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Date Posted:06/20/2017 12:39:34Copy HTML

I just got back from a trip to the Akron area.  Randy my Husband/boyfriend and I went up on Monday, and were joined by Nikki on Thursday and  Friday.  The day we arrived, it was cloudy all day, and the place we stayed only had an outdoor pool.  There were breaks in the rain, but the sun never broke through the clouds.  This didn't stop Randy form sucking up  to the desk girls.  He is quite a flirt, and hands out compliments and finds other ways to make a women feel good about themselves.  Tuesday kept us away all day, and we were pretty wiped out by the time we got back, so we didn't even consider thonging, even though the pool was opened.  Wednesday morning was nice, and we hung around most of the day.  About noon, Randy and I went down to the pool.  The pool was not huge, but was in a nicely landscaped, almost park like setting, with the two story "extended stay" suites surrounding it.  There was also a basket ball court and some other recreational areas in this common area.  We looked around but found no pool towels, and didn't know if they even had them or if they wanted us to use our room towels.  We went back into the lobby and while I looked at the brochures about local attractions, Randy headed over to the desk to ask about towels.  I could hear every word, but I don't think the young female clerk could see me and didn't know I was there.  Randy loves to wear as little as possible when it gets really hot, and we were having a 90 degree hot spell with very high humidity.  He wore an open-side T-shirt with the sides cut out enough that his nipples showed all the time.  He also had on a pair of his skimpiest cut-offs with several frayed holes and the pockets dangling down the legs in front, but the pockets in the back almost cut off.

Randy addressed the girl at the desk as nicely and sweetly as he could.  He complimented her on her looks and how nice it was to have such an attractive smile greeting him.  Then he ask if he was dressed okay for the lobby, pointing out that signs said shirts and shoes were required.  She glanced at him then said she didn't see anything wrong with his outfit.  After a little more chit-chat, Randy ask if they had pool towels or if we were supposed to use the towels from the room.  She said they had pool towels, and when he said there were none out by the pool, she told him to go back to his room and put his swimsuit on and she would take some towels out to the pool while he was getting changed.  He replied that he had a Speedo on under his shorts.  She looked again at his shorts and said something like "you must have on a pretty tiny speedo to be able to wear it under those shorts without it showing."  Randy ask if his Speedo would be acceptable at the pool, and she said "of course".  He said he wasn't sure since the sign at the pool said "guests must wear appropriate swimwear".  She again said his Speedo would be okay, and followed him out to the pool with a stack of pool towels.  I took a side-door outside, and met up with them again as Randy was adjusting a lounger and the clerk was putting towels on a rack near the pool.  He had removed his shirt, but waited on taking his shorts off until she was looking his way.  As she explained that the staff was supposed to have restocked the pool towels, Randy unzipped his jean short and slid them off.  "Oh my, she said," that is a tiny Speedo.  I didn't know they made them that small."  He came over, still facing her, to get a towel and then walked back to his lounger, exposing his bare butt.

"I didn't realize you were wearing a thong," she said to Randy, who turned towards her again.  "This is a Speedo thong," Randy pointed out.  "See, there is the Speedo logo above my crack," he added as he turned away again so she could see his buns again.  "That is so cool," she said as I entered the pool enclosure too.  I headed to a lounger near Randy's as he ask if his swimwear was acceptable swimwear.  "Why wouldn't it be?" she ask.  Randy showed her the sign that said "appropriate swimwear" was required, and she grinned at him and said "in weather like this, I don't think that rule should even apply," she added.  I ask her if I could go topless (topfree is a term most people don't understand), and she sort of shrugged and said "sure", but I don't think her eyes moved from Randy's body the whole time.  The clerk had been pretty shocked by what Randy was wearing, but I was the next person to be shocked.  "If you want, you guys can swim and get sun in the nude."

Randy and I looked at each other for a moment, and then at the clerk.  She was being serious.  Randy stripped off his thong, and I did likewise.  The only thing the clerk told us was that while thongs would be cool outside the pool area, that I should wear a top and we both would need bottoms if we left the pool enclosure since much of the rest of the motel grounds could be seen from the street or other properties.

We laid out for about three hours, swimming and getting sun all over our bodies.  At one point another young lady came out and took her top off, but kept her bottom on, but she said she thought we both had "balls" to use the pool in the nude.  Later that night, we went back for a evening swim, slipping out of our cloths again, and the young lady came back down and this time slipped her cloths off too.  She said she checked and they told her that since the motel caters mostly to well-educated business people who are in town for a week or two, that the lady at the desk -- the one we had talked to earlier -- said she didn't see anything wrong with skinny dipping since nobody complained when we took our suits off earlier in the day.

