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Date Posted:06/20/2017 12:39:34

I just got back from a trip to the Akron area.  Randy my Husband/boyfriend and I went up on Monday, and were joined by Nikki on Thursday and  Friday.  The day we arrived, it was cloudy all day, and the place we stayed only had an outdoor pool.  There were breaks in the rain, but the sun never broke through the clouds.  This didn't stop Randy form sucking up  to the desk girls.  He is quite a flirt, and hands out compliments and finds other ways to make a women feel good about themselves.  Tuesday kept us away all day, and we were pretty wiped out by the time we got back, so we didn't even consider thonging, even though the pool was opened.  Wednesday morning was nice, and we hung around most of the day.  About noon, Randy and I went down to the pool.  The pool was not huge, but was in a nicely landscaped, almost park like setting, with the two story "extended stay" suites surrounding it.  There was also a basket ball court and some other recreational areas in this common area.  We looked around but found no pool towels, and didn't know if they even had them or if they wanted us to use our room towels.  We went back into the lobby and while I looked at the brochures about local attractions, Randy headed over to the desk to ask about towels.  I could hear every word, but I don't think the young female clerk could see me and didn't know I was there.  Randy loves to wear as little as possible when it gets really hot, and we were having a 90 degree hot spell with very high humidity.  He wore an open-side T-shirt with the sides cut out enough that his nipples showed all the time.  He also had on a pair of his skimpiest cut-offs with several frayed holes and the pockets dangling down the legs in front, but the pockets in the back almost cut off.

Randy addressed the girl at the desk as nicely and sweetly as he could.  He complimented her on her looks and how nice it was to have such an attractive smile greeting him.  Then he ask if he was dressed okay for the lobby, pointing out that signs said shirts and shoes were required.  She glanced at him then said she didn't see anything wrong with his outfit.  After a little more chit-chat, Randy ask if they had pool towels or if we were supposed to use the towels from the room.  She said they had pool towels, and when he said there were none out by the pool, she told him to go back to his room and put his swimsuit on and she would take some towels out to the pool while he was getting changed.  He replied that he had a Speedo on under his shorts.  She looked again at his shorts and said something like "you must have on a pretty tiny speedo to be able to wear it under those shorts without it showing."  Randy ask if his Speedo would be acceptable at the pool, and she said "of course".  He said he wasn't sure since the sign at the pool said "guests must wear appropriate swimwear".  She again said his Speedo would be okay, and followed him out to the pool with a stack of pool towels.  I took a side-door outside, and met up with them again as Randy was adjusting a lounger and the clerk was putting towels on a rack near the pool.  He had removed his shirt, but waited on taking his shorts off until she was looking his way.  As she explained that the staff was supposed to have restocked the pool towels, Randy unzipped his jean short and slid them off.  "Oh my, she said," that is a tiny Speedo.  I didn't know they made them that small."  He came over, still facing her, to get a towel and then walked back to his lounger, exposing his bare butt.

"I didn't realize you were wearing a thong," she said to Randy, who turned towards her again.  "This is a Speedo thong," Randy pointed out.  "See, there is the Speedo logo above my crack," he added as he turned away again so she could see his buns again.  "That is so cool," she said as I entered the pool enclosure too.  I headed to a lounger near Randy's as he ask if his swimwear was acceptable swimwear.  "Why wouldn't it be?" she ask.  Randy showed her the sign that said "appropriate swimwear" was required, and she grinned at him and said "in weather like this, I don't think that rule should even apply," she added.  I ask her if I could go topless (topfree is a term most people don't understand), and she sort of shrugged and said "sure", but I don't think her eyes moved from Randy's body the whole time.  The clerk had been pretty shocked by what Randy was wearing, but I was the next person to be shocked.  "If you want, you guys can swim and get sun in the nude."

Randy and I looked at each other for a moment, and then at the clerk.  She was being serious.  Randy stripped off his thong, and I did likewise.  The only thing the clerk told us was that while thongs would be cool outside the pool area, that I should wear a top and we both would need bottoms if we left the pool enclosure since much of the rest of the motel grounds could be seen from the street or other properties.

We laid out for about three hours, swimming and getting sun all over our bodies.  At one point another young lady came out and took her top off, but kept her bottom on, but she said she thought we both had "balls" to use the pool in the nude.  Later that night, we went back for a evening swim, slipping out of our cloths again, and the young lady came back down and this time slipped her cloths off too.  She said she checked and they told her that since the motel caters mostly to well-educated business people who are in town for a week or two, that the lady at the desk -- the one we had talked to earlier -- said she didn't see anything wrong with skinny dipping since nobody complained when we took our suits off earlier in the day.

