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John Howard #51

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/31/2009 09:12:42Copy HTML

Bodysuits on men,  no, please don't.  At least not in public.
They look ridiculous on any man;  guys, please understand that thong bodysuits ARE NOT our territory, they belong to the ladies and full stop.
They looke 100% feminine, unlike a solid thong that can look very masculine. No matter how masculine the guy 's body is, wearing a thong bodysuit is almost as if he is wearing a ballerina tutu.
If some guys really like them, they should keep is as underwear only.

John Howard
JM_Runs #52

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/31/2009 03:10:29Copy HTML

 I think there is some misunderstanding.  For a man to be wearing  a thong body suit on the beach, one that looks like a women's once piece swimsuit, looks rediculous for he has no brests to cover up. 

BUT  It is quite common for that sort of garment to be worn under jeans in Europe instead of a T-shirt. When worn like this the leg holes and thong rear are hidden by the jeans. Just go to the German ebay site  http://www.ebay.de/  and do search on StringBody  .  You will find a lot of examples of the sort of garment for both men and women. 

Such body suits are designed to be worn in place of a t-shirt and with jeans.  They have extensive coverage, often including covering the arms too. This is basicly a garment that replaces both shirt and underware in one. When worn with jeans, by skinny people it looks good.

There is a further type of thong called a slingshot which is basically just a thong with straps running over the shoulders. That's totally diffrent again and not what people are referring to when talking about a thong bodysuit.
stanpuppy #53

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/14/2009 11:46:15Copy HTML

re " long sleeve" - American Apparel is currently selling them. Apparently, they are making a comeback for exercise wear, as i have seen several women wearing them in exercise magazines recently
clean_n_smooth #54

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/15/2009 05:45:13Copy HTML

I'm interested in buying a thong bodysuit but I'm having problems finding the one that I want. I'm looking for a long sleeve crew or v-neck thong back bodysuit. Has anyone tried the ones that Olaf Benz has? I'm currently considering the Princess thong bodysuit from Olaf Benz, but it's a womans one. The only long sleeve one that I've found that looks like it could be unisex. Thanks for your help.
toddster2828 #55

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/15/2009 09:11:01Copy HTML

Maybe try hohowear.com or hunkwear.com for thong bodysuit.
clean_n_smooth #56

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/16/2009 07:28:40Copy HTML

Thank you toddster2828 but nothing that I saw on their sites looks practial for everyday where and seems to be more of a novilety item. I'm looking for a normal color, (white, black, grey, red...) long arm crewneck or turtle neck thong bodysuit that I could wear under my everyday clothes and at work. So it's got to look professional. I'm tried bodysuit.com but they don't have any that fit my critera at the moment. It looks like I'm going to have to try a girls bodysuit and see how it works. I'm not against the idea but I don't so much like the idea of ordering and guessing which size would fit and hoping that it holds all the guy stuff in LOL. Oh well, thanks for the idea and I'd love to hear from others that have found the perfect bodysuit.
nicthong #57

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/16/2009 07:51:27Copy HTML

Try pumpers.com - a dancewear company but with a good selection of cotton-based fabrics too - you can pretty much customise the bodysuit you want and specify that it's to fit a man! I have two long sleeve thong bodysuits in black, one with a zip front, the other with a back zip, and both super-warm! :)
stanpuppy #58

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/19/2009 05:41:20Copy HTML

Check out www.brigittewear.com.  She has tons of them, including the original Borat suit.
clean_n_smooth #59

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/20/2009 05:51:25Copy HTML

I checked out the pumpers site, I like it but I'm not sure about paying around 100 for 2 of them when I can't feel or see them before :( Oh well, guess I'll keep looking or just trust them and order 2. Does anyone else have experence with them? Does anyone have one without the snaps in the bottom and without zipper? I'm not a fan of zipper and I had one before with the snaps and they drive me nuts throughout the day LOL. Look forward to hearing for everyone. Thanks again.
chicagothong1 #60

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/20/2009 08:42:46Copy HTML

Muscle Tanker Suit is fantastic...from http://www.deejay.com.au/products_bodysuits.php?cat=7
JM_Runs #61

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/22/2009 10:35:33Copy HTML

Thongon1 #62

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:12/31/2009 12:41:44Copy HTML

California Muscle now has their latest thong bodysuit ready.

stanpuppy #63

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/06/2010 02:06:51Copy HTML

I just noticed in my wifes closet the other day, she has a high end fashion one from Donna Karan.  It is a silk tank that tucks into pants, but has a very pronounced thong back that snaps under the crotch.  
clean_n_smooth #64

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/08/2010 06:00:50Copy HTML

Has anyone seen a long arm thong back or string back without the seam in the front and nice looking for everyday wear? The ones I've seen seem to ride so far up on the hips I'm sure it'd show above the belt line. If anyone has experience I'd love to hear. Thanks -C
ardvarken #65

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/08/2010 05:37:32Copy HTML

 I have one that I use for running and wear underneath everything else in winter.  Look for lycra dancewear, a lot of those sites offer a lot of different styles.  The thong versions always seem to ride too far up on hips though.
clean_n_smooth #66

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/08/2010 09:23:19Copy HTML

Ok, thanks. Do you think they even make low-rise type thong bodysuits?
SPR #67

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/08/2010 11:04:13Copy HTML

Found these recently


Lots of interesting stuff here.