She said the owner and staff sometimes used the pool in the buff at midnight for after-work parties, and that her boss saw no reason guests could not do the same.  This is a chain operation, however, and she was concerned that if the chain caught wind of what was going on, they might tell the franchisee that nudity at the pool would have to go -- but she said thongs were up to each motel to decide about.

tremendimouse #1

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:06/20/2017 06:16:20Copy HTML

 Sure would be nice to know the name and location of this thong/nude friendly hotel so that others can go there too. 
Mary0826 #2

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:06/21/2017 01:17:38Copy HTML

In my travels, many places permit thongs.  Some will tell you "NO" if you ask because that is their official policy, but they rarely enforce the policy unless someone complains.  This brings up the "Do I ask first" question.  Ohio is not the biggest state, but being about 200 miles wide, and 200 miles tall, there are a lot of regional differences.  Go to a motel near a thong-friendly state park, and you are more likely to get away in a thong.  It is not guaranteed, but it seems that places near thong friendly areas are themselves more thong friendly.  Big city and upscale hotels like Hilton often have a policy that you can wear whatever you want -- as long as it is a swimsuit.  Other places are pretty conservative, and thongs are not welcome.

I have (unfortunately) spent a lot of days in motels and hotels all over the US in the last year.  I have found the respectable "long term" type places to be more thong tolerant.  These are the ones which have rooms that are more like apartments than motel rooms, with full kitchens, real refrigerators, and often separate sleeping room.  It is very rare to see children at these type places, since they are set up for people who travel for business, but have to stay in one place for weeks or even months on end.  People fitting this category are usually young -- but not too young, often single, and even if not single traveling alone.  "Extended stay" motels often have social mixers for their customers which include complimentary beer and wine, and other events so people can make friends.  This type place would be more thong tolerant I suspect simply because the motel customers are the people less likely to complain about thongs in the first place. 

Top freedom for the ladies is, unfortunately a thing rarely accepted by motels and hotels -- at least officially.  I stayed one place in San Antonio where women and men could wear thongs, and women were permitted to go topfree in the pool area.  I suspect that since the pool was only visible from within the motel and nobody could see it from outside, that this was part of the reason.  Traci mentions this in her motel description.  Acceptance of total nudity is very rare most places.  I don't know what rules or laws might be involved, but I would assume that places with nude acceptance would certainly have to be totally hidden from other properties, as well as public places.

With respect to telling us the exact name and location, I can understand Traci's possible reluctance, especially if motel employees are worried about the base company that holds the franchisee name finding out.  This is like a place that sells drinks to minors or after legal hours.  They are going past the limits of the law (or rules) and if caught could get into trouble.

I believe that there is a potential market for places that openly permit clothing optional activities.  This would include motels.  Unfortunately, no chain or alliance of private places that I know of has such a policy.  It is an exceptional experience to find a place that permits topfree pool use, or better still nudity, but the few places I have found generally have had to stop after a while as word of their openness to these practices become known, and pressure is put on them to stop.

As an alternative to motels and hotels, there are several nudist groups that have arranged with motels and/or hotels to have clothing optional swim nights.  These are generally opened to families including kids, and most have a fair amount of turn-out.  These nights usually occur as infrequently as a few times a year to once a week.  Some establishments do this the night before the pool is drained and cleaned!  I have read on other web sites about at least three places in Ohio where this is done -- the only bad thing is most require some type of club membership.  Members may be subject to background history to keep out sex offenders.

My suggestion is that if anyone wants to know more about the place Traci is talking about, they might want to send her a text message asking for the details.  I have gotten a lot of information about a lot of people and places over the years in this direct approach.

sctty #3

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2017 01:48:58Copy HTML

 Hello all... ive been looking for a thong/nude friendly hotel pool around akron/southern northeast ohio area. Has anyone had any luck and could pass along any info for me? Please message me if you have.. ty ty!!!
davyj1 #4

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:07/10/2018 12:40:18Copy HTML

 Great story Traci!  Only once have I ever been able to do likewise, and it was in Vermont, which is fairly laid back on that stuff.  I had checked in at about 1:00 when almost no one was there  I mentioned to the desk clerk (a college age girl) that I didn't have a swimsuit with me, so would it be ok if I skinny dipped in the pool, noting that no one else was there.  After a little hesitation said it was ok.  Every time thereafter when I went by the desk she was all smiles and giggles.  Eventually I noticed she had a closed circuit monitor on the pool, so she had obviously been watching me the entire time.  That evening there were others there, but, since I now had "permission", I still went naked and no one complained.  The next day, passing by the desk after an long afternoon swim, There were 3 or 4 girls there, who all started giggling and smiling as I went by.  Obviously they were friends of hers, perhaps invited to come and watch the show as all the monitors were on the pool area.  I simply smiled back and said hi and noted that I had had a good swim.
NudeNArizona #5

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/20/2018 01:22:15Copy HTML

Can anyone suggest or confirm a thong friendly hotel in Columbus? I will be going there next week on business and would like to find a hotel before I get there. Preferably with an indoor pool or hot tub.
wallygr40 #6

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/20/2018 07:13:32Copy HTML

I can't make a specific suggestion but I thong at a ton of Marriott properties and have never had an issue. I live in Indiana, so Ohio isn't usually far enough to book a hotel. However, I do travel often for work and have never had an issue in an outdoor or indoor hotel pool/hot tub. Just be confident and no one will care. I have met some great people the treat you totally normal. Just can't be weird about it :) I should note that I usually wear a more conservative thong at these places. Still, a male thonger is hardly common at a midwest hotel. I just feel like some of the other options might send the wrong signals at an indoor pool. If the weather is decent, there is a very thong friendly beach in Columbus called Alum Creek. Its nice and you are usually won't be the only one. Enjoy!
ohiothonger #7

