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Date Posted:05/23/2018 05:56:21Copy HTML

 I own a lot of thongs, so know quite a bit about the more reasonably priced brands. As a general rule I will weigh in on many discussions about thongs that are available on the internet, and also point people to local bricks and mortar stores.

However, there are a couple of online sellers who sell thorough websites like ebay and etsy that I don't talk about. This is because they appear to be one-person operations with a limited output. If I tell the entire internet thong comunity more people will bid, so I will have to pay higher prices. On the other hand, if I tell others they will have more revenue, so might be spurred to produce more.  

Recently someone asked me specifics of how to order the blue and gold thong I was wearing. It was bought a few years ago from one of these small vendors.  I explained they no longer did that fabric. The vendor seems to get a yard or two, and when that runs out get in new fabrics. You can't order a cut or color, just see what they made this week, and bid if it is your size.  Sometimes they turn out to be the best made thongs. 

The person who asked was a little miffed that I did not tell them who made the thong, but they can do their own research by looking on Amazon, ebay, etsy and AliExpress. Just go look, there are a lot of options out there and you don't need to dress just like me. Was I mein, or do some of you have secret sources you are not so keen to share?
Mary0826 #1

Re:Thong board ethics

Date Posted:05/24/2018 06:16:48Copy HTML

 JM -- there are lots of things people will not go into a lot of detail about.  It might be a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, a favorite piano tuner, or auto mechanic who seems to be able to fix anything at a reasonable price.  One of the best signs of being successful is not having to advertise, and perhaps even turning business away.  Thongs are made by everything from one-person operations to huge multi national firms.  The small guy might be able or willing to make a custom design or at least customize something for you while the big guys could care less.  

About 10 years ago, I had a one-person company supply some customized swimsuits for a small group.  We were all different sizes, both men and women, and we wanted something that was not a true thong but something about as close as could be made, but still be acceptable in places where thongs were not permitted.  I sent a few sketches (simple ones showing a butt and where the swimwear should go to, some descriptions of how the rear seam would work, and also information on the differences between the suits for guys and girls.  The independent thong maker fabricated these to my specifications, using my selection of fabrics, and worked with us to get the fit and look I wanted.  We wound up with what would now be called cheeky swimsuits -- not a thong exactly, not a Rio, but something in between.  We had matching suits that were good for our purposes.  She made a total of 12 swimsuits and they all are still in good shape and still loved by those who they were made for.

I don't think we could have done better with any commercial service.  While I would share the name of the designer/fabricator if she needed business and I could keep her from getting too much, she is getting busier year to year and can not keep up with the orders and must turn about 50% of her potential business away.  She refuses to get help, and if she got help she would have to deal with staff who either don't care, get big heads and decide to try to make it on their own (and either steal her designs or customers).  She has now a single employee who takes care of shipping, ordering materials, bookkeeping, and other non-creative areas.  A good merchant is like a fine wine.  There is a limited supply, and once you find something you like, you want to keep it a secret as much as possible.  If you want Gallo wine, you can go to any grocery store or wine shop.  If you want some 20 year old French specialty wine, you need to go to a place that can get exactly what you want.  

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