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Date Posted:09/28/2018 03:46:47Copy HTML

I am gulity of buying way to many thongs. I like thongs. I wear thongs, almost every day in public. Even so I still have too many.

I have always been frugle, (ex-girlfirend says cheap), and that is compounded by a current lack of income.
I don't have a TV but do spend way to much time on the web. When not reading policial or legal comentary I often default to searching out good thong deals on ebay or AliExpress.

Sometimes when I find a limited supply, or a supply with limited production capacity I won't tell everyone on the board the deal, especially if it would result in a bidding war.
However other good deals, normally from Chinese makers, are low cost and have deep supply.  So after ordering a couple for myself I should let the rest of you know.
Therefore here is a thread for me to post hot deals on low cost thongs. Ones I have found, purchesed and am pleased with the quality.

I have just come in from outside. This morning one neibour said hellow, another stopped ot chat while walking her dog, and the third told me why the police chopper was circling near by.
Because I wear my thongs in public, at the beach or around my neibourhood I strongly prefer thongs that are not transparent, so I can comfortably wear them in public.
Therefore the thongs I am going to be recomending are opaque, at lest when dry, and for the most part usable on a public beach.

With ebay you can sort by price and shipping, but vendors game the system by listing one of something lese cheep to get bumped up in the listings.

With AliExpress you can sort by price, (which many vendors game in the same way), but then have to compare by hand the listings to figure out which is really less cost when shipping is added in.
So I have done that work for you, and found the best deal for the week. 

Almost all the budget thong deals come from China, and as a general rule, Chinse supplyers use Chinese sizing, even if the tag is in English.

Chinese sizing means a US medium (32-34) should normally order XL or XXL, and US small (29-31) should order L or XL.
As a general rule of thumb, unless you are really skinny, you won't go wrong ordering the largest size they sell.

People over 35" in waist may find most Chinse products are too tight. If you wear suits that are too tight it will give you muffin top.

Chinese delivery times generally run 30 to 40 days, so don't order two weeks before a vacation and expect to have thongs before you leave.

Having said all that, here are my top picks for this week:

Here is a Metalic thong. Somewhat conservitive in cut, with racing stripes. I think it looks a little like a narrow speedo like from the front.
Not very streachy because of the Metalic fabric, and Chinese sizing, so order XXL if US medium (32-34), XL if US small (29-31). 
Less than $3 with free shipping. DEAL 

Same thong from AliExpress
Again with free shipping. 

Here is a Nylon version of the same thong listed above. More streachy and soft, however the Nylon is rather transparent, more so than appears in the pictures, so stay away from any light color.
At $2.25 with shipping they are a deal. Chinese sizing. I ordered XL which fit my 34" waist just fine.

This last month I found a thong cut I have bought previsoly was available in a new and rather nice fabric variation:

Normally I don't spend more than $5 for this sort of cut, but the extra $2 for this fabric is well worth it.
I have one in bright blue and red. They fit better than the photo suggests.
Chinese sizing so I suggest you order XL if US medium (32-34), L if US small (29-31)

Even after ordering the largest size available I sometimes find the thong is still a little bit tigher in the waist band than I like. 
I don't want the strap of the thong creating a crese in my soft flesh. I want it lying softly over the top, as if my buns were made of steel, which they are not.
It is not a question of feeling too tight, but of looking like it is too tight. 

So when a thong comes in that is a bit snug I just hang it on a rail in the closet. One side hooked to the top rail, the other side streached by a 10 pound weight.  
After a few months, or in some cases many months, the waist elastic gives up some of tis twang.  Thongs haning in closit are inxpected every couple of months to see if they have relaxed.

tobias5711 #1

Re:Thong deals, suggestions and recomendations from JM_Runs

Date Posted:09/28/2018 10:06:26Copy HTML

JM Runs- thanks for you list and recommendations. The last thong looks like it is made by the same manufacturer which makes a thong I recently bought. The material looks the same and I love it. The pouch looks wider than mine and does not protrude. My suit has a very thin black elastic waist and a true small triangle in the rear. I wear it as underwear and also to the lake. I wore it today as underwear but changed into a skinzwear black stuffit thong to wear in the gym pool at college. I will list the link at aliexpress. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Men-Brazilian-G-String-Posing-Thong-Underwear-Male-Secret-Back-Choice-Hot-Shots/32860946746.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.54f54c4dm6ShjU The same retailer sells another skimpy thong/ more of a g-string. I ordered on in pink and one in white. Love the thin material and the fit, but the dye on the pink one still runs after 10 washes and soaking in vinegar and salt. I might order other colors. The link is below https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sexy-Men-s-Spandex-Pouch-Thong-Underwear-Elastic-G-string-Swimwear-Micro-Bikini-T-back/32800218922.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.54f54c4dm6ShjU
JM_Runs #2

Re:Thong deals, suggestions and recomendations from JM_Runs

Date Posted:10/18/2018 06:30:21Copy HTML

@tobias - Yes the fabric is the same. I have one of each of these. They are both in front of me now. The difference in cut is not how you think. The front coverage on the one you liked too, the one with the black elastic straps, is as wider and taller. The last one I linked to starts out a similar shape near the bottom of the front but is narrower and a lot less tall in the front. Rear triangles are very similar in size. Most of the difference is the thong in your first link, has a taller and wider front. Sizing, the last one I linked to is tighter, runs smaller: Because it use the fabric covered side straps, so does not have the stretch of the uncovered black elastic.
tobias5711 #3

Re:Thong deals, suggestions and recomendations from JM_Runs

Date Posted:10/18/2018 06:35:36Copy HTML

Thx JM Runs. I think I will order a few of the ones without the black elastic. Thanks for the update.
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