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Ryan Booth

Date Posted:03/25/2004 03:09:46Copy HTML

I am looking into purchasing a thong body suit. And have really only seen one suit I like called 'The Tangle Sling' from www. studwear .com I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get thong bodysuits from or if anyone has bought from studwear in the past.

thongfreak #1

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/06/2003 07:18:48Copy HTML

I posted on the old board that I have a few thong bodysuits. What do you guys/ladies think about guys wearing them?

I like the idea that during the winter I can wear my long sleeve one with the mock turtleneck and no one really knows it's a thong bodysuit unless I squat or lean over. I also have a couple that are tanktop and short sleeve.

They are great to wear with jeans, especially with strategically placed holes or rips on the jeans.
barebottom01 #2

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/07/2003 04:56:42Copy HTML

I have one thong body suit, but the snaps are a pain to deal with, so I don't wear it. I have a couple of thong leotards, but those are for workout use only.
thongfreak #3

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/08/2003 02:18:03Copy HTML

I had the same problem with the snaps, so I chucked the snaps and perminantly sewed that section togather. It's not all that hard to get in and out of the bodysuit after the snaps have been sewn.
Thongon1 #4

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/08/2003 03:51:20Copy HTML

Hello, everyone.  I was hoping for a THONG bodysuit section on this board, and here it is!!  Thanks, Thongfreak!!  Anyway, yeah!  THONG bodysuits are great!!  I've only got one and it feels great on me.  It's a black wrestler suspender one from www.underthings.com.  I posted this same thing on the other board, but for those of you who've never been on it before, there it is.  I'm still hoping to get a longsleeve THONG bodysuit from somewhere, but that'll have to wait for now.  To keep with the snap thing, I've never had experience with snaps before.  I think www.bodysuit.com sells men's THONG bodysuits with snaps.  I'll have to check it out and get back to you guys.

thongfreak #5

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/08/2003 08:59:18Copy HTML

You're more than welcome.

I should have added that I agree with the snap problem. After a while it rubs you raw!!

The other kool thing about thong bodysuits is during the winter I can wear one of my long sleeve bodysuits and it keeps me much warmer but I still have the wearing a thong option too. I like mine that are cut high on the hips.

Thongon1 #6

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/09/2003 02:45:55Copy HTML

Yeah, I'd have to agree with you on the high-cut in the hips preference, thongfreak.  That makes the bodysuit a lot more sexy.  I hope all the ones available soon have that option.
corona10 #7

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/16/2003 06:30:34Copy HTML

Ok, thongfreak and thongon,

you guys seem a bit more adventurous with your thongs than I. So have you tried suspenders too? I dont really know if i should get a pair, if they'd be uncomfy / look silly..........?

thongfreak #8

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/16/2003 09:54:02Copy HTML

I want a couple, but I havent gotten around to getting one yet. I have a thong leotard though.

I've been looking and I've seen quite a few that I want, but I want them with high cut hips. I just havent been able to find too many sites while searching under:

men's suspender thongs

thongfreak #9

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/16/2003 09:56:21Copy HTML

Whoops, I just found this page with a review of a suspender thong for men.



JM_Runs #10

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/18/2003 01:01:22Copy HTML

I'm actually looking for one myself as something i can wear as an everyday normal bodysuit because i worked with a lady who obviously loves to wear thongs and was really turning me one when i saw she was wearing a thong bodysuit today. i wanted to ask if she knew where i could find one but then she went home for the day. i'll have to see if she's in on friday.
Thongon1 #11

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/23/2003 03:48:32Copy HTML

Reply to : corona10

Ok, thongfreak and thongon,you guys seem a bit more adventurous with your thongs than I. So have you tried suspenders too? I dont really know if i should get a pair, if they'd be uncomfy / look silly..........?
Well, I think they'd be okay.  I've never worn one from a manufacturer.  I kinda made one myself out of real suspenders and bikini underwear.  It was actually okay.  I'm planning on getting at least one pair of 'em.  I bet they'd look okay to your wife or partner in the bedroom.  More and more women are coming around to that kind of thing.  The only place I could think of where anyone would see them on someone is in the bedroom.  But, if you walk around without a shirt on and just that suspender thong with pants, you'll get plenty of looks.  They should be a lot of fun to wear!!
nicthong #12

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/23/2003 06:44:51Copy HTML

I have a few thong bodysuits: 2 black long-sleeve thong bodies in a heavy cotton-lycra and 1 silver nylon-lycra sleeveless thongbody. I got all 3 from www.pumpers.com and have been very pleased with them all. I use the black ones mostly in winter - they're great as a base layer but occasionally if I'm feeling a little more adventurous I'll wear them without anything over the top; during a regular day's use it'll become more than obvious that they're thong backed! The silver one I use when working out. (If you click on my homepage icon, you'll go to my Yahoo! profile; follow the photos.yahoo.com link and look in the lycra album to see a pic of the silver thongbody).