She said the owner and staff sometimes used the pool in the buff at midnight for after-work parties, and that her boss saw no reason guests could not do the same.  This is a chain operation, however, and she was concerned that if the chain caught wind of what was going on, they might tell the franchisee that nudity at the pool would have to go -- but she said thongs were up to each motel to decide about.

tremendimouse #1

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:06/20/2017 06:16:20

 Sure would be nice to know the name and location of this thong/nude friendly hotel so that others can go there too. 
Mary0826 #2

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:06/21/2017 01:17:38

In my travels, many places permit thongs.  Some will tell you "NO" if you ask because that is their official policy, but they rarely enforce the policy unless someone complains.  This brings up the "Do I ask first" question.  Ohio is not the biggest state, but being about 200 miles wide, and 200 miles tall, there are a lot of regional differences.  Go to a motel near a thong-friendly state park, and you are more likely to get away in a thong.  It is not guaranteed, but it seems that places near thong friendly areas are themselves more thong friendly.  Big city and upscale hotels like Hilton often have a policy that you can wear whatever you want -- as long as it is a swimsuit.  Other places are pretty conservative, and thongs are not welcome.

I have (unfortunately) spent a lot of days in motels and hotels all over the US in the last year.  I have found the respectable "long term" type places to be more thong tolerant.  These are the ones which have rooms that are more like apartments than motel rooms, with full kitchens, real refrigerators, and often separate sleeping room.  It is very rare to see children at these type places, since they are set up for people who travel for business, but have to stay in one place for weeks or even months on end.  People fitting this category are usually young -- but not too young, often single, and even if not single traveling alone.  "Extended stay" motels often have social mixers for their customers which include complimentary beer and wine, and other events so people can make friends.  This type place would be more thong tolerant I suspect simply because the motel customers are the people less likely to complain about thongs in the first place. 

Top freedom for the ladies is, unfortunately a thing rarely accepted by motels and hotels -- at least officially.  I stayed one place in San Antonio where women and men could wear thongs, and women were permitted to go topfree in the pool area.  I suspect that since the pool was only visible from within the motel and nobody could see it from outside, that this was part of the reason.  Traci mentions this in her motel description.  Acceptance of total nudity is very rare most places.  I don't know what rules or laws might be involved, but I would assume that places with nude acceptance would certainly have to be totally hidden from other properties, as well as public places.

With respect to telling us the exact name and location, I can understand Traci's possible reluctance, especially if motel employees are worried about the base company that holds the franchisee name finding out.  This is like a place that sells drinks to minors or after legal hours.  They are going past the limits of the law (or rules) and if caught could get into trouble.

I believe that there is a potential market for places that openly permit clothing optional activities.  This would include motels.  Unfortunately, no chain or alliance of private places that I know of has such a policy.  It is an exceptional experience to find a place that permits topfree pool use, or better still nudity, but the few places I have found generally have had to stop after a while as word of their openness to these practices become known, and pressure is put on them to stop.

As an alternative to motels and hotels, there are several nudist groups that have arranged with motels and/or hotels to have clothing optional swim nights.  These are generally opened to families including kids, and most have a fair amount of turn-out.  These nights usually occur as infrequently as a few times a year to once a week.  Some establishments do this the night before the pool is drained and cleaned!  I have read on other web sites about at least three places in Ohio where this is done -- the only bad thing is most require some type of club membership.  Members may be subject to background history to keep out sex offenders.

My suggestion is that if anyone wants to know more about the place Traci is talking about, they might want to send her a text message asking for the details.  I have gotten a lot of information about a lot of people and places over the years in this direct approach.

sctty #3

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2017 01:48:58

 Hello all... ive been looking for a thong/nude friendly hotel pool around akron/southern northeast ohio area. Has anyone had any luck and could pass along any info for me? Please message me if you have.. ty ty!!!
davyj1 #4

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:07/10/2018 12:40:18

 Great story Traci!  Only once have I ever been able to do likewise, and it was in Vermont, which is fairly laid back on that stuff.  I had checked in at about 1:00 when almost no one was there  I mentioned to the desk clerk (a college age girl) that I didn't have a swimsuit with me, so would it be ok if I skinny dipped in the pool, noting that no one else was there.  After a little hesitation said it was ok.  Every time thereafter when I went by the desk she was all smiles and giggles.  Eventually I noticed she had a closed circuit monitor on the pool, so she had obviously been watching me the entire time.  That evening there were others there, but, since I now had "permission", I still went naked and no one complained.  The next day, passing by the desk after an long afternoon swim, There were 3 or 4 girls there, who all started giggling and smiling as I went by.  Obviously they were friends of hers, perhaps invited to come and watch the show as all the monitors were on the pool area.  I simply smiled back and said hi and noted that I had had a good swim.
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