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iloveum #101

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/09/2016 10:30:32Copy HTML

 Thanks. I will have a look..The starwearusa suit looks good.. Have you got any pics to share?

Andi001 #102

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/10/2016 12:19:22Copy HTML

 Which suit are you interested in?
SunnyP #103

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/01/2016 11:15:45Copy HTML

 Don't forget www.jp-beach.de they do some too, i want to get loads from them but gonna have to be restrictive otherwise could spend a lot on their site
thonger_in_oz #104

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/03/2016 01:27:45Copy HTML

 i buy mine from a vendor on eBay
Good pricing, great quality!!!
Thongdude87 #105

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/12/2016 03:47:17Copy HTML

 You could always go for thong leotards that are made for ballet dancers. Most of them are stretchy enough that the female ones work for men too. Bal Togs is one of the major manufacturers of this style.

I'll post some links which may be of interest:


This company give you the option to customize all its leotards, and there are a lot of models. Meaning you get whatever style you like with thong backs:

Hope this helps.
ThingThong #106

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/16/2016 06:21:44Copy HTML

 I have bought these:
For running and going to the gym, not the best quality but cheap.
JM_Runs #107

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/17/2016 01:29:13Copy HTML

 I just ordered this from eBay and can't wait to wear it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/351663120749
thonger2005 #108

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/17/2016 10:14:16Copy HTML

 I want something like this, with high cut hips.

Thongon1 #109

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/17/2016 12:58:06Copy HTML

 This might be what you'd like:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-bodysuit-Racer-Back-Thong-Leotard-Onesie-Soft-Smooth-G428B-/261993849745?var=&hash=item3d000ce391:m:mpqjxiHmRZQWGYHEUnc7kJg

That's one ebay user, but this is the one I prefer:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/R428-Hot-Mens-Thong-Bodysuit-Stretch-Sexy-Swimsuit-High-Cut-Racer-Back-/171902196302?var=&hash=item28062b5a4e:m:mpqjxiHmRZQWGYHEUnc7kJg

The Second vendor's name is Swirlfashion.  I have two of these in black, and I am very satisfied. 
ThongersAngels #110

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/19/2016 05:07:18Copy HTML

 Those look great! I wanna look into those for us.
JM_Runs #111

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/19/2016 10:53:25Copy HTML

 These are cut really high http://www.ebay.com/itm/321746575415?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=510889831255&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
I order one of these the other day and should be here in a week or so. 
Thongon1 #112

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/21/2016 11:19:51Copy HTML

 That's a good option.  Those look really cool!  There's another kinda version of the ebay men's high-cut thong bodysuit I posted earlier.  It's a little more high-end and expensive:  http://www.dealbyethan.com/JP-Beach-Body-Empire-Lycra-Bodysuit-Pick-Color#gotodesctab

I'd highly recommend Deal By Ethan for ideas on new thong bodysuits or other sexy wear.  I bet they also have a lot of stuff that could be cool for women to wear, as well.
flohflo #113

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:06/09/2016 06:16:00Copy HTML

 Does anyone know the brand of this bodysuit ?http://thongmen.tumblr.com/post/144443688529/whats-the-brand-of-this-bodysuit-and-where-can-i Where could I buy one ? Thanks a lot !
NE_OH_thonger #114

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:06/10/2016 05:38:51Copy HTML

 Don't quote me on it, but I think that came from Undergear, back in the day. Since they're out of business now (Or at least appear to be), it's going to be tough to find one.
big daddy thong #115

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:09/07/2016 06:47:04Copy HTML

 I have added a few pics of my new unisex thong bodysuits, apologies for the quality.  fyi.. the purple over the blue tights is a throwback to the 80's aerobics days.  On occasion I will where this outfit to hot yoga and get lots of positive remarks from the yoga chicks
capnscallywags #116

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:09/10/2016 06:49:58Copy HTML

 I've bought a couple of thong bodysuits from Bodyaware. They're great! The YogaAware suit is a really soft spandex material and the Satin ones are fun in the bedroom. They come back in stock every few months.
SixDelta #117

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:09/10/2016 07:46:05Copy HTML