I have brought stuff from admcity and its been OK.

underguy1 #68

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/30/2010 01:47:43Copy HTML

 Far and away the best thongbodies that I've found are the Olaf Benz Phantom range and any of the Manstore styles. Expensive but very high quality.
aztback #69

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/04/2010 06:22:46Copy HTML

I agree with some of the previous posters, the muscle tanker suit from deejay.com is the best body suit.  I have a black one, it is very comfortable and slinky.
JM_Runs #70

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/06/2010 08:53:59Copy HTML

I purchased a few womans ones from Wicked Temptations and just lately a womans one from Skinzwear. They fit pretty well and I feel pretty sexy in them
mrmartini1999 #71

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/04/2010 09:11:38Copy HTML

Bodysuit.com used to sell a man's thong bodysuit but stopped.  They recently started selling them again.  I bought one (it's called the Shelby) and am wearing it now with a pair of jeans.  It's very comfortable.  I've porchased other men's bodysuits from them and have been pleased with the fit and comfort.  I only wish they would use more natural fabrics.  No tank top style bodysuits either.  Definitely worth considering. 
p226 #72

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/11/2010 09:40:08Copy HTML

 I have a thong bodysuit from BodyAware that I find very comfortable and at less than $25 it's one of the more reasonably priced ones out there.
clean_n_smooth #73

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/13/2010 08:24:01Copy HTML

Which one do you have from BodyAware p226?
p226 #74

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/13/2010 05:29:20Copy HTML

 I have the Allstar All-in-One Bodysuit in red
Thongon1 #75

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/11/2012 06:18:52Copy HTML

     I have been itching to get stuff from both of those sites.  If only I had the money...........   When I do order from those sites, I'll report.  What is admcity like?  Sounds like you're liking them.....  :)
Thongon1 #76

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/15/2012 09:09:48Copy HTML

 Oops, you already told us how admcity's stuff is.  Sorry.  But, how many have you ordered from them?
fitfreak823 #77

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/16/2012 08:11:44Copy HTML

I have bought stuff from Daviswear.  Very good stuff, but a little bit pricey.
Andi001 #78

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:10/04/2012 08:02:12Copy HTML

There are more thong bodysuits out there.
Would be nice to have a list of woman's and man's thong bodysuits and thong one-piece swimsuits listed. Does such a list exist anywhere, if yes please let us know.

here is an example from the US:
http://www.starwearusa.com/index.cfm?method=Products_Category&catID=50 - there you can get all the woman's suits for an extra 5 USD made for man.

here is an example from Germany:

I personally also like wolford thong bodies - although these are made for woman they fit me very well.
French site anti-flirt thong bodysuits also fit nicely www.antiflirt.com (normally one can find them cheaper on ebay)
of course Olaf Benz - www.olafbenz.com - and manstore - www.manstore.de do man's thong bodysuits

shoyupoke #79

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 01:57:56Copy HTML

 Are any of the thong bodysuits on ebay worth buying?
mrmartini1999 #80

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:54:07Copy HTML

 Hi Shoyupoke, I was wondering the same thing. Most of what I see on eBay are from Chinese manufacturers. Not sure of quality and fit. 
sxmthonger #81

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 03:55:41Copy HTML

I've never worn a thong bodysuit, but Undergear currently has some very sexy ones available.  If the price gets right, I may have to give one a try.
johny_b #82

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 01:57:41Copy HTML

 bodysuit.com, they custom make them, you can get a snap crotch or regular,also they support the troops, i always buy from there just for that reason. if you look hard enough you will find some on ebay, not much money either.
mrmartini1999 #83

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:23:58Copy HTML

 I love the bodysuit.com products. Always had great luck with them. 
mrmartini1999 #84

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 06:04:07Copy HTML

 It's www.bodysuit.com Not "bodysuits"
Sorry for the earlier typo. 
sxmthonger #85