I also have a slingshot thong from Dore - which is similar to the suspender thongs discussed in this thread (but more minimal). I'd only use this when tanning around friends or on a secluded beach; I wouldn't personally use this style as day-wear.

nicthong #13

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/30/2003 07:39:22Copy HTML

I wore one of my thong bodysuits to work yesterday under low-rise jeans (we have casual dress in the office). I'm sure it would have been obvious when I was crouching or bending or reaching but nothing was said... I guess it helps being the boss!  Anyway, I had a very comfortable day and will definitely be doing it again!
pierre_da_man #14

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:11/19/2003 02:07:02Copy HTML

Love thong bodysuits.  Try the ones from prevailsport.com, or from metromanusa.com (the Gianni).  Go Softwear has a good one too.  I have about a dozen pairs (bodysuits and leotards) and I try to wear them at least once a week.

I've tried womens leotards too.  The backs are great, but the front cut usually doesn't work, especially since leotards have a tendency to pull up.

thongfreak #15

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/25/2004 03:25:41Copy HTML

Never tried any from that website, but try:

Mod note:   Removed web address because it now points to a site that trys to down load spyware.  If any one knows the correct address for bodysuits then post it.

JM_Runs #16

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/25/2004 05:44:54Copy HTML

Most of the Studware stuff actualy comes from a site in Australia called Dee Jay Sportware.  www.deejay.com.au

Studware were not easy to deal with when I had a problem.  The Australians on the other hand were fine.  I suggest you go stright to Deejay.com.au  Take a look at the Tom Thong.   Be aware that sizeing on one suit I had ran very small.  

For bodysuits try looking for Manstore products.  You may want to look on the german ebay site.(Thong in german is "string".   You may want to try this search on the german site.  

Go to   http://www.ebay.de/   and type in the following into the search field:    (MANSTORE,olaf benz)  STRINGbody      and then check the box that says "in Artikelbezeichnung und Beschreibung"  (in titles and discriptions)

If you dont understand german then get the IM Translator plugin.  Free from http://plugin.imtranslator.com/  (Type it in just that way)

sebastianspencer #17

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/25/2004 06:52:23Copy HTML

A website that I had in my favorites folder as a possibility is:  http://shop.store.yahoo.com/bodysuits/mensbodysuit1.html.  I've looked a couple times, but not bought yet.

thongfreak #18

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/25/2004 11:47:41Copy HTML

whoops sorry JMRuns. I thought about that site of the top of my head but didnt know my link cause problems. The site I was refering to was the same site sebastian was refering to.



BiSmoothy #19

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/26/2004 02:36:26Copy HTML

Also, try the following: Marc Quest, https://marcouest.secure.myhosting.ne
Ex_Member #20

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/28/2004 06:53:37Copy HTML

Just to back-up the point on DeeJay sportswear that JMRuns mentioned, I've bought the metallis silver thong from them, and got the correct order in fairly prompt time as I remember. I am in Australia, too, so I guess this has a bearing on return time!

The thong was made well, but all the silver has gone after three washes! I've naw got a lovely shiny white thong!

nekked #21

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:07/04/2004 01:05:35Copy HTML

I recently had one white lycra and one sheer aqua blue slingshot made to take on holidays to Cairns in tropical Australia. Both have very narrow low cut pouches.

To be honest I didn't think I'd have the nerve to wear either in public. The white is bathing suit material, but I thought I might get a chance to wear it on a deserted beach at best, otherwise just in the privacy of my hotel unit.

The first thing I did when I got to my accommodation was change into the swimwear slingshot and went and lay in the sun on the private balcony.  I got up to go the fridge just by the open front door of the unit when the lady owner of the complex knocked on the screen door. I'd left my sunglasses at reception and she was returning them to me. I had nowhere to go and she opened the door and came in as she was speaking to put the sunglasses on the breakfast bar.

She was a little surprized I guess bit she did say that she liked my suit very much. I said that I would probably be too shy to wear it to the pool but she said not to be, that people swam in thongs and g-strings all the time there, that there were no children in the complex at the time, and at night in particular it was very quiet and skinny dipping wasn't unknown.

She also said I should also be careful as my thong tanlines would burn very quickly, so she was very observant.

I was very pleased that a) I'd been seen and complimented in my suit and b) I'd been encouraged to wear it in the pool area at least of the complex. And wear it I did. the pool was only the beginning and the next day I wore it to the beach amongst many bathers and sunners, and even wore the sheer slingshot under a net tank top and white muslin 3/4 trousers into town shopping dining and walking.

I got only good (and quite a few) comments about my suit in the time that I was there and I'm sure quite a few women and men were a little turned on by it.

