy HTML

Honestly Forgot my swim briefs, always keep a backup thong in my gym bag. Had no choice but to wear my modest camo lined T-back thong 3/4" sides. First went into the sauna but kept a small towel to sit down. After leaving i decided to use the whirlpool carrying my big, small towels and toiletry pouch. Once on the pool deck i walked a short way hanging my towels leaving my stuff flip flops etc, as i turned around entering the the whirlpool steps. 

Seen the usual four asian males and one older female often come to the pool. They ignored me pretty much but knew i was wearing something different then my usual swim briefs. One young latina in cheeky bikini was sitting by the railing noticing me walking down the the whirlpool steps. Feeling very comfortable  with myself i didn't care what others thought. Once i positioned myself turning around facing everyone i looked up towards open bay window overlooking the pool/whirlpool. Seen a female staring down towards me, then her boyfriend met up with her, she was grinning saying something to him then he looked back towards me. She patted him on the back, giggling probably noticing me wearing a thong in the whirlpool was to much for him to observe.  While one young bikini clad latina woman was making her way out of the whirlpool little later on, sipping some water from a bottle standing on the pool deck, with her cheeky backside towards everyone to watch. She paced back and fourth then undecided to leave but walked back towards the woman's change room. Don't know if she was trying to be seen by everyone or judging any reactions onto her swim bikini.

After few minutes she exited the change room began to walk along the pool deck and back into the whirlpool facing me this time. As the timer ran out in a few minutes being only us two in the whirlpool, i made my way towards the steps. Asked her if she wanted me to turn on the the jets for her in the whirlpool. She got up saying, she was leaving also... As she stood pausing waiting for me to walk up the steps first, out of the whirlpool following me very closely. She definitely got close up view of my thonging butt cheeks, felt her face was as close to my backside as i ever seen before. So I grabbed my hanging towel on the pool deck and flip flops walking towards the men's change room. Only seen the Latina watch me closely from the back and i turned my head rather looking into the pool beside the whirlpool. While leaving watched a older female in swim cap doing serious lap after lap when i was in the whirlpool no stop.  She decided to stop, pausing at the edge of the pool deck observing me intrigued for whatever reason as i walked into the change room. 

Don't know if wearing a thong at the gym whirlpool was surprising or intriguing to any of the  woman seeing me but nobody complained, nor said a word. Yet my instincts tell me the LATINA walking back from the change room second time going into the whirlpool was unusual for anyone to do in my experience. Thought the Latina noticed my thong when i walked down the whirlpool steps from a profile view. Then she decided to see more waiting for me to walk out following from behind, felt it was bit obvious what she did. Then lingering on the pool deck as i got my towel and flip flops to leave.   Nothing was said nor reactions i picked up on. Only thought told me they might of sort of liked it a tiny bit. So i will leave it to that.
Very satisfying that tables are turned seeing a latina wearing a cheeky bikini while i had on a thong. Often we thonging males cry about being afraid to wear a thong wearing more at certain venue, then seeing a latina females wearing g-strings or thongs without them blinking an eye. Suppose the latina who was in the whirlpool with me probably wanted to be wearing a thong herself seeing how boldly i did. Maybe next time showing her i wasn't afraid why shouldn't she do the same. Watch and wait... 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #78

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/06/2018 02:49:40Copy HTML

 To update what's been going on at my pool in Scotts Valley, CA.   Last year after inquiring why women could wear thongs but I couldn't wear a string bikini and was told the rules are "to wear what is gender appropriate" and that they were going to talk to the women about wearing thongs.  

First off the "older woman swim coach hasn't been there in the afternoon since January.  Not sure if she's found some other place to coach or what.  I do know that a lot of swimmers, male and female, didn't get along with her.  She was the one who was totally against my bikinis.
Now with the cheeky swimwear being popular with women there is a lot more butt cheek being shown around the pool.  One of the lifeguards  has a red one piece that gets tucked up pretty far between her cheeks she might as well have a thong on. 