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/22/2018 03:55:35Copy HTML

About Marriot properties -- I too have gone to them and thonged without incident. As a rule, the larger, more expensive chains seem to be more thong friendly. Like WALLYGR40, I usually don't ask, even if things are busy. Outdoor pools at these hotels seem to be more likely to be thong tolerant places than inside -- perhaps due to the sun-tanning possibilities and the fact people might accept near-nude suntanning but not inside swimming. I think someone (it could have been me) mentioned that Hilton hotels were thong friendly. I have called or e-mailed them with questions about various properties, often using a dumb question like "are rooms available with a view of the city" or something, and then casually mentioning that I prefer to wear thong swimwear. They have always responded except for Salt Lake City that something like "Hilton wants our customers to be happy with their stays, and so thongs are okay if that is what makes you happy." I think it is a country-wide policy and the only exceptions are when a specific hotel has an issue with thongs or some legal reason. The Salt Lake City hotel they said the hotel-did not permit thongs due to the fact that their hotel was commonly used by people (Mormans) visiting the city and since they have strong conservative tendencies, the wearing of thongs might cause some problems with other people. They then suggested some other hotels in the area that were Hilton and were thong friendly. Funny thing about Salt Lake City was that the huge, almost Casino-like 15-20 story hotel which I think is called something like the Grand America Hotel permits thongs, in the summer, at their outdoor swimming pool only. If you stay at the Little America Hotel (across the street) which is run by the same company, they have an outdoor pool too, but do not permit thongs. The difference I think is the fact that the Grand hotel is better screened from the hotel rooms in general and is not visible form the street or hotel roadways. The Little hotel/motel is about half the cost, but just as nice and well maintained by the same crew. Between the two hotels they have at least four pools and maybe they decided to make one more tourist friendly for their non religious customers.
NudeNArizona #8

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/22/2018 10:23:28Copy HTML

Ohiothonger, I tend to agree with you about national chain hotels, I have also noticed if you are staying there a longer stay than overnight some hotels will be a little more tolerant especially if they cater to business travelers and not family vacations. Wallygr40, I agree with your choice to wear a more conservative thong, but unfortunately I don't own any traditional thongs, so I will wear a non-sheer G-string to test the waters. I agree with others in the "don't ask a question if you don't want to hear an answer you don't want to hear
ithongit #9

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/23/2018 12:11:46Copy HTML

I travel a lot for work and have stayed a week to several months at the same place. I agree with Nude Arizona that people who stay longer tend to be given more flexibility than overnight people. One summer we spent almost entirely in Louisville, KY. Randy and I used the out-door pool, both mid-day and at night in the buff, and wore thongs at other times. Management would bring out a 6-pack every afternoon for us and management could not have notices that we were thonging. Other employees checked the water chemistry and brought towels and cleaned the leaves and bugs from the water while we wore out thongs without comment. A few times, they "caught" us skinny dipping and Randy skinny sun bathing and didn't say a thing. Hotel workers knew we would cover up if someone came around and we were nude. They never got any complaints. One day I had to work late and Randy went out and took a snooze in the lounger, buns up in his thong. About 20 people showed up by the time I got there, and Randy was snoring away and people were walking around the lounger (which he had moved for optimal sun when he got there, but now was just awkwardly in the middle of the pool deck.) One place the management gave us the keyboard code for the pool so we could thong or skinny dip during non-normal pool hours. They knew we were thongers, and did not tell us not to use the pool in our thongs when others were there, but also gave us the opportunity to use the pool at odd hours. This was a national chain motel/hotel. We have had mixed results at Mom and Pop motels that were mostly built before 1960 or so. Most have only a dozen rooms or less (think about the motel in Hitchcock's Psycho.) We have ask some places and gotten about 50/50 results, but location is a big factor with places near beaches or other major water attractions where thongs are permitted seem to be more tolerant. Not asking, we have had management come out and tell us to change immediately or we could not use the pool, told us not to wear thongs if we went to the pool again, told us that it was okay unless someone complained (which has never happened) and made no comment, even when they knew we were using the pool area in our thongs. These older motels can be pretty interesting and are usually a good deal, but we try to avoid going places that are not kept up. We often ask to see our room before paying, and I think when we do this, they put us in a good room if others are not so great. Unfortunately, many of these place that used to have pools have removed their pools, probably because of liability issues and/or maintenance and upkeep. With the pools sometimes being 50 year or more old, they probably need major repairs almost yearly and really need to be replaced entirely, and expense a smaller hotel that is barely making it can not afford. Another issue is that in some places (like Charleston West Virginia) life guards are still required at motel and hotel pools. This is both an additional expense and there is a lack of certified lifeguards since these positions that used to be filled mostly by college students are no longer of interest to most people that age. Traci
NudeNArizona #10