The owner of the place surprised me by appearing at the pool in the evening in a creamy satin thong one piece which went quite sheer when wet and then next evening in a pink sheer g-string bikini. She told me she had been inspired by my slingshot.

This was one of the best and sexiest holidays I'd ever had.

anth2516 #22

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:11/11/2004 03:57:51Copy HTML

Hey everyone,just came to know of this board through a friend of mine. Wow, there is so much material here about thongs and g-strings. I own a couple of thongs and g-strings and wear them like regular undies-no special reasons for wearing them.My question is about men's bodysuits with thong back. am interested in trying these. Can anyone suggest places where I cud buy these at not a will-rip-you-off price?? and if any of you currently own these, are they comfortable??? I currently stay in UK..but wudnt mind getting them shipped from US too. I did browse through the forum for any info about this, but couldnt find any...or is it just that I didnt see properly??any suggestion will be appreciated.anth.
ThongBodi #23

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:11/11/2004 08:10:01Copy HTML

You might want to try "Muscle Tank Suit" at http://www.studwear.com/index.php?action=listproducts&subaction=all&group=12&page=0 (they just resell http://www.deejay.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=4091, but Studwear import it to the UK for you, which is worth their markup).

The quality and fit is fantastic and it is just low enough vut to be able to wear with shorts to the gym.

However, you rpobably want to order a size bigger than you think.
anth2516 #24

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:11/18/2004 12:27:53Copy HTML

For those who like bodysuits, check out www.macadi.de. They have all good german underwear brands like Olaf Benz and Manstore. Quite a few of them on sale. An Olaf benz bodysuit is on sale too. I ordered one two days back. Waiting for the product to be shipped. For any of those who find it hard to understand the german language while ordering, use google translation tool. It shouldnt be hard that way.

Enjoy yourselves.

Thongon1 #25

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/02/2005 06:43:33Copy HTML

Hey folks,

     I just fell in love with Dee Jay Sportswear's Muscle Tanker thong bodysuit.  It's got a racer back so the straps will stay on your shoulders.  I got it at www.hunkwear.com.  Hope this helps anyone searching!!

Ex_Member #26

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/09/2005 02:04:54Copy HTML

How does one use the "facilities" when wearing a bodysuit? I mean, I'd hate to have to fully undress to get the garmet to below groin level.
steelfan3838 #27

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/09/2005 04:40:35Copy HTML

sun4bare-- its a thong- you just slide it to one side or the other
Ex_Member #28

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/10/2005 03:29:46Copy HTML

I find that short answer to be somewhat strange. The picture alone is funny and gross at the same time. I just don't see how the fabric can be pulled out of the way enough to do business. Don't think I'll be buying one anytime soon.
Elmware #29

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/10/2005 03:18:16Copy HTML

It's stretch fabric, and there is enough clearance.
nicthong #30

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/10/2005 07:15:06Copy HTML

To clear up the issue here, if you don't have a bodysuit with snaps underneath and you just need to pee, you can easily pull the fabric to one side without having to undress. If you need to do something that requires sitting down, likelihood is that it will require a little more effort and yes, you'll have to undress your top half in order to get the bodysuit down and out of the way. It can be a bit of an inconvenience but probably worth it for the feel of wearing a thong bodysuit. Give it a try!
Elmware #31

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/11/2005 11:25:18Copy HTML

Just slide it over to the side for number one and two.  Works for me.
dayne #32

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/14/2005 02:11:27Copy HTML

These are great for wearing to the gym.  Just put a pair of shorts over them and you are ready to go!  No reason to have to wear a jock or such, the support is right there.  I am beyond caring what anyone thinks when the see me changing for the pool or for a sweat.  If someone should say something, I have a classic answer, "Why do you ask?"  You find out where they are coming from rather quickly.
bahamutknightzero #33

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:09/19/2006 01:23:11Copy HTML

I'm interested too, but does anyone know of a good store in the US?
bahamutknightzero #34

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:09/19/2006 01:36:35Copy HTML

To the creator of this topic, thank you for making this topic. I've been interested in wanting a thong bodysuit but can't find any around here. Any advice any of you can give me for them? (including if I end up buying any female styles)
newthonger #35

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:12/24/2006 12:07:47Copy HTML

hello i want to wear a bodysuit without the snaps. anyone knows if the ones in this page dont have the snaps? http://www.lookme-underwear.com

Thong_Enthu #36

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:12/28/2006 12:53:15Copy HTML

Guys, try www.planet-undies.com, and have a look at the "Look Me" series of thong bodysuit. They come off a bit pricy, but they look good. wonder how it would be like to wear one of those.
DoreFan #37

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:01/07/2007 09:07:01Copy HTML

I have a few suspenders and slingshots that are like bodysuits. Most of these are from Dore. The only thing I can suggest is to buy ones with wider straps so they don't dig into your shoulders. As one person suggested, get them in one size bigger than you normally wear.

