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Date Posted:01/31/2005 11:19:54Copy HTML

What's most important in selecting a thong: the pouch and how it presents your "equipment," or the cut of the fabric in back and how it accentuates your butt: t-back, y-back, etc.? Or is it a combination of both?
kutabachimaeyo #1

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:02/09/2005 09:22:13Copy HTML

I usually go for the feel rather than the look becuase i only have thong underwear and have yet to let anyone see me in them. I only really have the choice from the major retailers too becuase i don't have a credit card of my own and i'm not about to ask my dad to order them online for me.

I like T backs with full frontal coverage and cottony soft. I have found that fruit of the loom in solid colors is very soft but joe boxers are less bulky. Mostly i just grab what clean though.
AVBW21 #2

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:02/10/2005 12:14:48Copy HTML

The cut in the back is most important to me. Some of the tapered back is not in a good shape, sometimes it's too triangular, sometimes it's too small. I like the way it curves towards the thin strap of the HOM thongs.

The second most important is the fabrics and design of the thongs. If the fabrics is smooth and soft, the colour is attractive to me, I will buy them easily.

backstrap357 #3

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:02/10/2005 03:12:16Copy HTML

I like standard thong or t-back G's myself. Actually I love the look of  y-backs but when I wear one the sides always droop down and I don't think getting a size smaller is the answer.

As for why I wear what I wear, I love the feel of the sun on my entire body but I also like fun tanlines.

muppet in a thong #4

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:02/17/2005 06:29:16Copy HTML

the fit at the front is my main concern when choosing what to buy. i like the front puch to be narrow, but not too small and its dificult trying to get the fot i like. a lot of swimwear thongs usually have a larger front puched area which is a shame. i have a lot of different styled rear y or thong. not really got a preference on the back, but g-strings i dont think look as good. i like the triangle bit at the back
Ex_Member #5

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/12/2005 02:21:38Copy HTML

IT doesnt really matter to me. I have been thonging for about a year now. My first thong was a Jocky Next to Nothing Thong. I just loved it. It felt so good to wear thongs. Comfort for me is a big thing. No one knows I wear thongs, so image to others isnt really important. Y backed thongs are nice too.


ian-r #6

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/12/2005 04:05:09Copy HTML

I prefer a g-string back to a conventional thong back with triangles or lots of material at the back.  So it's either a T backed or a  V ( Y) backed g-string for me.  I like stringy narrow sides rather than thick straps.  At the front I prefer either a very low front where I need to point down and the top of the suit is just above the shaft.  Or I prefer a narrow front only wide enough to cover when I'm pointing up.

As for material it's either a light colour such as red, yellow or white or a mesh. 

So far my best suit is a narrow 'blue forest' mesh thong from Dore (with triangle back)  which I have worn on a beach.  As you can tell I am still looking for all the elements in one suit so since last summer I've been adding to my collection.  The first is a mesh very low 'slide' string with a T back from Dore (like this - http://www.doreg.biz/index2.html  ) and I plan to get a yellow very narrow fronted T backed string, both of which will be worn to beaches this summer.  Oh and I've a mesh very low missile with a V back which once I've sewn the tube to the base I might wear out occasionally...


sebastianspencer #7

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/14/2005 07:56:09Copy HTML

I am more concerned with how the pouch fits than what it looks like, for my own comfort.  After that, I take into account the thong strap 'cause I don't want to rub myself raw.
Beachlover492000 #8

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/14/2005 09:34:45Copy HTML

I look for the tiniest pouch that I can wear that provides full coverage of my privates. I've learned though painful experience that the best pouch for me is one that provides support. It can't just be a "sack on a string" because if I happen to sit down on a lounger the wrong way, I can end up "singing soprano." Since I am exclusively a Koala guy, that means that Feline and the Sheer Side Camel Toe provide enough support. The Fake Out Thong is a bit too lose for me.
trapking #9

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/15/2005 08:12:26Copy HTML

It is a combination of things for me based only on my preferences.  I like a small width pocket but large enough for comfort (no crushing) but I also like some support.  Comfort this way would be number 1.   I am not large to begin with so squishing things down is not for me.