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/25/2018 11:21:40Copy HTML

Traci, I too have traveled for work over the years and do agree with many chain hotels being more tolerant than some mom and pop hotels, and I too have had similar experiences to what you mention. I once was staying in a large hotel for 6 weeks for work and worked the early morning shift and was back in the hotel by noon. The first day I was "caught" by the cleaning staff sunbathing nude on my private balcony when she came to clean my room. I initially grabbed for a towel for cover but she just smiled and said "you are fine, I will just be a few minutes" as she made the bed. Without any incident. I also had an experience with a private hotel where I wore a G-string to the outdoor pool the first few days and since it was a businessman clientele hotel never saw another guest for three days during the days laying in the sun. So on the fourth day I wore a baggie to sunbathe in, and while sunbathing laying buns up the girl from the front desk walked out to the pool area, and I thought she was going to tell me I couldn't sunbathe nude, since that is how it appeared from the backside. Instead she ask if I needed anything to drink or something from the cafe. I made sure to turn over to let her know I wasn't nude and showed her I was wearing my baggie, to which she said "you are the only guest here this time of day, and make yourself comfortable" So with that I removed my baggie as she went back too the front desk. Then on Saturday morning as I was leaving to go get breakfast as I was walking thru the lobby I saw the front-desk girl who had approached me on Thursday so I said hello, she smiled and told me that "you have the whole pool to yourself this weekend" since I was their ONLY registered guest.
NudeNArizona #11

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:09/27/2018 03:58:44Copy HTML

So far so good!! I've been staying in the Best Western since Monday and so far not a single issue wearing my G-strings at the indoor pool. I only wished they would allow me to use it when I get back from working in the wee hours of the morning but no luck they say for insurance reasons they can't have people using the pool after 10:00 PM and before 8:00 AM. Monday when I checked in at 1:00 PM I went to my room and immediately changed into a G-string and put my shorts on and went to the front desk to get a pool towel. Then I went to the pool area to relax in the hot tub. I noticed the pool area had a single camera which was located on the far wall over looking the pool. I removed my short and t-shirt and layed everything on a chair and went into the water wearing a red fishnet G-string, then used the hot tub for a total time of around 30 minutes with no one else walking into the pool area. Tuesday morning around 10:00 AM I went back this time a cleaning lady was cleaning up the pool area. I laid my towel on a chair which was my only cover-up and went for a swim in a N2N sheer white mesh G-string. The cleaning lady only ask if I would like a fresh pool towel as she collected used towel from around the pool area. No mention of my G-string, but she clearly could see what I was wearing as she talked to me while I was standing in the shallow pool 3" and my string was above the water line Wednesday evening I got back to the hotel earlier than usual around 10:00 PM and immediately went and changed into my black Crochet Swimwear "cigar" G-string which has about 1.5" x 2" holes in a very open crochet pattern with very thin 1mm cord elastic as it strings, but when I got to the pool area the electronic lock didn't open the door so I turned around to walk back to my room when I heard the door open and two ladies came walking out from the pool area so I ask if they could hold the door for me and went to the pool. I had the whole place to myself, then I noticed one of the ladies had left her room key on the table as I walked over to where I placed my towel on a chair on the other side of the pool. Right after I removed my towel and went to turn on the hot tub jets I heard a knock at the door so I looked and it was the two ladies standing there. So I walked over and opened the door for them, and they apologized for bothering me and said they forgot their key. They tried to get one at the front desk but no one was there so they hoped I was still in the pool area. I said I understand and as I walked over to the hot tub I heard them say "why don't we take another swim" So I turned the jets for the hot tub and went into the hot tub. I could hear them talking but couldn't hear what they were saying, but then I heard them laughing and giggling in the pool. Then one of them ask "do you mind if we join you in the hot tub?" I said "I don't mind" then they both came and sat in the tub. Just then the jets stopped in the tub and as I stood up to go turn them back on one of the girls ask if I would mind if we kept them off, staring directly at my "suit" so I sat back down. We talked for a few minutes about small talk and I found out they two were staying here for work this week, then the subject turned toward my G-string when the younger of the two in her 40's ask if it was legal? I said "thong are legal as well as topless in Ohio, but mine was most likely illegal" Then the older of the two in her 60's said "I grew up in the 1970's and back then if you had ask me about 2018, I would have guessed swimsuits would have been a thing of the past, because we were always wanting to go smaller or skinny dipping". Then they confessed they really came back because they had thought about skinny dipping since no one was at the front desk, because the 40s lady had never skinny dipped in a hotel pool, and they figured they would wait until I left.
NudeNArizona #12

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:10/03/2018 02:33:22Copy HTML

Back in Columbus again this week for work... This time I'm staying in the Holiday Inn Express off Polaris Parkway, and i can say this hotel is MUCH better for thonging. After checking in I ask the lady at the front desk if I could use the hot tub, and it was around 3AM when I arrived she told me she didn't mind and if my key didn't open the door she would open it for me. So I took my things to my room and changed into a black mesh G-string and wore a t-shirt as I walked too the pool, but my room key didn't open the door, so I was just going to go back to my room when I say the lady from the front desk walking toward the pool to open the door for me. I noticed her glance down at my front and then look up not saying a word about my G-string only offering to open the door.
ohiothonger #13

