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Date Posted:11/27/2018 03:53:25Copy HTML

I'm wondering if there is any swim team that requires every member train in a thong. That could be exciting. I remember a Japanese website used to sell customized thongs from big brands, i.e. Speedo, Asics... But those are usually very expensive. I'm not sure if those are really for serious swimming. 

SunnyP #1

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:11/27/2018 08:23:24Copy HTML

There is a person in Japan who will take any speedo style swimsuit and convert them to what you want, he tends to do skimpier version of speedo on his site as an example though so its more like a really low cut rio back. Not cheap either and you'd have to overcome the language barrier to ask for a thong variant (called T-back in Japan) They have videos to see what they look like too! https://speedojapan.jimdo.com/
stypenz #2

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:11/28/2018 11:02:15Copy HTML

I don't think there is such a team but maybe it's time to start one! I swim 5 to 6 hours a week at the pool in a thong to keep fit so I'd join that! Especially if there are girls :-) .
epicinspeedo #3

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/12/2018 11:16:28Copy HTML

Most Competitive swim rules prohibit suits that would be overly revealing. If such a team existed, it would be an adult team, and the things would be a practice suit only. But it would be fun!
Blackthong23 #4

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/12/2018 07:12:23Copy HTML

I swim at a gym with an Olympic size pool 3 days a week and most people there are very competitive swimmers and there are swim teams there everyday I go. Speedos, squarcuts and longer swimsuits are common on men except me who wears thongs and bikinis to swim laps in.

At the pool I get to see college age swim teams practice everyday. I have to say, the suits are a lot smaller than I expected. The guys wear speedos but they are pretty much bikinis with 1-1.5 sides. The girls one piece suits are very narrow in the back maybe 3-4 inches. The area on the back is cut out so if you look from behind they look like they are in a 2 piece. I’ve really wondered why they just don’t wear a one piece actual thong because every time they swim and then get out, the back slips in and looks like a thong. They are always pulling out their wedgies. I think if they are allowed to they would probably just wear the thong and not worry about the wedgies. I have noticed a few that just leave it and don’t care. 

Comfythong1 #5

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/13/2018 05:37:11Copy HTML

Blackthong23, where are you located in US? I’m from Chicagoland area. I wear my Desmiit thongs at Lifetime Fitness have been for months. All without a problem. I usually will wrap myself in a towel when I come out. But I go into hot tub and sauna (both coed) all the time.
Poimbeach #6

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/14/2018 04:12:47Copy HTML

I wear thongs on Sat afternoons to swim laps at LA Fitness. During the week I wear cheeky or Brazilian rio style. I don’t wear thongs if the wet area is full of people but there is glass on two sides so even when not busy, the pool is very visible. No negative comments yet. It feels so good to swim laps wearing a tiny thong. So close to being nude. I wear Desmitt or Wangjang thongs. Both have string ties and fit like a glove. A very small glove.
stringueur #7

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/15/2018 02:30:28Copy HTML

@Blackthong23 I live in France (Europe) and it is the same thing. Swimmers girls (between 15 to 25 y.o) wear very skimpy 1 piece swimsuit. Every time they swim, the back slips in and looks like a thong. The main difference is that, here, the girls don't pull out their wedgie. They stay like this during all the training session... and under the shower. Each year, the swimsuits are more and more narrow for the girls. I think they don't wear a one piece actual thong because the mainstream swim brand don't sell and so if you buy one, theyr are not chlorine resistant. However, if the girls wears cheeky swimsuits, it is not the same thing for the men. Young men wears jammers, and it is more and more difficult to buy a classical swim brief.
stypenz #8