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/11/2014 11:10:55Copy HTML

Wow!  Those are really cool designs, and I really like their support of the troops.  I've never worn anything like this, but I'd consider, especially the polo shirt model, as I hate when my shirts untuck and make me look sloppy.  I will say that wearing these would get me some funny looks at the urinal, though.  ;-)
big daddy thong #86

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:10/16/2014 02:42:43Copy HTML

      I just purchased 2 Bodyaware thong body suits ( red & blue) that are listed as Yoga thong gear.  I have tried them on but have not yet worn them for yoga or another workout activities.  I will report back on how they perform.  I'm very hyped about using wearing for  hot yoga class.  I'm thinking about wearing it in old style fashion, like back in the 80's aerobics craze with them over my tights or spandex shorts. I can't wait to see the reaction.
mack_back #87

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/08/2016 06:16:40Copy HTML

Trying to buy a thong bodysuit to wear with jeans. Heard Wolford has good quality bodysuits. Just curious on sizing. Anyone have experience wearing thong bodysuit suggest sizing. Do i go by chest or hip sizing charts?
thongman8 #88

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/21/2016 02:19:22Copy HTML

 American Apparel has a thong body suit that looks like it might be comfy.  Check out their website.  You can find their stores in a few malls so you might be able to go see it in the store before you buy it.
flohflo #89

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/22/2016 07:47:52Copy HTML

 But it's for women, isn't it ?I can't see any men bodysuit on their website
clean_n_smooth #90

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/22/2016 10:36:29Copy HTML

 All of the bodysuits that I have bought are for women. They fit good, just have to be careful about the Buttons in the crotch.
Latex_Fan #91

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/22/2016 11:58:14Copy HTML

I have a few thong-back bodys. One that I like very much is this the Classic from Nixxxe.com

It fits well, very stretchy and the fabric is very soft.  I bought size L (I'm 1.84m / 74kg)
big daddy thong #92

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/22/2016 01:16:14Copy HTML

I have several Bodyaware thong bodysuits, I highly recommend them.
the satin is good for everyday wear.
the yoga is ecellent for workout gear
Beached_Santa_Cruz #93

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/22/2016 03:24:09Copy HTML

 I have the same bodyaware yoga bodysuit.  Fits great and works under tights/leggings for the gym.
danny108 #94

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/23/2016 12:05:14Copy HTML

 I'm also a big fan of thong body suits and have the Manstore string body. Great for logging around the house in or doing yoga. Pics in my gallery. I've had my eye on the Bodyaware suits for a long time
prodgie #95

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/31/2016 09:54:56Copy HTML

 I have purchased from this eBay store a couple of thong Unikini suits (bodysuit) for fun. The T-Shirt style with The side zipper fit amazing and you could swim in them to if you got a dark color. The Lycra is soft and strechy and they use soft seam stitches. The thong back is long so no pressure at all. I ordered mine in XL. I am 5ft 10" tall with a 34" waist. Highly recommend them. http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=admcity1&_pgn=1&isRefine=true
mack_back #96

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/03/2016 03:13:50Copy HTML

Find the thong bodysuit has to much of a V-shape cleavage up front. Not practical bought woman's bodysuit made of cotton waiting for delivery. Seeing if it fits well or not but much more practical to wear with skinny jeans and jacket.
odie77301 #97

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/03/2016 04:46:44Copy HTML

 Where can I find a large hole fish net tank top. For some season I imagine myself walking from the parking lot to the beach in a small thong and fish net short sleeve shirt or tank top. I have been on google and found ali express and amazon, but wanted to know of other good sites..
clean_n_smooth #98

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:02/03/2016 07:53:06Copy HTML

 I ordered one of the Body Aware yoga bodysuit. I'm happy with it but not supper happy. I think they could have made a way to open between the crotch when needing to use the bathroom. It is no fun to take off my Shirt so I can slide down my bodysuit LOL. Other then that, I love the fabric and the fit.
iloveum #99

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/09/2016 12:20:25Copy HTML

 Does anyone know any good bodysuit companies?  I want  a really hi cut suit.
Andi001 #100

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/09/2016 01:04:40Copy HTML

 There are quite some around. Depends for what you want them.  www.starwearusa.com was already mentioned in the thread - I have some of theirs and really like them have a look at the website - there are many high cut ones - look at the ladies one piece's and select  the male cut option. So was body aware but they don't really do high cut ones (anymore). There are also a handful of Germans: www.manstore.de - sure that some UK shops have manstore bodysuits too. www.tendenze-shop.de - a bite more pricy but very high quality. I personally also wear a lot of Wolford bodies (they call it string body which is a thong bodysuit).Olaf Benz did one called phantom stringbody - there are still some on eBay.de if you search for them. Got several in a sorts of colours these are very nice to wear (soft fabric), but only as underwear.

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