<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:04/28/2017 07:30:26Copy HTML

Maybe this has already been up on the board but any way.
That is a smart chart, it is old and not up to date and you cannot add new entries.
Does anyone know of a chart like that that is in use?
Or maybe we should create a new?
Nuwalket #1

Re:Thong friendly beaches chart

Date Posted:04/28/2017 03:04:39Copy HTML

 Thankfully there are quite a few here that post information concerning Ohio beaches on here but it would be nice to have a handy reference for traveling! An old nude hiking site I used to contribute to had a breakdown by state as to places to hike naked. A list of places where thongs or G's are accepted would be nice. 
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