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/16/2018 06:44:33Copy HTML

@Poimbeach I agree! I wish I could skinny dip/swim naked more often but wearing a tiny thong (or g-string at the beach) is a close second! I'd love to be part of a swim team where nudity, g-strings or thongs were required, the smaller the better, and the more 'senior' you were in the club the smaller the swimsuit you were required to wear to remain a member. No surprise here but I really want it be a good mix of genders and not an 'all boys' club... @stringuer Would it be something like this from the Arena store? https://www.arenawaterinstinct.com/en_global/2a243-women-s-solid-lightech-high.html . I think that's what some girls wear when training at the local pool here in New Zealand. It's funny how even for sports swimsuits, the womens swimsuits have way more variety and options while the mens have remained fairly modest.
stringueur #9

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/16/2018 09:41:12Copy HTML

@stypenz arena is the major brand for the swimmers. So, the girls start with this arena 1 piece swimwear when they are 15 y.o., as they are sold in real sport shops. https://www.arenawaterinstinct.com/en_global/2a241-women-s-solid-swim-tech-high.html But, this 1 piece is almost the most conservative. When the girls are 16 or 17 y.o., they are in competition and start to wear cheekier. They start to buy online, for more confidential brands. This brands are confidential for general public but not for the swimmers. So when the girls are 17 y.o. they wear : - jolynclothing : https://eu.jolynclothing.com/collections/fixed-back-onesie/products/murray-fixed-back-onesie-cabernet?variant=26561982216 - boneswimmer http://www.boneswimmer.it/it/donna/intero/consegna-immediata - okeo https://www.okeo.it/competizione/37-270-CostumeGaraDonna-BarracudaClassicWoman.html#/2-taglia-40/15-colore-nero - PMR https://pmr.fr/mag-print-sunsetpalm-maillot-femme-pmr.html For all this brands, the best way to see how it fit in reality, it is to see the photo on instagram. So there is a lot of confidential brands for serious swimmers. It is amazing to see that the triathlete girls don't wear the same brands. Triathlete girls wear mako : https://mako-shop.com/produits/maillots-de-bain/femmes/aumakua/aumakua-paint-bomb-red.html The aumakua line is like a thong back. However, if the womens have a lot of choice of sexy swimsuits, moreover swimsuits for serious swim training, that is to say chlorine resistant, the mens have very little choice. I'm very astonished that it doesn't exist at least one confidential brand to sell sexy swimsuit for serious men swimmer. It is sure that the men marcket is more little that the women market, but i'm convinced that at least one brand could do it.
stypenz #10

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/16/2018 10:55:09Copy HTML

@stringueur I think we're definitely more conservative in New Zealand. With regards to the regulars training I think I've seen several wear something similar to those you pointed out (sort of a half bikini back). I think I've seen someone with 1 quarter back thong bikini cut (i.e. 3/4 cheeks exposed).

I've only ever seen a handful of girls wear thong/half bikini bottoms but not regularly. I hit the pool 3 times a week for 2 hours per session after work and once a weekend so that's plenty of time to 'check things out'. I'm pretty sure I'm the only regular swimmer that wears a thong constantly and the only male. I would say about once every 6-8 weeks I might catch a glimpse of a girl thonging, usually with a boyfriend. G-strings are definitely not worn at the pool. 

It might be different for neighbour Australia as they are warmer and have much more of a beach culture but I think they still remain fairly conservative at the public pool. On the beach you'll probably have a better chance of catching someone thonging but again, generally it's still not common in either New Zealand or Australia.

Blackthong23 #11

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/17/2018 06:20:13Copy HTML

I went for a swim early this morning and the swim team coach is there training about 3-4 swimmers and I got to see what they were wearing. The suits really do very from person to person.. they all don’t wear they same suit but you kinda see the more conservative girl swimmers and the ones that are more revealing. One girl wore a traditional competition one piece that covered more of her back. The other girl was wearing a narrow one piece and it was probably only 3 inches wide max. Her back had no coverage except the strap at the top so it looked like a 2 piece from behind. I looked at those links and they weren’t as narrow as the ones that one girl was wearing for sure. I guess it all depends on how much they want to show or not but I do think if they made really durable one piece competition thongs some of these girls would wear them. Like I said earlier.. they end up being a thong after swimming laps.. they might as well just wear one! Haha as for the guys.. I’m always the one with the smallest suit but luckily nobody seems to mind much if I wear a thong or a smaller bikini. They might not be paying attention so it’s all good! 