If anyone has other suggestions on where to find more of these, let me know.


thonger2005 #38

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:01/08/2007 09:06:21Copy HTML

DoreFan...I think the guy was talking about Thong bodysuits.........not slingshot/suspender thongs.
bahamutknightzero #39

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:01/21/2007 12:00:29Copy HTML

I'm also interested in wanting to know where to find thong bodysuits at non-ripoff prices. Also, what are you views of purchasing/finding and wearing ladies thong bodysuits/swimsuits?
Tanned Bum #40

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:02/10/2007 10:39:26Copy HTML

I currently own a couple from International Male, Tank top style made of cotton with a little bit of spandex. Go mix to use while working out or with a pair of jeans.




Dr S #41

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:02/14/2007 08:51:52Copy HTML

I particularly like dance leotards: Theyre simple in design (tank-cut), with no poppers at the crotch and very comfortable. I wear mine under lycra shorts / tights to yoga. Bought the last one (a Dansez one) from dancewear-edinburgh.co.uk.
JM_Runs #42

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/01/2007 03:22:23Copy HTML

You might also want to try moving to a womens thong bodysuit. I wear a sheer thong bodysuit from Wicked Temptations. If your a guy over about 80kg and about 5'9 it might be a bit small as its a one size fits all. I have worn this down at the beach recently hoping someone would see. Didn't get any negative comments from it and I felt pretty sexy.
Thongon1 #43

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/23/2007 10:48:51Copy HTML

Hey, I found a thong bodysuit that's really sexy.  It's the high-cut men's thong bodysuit from www.sexy2wear.co.uk.  I'm wearing mine now.  Here's the direct link:  http://www.sexy2wear.co.uk/mens-high-cut-body-r-1536.html  I hope that helps.  It has a tank top, so there's no worry about snaps. 
Dr S #44

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:03/31/2007 03:32:37Copy HTML

I've been wearing thong bodysuits for many years now, prefering simple designs that I can wear for sports (gym, running, yoga). The best I've found are dancer's leotards. My latest ones a Danasez one I bought from Dancewear of Edinburgh. Here's the link: http://www.dancewear-edinburgh.co.uk/CSS/catalogue/catagory44/page1.html . They're great because the never have the pesky snap crotch which is just uncomfortable and prone to going pop at the most innoportune moments.
JM_Runs #45

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:04/02/2007 05:17:50Copy HTML

That looks like a fabulous thing to wear. do you wear it on its own or with leggings or anything?
Dr S #46

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:04/11/2007 07:14:28Copy HTML

I'm not brave enough to go for wearing it on its own, but I generally either wear tights (running type) or lycra shorts. Not too much to the imagination I suppose, but they're in line with what lots of the women are wearing. I usually have a t-shirt over, at least to begin with, but have been known to shed this if it's warm. Very comfy, but it does tend to peek above my shorts doing some of the stretches.
esatrikoo #47

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:05/02/2007 04:53:48Copy HTML

Hey everyone,

you have a great forum here. Check out http://www.daviswear.de/deutsch/shop/index.html, if you like bodysuits. A great selection of all kind bodysuits, a little pricy though. Have anyone tried to order from them?

Moderator Note:  You may find the English version of the the site eayser to understand, although neither version is very easy to navigate.  The sites have two problems often found on the sites of small custom shops.  1)  Pictures are hopless, 2) Similar products are not all together but scattered around in lots of diffrent pages.  Link to English version: http://www.daviswear.com/englisch/shop/index.html
matt-j #48

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/04/2007 06:28:54Copy HTML

Hi Guys Wonder if someone could help me out here. I'm looking for a thong leotard/bodysuit in a silver color, it doesn't have to be for men, a women's one would be ok. I'm sure I've seen one on a dance wear site before but I can't remember the name, if I remember they had other stuff like tights and capri pants. Anybody out there know where I can find something like this Cheers Matt
sheer1delight #49

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/05/2007 08:13:37Copy HTML


Go to ebay.com or maybe ebay.co.uk.

Search under slingshot and among all the catapults you will find some revealing suits. Maybe not silver but there may be links to sites that do silver if that is the colour you really want!

Have you tried www.wickedtemptations.com or www.the-bikini.com

The first site does a lot of very fancy metallic gear for females. The second does some itty bitty slings but not so sure about silver though.

Don't forget to "google" it as well. There is bound to be someone that will do a sling thong

sheer1delight #50

Re:Thong bodysuit / Thong Leotard

Date Posted:06/26/2007 12:56:52Copy HTML

Bunis place on ebay has a lot of male slingshot outfits not sure if this what you want because it is extremely brief!!
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