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:10/13/2018 11:51:53Copy HTML

A few years ago, I was headed to Washington DC and got a very late start but wanted to get through Columbus before finding a motel.  I pulled in about 10:30 and ask when I checked in ask about using the pool.  The lady said she had no trouble with me swimming after hours.  I put a Speedo thong on and covered it with a pair of white onion skin shorts.  I walked shirtless to the front desk. The desk lady, who was about my age, said "cute shorts" and to have a good time.  She left the lights off.  but said she could turn them on if I wanted her to.  "This way you can have more privacy," she explained.

 I went to the pool and slipped off my shorts and thong too.  All I had on was my silver C-ring. I went back and forth between the pool and hot tub, and was standing there,  messing with the timer when I hear the desk lady call me. "Excuse me. Excuse me, I brought you some pool towels.," she said.  I had been caught in the buff!  I was starting to relax since my nudity was not freaking her out.  "Cute swimsuit," she said.  "I noticed your silver earing and neckless when you came in.  I guess silver is your color." I thanked her for bringing me the towels, and she said "You are the first guy I have ever seen in a swimsuit like that.  It really looks good on you."  She then left me alone.

After hanging around the pool for about an hour, I dried off, put my thong back on, threw my towel over my shoulder and grabbed my shorts. The lady was particulaly nice and we chatted for about an hour -- my host in her motel uniform with a jacket and tie, and me in just a thong and towel over my shoulder.  We must have looked very strange.

 Several guests came around and one checked in.  A pair of gigling college age girls needed change, and one said, "Cute thong" while the other said "You have a nice tan on your buns."   When a state trooper buzzed to come in, I started to put my shorts on, but the Desk Clerk said, "You're okay."  She introduced me to Andy, who checks the motel each night and he shook my hand.  She ask him about my thong, and he said, "My kids wear them at the beach, so how can I complain?"

After Andy left, she said she was getting off at 1:00.  She suggested I go to my room, put some cloths on, then meet her at the bar where we could have a drink and continue our conversation. I did as she suggested, and we discussed many things.  She was familiar with men's thongs from the beach, but did not know what a C-ring was until I explained it to her.  We stayed until the bar closed then we went to her room.  We were both tired and went to sleep in each other's arms. She did ask me to keep my C-ring on.  It was nice to just sleep with her cuddled up in each other's arms.  She had lost her husband in a car accident a half year before and was taking it easy with men.  She said she appreciated me not pushing her for sex. The next moring, we took shower together.  

Later we got room service, and she had me show my C-ring to the young lady who brought us our breakfasts. Before I left, we hit the pool together, but this time I didn't wear less than my Speedo thong.  Bahda Book, Bahda Boom doesn't offer this type of service.

NudeNArizona #14

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

Date Posted:10/31/2018 12:41:00Copy HTML

Update, currently I am staying in Candlewood Suites in Austintown, Oh outside of Youngstown. I called before making a reservation to inquire about wearing thongs in their pool. Making sure I got the actual hotel and not a national call center I called the front desk direct, to which I was given the generic answer of "appropriate swimwear is required" while using the pool and spa. Then the lady on the phone "Jaime" said she didn't see an issue with me wearing a thong. So yesterday when I arrived I did the normal check-in which required me giving her my phone number, and just then I noticed her name tag which said "Jaime" and she smiled as she handed me my key and make sure to tell me where the "pool" was located. So I went to my room and changed into one of my more revealing G-strings which was a red large hole fishnet. So I went to the pool to relax, about 10 minutes after getting to the pool area "Jaime" came walking into the pool area and walked over to where I was in the spa and told me she have forgotten to give me the wifi password, and had went unto my room but I wasn't there and figured I might be in the pool. I stayed in the spa as she laid it down next to my things and went back to the front desk without mentioning my G-string.
ohiothonger #15

Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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I have stayed at Candlewood Suites many times over the last 10 years or so.  While I have not been to the one mentioned above, I have gone to one other location that had a pool (not all have pools.  Check by phone since some of the website information is wrong!)  My experiences with thongs at the pools were very positive.  Hotel staff and management came around occationally when I was there, and treated me just like any other customer, even when my swimwear choice was only a G-string or very small baggie. Another time, I stayed for several months at one that did not have a pool.  After a few weeks I decided to upgrade to a larger room on a different floor.  "Moving Day" came, and I got one of those carts used to haul things to the rooms from the parking lots.  It was summer, and I wore just a stringer type tank-top with about a three inch back, and the tiniest cut-offs I had with me which were very distressed and which I wore over a more tradtional thong. The management came along when I was using the elevator, and commented on my shorts "cute shorts" and also on how she liked my shirt too.  She ask quite bluntly if I was wearing underwear or a swimsuit under my shorts, and I replied it was a swim thong.  She said she was sure it was even cuter than my shorts, and that she wished she could see it sometime.  A little later, she came back and suggested that I get some sun.  She said there was a dip in the well maintained yard which could not be seen from the street or adjacent buildings, and some of the patrons used it as a place where they could lay out in the grass.  They even had a couple of folding loungers inside one of the doors that you could take outside.   She offered to show me the place and told me when I was done moving and ready to get some sun, to come down to the desk and she would show me where to go. I went down to the desk, still dressed in the same outfit I had on earlier, and she greeted me warmly.  She showed me where the loungers were hidden and took me outside to the dip in the grassy area.  It was a very private place, and as promised not visible from the street or any of the rooms or the adjacent properties.  I set up my lounger, and she was not in a hurry to leave.  She ask a lot of questions about a man wearing thongs, and finally said "well, when are you going to show me your swimsuit?"  Her only comment was that my G-string barely covered what it needed to. There is a sort of community of people at a Candlewood motel, and in many ways, staying there was like staying at a nicer apartment complex.  I became very open about wearing my skimpier swimwear and shorts and shirts when needed.  More than once I went to the pantry in just a thong and once later at night, I went to pick up a move from the desk in just a baggie.  The man who got me the movie said "we don't get too many customers who dress like that", but otherwise had no other comments, except to say "the girls must love it" refering to my baggie.

