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Date Posted:11/15/2008 09:22:30Copy HTML

Just wondering, those of you who have worn both in public:

what is the difference in perception of a thong or a g-string for other people [ex. do people stare at you more? ect.]?

at what times who you wear a thong and not a g-string?
modelnude4u #1

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 12:30:37Copy HTML

 I've only worn thongs for tanning, swimming, etc.
I've been "caught", with a g-string poking over the top of my shorts or jeans, but never in just that.
stanpuppy #2

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 01:20:20Copy HTML

I only wear thong swimsuits.  Personally, I think G's looks funny on guys.  My opinion...dont jump down my throat.  I have worn g-string underwear a couple of time before i gave up on underwear completely.  Now it is commando only, except when at the gym in which case i wear RIPS boxer briefs.  Dont dispair however, my wife wears G's everyday and of her swimsuit collection she has 10 G's, 3 thongs and 1 Rio back.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 04:12:11Copy HTML

S.Turner, the perfect question for me to expound on my oft-stated theory:  thongs and g-strings come from opposite poles.  A thong is a cut-down speedo, racy and daring for exposing your butt, but still almost mainstream many places, such as you found at the Hot Springs in BC.  My wife has become very comfortable being with me at the beach or hotel pool when I'm wearing a moderate thong, like the HE Swimwear 1" slim front thong.  I think it's good looking and very decent.  I've also worn my black Speedo thong swimming laps at my town's neighborhood outdoor pool. 

She'd rather not be seen with me when I'm wearing a g-string since I'm practically naked, made legal and decent by a mere tiny patch of cloth covering the necessary parts and held in place with some string.  And that's the opposite pole I speak of, your starting point is 'naked', in contrast to 'speedo'.  And 'naked' is people's first impression of you.

I like a g-string (a tan-thru, sliding model) for affording me an overall tan, and I've grown comfortable over time wearing it in several venues where it doesn't seem to bother folks.   My goal is not to push any envelope, just to enjoy my day at the beach as close to naked as possible.  Naked is a state I consider normal and healthy and a pleasant sensation, but it's rarely available to indulge in.  Enter the g-string!  Wearing it, I can mingle with regular folks at the beach, which I find so much more pleasant than isolating myself off in some thonging area.  But again, only in special places.  Would I wear a string at my town's pool?  Never!  At the Fairmont pools all over the country we've visited?  Never!  At Orient Beach?  Always.  Unless I were visiting the south end in front of Club Orient, where a string would be overdressing.  

S.Turner, I hope you find a nice g-string you find comfortable, and are comfortable wearing in various venues.  But be aware you'll be perceived in a different light in a g-string than in a thong.  Some places it will fly, others it won't.  You'll learn over time to judge which is appropriate where.  You want to be comfortable, but you want others around you to be comfortable, too.  It's sometimes a delicate balance.  But if you're up for it, definitely try it out.    
TucsonChad #4

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 08:01:14Copy HTML

I've tried lot's of styles and I personally think that the g-string looks better on most (definately me) than the thong. I guess if you are going to go for it, well then, go for it. The g-strings that I typically wear don't cut into the skin like a thong. Just free and comfortable...
rickl454 #5

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 12:24:48Copy HTML

The ideal beachwear is a coating of coconut suntan oil, a hat and pair of sunglasses on an already tanned body that's spent more time in the gym than it has at Dunkin Donuts.  If that's not possible then whatever can come the closest to that ideal is ... ideal.  It all depends on what is acceptable to the sensibilities of other beachgoers and, of course, local ordinances.  For me, the least is the best.
clubthongs #6

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 04:06:30Copy HTML

I prefer thongs. G-strings just don't seem to provide enough support.
bmicro #7

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 05:09:38Copy HTML

 Sliding G's analysis is right on. Thongs are somewhat skimpier than Speedos and are what I wear when I need to be conservative. Unless there are some weird local laws, it is the first thing that I will wear at a beach where I am not familiar with what is possible.
In South Florida and particularly South Beach, I will wear the smallest g-string available in accordance with rickl454's definition of ideal.
bmicro #8