I have a few of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/R428-Hot-Mens-Thong-Bodysuit-Stretch-Sexy-Swimsuit-High-Cut-Racer-Back-/171902196302?var=&hash=item28062b5a4e:m:mpqjxiHmRZQWGYHEUnc7kJg
Love the high cut sides and they're super comfortable. I've been wearing them on weekends around the house or under my clothes when I'm out running errands.
HotBuns #118

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:09/16/2016 06:02:42Copy HTML

 California Muscle has one in their workout wear section and they may have others as well.
johny_b #119

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:10/23/2016 01:43:29Copy HTML

 im a thong bodysuit and leo wearer, i like the high cut ones cuz when you stretch, it stretches with you, love the feeling of it. i have several i wear as everyday wear, very comfy once you get used to it.
ThongBodi #120

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:01/13/2017 12:14:45Copy HTML

I've just got one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DZ6GRSO

Normally I'd stay away from anything that says "one size", but at that price (1/10th of what it would be from Bruno Banai or Hom) I took a chance. It's tiny but it stretches to fit my skinny (70kg/175cm) body fine and could stretch a bit more - probably OK much smaller and a little larger.  Very thin but (in black) still just about opaque.

Most difficult bit is working out how to put it on - normally you step into a bodysuit through the neck, but this is quite a high neck (almost halter style) and my legs won't fit through it. So I step in through the sides. Once on it feels great. Not sure what you'd use it for. Unlike my still-favourite DeeJay body, I wouldn't dare stick a pair of shorts over it and wear it outside (running or gym) and it wouldn't last if I did. But worth having.
Thongon1 #121

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/16/2017 04:19:54Copy HTML

 If anyone is looking for a 'general purpose' thong bodysuit, I'd recommend The body string from X-Ban:  http://www.planet-undies.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=111191

-I live in the United States, and the Planet Undies site - http://www.planet-undies.com/catalog/lingerie_homme.php

 - Seems reasonable as far as price on this particular item.  I have four of these in green, orange, and black(2 in green, 1 in orange, and 1 in black), and they seem to be holding up just fine.  The only issue is with one of my green ones, where the sleeve under-arm seam has started to unravel, but I can sew it back up pretty easily.  I've worked out in these, and even wore one to work!  They have a clip in the crotch that unhooks, and that's how you get in an out of the bodysuit.  It's kinda nice to have this option, since women have a lot more different crotch-opening bodysuits available.  It's just nice to have one for guys, too.
ThongBodi #122

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:03/31/2017 12:11:54Copy HTML

Good tip Thongon1 - http://www.planet-undies.com/ - not come across that before.
Thongon1 #123

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/02/2017 01:46:44Copy HTML

 Thanks, ThongBodi!  Yeah, I guess I just stumbled on that site.  There have been a lot of great tips here.  Thonger_in_OZ(Hope I got his name right) posted a tip about another awesome place to order thong bodysuits.  I ordered from that site, and I'll report back when it arrives.   / So, an update for the X-Ban thong bodysuit I got - I was able to sew that sleeve back together again, and that one bodysuit is the only one I've had that problem with.  Oh, and I'm kind of crappy at sewing, so anyone can do it.  :)
Thongon1 #124

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/22/2017 09:55:48Copy HTML

Hey, so thonger_in_oz had mentioned a vendor on ebay: 


I had mentioned that I had ordered from that site and would report back here.  I was very impressed with what I got back.  I ordered a men's spandex thong leotard with high hips like this one: 


I was able to get mine in black and size small.  It's one of my favorites, now.  I would highly recommend that ebay seller.  Thanks for the tip, thonger_in_oz!!
clean_n_smooth #125

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/24/2017 03:56:10Copy HTML

 I haven't post for awhile but after buying this thong bodysuit I had to share it with you all. It has wider shoulder straps and looks under a shirt just like a normal undershirt. Absolutely amazing fit and the fabric is really soft and the quality is good. I only ordered 2 but will be ordering another 5. They also have the same with a racerback that I ordered 1 in white and 1 in black. They both fit just as good and comfortable as the one with the wider strap. I hopethat you try it. For the price I am very happy with them.