A couple of months ago I started wearing the Koala Pumped Up suit which is pretty much a Rio with a narrow front.   I swim in it a couple of days a week and haven't gotten any comments on it being inappropriate.

mack_back #79

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/23/2018 06:47:56Copy HTML

 Went to my usual gym pool which has whirlpool, sauna, steam room. Used them all wearing my moderate camo thong. Seen few people but most didn't say a word just stared aware of me. Once i got to the pool deck seen the gym receptionist working the mixing kit for the water quality. She looked me over as i put my towel on the hook and walked into the whirlpool. Later noticed few woman pausing looking into from the exterior pool windows observing me in the whirlpool. While i lifting my thigh out of the bubbling water showing i had on very little to nothing on. The bubbles and foam in the water disguised what i was wearing. They looked intrigued only my belly button was exposed from top up maybe they liked looking at my upper body or just curious if i was wearing any clothes seeing my quad lift out of the water exposing a lot of skin. Yet the fold of my leg and water obscured the side strap of my thong  which was 1/2 inch and water bubbles.

 Didn't hear anything, rules state everyone must  have proper swimwear, no underwear or nudity. As i stood in the shallow end of the pool seen few gym members passing by overlooking from the exterior window of the aqua facilities. Noticed a very attractive bodied Dreadlock blonde stripper that visits the gym. She came from the change room making her way onto the gym floor. So before she passed the window overlooking the pool directly where i was i decided to do something. I stood noticing her so i pushed off with my feet from the side of the pool and swam underwater half the length of the pool. The initial torque pulled down my thong from the water pressure, although wanted the stripper to see my thong T-back as she looked over the pool. Only me and another woman in the next lane of the pool were there.  Couldn't figure out what the reaction was but i felt i failed to keep my thong from slipping was funny to watch. 

Cenkboy #80

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:07/24/2018 09:35:10Copy HTML

 I have worn swim thongs many times myself. I just switched to a new gym and have not seen anyone wearing swim thongs at this location in the deep South.
Blackthong23 #81

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/13/2018 05:02:01Copy HTML

I joined a gym strictly for the olympic size pool earlier this year. I’m a brief guy while doing laps at a pool anytime I go but have hesitated to wear thongs at a gym pool just because of the awkwardness of people looking etc. Well this gym I joined has a pool separate from the rest of the gym so no other gym members could see the swimmers at all which is why I like this pool.

When I joined I always wore my speedos, bikini style suits and never have an issue or anyone staring which is great. I really believe that it’s like that because there is a swim team there almost everyday. They are all college students usually and the guys all wear speedos and the ladies wear one pieces but their one pieces are so narrow on the back. Most times they get out they pretty much look like one piece thongs. 

Even with all that said.. I didn’t feel like it was a good time to wear my thong in front of all those people. Most of the other folks swimming are in swim shorts or maybe a squarecut. I’m the only non swim team guy in a brief usually but never really get any looks or care. 

Recently I have been going on days when the swim team is off and the pool is usually very empty. If there is a time to try wearing a thong to the gym pool, this is the time. I walked out the first time and only 4 people were there and I got to my lane. I took my shorts off and I had my Gregg Homme thong on which is the most conservative thong I have. I got in and really didn’t see anybody staring or anything so I just started swimming laps. I felt so good swimming in a thong doing laps and not worrying about people. An Asian lady then came in and got the lane right next to me. At first I was somewhat nervous but I just had to tell myself just keep swimming and not worry. She definitely saw I was wearing a thong but didn’t care one bit. She was just focused on her laps. 

It was just us two left at the pool and it was time for me to get out and I was getting braver and braver. Instead of putting the towel around me, I walked in front of her as she rested on rail looking right at me basically and returned the float stuff back in the bin. When I walked back to grab my clothes and towel she just kinda nodded with a smile. 

That first experience made it my next few times easier. I then wore a desmitt thong the next time and the same lady as well as another Asian lady were at the pool with me. I felt real comfortable swimming laps in the thong and getting in and out walking around felt totally fine. They clearly know what I’m wearing and don’t care. I’m hoping I can wear my thong On a regular basis around the people I’m always swimming with. It seems like the same group but every now and then a group of random people will come in and I’ll put my briefs back on. Really depends on who is around.