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/16/2008 05:13:48Copy HTML

 I just realized that I did not answer your first question. I have not noticed a substantial difference in reaction to a thong or g-string. Those that will react to any guy wearing something other than dork shorts will react to either. Those who are accepting will be accepting to both. The only time that I get an increased amount of reaction is when I am wearing an unusual design (such as a slingshot).
616 #9

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/20/2008 01:28:38Copy HTML

Firstly when you say thong i guess you mean a wide sided and back , and a g-string may have a small triangle with quartey to half inch straps? if so then G-string all the time, i agree with bmicro people will accept either or none, and if the latter is their choice, it is exacly that.
s.turner #10

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/20/2008 02:12:42Copy HTML

 No i was only thinking strings for the side and back. The only 2 thong swimsuits i have are very small in the back. Got them from heswimwear... skinny side with that small triangle at the back.

Thanks for the info... may get one... just have to watch where i wear it.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/27/2008 01:35:12Copy HTML

If you are talking about underwear, I had several pairs of thong but traded them out for g-string.  The thong was to wide in the back and after sometime would start bothering me.  Where when I wear g-string they don't.  I did take the plung and wear a very small g-sting to the beach and all I could say was it felt like I was naked.  I was an exciting feeling wearing a suit that was smaller than every woman there.
wr1944 #12

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/27/2008 10:28:36Copy HTML

 I guess I do what most of the above members do. When I'm new to a beach, I start with a rather conservative thong. I try to assess the attitude of the public and behave accordingly. With tolerant big city people or at quiet beaches, I go to smaller thongs and g-strings, otherwise I stick to the larger thongs. Most of the time, I have the smallest suit on the beach, even with the ladies. I don't try to take it too far, it will backfire.
Most of the time, I don't notice any reactions from the public. They will see your bare behind when you are past them and they have to look back. But sometimes I see a woman smile when I see her again when I walk back during my beachwalks.

piedmont1977 #13

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/28/2008 02:04:49Copy HTML

Yes you have assess the beach. If it is a beach where they have chair and cabana service, talk to the rental people, most of them have seen just about everything, of course they are like used car salesmen, they want the mola.
Ex_Member #14

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/29/2008 04:30:07Copy HTML

 I generally agree with bmicro's statement "Those who are accepting will be accepting to
both". However, that said, I, quite naturally, feel more "bare" with a g-string. One reason
is that there is obviously less coverage with a g-string. Also, with the thongs that I wear
I usually get the type that keeps my equipment in the 12 o'clock position. With the
g-strings that I wear I like a clingy little pouch that lets my equipment hang at the 6
o'clock position (I'm trying to be tactful here) and lets me jiggle a little as I walk. It feels
very natural and wonderfully enhances the feeling of freedom that such a minimal suit
engenders. To that end I prefer a g-string over thong any day. But if I sense that there is
going to be a problem with the visibility of whether or not I'm wearing a suit (especially
when I'm laying on my stomach) and all of the ramifications that can bring, especially
when laying on my stomach, I will go with a thong. 
elp_gr #15

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/29/2008 04:47:18Copy HTML

 In more crowded places, such as organized beaches with very popular beach bars, I wear a thong. In quieter places, it's g-strings. Of course, when I know or expect that small kids will be around, I'll go for something more conservative (but NEVER dork shorts).
Ex_Member #16

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/29/2008 04:50:01Copy HTML

G-string is all I own anymore, I haven't worn a conventional thong since the early 90's
Ex_Member #17

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/08/2008 04:41:46Copy HTML

Sliding G is right

I think there is a differance in perception in public which generally means near water.
My take is: A thong generally being a 'small" swim suit and can be used more actively. (support and maybe lined)
                 A g-string suggests underwear and is not a choice for "activity" other than sunning.

my experiance is that people in g-strings are seen in a more sexual context.  Be honest with yourself, are you sunning and enjoying your time on the beach or are you looking for a response? both are fun but please be carful who you involve.  forcing the public past (or too far) comfort level comes at a cost to the acceptance of thongs.

This is maybe not popular to say but.... In my experiance people are far, far more likely to accept a sporty lined thong than an obviously unlined, see-through when wet type suit or a suit with a more "sexy" i.e. revealing look.   I think it is important to say because I think it has an impact on the acceptance of thonging.    Does anyone agree or disagree?

islandguy #18

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/08/2008 06:42:46Copy HTML

It's true that the more revealing a suit is, the more it will tend to be seen in a sexual context.  However, everything is relative.  It wasn't too long ago that sheer g-strings on the beach were unthinkable.  Now in some places they're OK, and regular thongs, which once were considered scandalous, are accepted as almost mainstream by comparison.