Then I think string size would be next.  I like my G-Strings to be strings not straps.  I love the way my backside looks in a t-back string.

pedalpower50 #10

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:03/15/2005 08:27:29Copy HTML

I prefer g-strings with small, but not constricting pouches. I mostly wear Skinz suits, but also like the sheer side Camel Toe and Split Personality style suits from Koala because of the way they hug me without being uncomfortable. Either way, the small tanlines are great!
mack_back #11

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:05/26/2005 09:09:00Copy HTML

What is the best color of swimwear this season for men? I find yellow or fusia a little to much for me. Black is so safe also navy blue but colors with patterns don't do it for me.
Take a look at this link http://www.heswimwear.com/ website and see the orange with turquoise sides looks great with the body shirt. Wait for the image to change.
mack_back #12

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/01/2005 08:42:46Copy HTML

Anyone have an opinion on a GEO thong style is it any good with a contoured pouch and narrow front?
Beachlover492000 #13

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/02/2005 01:53:35Copy HTML

Yellow is my favorite color for a g-string followed by white. I tan quite well, and those colors set off my skin to its best advantage IMO. The main drawback to those colors is that they often become see-through when wet.

Black and blue are classic "safe" colors. They can have an appeal, but I don't find them very exciting.

If you want to push the envelope, and go where most thongers would fear to tread, pink is your color. Years ago Koala made a suit called the Pink Satin Mangina that was so over the top for most thongers, that Koala dropped it after a only a couple of summers. The Mangina was a huge gender-bender, which purposely minimized a man's size rather than enhance it. I wore the suit for a couple of summers, and it was always a great conversation starter. And oh yes, it was a lot of fun being the "bravest guy on the beach" too!

luv2thong #14

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/02/2005 02:20:38Copy HTML

I prefer a wider front and a low-rise style which is somewhat hard to find.  The colors of thongs I currently own are black and dark blue (safe colors). 
mack_back #15

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/05/2005 01:55:58Copy HTML

What i heard from fashion designers is earth tones like brown chacolate and taupes are in and the fabric being smooth not textured. When i'm at the beach i want a color that blends in the surroundings. Anyone know of the bikini or fabric that is sand or in the light  brown gold color that can be found non-shiney but AntronA nylon flat look? Thanks
PS looking at a green teal color what does anyone think?
616 #16

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/05/2005 02:54:16Copy HTML

Personally i like a thong to have a triangle back with thin sides and a triangle shape front with no seam, rings joinint the side straps is a nice touch, green and yellow, and fearri red of course, but black is safe. Most importantly i think they should have curves, plunging front with high hips to follow the shaped of the body!
Invisible T #17

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/06/2005 02:30:14Copy HTML

Its all about the pouch for me. I look for a supportive pouch with enough room to hold my package. I hate when I'm wearing a thong and my stuff peaks out on the sides. A good pouch cups me and supports me. Fabric and T-back style or probably next on my list
Ex_Member #18

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/08/2005 06:46:17Copy HTML

I myself prefer minimal covering, but with enough space for the essentials. I do not like when the back is too large. Actually I klike stringy sides and back.
Thong Kong #19

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:06/08/2005 07:36:02Copy HTML

For underwear I like a t-back G with minimal coverage and string waist. Sheer is even better.

For swimwear I like a low-cut thong or a very low-cut speedo. Hom g-string swimwear is too big in the pouch, but the thongs are much better, especially if I order a size down. Still, I wish they were a little lower.
stanpuppy #20

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/24/2012 04:41:16Copy HTML

I like the Papi or CK Body thong style.  It is a nice full pouch up front, I waist band around to a smaller triangle back with a very narrow back strap.   They are what i wear under my shorts at the gym (which is the only time I wear underwear).  Personally, I dont find g-strings comfortable.  Because there is no triangle in back, I find they ride up into parts I really down want them going when I am squatting 300 Lbs.
hotbunz1969 #21

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/24/2012 05:56:50Copy HTML

Since discovering the one-sided thong about 3 years ago, I wear little else now, both as underwear and swim/tanning wear.
I have them from Muscleskins (the x2) and Jovana (PAU1 & JP4D) I own others that were custom made from StarwearUSA  and a couple from Coachclass. 

When I do wear a full thong, I like a small triangle in the back, like the Skinz Bravaro or or JS Rio. 

If I'm feeling particularly daring I'll go for a Tangaland24 mini micro or a Jovana mini micro thong. 