Comfythong1 #82

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/17/2018 03:20:03Copy HTML

Desmiit thongs are perfect to swim laps in. That’s what I usually wear at the gym! Super comfortable and they’re modest as far as thongs go. They look more like a brief in front.
mack_back #83

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/17/2018 03:59:45Copy HTML

Got my Desmitt thong in the mail. Thought to wear it at the gym pool. Was wearing older camo thong I bought at eBay. Wish I could buy one but no longer available. Same as Desmitt thong style only no drawstring. My camo thong stitching coming apart at the sides. 

Found wearing a thong at the gym pool the regulars getting use to me. Most are older Asian males with few woman. 

Wearing my thong the older females notice but keep there distance from me now. Before when I showered on the deck of the pool woman would be waiting nearby waiting to use the shower to rinse off when wearing Desmitt briefs. Now when wearing a thong they walk further away out of sight and when I finish they start to walk back to the shower head. 

Find this curious why woman feel so afraid looking at a guy like me in a thong.  Maybe because they feel a thonging is considered underwear and find me weird wearing one as a male so boldly.

While younger woman with her boyfriend and buddy noticed me walking into whirlpool. The female didn’t stare upon me to much but did look a little shocked seeing me walk in the whirlpools   from them. She casually took glimpses of my upper body standing in the whirlpool. Yet the males never looked and unaware of her subtle stare looking me over. One of the males shortly asked if they were done ready to leave enjoying the whirlpool. The boyfriend asked his woman she wanted to stay longer  her reply wery eager to  stay longer preoccupied on her mind bored listening to the two dudes talk to one another. Just wonder if she wanted to stay to get a glance of me exitii g in my thong. Yet she and the others left the whirlpool, she seemed a little disappointed don’t know why but the glances she made towards me was intriguing for me to wonder if I looked not to bad. 

Comfythong1 #84

Re:Thong at the gym pool

Date Posted:08/20/2018 02:42:45Copy HTML

So as I’ve posted before, I’ve been swimming in a thong (mostly Desmiit) at Lifetime Fitness pool since last year, with no issues. I’ve spent hours at the outside pool both with my family and by myself in a thong with no issues. I’ve gone on water slides, talked to other parents, talked to friends all in a thong, with no issues. Yesterday morning, I decided to swim a few laps outside before workout. Just before I was done, an attendant came up to me and stated that these kinds of suits are not permitted at Lifetime Fitness. I didn’t want to argue and said ok. I got dressed and went to work out. After the workout I had about an hour to relax so I decided to get some sun. I decided to wear the same suit. I saw a girl in a thong and another in a cheeky bikini. So clearly if they are wearing them, I should be ok too. After about an hr, as I was about to leave, the same attendant comes by. Says rules don’t allow these types of swimsuits. I pointed out that I’m not the only one. She said that when she sees others, she’ll tell them to change. Ok, whatever. She said that there have been numerous complaints. So I told her that I’ve spent the entire summer wearing these without any issues. Moreover, I went on the Lifetime Fitness site and there was no mention of thongs at all. Just proper swimming attire - no jeans, etc. and nothing posted at the actual club. I still plan to continue wearing the same suits. Especially since I had a conversation with one of the trainers before and she told me to keep wearing them and she even told me I look great in them. I just don’t want to be bothered again and have to argue with management. Anyone got any tips on how to handle this? PS I don’t think it was really a guy thing. I really think someone just happened to complain.
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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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Comfythong1 I’m in the same Chrolinated water as you wearing same thong. Had busty female manager wanting to “talk” alone, whatever that meant, when I was in the hot tub in my thong. Can’t lie sort of made me intrigued what she really wanted to talk about, yet I knew it was only  my swimsuit. She told me that when using the pool I should wear more, moving her hands along her hips. I told her, okay sure. 

Took me a year before I used the pool again, self inflicted  protest. Like you I gotten some encouragement  from woman at the gym for my  wearing thongs. Even had married woman stop me at a grocery store asking me why I stopped visiting the gym pool. Then asking me to promise to visit more often.

While my gym has same policy proper swimwear needs to be worn. Think many would agree a Desmitt thong isn’t swimwear. 

The more eyes on what your wearing on the pool deck the likely hood someone is complaining. 

When I went to the pool on busy hours to be seen as many ladies as possible. Complaint often happened within ten minutes before someone in management told me I can’t wear a thong because some woman complained. I just left at that was that until next time, different people often show up and different management employee tell me again. This went on and on but I often just left without explanation why someone complained or asking who. Then came the voluptuous female manager which ended my run of thonging to the pool area. 