007KWOK #12

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 02:54:51Copy HTML

WOW, thanks for so many great responses! I feel thongs or g-strings allow me to move more freely than speedo. I don't have the courage to thong in pools yet, but from what you guys shared, one would get away if people see you as a serious swimmer. At least that's true for speedo wearers. If you are a serious swimmer, nobody would judge whatsoever. I'll let the thong swim team stay in my fantasy. Merry Christmas, guys!
ithongit #13

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 04:44:50Copy HTML

I was told once that the major swimwear makers have spent oodles of money on developing swimwear and fabrics which are "slicker" and actually let a person swim faster.  This is why many men wear the knee length swimwear.  I guess when first developed, they used this technology to create entire "body suits" that let a swimmer perform better.   I have also been told that the high-tech suits were very expensive and hence not affordable by all swimteams even on the international level.  Because of this, such swimwear is now limited in size or even prohibited in some competitions at various levels. If "magic" jammers, racing style swimwear, or women's super fast swimsuits are permitted, would there be enough of a competative advantage that wearing thong swimwear would not be logical unless everyone was required to wear similar swimwear.  My dad says that the original olympics featured nude swimmers.  (He claims to be old enough to have been there! (LOL))  But in some ways, that seems like it might be the best solution, and a common thong design using easily checked specific materials might ballance out the field to some extent if nudity is not acceptable. I would love to see a all-thong swim team or better yet thong competitions.  But as long as there is even the slightest advantage to wearing something else, serious competitors would shy away from the thong look. Traci

Thongmad #14

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:01/02/2019 07:09:02Copy HTML

You'll find that the full length suits were banned from international competition. They were in fact 'faster' than human skin, and were certainly expensive, especially considering they were sometimes cut from the wearer to get them off. As they were not available to all swimmers (Speedo developed them and would only let their sponsored swimmers wear them) they were consequently banned entirely.
Low_Strap #15

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:03/03/2019 05:02:51Copy HTML

I seriously doubt we'll ever see fully thong back one pieces on girls in meets. Especially anything televised. One because competition suits, although not full length, do have a better hydrodynamic surface. And two because the jammers and shorty style suits offer limb compression, so muscle support and venous return are helped out a little.  On the other hand I could see thongs showing up on divers, cause none of that's necessary. They already wear their suits really cheeky, as we saw in the 2016 games. And with the growing popularity of cheeky suits I think a lot of girls (swimmers) are starting to wear their practice suits cheekier. I came across this the other day. Skip to 1:55 and have a look a the girls on the pool deck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mg_lCTDsRw&t=116s Grant it, they're not wearing thongs. They've just pulled the back up. But they're almost showing as much as a thong would.  Absolutely lovely.

stringueur #16

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:03/03/2019 01:31:57Copy HTML

@Low_Strap I agree with you. Nowadays, swimmers, men or women, don't use the same swimsuit for training and for competition. For official competition, the swimsuit must be approved by FINA. So i don't think we will see a thong (except maybe in a local competition but not in a major competition). Moreover, the competition swimsuit are expensive. So, the same swimmer girl can wear a "full" swimsuit to go to the compeition but can use a thong for training or to warm up for the competition. I noticed that the training swimsuits are cheekier. The vid is very representative of what i can see in all the teams in France. However, i noticed it is the serious swimmers girls (in the teams) who wears the cheekier swimsuit. During the public hours, women are older and wear more conservative swimsuit during winter. During summer, it is an other story. I have also noticed that the divers wears realy cheeky swimsuit. I think they don't need to wear a FINA approved swimsuit.
Vega1210 #17

Re:Thong swim team?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 11:53:45Copy HTML

the girl in blue swimsuit wow!!!! I like
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