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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:04/08/2019 02:25:56Copy HTML

Here is the place to count down your favorite thong comments.  You can mention 10 or any number of items you want as long as you mention at least three comments.  The countdown should contain both positive and negative comments you have heard about thong wearing, with #1 being the comment that means the most to you (for whatever reason).  You can put comments with only minor text changes or which mean the same thing together.  Please start your own list here -- not simply add a few additional comments to another person's list.  

Here is my list:

#17 "I wish the front was narrow too."  I heard this twice last summer, but never before.

#16 "I hope my parents [boss or whomever] don't find out I dress like this!"

#15 "Cute Shorts!" -- seems like a common comment by women in the mid-west.

#14 "Put some cloths on" or "Put a shirt on" or put something else on.

#13 "Are thongs legal" or "Are thongs legal on men".

#12 "I am not supposed to let thongs in." or "If my boss finds out I let you in, I could get into trouble."

#11 "Doesn't the back hurt?" men still ask this at times, women generally know what a thong feels like from underwear.

#10 "I like seeing guys in thongs" or "I wish more men wore thongs."

#9 "Where can I get a thong like that for my husband [or boyfriend or whomever].

#8 "If women can wear them, men should be able to wear them too."  (More popular now perhaps because of cheeky swimwear and/or new interests by some in equality of the sexes.)

#7 "Your swimsuit certainly doesn't cover too much."

#6 "I like the front bulge in your thong."

#5 "Can I put lotion on your 'legs' [or 'back'].  Really means can I put lotion on your buns.

#4 "You would never catch me in one of those!"

#3 "Can I take your picture." or "Can I have my picture taken with you?"

#2 "Nice tan"

#1 "Nice Buns"

I have only a few times heard people address both men's and women's swimwear choices in the same comment.

teeback269 #1

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/08/2019 09:04:07Copy HTML

When I cycle to the pool in the mornings (around 6am) I have heard a few no 14, mainly from older men in cars (I take it it is just jealousy!). From most women, even police women, it is usually smiles.
tbck1000 #2

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/08/2019 04:20:38Copy HTML

“Nice bathing suit”  (positive or negative depending on tone of voice)

“That looks uncomfortable.”

“Guys should not be allowed to wear thongs.”

“More guys should wear thongs.”

“Are you gay?”

“Does your girlfriend mind you wearing a thong?”

“Can I take a picture of/with you?” (positive or negative)

“Look at your (insert body part)!”

“Show me your (insert body part)!”

“You don’t have to cover up for me. I like it!” (Said by an elderly woman approaching as I slipped some cover shorts over a g-string to avoid offending her)

“Is it legal for you to have an er@ct!on like that while wearing a thong bathing suit in public?”

“Do you realize people can see through your bathing suit when it’s wet?”

mack_back #3

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/08/2019 07:38:24Copy HTML

One woman at a pool complainted about me wearing a tiny swimsuit, "Someone tell this man he is wearing to little, or not enough coverage" but another woman with big smile on her face and smart loud answer "He sure has a lot to cover up!"  To the delight of roaring laughter of every woman standing poolside except the one making the original complaint. 

The overweight husband with his wife saying "Can you see me wearing that?"  Wife laughing sayng: "LOOK AT HIM!! You first need a body like his to be wearing something like that"

Two woman as i walked passing them on the beach. "You have a nice backside"  Other woman says  "what are you talking about, he has nice frontside as well".

"Did you forget the other half of your swimsuit in locker room"?

RapidBlue #4

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/09/2019 12:02:52Copy HTML

10. I could arrest you for indecent exposure (State Park Ranger said to me as I wore a Rio back suit). 9. Nice suit! Nice package! 8. I wish I had your confidence. 7. Faggot! Go put on some clothes. 6. Wow! Nice suit! 5. Can I pick out the thong you wear to the pool tomorrow. 4. Nice, I wish my .... boyfriend, husband, partner ... would wear something like that. 3. You’re sexy as hell!!! 2. You have the best suit. You look great. 1. We like EVERYTHING about you. I’ve heard all of these from mostly women on the beach or at a pool. The negative came from men.
Thongzo #5

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/09/2019 12:45:24Copy HTML

Ha! Great thread...here are my top ten actual lines I've heard. Some are related to the tan line though.... 10. Ewwww! (from a group of bros that I walked by on the beach in Mexico) 9. Rocking the banana hammock today? (from a female friend during the same trip) 8. Don't cover up, gives these ladies a show! (same friend right before we went for a walk on the beach) 7. Wow, look at this guy (from a younger gal who walked by while I was thonging at the lake in MN) 6. Wow, you have a tan line... (from a gal who had just unzipped my pants) 5. Bold move! (gal who saw me sunning at the beach) 4. Can I take a picture of your butt? (older lady who befriended by at the beach one day) 3. You definitely have no problem pulling that off! (random girl at the beach) 2. Do you always wear little undies like that? (from a girl I met up with one afternoon while we were getting dressed...) 1. Ok, so that is one hot tan line. (girl who saw it after we got undressed)
bmicro #6

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/10/2019 01:23:55Copy HTML

Here are a few of the many that I have heard over the years: That thong is illegal in the park (Florida state park police) Please wear something so you don’t look nude from the back, we got a few complaints regarding a naked man (South Beach lifeguard when I was wearing only a baggie – a simple string tied around my waist solved this problem) Put something on (from homeless man wanting to use the shower) Can you really wear that suit legally (sure, most anything is acceptable here) Didn’t you lose half of your suit (wearing a one-sided suit) More men should wear thongs That’s a great suit, where did you get it? I wish more men were as open and bold as you! We need to take you to the pool where the future bride is (from a bachelorette group on the beach) That Suit (Dubio yellow big holes sling) is so fashion forward! Wow! You look great in that! Look at that guy, he’s amazing! Woo Hoo! Great suit! That suit looks so sexy on you! Wow! That suit doesn’t cover much! Wonderful! That suit really shows off your assets! You have the best swimsuit on the beach! Wow! What a suit! Can I take a picture with you? (many different versions of this)
tobias5711 #7

Re:Thong comment countdown

Date Posted:04/10/2019 11:36:12Copy HTML

Today I was at the indoor pool at college again in a Ikingsky black patterned thong. A new guy from Jamacia came and swam for a while . He was wearing a tight mid thigh brief underwear. We talked for a few minutes how people from Jamaica were so laid back and accepting of smaller swimwear and even nudity. When he left he said " I hope to see more of you" - I laughed and said "You have already seen a lot more than most see of me." He laughed and said, "Yep, I've seen most of you, not more left to see."
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