BALI Lingerie - Damen Body Stringbody mit breiten Tr?gern - S M L XL (S/M - (36/38), Wei?) https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00SZCE3U8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_8xx.yb6FZ1MN9
shoyupoke #126

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/25/2017 01:39:33Copy HTML

@clean_n_smooth how does the front fit? Is it a low cut or more like a v neck? Thanks.  
clean_n_smooth #127

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/25/2017 09:38:14Copy HTML

 The front fits just like a normal tanktop undershirt. I wear them every day at work under my dress shirt so that I don't have to retuck in all day long. I still wear a thong under it since I don't want it getting dirty so quick and the thong helps keep the boys in check and from falling out all over the place ;p
Cicada3 #128

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/26/2017 04:14:44Copy HTML

Glad the conversation around thong bodysuits is still ongoing =) I second the recommendation from Bilelika. I've got so many well fitting suits custom made from the shop now. And I love the high cut especially - mine are all cut at the waist and they feel so great.

I wear them as everyday wear now and mostly without pants. I love the extra-pantsless feeling that I get - most of my bodysuits are sleeved so it's cozy at the top but super breezy and naked down below. It's just so liberating. And with the high cut the fit never shifts no matter how I move.
string_theory #129

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/29/2017 08:49:28Copy HTML

I have several from Swirlfashion on eBay.  The quality and fit are good.  A thong bodysuit works well when wearing short shorts.
sailor250 #130

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/29/2017 09:41:07Copy HTML

 I've been wondering how you take a leak in those body suits?  Women have to peel off their whole leotard.  It seems to be a real hassle if you're wearing them "on the street" with shorts etc over them.  With a sling shot swim suit I can pop out and pee, then put myself in the pouch without having to unstring.  At the ocean beach you can pee while swimming, without removing a suit but that's different than a public restroom at JFK!
Cicada3 #131

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:04/30/2017 05:18:05Copy HTML

@sailor250 I don't think it's any different - you just slide the suit to the side to pee, and then slide back on when it's done. I guess for suits with snaps it's a bit more convenient, but I haven't had any experience with the comfort/fit of those. For my preferred bodysuits the cut is usually high enough that this isn't a problem at all. Not sure for those suits that are lower cut and resemble tucked shirts when you wear them out - but those usually have snaps at the crotch anyway, I think.
clean_n_smooth #132

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/02/2017 05:43:18Copy HTML

 All of the thong bodysuits that I have, have snaps in the crotch. Using the bathroom is no problem at all.
capnscallywags #133

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/19/2017 10:54:24Copy HTML

Bodyaware has re-released their satin and yoga suits in new colors. Again, having both; they're excellent.

To pee, you just slide it to the side. They have buttoned-ones, but I don't think in a thong style. If you're going #2, you're either sliding it WAY off to the side (they're pretty stretchy) or taking it off.
Thongon1 #134

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:05/20/2017 01:49:33Copy HTML

 The X-Ban Thong Bodysuits have passed the bathroom test, both #1, and #2 with flying colors.  I have to say, to the points of other posters, ya slide it to one side, and you're good.  For #2, it works for me to wear my X-Ban, and then un-snap 'em, do your business, and then snap 'em back up.  It'll all work out, whatever bodysuit you choose.  Everybody's different.  Choose you're best fit, and then, if ya want, report back here.  We'd all love to hear about it, y'know?  Have the best time shopping, wearing, and whatever.  Rock it!  :)
sailor250 #135

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:10/04/2017 01:47:56Copy HTML

 Here's an interesting lingerie one piece slingshot sort of thing- hot as hell!! http://www.dessous-sets.de/Bodies/Chiffon-Stringbody-Blink?  Here's a sheer little one that I like- I think I could learn to release that clip with my tongue?? maybe http://www.dessous-sets.de/Bodies/transparenter-Body-String-Aura-Gr-e-L
Charlie03 #136

Re:Thong bodysuits

Date Posted:11/20/2018 12:39:14Copy HTML

Daviswear has updated their website and shop. Www.daviswear.de

I love to wear them. She makes them to messure. Many fabric options and designs as well. First I ordered all hipster styles to prevent thong showing. Today I go more brave, always love wearing them. 

Sometimes I wear one under a suite. Then more modest colors. It has almost too much to choose from... Price can be an issue, but the delivered quality is absolutely worth it!

Regards Charlie

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