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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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Currently staying at the Holiday Inn in Youngstown and upon checkin the girl at the desk upgraded my room to a jacuzzi suite then mentioned if you brought your swimsuit we have an indoor pool. I laughed and said only a G-string to which she said that works for me then when I went to the pool and read the rules they had no mention of “appropriate swimwear “ but it did say be courteous of others
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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It doesn't surprise me that the motel let you wear a thong. As far as signage goes, I have never been to any motel/hotel pool that specifically says "no thongs". (I think most of the signs are generic and supplied by mail order.) I have only been to one motel that had a "no G-strings" policy in the litterature package left in each room. I called the front desk and they said thongs were okay as long as the were not G-strings. What some places use is the "appropriate swimwear" that they can interpret any wy the want. Does this mean wet suits? Does it mean only Speedos and no board shorts. Who knows? Management and hotel staff use this often as an excuse to ask someone to leave the pool area if others object to what they are wearing. The fact you got a "that works for me" comment from the desk person makes me almost think they were a thong supporter. It is always so cool when a management person comes up with such a comment. I have written hotels and had them respond "thongs are okay!" The fact they put the exclamation mark in their reply makes me think they really are pro-thong.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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ohiothonger, I agree with you on the the generic "appropriate swimwear" can be interpreted differently depending on the situation. Also depending on the other guest's as well. I'm sure if the hotel was full of families who were crowding the pool and a mother or two went to management my G-string would be deemed "inappropriate swimwear" but on the other hand if the hotel is at 10% occupancy on a Monday night and nobody else even walked past the pool all day and no camera monitors were visible for guest's checking-in full nude could probably be accepted.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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Still staying at the Holiday inn Youngstown, initially I was scheduled to be here one night, but the job isn't going as scheduled and I have been here all week. So far I haven't had any company using the pool or hot tub, but have seen a few hotel staff cleaning around the pool after I had arrived and no comments about me wearing a sheer black G-string, just your normal hello's and pleasantries. Today after getting back to the room early I was in the bathroom with the door closed and didn't here the maids enter the suite, they probably didn't knock since I was scheduled to check out and this was after check-out time, and she probably wasn't aware I had extended my stay. As I walked from the bedroom to the living room nude I see two maids cleaning the suite and one was looking directly at me and smiled and said "I didn't know anyone was here" then the other turned and said "we can come back later if you like" I said you are fine as I picked up my G-string from the counter and put it on, and said I will just head to the pool while you finish as I grabbed my key and walked toward the door, and ask if they had any pool towels on their cart which they said sorry we don't.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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I will be in the Cleveland area the first part of the week. I will be staying at a new suite hotel. I e-mailed and they said they had never had anyone ask before, so they didn't have any rules, and for me to have a "good time". I had a similar thing happen in Texas where the motel was under new mangangement, and they said basically the same thing. A newer place might at times not have all their local rules or general procedures figured out. This could be as simple as how many rooms must a maid clean or what hours should the bar be opened. Little things like how to deal with someone who has been double-charged or what to do if someone comes in with a huge motor home that blocks 10 parking places and rents a motel room but also has a full camper full of people that are staying in the parking lot for free. With dozens if not hundreds of things to work out, many affecting the day-to-day operation of the hotel, they might consider thong wearing a minor issue -- especially if nobody bothers to complain.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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I was up in the North East part of Ohio earlier this week. I stayed at two motels -- both the "respectable" type. The first place was East of Cleveland near Port Clinton. This is not a tourist time in the area, and motel room rates are quite low to catch those traveling by instead of to cater to the Lake Erie activities. The indoor pool was small, a bit cool, and pretty strongly clorine. Because of the clorine, and the fact a male co-worker from a different region who I didn't know well was staying the same place, I was sort of looking for an excuse to not thong. I ask at the desk, and they said they got both male and female thongers in the summer, so they couldn't see any reason why I could not wear a thong now. I had an older suit I kept for high clorine pools which I really didn't care too much about and put it on and pulled some sweats over it and headed to the pool. My co-worker Jim was in elevator and dressed in very short exercise shorts and very skimpy tank top. He said he was heading to the exercise room and then to the pool. I proceeded to the pool, knowing that Jim was watching every move I made through the plate glass windows between the two rooms. I could clearly hear the free-weight he was lifting drop to the floor mat when I turned my back to him and he realized I was wearing a thong. He pretended to do some more exercises, but I could tell he was really watching me. Finally he disappeared and I assumed he left because he didn't come to the pool. I was about ready to quit, and was starting to collect my things when Jim came in wearing the same outfit. He said he liked my swimsuit and ask if I had anything against seeing a man in a thong. I said "no" and he took his shirt off and slipped his shorts down his legs. I thought he was wearing underwear, a fact that was confirmed when he took a quick dip and then got out of the water and walked over to the table I was sitting next to. He was quite excited, and quite turned on. He appologized for not having a real swimsuit but said he always wanted to try one at the river near where he lives. I said it was okay. We swam and hung out for about another 15 minutes until the desk lady came around and told us the pool was closing for the night. She didn't say anything about my swimwear, but did say "cute skivies" to Jim. The compliment made him grow a little more. We dried off, headed back to our rooms, but did meet in the bar and talked about some of our co-workers and other non-thong topics. The next night, Jim suggested we get an earlier start and agreed to meet me at the pool again. This time when I went in, he pulled himself out of the water and was totally naked. I did not join him, but did take my top off. He said the desk lady gave him permission to skinny dip, and when it was time for the pool to close, she said my swimsuit was cute and that I should wear it "like that" (topfree) at the motel pool any time I wanted. She looked at Jim's nudity and said something like "now that's better". The next night, I stopped at another place on my way home. There were no co-workers staying here, and while the chlorine was better and the water was warmerer, I was more interested in exercise than anything. I did wear a thong and spent part of the evening topfree, but there were no other pool guests to comment on what I was wearing. The second motel had the strangest pool rule I have seen. It stated that nobody could swim unless there were at least two other people there. Two of the three had to be in the water, and the other on the pool deck to get help if needed. They also had a rule that swimwear had to be appropriate for the "location" and tastes of the others using the pool. I guess this was their way of saying "management approval" or "unless someone objects". Many of the other rules had legal citations like swimming with open sores not being permitted, and then some reference to a state statute.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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My work takes me to the area south of Cleveland quite often.  Places like Akron.  I seem to be spending more and more time in the Medina area, which is about 30 minutes South of Downtown Cleveland on I-75.  I sometimes stay in the Medina area when Cleveland hotels are just too busy or  expensive.  There are places in the Media to Akron area that are just as nice, and cost about half as much.  (I get a fixed rate for hotels based on some type of average cost in each area.  If I go someplace that is more expensive, I need a pretty good justification or wind up having to pay the difference myself.) Medina is an older town that has and is growing as a bedroom community for Cleveland, and there are many lodging opportunities.  I stay away from the bed-bug filled national chains, but can afford a nice room in a nice hotel or motel since I can spend the more expensive Cleveland rates.  I have stayed with Randy at a really cool bed and breakfast that had a hot tub out back.  They had a schedule posted for people who wanted to be alone to register their time, but most of the people didn't bother.  Most of us had socialized the first afternoon, and some also had dinner together, so we had a lot of time to talk to each other.   At the bed and breakfast, Randy used the hot tub in the buff, while I wore the tiniest G-string type suit I had with me -- topfree of course.  Five of the other travelers, including one with two kids, used the hot tub while we were there.  We ask if they would be more comfortable if we wore more, but all said they didn't care.  Sometimes, I think people say this just to be nice, but every one, including the parents of the two little girls, seemed to be totally comfortable with what we were wearing.  One of the girls even suggested that every one go nude since their parents and their neighbors didn't bother with swimwear at home.   What amazes me about these types of situations is that the youngsters of both sexes seem absolutely indifferent to what we wear, or even out total nudity.  They have been raised in a family where their parents and some of their family friends often hang around them in the buff, and so seeing new people also stripped naked is no big thing.  They hardly even glance at us.   Getting back to the other day.  Randy often tags along on these trips, but had to go to Michigan to teach some type of special class associated with Fire Department Rescue for people in the water.  I figured that I would be alone, but at the last minute Dawn and Barb said they wanted to go, so I let them tag along.  Dawn and Barb are my neighbors from next door.  They are now in their mid to late 20's, but had been there since the first day we started cleaning out our house (it was owned by a hoarder).  Then at the last minute, Mark (Randy's brother and Nikki's Husband) cleared out his schedule and decided to go with us. The motel we stayed at was large, but there were almost no people there.  It had just opened within the last month or so.  They had a nice but small pool with lots of windows and the floors around it were heated.  When we checked in, Mark ask about wearing our thongs at the pool. When he ask about thongs, the 20's something female desk clerk's face lit up.  "I love thongs."  she said.   "I think you will be the first guests to wear thongs here.  I especially like seeing a man's buns in thong.  My boyfriend and I wear them all the time"  She perked up as she talked, and I knew she was a thong-aholic like the rest of us. "We don't have a motel dress code here" the clerk added.  "Instead we let our customers dress the way they want as long as it would be legal off the motel property.  If anyone complains, we will tell them that in Ohio you are perfectly legal wearing such swimwear."   Dawn ask if women could go topfree as well since that too is legal in Ohio, and the clerk smiled a little more and said "That's what I would do if I were you." I plan to go to this motel on my next trip to the area.