Best advice is go different time of day which fixed my thonging issue. Later with less people and management that don’t care that much tolerate my naked backside. Can tell from some female reactions they don’t feel comfortable seeing me wear it. While males might find it funny teasing the woman about what I’m wearing. Luckily for me the regulars are asians that have trouble speaking English or mind there business not to complain.

Recent reaction I got was few females in the pool area she had her phone with her. She walked along the pool deck towards the hot tub. There she stood overlooking the pool where I was about to leave. A very curious attractive Asian female overlooking the pool area from outside from panorama windows. She was recording on her phone the hot tub  with said female looking upon her phone leaning against the edge facing my direction. As I got out of the pool in my Desmitt thong I seen the female in the hot tub looking shocked upon me pointing her phone onto me. While the Asian out the window staring upon turning her head  noticing my thong. Yet she never pointed the camera phone towards me only upon the hot tub. Both reactions were priceless as I rinsed off showering on the pool deck entering the sauna. Do feel someone had to record me getting out of the pool...see what happens next..,,

While going to the hot tub, sauna and pool at my gym at a later time with fewer people seen three thonging woman. While going at busy crowded times never seen anyone wearing thongs. So it’s all about a schedule when you can wear thongs and times you should cover your backside. Difficult for me to accept because I enjoy exhibitionism showing off to the ladies. Yet few show up later but when they do they seem to wear thongs or cheeky swimwear themselves. 

When I did go thonging in crowded busy time I got a lot of attention. In fact the aqua instructor often walked in front of me on the pool deck in order to get the attention of all female class participating in the pool. Less I wore the more attention and fuss woman would give me. In fact many females in aqua class nicknamed me discussing me behind closed doors. My buddy overheard some sexual dertved comments ladies would make of my body when I was gone. 

Don’t be like me and decide to get back at your complainers by wearing less. When I was told about the woman’s aqua class discussing my body part my specifically the bulge in bikini briefs I had to give them a show. Later on I wore a Dore push out poser thong. It gotten so much attention so much rules had to be written about proper swimwear not stripper wear. Yet the times I got to wear my poser thong heard few omg! Wows, Jesus! You still believe he has only big balls huh, look at it now! Some woman really not liking my obvious poser swimwear. Gym buddies wife overheard her say to him on the gym floor she wanted to hurry using the pool. Hubby asked why such a rush? She replied, don’t want to be in the pool when “he” meaning me arrives wearing his tiny suits. 


So keep doing what your wearing but change the day and times at the visits to the pool. You will see different folk and reactions will subside less complaining. Until they see you over and over wearing the same thong time and time again. Then they will attempt to complain and someone then will need to act to discourage the open cheeky backside. 

What can help is wear cheeky backside bikini. Then when someone complains your covered then you get a wedgie it’s a thong. So mix it up times of day, different swim thongs etc.,. At least some believe your actually listening to there complaints but still don’t get it. 

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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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Thanks. What was really odd was that I’ve been wearing a thong th entire summer to the outdoor pool (indoors too) and no one cared! Now all of a sudden she comes up with this announcement. Before this even happened one of the employees ( triathlon trainers ) encouraged me to continue wearing them.
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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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It’s about jealousy. Woman see a male comfortable happy no worry in the world not afraid of his own skin. Then someone like a lifeguard observes us then thinks he needs to have more modesty and if none willing to do it I will. Had this happen in different  surroundings nude beach etc... People find me confident and bold thinking to themselves I got to knock him back down to earth. You cocky guy.., then without warning they act as your offending others trying to bring some modesty to the situation with no reason. Only so they have some authority to pick on you and teach some beliefs they think you need to learn. Makes for unpleasant day and environment to be visiting. If you hope for someone to fight your battles wearing a thong don’t count on it. Often it only exasperates the situation seeing females burn with sexual desires over you needs to be quenched even more. Learned from experience. Like life we never know the hour or day we cease to exist. Same goes with thonging when someone decides unilaterally to pick on thong wearing individual.