I wear only g-strings on the beach because I find them more comfortable than thongs.  The degree of brevity and sheerness depends on the norms of the particular beach.  My preference is to be nude at the beach, so I try to come as close as possible to that state.  I don't have ulterior motives.  I don't have any body hang-ups and just want to be as free and relaxed as possible.  I always act politely and courteously and avoid actions that might invite unwarranted attention.  My hope is that this approach will foster acceptance of whatever I'm wearing.
bmicro #19

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/08/2008 07:20:44Copy HTML

To put it bluntly, a bare ass is a bare ass. I have not experienced any difference in reaction based on the difference between a 1/2" or a 1/8" (or less) side strap or whether there is a t-back or a more curved back.
Of course, there is a difference in reaction to an opaque and a sheer pouch, regardless of the size of the strap. A lined Skinz M-1 g-string is as acceptable (or not) as a speedo thong and a sheer mesh Dore Thong with a curved back is as unacceptable (or not) as a sheer g-string.
The issue for all of the various regulations out there (reflective, I believe, of people's attitudes) is whether your buttocks are covered or bare. I have not seen any resulations that say that a 1/2" side strap is acceptable if there is a curved back yet a t-back with very narrow strings is not.
beachfolks #20

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/08/2008 11:11:48Copy HTML

 We have encountered beach patrols who were insistant we wear the speedo type-but could not wear the strings at beaches north of Clearwater. Yes, mostly I am now wearing  a Skinz M1L-String on the St Petersburg area beaches and get no comments.
skimpythong #21

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/10/2008 06:01:54Copy HTML

I prefer thongs (with string sides)
In my opinion the curved or triangular back makes the rear look rounder and better.  I am not a person who would rather be nude; I think swimsuits are sexy because they call attention to what is hidden.  Swimsuits add a little something that allows me to express myself, and thongs let me do that on both sides. :)
shs92645 #22

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/11/2008 05:52:28Copy HTML

I only wear g-strings.....for me they are more comfortable and the less fabric the better.
20897 #23

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/14/2008 06:04:32Copy HTML

 I prefer wearing g-strings as underwear. I like the feel of a single string better than a thong for all day use. As for the beach and swimming laps at the gym, I prefer to wear a thong for more support and to keep my distinct tan lines.
DoreFan #24

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/15/2008 12:32:47Copy HTML

I wear both g-strings and thongs. I have some thongs that look better than g-strings and vice-versa. I do agree with other comments here that I tend to wear more conservative thongs in a new or unknown environment. If I feel comfortable with the person or environment, I may start wearing g-strings too. This doesn't always work out though, as I have worn g-strings on some days that I didn't expect to be showing anyone. For instance, I have worn g-strings when seeing new massage therapists or chiropractors or doctors not expecting them to ask me to undress to my underwear. When I do undress to my g-strings, I'm always a little nervous about their reactions, but so far I haven't had any negative reactions from these people.
The Gabe #25

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:12/20/2008 02:45:43Copy HTML

 I think along the lines of stanpuppy. A g-string can look a little funny on a guy. It's because of our basic body shape and dimensions. I prefer the look afforded by a thong, and the shape of a thong seems to make the butt look a little better as I see it. I do own a few g-strings though and wear them on occassion. Happy thonging, or g-stringing to all.
Ex_Member #26

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:03/22/2009 05:50:51Copy HTML

 g-strings are much more comfortable
stanpuppy #27

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:03/22/2009 10:32:18Copy HTML

Upon retrospect, i just remembered that I have owned one g-string suit in my life.  Back in the 80's when i was living in NYC, i used to go out to Riis Park (which was legal nude at the time).  I had a neon orange g-string with black trim.  I remember hating it cuz the freaking tag in the back stuck out further than the string in the back.  When i cut it off, the remnants of the tag dug into my back.  I threw it out.

on the other hand, my wife wears g-string underwear about 340 days a year (occasionally, if she is having a really heavy period or going to the doctor, etc, then she will wear a thong).  Of her 15 swimsuits, 12 are G's....so our family is very well represented when it comes to g-string wearing
Ex_Member #28

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:03/23/2009 11:33:42Copy HTML

G-string, always!
weasel_hunter #29

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/03/2009 06:12:41Copy HTML

As I've said elsewhere I have both thongs and g-strings.  My thongs have solid sides and a solid back strap although I do have one or two with string sides and small triangle backs.  Just like s.turner I tend to regard these as thongs.  I also have what I would call g-strings - both V and T backs and nothing else at the back.