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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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Would be a nice service to this board if posters would reveal the location of the hotels or places they visit.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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I have stopped giving specific information on private places where thongs are worn -- especially in areas where it is unusual. I also don't report details about places where the wearing of thongs is technically illegal -- like some parks or beaches. First -- remember just because one person can thong does not mean the next can. This is especially true in commercial places and small public parks with few or no rules about thongs. Also realize that just because you don't believe something does not mean it did not happen. This occurred to me when I reported on a motel in Florida, and all types of board members came back with "you made it up" comments. Then a year or so later, another board member got to do the same things. 1 -- Some people take a mention in this board as a statement that thongs are always legal and permitted. In contrast, it is often not so. Perhaps people should follow the trend of the swimming holes website and give a full disclosure about these locations. In the swimming hole website, they address issues like "is swimming legal or illegal at the site mentioned? Is nudity permitted? Is the location often used for swimming/skinny dipping?" etc. There is also a special notes section where additional data can be posted like "Swimming not recommended in times of high waters. Nude use more common on weekday evenings." Warning tickets are often given, but not always." etc. This type data is used to create and ever-improving list of potential rule or law enforcement issues. 2 -- Some places follow this board! It may seem that we have an exclusive thing here, but since about all you need is an email, anyone can get access. An example of this was Parks Canada who monitored this board. At first they let thongers use the hot springs, but once they looked and saw a lot of "can I get away with this " type messages they shut-down thonging activities officially. I even got an private message on the board which called us "sick" 3 -- When we write about getting away with a violation of a rule or law, it can fall back on the thong tolerant or thong friendly person who let such actions take place. Here not only the name and location needs to be somewhat hidden, but also the dates of the visits. It does not take too much effort to figure out a specific place and time, and further isolate the person or location by physical descriptions and/or names -- even first names. If you say "I went to the main YMCA in Kansas City on February 27 and "Mary" let me thong, it could fall back on Mary. I know of an incident in Ohio where a private park manager (not a good one, but that is not the issue) almost got fired when he said "we won't do anything about thongers this season" and specific info got out on the web. 4 -- Too close of an indication might also permit perverts to get wind of your thonging habits. I have twice had men turn into stalkers once they figured out who I was and where I go. Nobody needs this! One commercial hot springs that used to permit thongs stopped after two men showed up in exposure thongs that actually showed skin. This did not go over well with other patrons, and a manager/owner who was on site shut down thonging on the spot. 5 -- There is the possibility of having too many thongers show up or inquire about thonging. The sudden interest in thonging and volume of calls and e-mails can make a place that was laid back and accepted the few people a day/week/month who wore them to now feel overwhelmed. This can cause a person who used to accept thongers now feel they need a specific policy on them -- and policies generally go anti-thong. I will often give enough information that a person in the area will know where I am talking about. This happened recently at a post about Indy. I usually will alter names and dates or use vague names and dates to limit issues for those who are nice enough to let us thong. So I don't normally endorse specific places in this forum for these reasons.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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OK, I guess you make some valid points which I didn't previously consider.
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Re:Thong friendly hotels and motels in Ohio

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ithongit makes some VERY valid points. I would add another one, we sometimes fail to remember is people use GOOGLE. A specific name of a motel or location will show up when people google their business or location. Even though we don't have pictures, neon flashing signs, or any SRO, because of the message board format of this board our pages rank reasonably high on google and other search sites. "Too close of an indication might also permit perverts to get wind of your thonging habits." We have a problem with men stalking women on this board, "just to be friends". A lot of women have had problems with the men on here. Only the thick skinned women stick around. "I have twice had men turn into stalkers once they figured out who I was and where I go. Nobody needs this!" - NOBODY NEEDS THIS. DON'T DO IT. I know most of you are perfectly normal well adjusted men. I know a few of you personally from Sunsplash. However with over 30,000 members there are some weirdos. Think of your high school, that was a smaller population and out of that came a few very strange people, and statistically we can be sure that later in life some were convicted of violent crimes. Even Mayberry had policemen and crimes. "One commercial hot springs that used to permit thongs stopped after two men showed up in exposure thongs that actually showed skin." - We even have this problem on the known thong friendly public beaches. How many times have you seen me say "thongs or g-strings are fine but don't fly in and use exposure suits!" Just because you did not get arrested for wearing a baggie or transparent suit by crossing the line from covered to flashing you harm the long term thong acceptance that others worked hard to build. GOOD POINTS from Ithongit. Well said.
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