Well those are my choices...... Who's next :-):-)
thonger2005 #22

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/25/2012 04:59:55Copy HTML

 my preferences are Victoria Secrets V-strings these days, some Body by Victoria, but I strictly prefer my thong triangle to dip slightly lower than the waste band in the back. and the Extreme  T-string they used to sell.

I am also NOT a fan of the glittery thong straps because it's like a string of sandpaper running up your crack.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/25/2012 09:12:57Copy HTML

The style of thong that I wear really depends on my mood and on what I'm doing. I usually wear a g-string when I'm at home or when I want to feel 'sexy', but I wear a cotton thong when I know that I will be doing a lot of activity later. But if I were to have a preference, I would say that I prefer g-strings. 
steampowered #24

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/26/2012 03:50:47Copy HTML

Mostly ones that are comfortable, which varies across styles. But I prefer ones with a thicker waistband with perhaps a sportier fit/look like some of the clever thongs.

I do have some joe snyder classic thongs for the beach, but  I find thinner waistband styles too thin. I prefer a slightly tighter fit especially when swimming. so maybe 1 1/2 inch sides or something suits me fine where the Joe snyder ones are a bit too thin and either feel loose or dig in.

Also, thicker waist bands to me, do seem more masculine. I'm still quite attached to them from wearing boxer briefs and briefs with thick waistbands.
JM_Runs #25

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/26/2012 10:45:39Copy HTML

First priority is the pouch, second is the back. I personally prefer bulge styles as I find them most comfortable.
I personally think a T back looks better than a g-string.A thong back accentuates your bum more.
stanpuppy #26

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/26/2012 01:36:59Copy HTML

To me the whole point of wearing a thong is to accentuate the butt.  You can get similar pouch effects from any type of undergarment/swimsuit.  My personal preference is a thong over a G-string (for me...for women I prefer the opposite).  I like the triangle style with the triangle being not too big (but not too small either).  I prefer a narrow back strap (but not a G) and I dont like when they ride real low across the back (I feel like Sally from When Harry Met Sally).   I generally prefer bright colors and my favorite material is cotton with a bit of lycra in it.
tanlines2thin #27

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/27/2012 12:42:06Copy HTML

i have just about every style micro suit, but i like the body aware and dore styles the best, with a low and narrow front.......sometimes i'm in the mood for a pouch that shows my 'illegals,' sometimes i'm in the mood for a 'fem-style,' and i love a sexi slingshot suit........absolute minimal coverage is my primary taste in a suit....as for colors, white and yellow are tops.....pink is sexi cool, but pink ain't a color you can sport just anywhere......in any event, i've got probably 50 suits, in almost all colors......
JM_Runs #28

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:01/27/2012 05:24:02Copy HTML

 My ideal is a relatively narrow pouch, meaning I  have to wear my equiupment in an upright position, Sides should narrow to 1cm to 2cm, with a triangular back narrowing to a similar width of strap. My favourite material would be a lightweight nylon/lycra, and colour red or black.
LoveMyThongs #29

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:10/13/2018 07:19:16Copy HTML

For the beach I prefer a wider strap that curves to my butt but I’ve worn all styles to the beach. If you have a curvy behind any thong will look great. I find them all comfortable but. I prefer a low front in all my thongs. As for the back one strap is the same as another and it often depends on my mood or if we are matching styles for the day. I’ve never loved g strings but love for underwear the thin strap with a y back. They are super comfortable but also the easiest to get exposed because I will forget they are there

navythong #30

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:10/13/2018 05:53:51Copy HTML

My preferred thong style has a low narrow pouch, a bit bulging, narrow straps (3/8") and a small V in the back. I like the pouch tight without wrinkles or too much fabric. I like a thong back with a small V more then a string back. I find it looks smoother.
CKWonderer #31

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:10/15/2018 02:26:42Copy HTML

navythong, I am with you man. Tight and small.
NudeNArizona #32

Re:Thong style

Date Posted:10/15/2018 01:31:34Copy HTML

I personally prefer micro G-strings with very low sliding fronts and minimal v-strings over the hips with NO rear triangle. I also mainly wear sheer or fishnet styles that are see-thru when wet and some when dry for tanning thru if I must wear something and I try NOT to obtain tanlines since I usually tan nude.
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