I like both thongs and g-strings, especially if they are a little see-through.  But I prefer g-strings as I love the sensation of having a nude butt.  I love the vulnerability of only having three narrow straps straining to hold everything under cover and keeping me from full nudity.  It's a great feeling having no material to cover anything at the back and a very sexy feeling when I appear from a distance like I'm walking or lying down completely nude.  The tan's better as well.

I don't think I would ever wear a sock or baggie or a backless thong so it's a g-string for me!  I have been nude and prefer this above all, but where this is not possible I'll wear a g-string as second choice and a thong as third choice.
stanpuppy #30

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/04/2009 01:05:52Copy HTML

I only wear thongs, as i think G's on men look a little silly (at least on me they do).  My wife wears both, but of all of her suits, i would estimate she has about 15 G's and maybe 5 thongs.  She only owns G-string underwear
SlidingG #31

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/04/2009 12:25:55Copy HTML

My favorite for tanning on our condo patio is a tan-thru printed mesh g-string pouch (not see-thru) held in place with a couple loops of elastic string, i.e., v-back.  At my favorite beaches, East Beach on the RI coast and Warwick Long Bay in Bermuda, I wear the same, but with bright orange 1/4" straps, letting folks know from any angle that I've got something on.  They're minimal, though not extreme, and there's no straining to hold things in.  Perfect for the overall tan.

Moderate thongs come in a close second, however, because in many venues a g-string is just too extreme and doesn't feel appropriate, yet they still afford me the chance to be bold and daring and exhibit self-confidence.  Also, my wife has grown to accept my thongs, but not g-strings in public when she's with me. 

It often takes guts, but only very rarely elicits any negative feedback, perhaps because I'm usually the only thonger and more a curiosity than a threat.  To "earn the privilege of thonging" (a curious concept), I work hard to stay in shape, since I believe that more than age (I'm 65), unfitness discredits the thonger and can invite "goofing on" or worse.  Just as I don't want to get in trouble as I "express myself", I don't want to offend people, either. 

Thong of G-string?  Depends on the venue, how best I can adhere to my guidelines of "don't offend people" and "don't get in trouble", while still seeking the overall tan I love and enjoying the buzz of liberation and freedom.     
beachfolks #32

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/05/2009 12:20:27Copy HTML

 Sliding-Where do you get the 1/4 bight orange straps? Can you recomend a source?
SlidingG #33

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/05/2009 02:16:19Copy HTML

I trade pieces of various suits back and forth, and the 1/4" bright orange straps started life on Skinzwear M1's.  The tan-thru printed mesh sliding g-string pouches started life as HE Swimwear Freeforms or g-strings.  My two favorites in moderate thongs are the HE Swimwear 1" slim front thong and the Nu-Parr V-kini thong, and both need no modification.  By contrast, the more conservative Speedo thongs I wear for laps require lowering the fronts by 1" in the center to look good, but the backs still look lousy, as seen in my Bay-to-Breakers photos in my Images. 
teenieststring #34

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:06/07/2009 06:29:26Copy HTML

definetly gstring 'cause i love the skimpier suits!
stanpuppy #35

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:09/08/2009 02:58:09Copy HTML

I have discovered from my wife that there is, in fact, a difference in wearing one vs. the other in public.  Normally, on the beach, she wears a G.  This weekend we were at a hotel (she was wearing her G on the beach) and we decieded to go to the (outdoor) hotel pool towards the end of the day.  She said she wanted to stop at the room so she could change into a thong!!.  I asked her, what the difference? Your butt is still exposed in either.  She explained that she felt that while both exposed her cheeks, the thong was "more appropriate" for a pool setting, even though she was fine wearing a G on the beach.  She further explained that people respond different to a thong vs a G.  Simply because the G has a microscopic amount less material, it is deemed to be a sexier garment than the thong.  She then explained that most people who wear backless suits, wear thongs, so they are seen as a little more mainstream than G.  I had to agree with her, since i prefer her G's over her thongs when we are alone.

