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Date Posted:07/08/2004 07:15:10Copy HTML

Business at a Californacouple's five Bay Area lingerie stores is not the same old thong and dance of late. Michael and Shelley Chadwick of Woodacre say sales at their Chadwick's of London stores have picked up so much that they are now getting calls at home from eager customers seeking New York-based lingerie maker Hanky Panky's 4811 model thong - recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

"It was the strangest thing to us, all of a sudden getting all these calls at home," Shelley Chadwick said. "The phone was ringing off the hook with men looking for thongs for their wives or girlfriends, and from women looking for them in every color."

Michael Chadwick estimates that sales have increased in all of their stores, as much as 20 percent in just the past few weeks. It's unheard of, he said, to see a sales spike for a product they have carried since they opened their first store in Mill Valley in 1988. "It's safe to say that this has never happened before," he said.

The Journal story didn't even mention Chadwick's. Instead, it focused on Hanky Panky and its $15 lace thong, known simply by its style number 4811. It simply has drawn the affection of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Julianne Moore. The model is regarded as the company's 'starter thong' because of its comfort.

The 4811 "had always been our training thong - we would tell people to start off with it," Shelley Chadwick said. "It's always been a steady item for us." After the Journal article, customers visited the lingerie maker's Web site and found that Chadwick's was one of the line's biggest dealers in the Bay Area. The phone number listed for Chadwick's was their home office, however. "We don't usually give that number out," Shelley Chadwick said. "We were a little puzzled by it at first."

Hanky Panky Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Lida Orzeck said she has known the Chadwicks for years and is happy to see them benefit by the sales phenomenon that the publicity for her "small, but cultish" company has sparked. "I consider them one of our most coveted accounts," she said.

The couple regard their trip to California in 1985 as an epiphany of sorts. Their time in the Bay Area convinced them to move here from their native England. Soon after their arrival, the pair abandoned careers in teaching and social work to start their own lingerie business, as Michael had family contacts to help get them started. They started the business by selling thermal underwear at the Sausalito Flea Market, and eventually opened their first store at 9 Throckmorton Ave. in Mill Valley. The couple opened a second store on San Anselmo Avenue in San Anselmo in December 1991. Then, they opened their San Francisco store, which has become their most successful, in 1993.
JM_Runs #1

Re:Thong popularity high: Thongs 25 percent of the $2.6 billion panty market & Feature on the front pag

Date Posted:07/15/2004 08:02:59Copy HTML

And from the Rocky Mountan News:

Love 'em or hate 'em, thongs are here to stay.  Last year, 25 percent of the $2.6 billion panty market went to thongs, according to New York marketing company NPD Group. At Sol, a lingerie store in Cherry Creek North, thongs account for 80 percent of the panty business.

"All of us at Sol have always worn thongs because of their look, comfort and the fact that they don't leave a panty line under clothes," says marketing director Janelle Kenny. "We don't believe that wearing a thong has anything to do with age or body shape; it is how the woman feels in it that counts. As a result of that attitude, we have convinced hundreds of women to convert from regular panties to thongs."

One of the store's most popular thongs is the Hanky Panky. The thong, simply called 4811 - its style number, was recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. It boasts a wide, soft lace band that sits flat on the hips.

It's a favorite of celebrities (Julianne Moore and Cindy Crawford are reported fans) and us regular women alike. The 4811 is available in more than 25 colors, with new colors added every few months.

"It is really three factors that make Hanky Panky so popular," Kenny says. "Comfort, color and price. They have a two-inch wide stretch-lace band that does not dent and sits perfectly flat on the hips. And although they are one size, they fit women sizes 4 to 12."

Always leery of the one-size-fits-all claim, and not a regular thong wearer myself, I tried the 4811. All I can say is now I'm a believer. Even on my six-months-pregnant, ever-growing frame, the Hanky Panky fit perfectly and was incredibly comfortable.

The thongs, priced at $16 (though a $2 increase is in the works), will be on sale for three for $33 (limit 12 per purchase) at Sol during next week's Cherry Creek North sidewalk sale, July 22-25

JM_Runs #2

Re:Thong popularity high: Thongs 25 percent of the $2.6 billion panty market & Feature on the front pag

Date Posted:02/01/2010 07:37:13Copy HTML

I think the popularity of thongs is increasing.  I recently read something that 4% of males wear thongs daily.  I think with the more masculine appearing thongs such as the Papi platinum or the CK steel, the regular joe isn't so apprehensive on wearing them.  The media has been having an impact on this I believe as well.  I mean look at Lady Gaga and Pink.  Those chicks walk around in thongs and it's fantastic.  Anyhow happy thonging!
sailor250 #3

Re:Thong popularity high: Thongs 25 percent of the $2.6 billion panty market & Feature on the front pag

Date Posted:12/16/2018 10:06:34Copy HTML

This article says thong sales are going up in the UK! No "thongxit" is happening! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/23/thongs-rising-sales-brexit-stockpiling-beans-living-it-up
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