Oh by the way you jinx me tonight. Thonged at the pool before I got comfortable 5 minutes in whirlpool. One gym associate came unexpectedly to tell me (token black guy) who never visits the pool I should wear proper swimwear. I told him I do wanting to show him, he quickly looked away saying alright. Believe some people, (got good idea who now, woman associate receptionist hater), think I wear thong underwear because it’s unthinkable that a male can purchase thong swimwear as a style like woman wear. Good grief I’ll sulk overnight on my pillow chlorine scented skin and tears overnight and prepare to vanquish the pool for awhile. All of this complaint come right after ordering more thong swimwear which of look of things I won’t be allowed to be wearing. Just My Luck go figure.... Wearing thong swimwear exclusively for few weeks now and suddenly I’m Mr. Chris Watts, complainers are afraid of me to challenge my swimwear sending others to do there dirty work  Because you never know what a thonging male might do to  a woman request to comply wearing dork shorts. I got to by crazy right for wearing a thong?

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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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I don’t think you’d have any issues wearing a cheeky suit with some back coverage. None of the lifeguards had issues with me wearing a thong. I never tried to hide what I wear. This was the first time someone said anything negative (or really anything at all ) about my choice of swimwear. I did go swimming last night in indoor pool in my usual thong, went to hot tub too. Al without issues.
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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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Decided to use the pool facilities mostly the whirlpool. As i was coming down from my gym floor workout i noticed from the open bay windows looking into the aqua facility couple asian young woman in one piece and two piece bikini sitting off to the side of the whirlpool. Thought to myself they looked to be wearing cheeky bottoms so i felt safe to be able to thong in my Desmitt neon green i've purchased yet not worn. Took a long break since my last pool visit since i got a warning to wear swimwear which at the time was a Desmitt thong, were proper attire but many mistakenly believe it maybe underwear. Either way i felt uncomfortable and annoyed to visit the pool rather arguing my swimwear to gym management associates. Felt it was a good test if someone from management came to warn me again i would point my finger to the asian young ladies sitting on the pool deck cross legged. The black one piece swimsuit from the one blonde asian woman really showed her hips very high cut and half cut bottoms. While the other in more moderate cut two inch side white bottoms. As i made my way out of the change room i walked out on the deck putting my towel on wall hook and flip flops off. One of asian ladies must of seen my backside yet never heard any reactions. The other had her back to me again never flinched as i stepped into the whirlpool. The asian ladies sitting on the pool deck unfazed upon my Desmitt thong. Later i walked towards the shower head to rinse off and cool off before entering the dry sauna. Easily the two asian ladies could clearly see me now. Only overheard male in the whirlpool mumbling to the young asian ladies and they began to laugh. After my stay in the sauna i cooled off with the pool deck shower without anyone commenting or looking. I walked by the asian ladies to pick-up my towel and exiting the pool deck without incident. Guessing, the asian ladies were sitting on the pool deck clearly visible what they were wearing for over hour could be seen by security cameras. The same black associate managing the gym decided not to reprimand my swimwear this time. Suppose when others are wearing cheeky swimwear others following can be overlooked.
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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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Heading to a Life Time Athletic next Sunday (5/12) for a complimentary trial pass. Supposed to be a very plush gym and full of amenities. Thinking of wearing a thong swimsuit under my tights, and hitting the pool after my workout... We will see how this goes. Any tips? Gym novice here
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Re:Thong at the gym pool

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Have been wearing Desmitt swimsuit briefs for the better part of two seasons at the gym pool. Felt the inclination to wear my camo thong swimsuit on visit. After steam room session, whirlpool, laps in the pool and sauna i felt later invigorated. Decided to see if it was anomaly of physical exercise of swimming that made me feel so alive previous time wearing a thong at the pool. Did it second time and felt very well refreshed afterwards. Tried it third time thinking it had something to do with mental state of mind. No swimming or heavy exercise but did the normal stay in steam room, sauna, pool, whirlpool my result again felt more alert, relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Had to conclude wearing a thong made my mental state heightened happier, alert, relaxed but also full of energy and vigour. Thonging made me happier which benefited my physical well being. have to conclude thonging made noticeable difference in my well being then just wearing a swim brief at least afterwards. While during my thong visit i felt no difference in anxiety versus wearing a speedo type swim brief.
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