Who would have guessed?  Apparently even in a the realm of micro swimwear, size matters
WeaselGirl #36

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/22/2009 07:34:55Copy HTML

On busy beaches I wear a thong (triangle back WW). In quieter places I will normally wear g-strings.
People tend to look more at me in the G-string.
kai028 #37

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/23/2009 07:01:57Copy HTML

 What is the difference between a thong and a G-string? It baffles me.
String_guy #38

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/23/2009 08:24:03Copy HTML

Seriously? A G-string is just that...a string, A thong generally has a triangle shape in the back and usually covers more..
g_stringmelbboy #39

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/23/2009 10:18:33Copy HTML

I understand what some  of you guys saying about g-strings looking odd on men and you're preference to wear a thong. I agree that nothing looks worse than a guy with a flat butt wearing a low slung g, with the string going straight across the top of his butt. BUT WORN RIGHT g's can look awesome and give you're butt a rounder and curvier shape. The way to do this is wear a size smaller and put the t part of you're g down so it is at the joint at the top of the buttocks, then pull the strings to the side and slightly up. I think thongs tend to have to much material making you're butt look small and flat.
I recently purchased a  few Skinz MIR2L XS. They are the BEST g's I have ever worn, not only very comfy but gives you great shape.
s.turner #40

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/23/2009 10:32:38Copy HTML

 I bought a 'Y' back from skinz.... does exactly what your are talking about.
Ex_Member #41

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:10/31/2009 01:06:04Copy HTML

 My wife and I have noticed that if you have very contrasting to skin tones it doesn't matter if you have a g-string or thong on, but if it is close to flesh tone it will draw more attention. So when we go to public beaches we will wear black or red something that lets people know we are covered
stanpuppy #42

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:11/23/2009 01:02:26Copy HTML

My wife has noted many times that g-strings get more extreme reactions than thongs.  Often times, if we are on the beach she will change from her G into a thong if we go to the hotel pool.  When i ask her what the differnce is ( Her butt is totally exposed in both), she responds with "People react different to G's".   I guess she is right as one time we were at the New Jersey shore (where backless suits are very uncommon) and I overheard a guy say to his wife "Look, that girl is wearing a thong".  The wife responded "No she's not, thats a g-string!!" (Insuinuating that it was even more scandalous).
natureisone #43

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:02/14/2011 12:37:54Copy HTML

Id rather wear g-strings as to me they feel much better to wear under shorts or jeans or just on there own.
I do now and then wear the wider thong type but thats only if im in a rush to get dressed and it the first to be pulled out of my draw.
Kepp on thonging people.
dondonna #44

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:02/14/2011 10:03:02Copy HTML

I've worn both in public and notice that I get a little more attention in the g-string probably because it covers less.  I choose what I wear based on what I feel like that day.  The most strenous things I do in either a thong or g-string is swim, maybe snorkel, or play a little volleyball if someone has a set up.
LoveMyThongs #45

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:07/19/2018 12:18:25Copy HTML

 I don’t love g strings. I prefer a triangle back like what I’m in now and simple low cut thongs. I like how the fabric curves on my butt and I don’t get that with a g string
RapidBlue #46

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:07/19/2018 08:47:08Copy HTML

 Absolutely thing for me. The only G-string I like are those that form a Y in the back. For the beach a thong is my choice. I love the tan line with the little triangle. 
John Howard #47

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:07/20/2018 01:06:14Copy HTML

 Definitely thong for me;  I find thongs more flattering and harmonious with the human body,'s natural curves.
I own a lot of g strings though, from a big buying up I did of Target's Comfort underwear several years ago, very comfy but discontinued.
It seems that Target Australia does not want anything to do with male thongs and g's, they have only sold boxers, boxers boxers and more boxers for almost 10 years now.
wxyzz #48

Re:Thong or G-sting

Date Posted:07/21/2018 05:02:31Copy HTML

 Definately thong for me, i like the triangle back / whale-tail view, more comfortable also ...
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