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Date Posted:02/17/2019 03:06:55Copy HTML

I am of the mindset that some thong styles are better suited based on your body and same for the ensuing tan lines. I wear a traditional thong that’s low in the front with 1/2” wide straps and it really curves around my bubble butt. My wife prefers the thin straps with Y back and honestly any style works for her. The issue she has is lining up the straps and the tan lines consistently which is why I switched from those to what I have now. When I was in college I wore a really big back thong but that was the style in the 90’s. 

What is your preference? I’ve had thong tan lines since I was 18 and I’m 45 now. I don’t see me switching anytime soon and want to get your thoughts on what tan styles you prefer 

ioannis #1

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/17/2019 12:01:54Copy HTML

me and my wife prefer the classic thong style. the classic T...we dont like the g-strings because of their style and feeling...for our swims, we also prefer the very classic T style...the only thing we dont like on thongs is when they have big width back strap....we simply cant affford the wedgie feeling...it is very nice to "feel" the backstrap but its not enjoyable to feel that you have a huge piece of fabric between your cheeks.....
navythong #2

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/17/2019 12:06:24Copy HTML

I like the straps of my thongs as narrow as possible. I changed from 1/2" to 3/8" just to minimize tan-lines. The narrower the tanlines the more sexy I think. I also buy suits with a narrow front for the same reason. Most of my suits are 3/8" with low narrow fronts. I have some older 1/2" suits with slightly wider fronts, but I hardly wear them. When laying out on my belly, most of the time I'm nude. So I have no tanlines on my back.
bmicro #3

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/17/2019 02:43:29Copy HTML

As the Haulover slogan states: "Happiness is no tan lines" Even though I don't get to Haulover much. I achieve that objective by switching up my beachwear fashion, achieving variety and no tan lines. To each their own
J_R_365 #4

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:35:07Copy HTML

bmicro — Agreed. I do all I can to avoid tan lines. To keep things even, I switch between high waists one day, and low riders the next. Another help is suits with detachable straps. Last year, I was at a c/o campground, and lots of folks commented on my all-over tan, even though it was the first time I had actually been out nude that year.
RapidBlue #5

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/17/2019 05:24:15Copy HTML

I happen to like a very defined thong tan line. In my eyes it looks sexy as all can be. I do my best to keep the tan line sharpe and small. Recently I had a medical appointment and the nurse noted my tan line, all smiles and asking if I recently went on vacation to a beach. Sadly I had not. It had been many weeks since I’ve been in the sun, but the tan line remains.
Matt37 #6

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/18/2019 03:35:06Copy HTML

I love my thong tan line as well. I have a very dark tan on a pasty white body, so it is a very dramatic line and I work to keep it that way. As you can imagine, it has become a topic of conversation from time to time, especially at the gym and the doctor's office (my dermatologist made the comment hat at least a tiny part of me was destined to be skin cancer free! lol).
gog5150 #7

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/18/2019 05:06:56Copy HTML

I love my Skinz tan lines.
wr1944 #8

Re:Thong styles and tan lines...

Date Posted:02/18/2019 05:22:24Copy HTML

I had a relationship with an Italian woman who hated skimpy swimgear on men. So I sneaked out sometimes and went to the beach on my own. There I started to switch styles of thongs and strings to avoid a telltale tanline. And to this day I try to avoid tanlines so I will fit in when I go to Gunnison nude beach now and then. ;)
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