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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/22/2016 02:53:07Copy HTML

I had an idea recently, I thought it would be fun to start tanning in a fuller cut, thicker strapped thong, then when I go to public beaches or public swimming pools, wear a much thinner thong or g string allowing the white skin of my tan lines to "glow" around the narrower thong.  I think it would be an interesting way to add an edge to the thong look. anyone tried this? I'm gonna do it this summer and post pics.  
pikeman #1

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:02/26/2016 04:41:48Copy HTML

 I've had it happen, but have to mention that it works best if you are tanned all-over to begin with. A white boundary can burn!
thongguy200 #2

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/04/2016 06:32:07Copy HTML

 I love it when i wear gstrings and see the thong tan lines clearly. I love to have thong tan lines.
northeastthongman #3

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/21/2017 09:44:32Copy HTML

 @tangathong - Can you give us an update on this? I was thinking about doing this, as well - just seems like a hot way to add some spice to things. Would really like to know what fuller-cut thong you might have chosen for this project!
kiyoothong #4

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/21/2017 11:18:53Copy HTML

 You gotta be careful. You should stick with one style when tanning or else you might get multiple tanlines.
Cloydene #5

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/26/2017 11:39:25Copy HTML

 I recently finished doing this. I bought a one month spray tan package, and wore a different thong each week of various coverage. It's now been almost a month and I can barely see my tan line, but I loved it when it was freshly painted! From Bailey the nudes-a-poppin stripper to Peter North in his earliest straight films, a thong tan line will never go out of style and kicks ass.
Sybok #6

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/27/2017 01:38:51Copy HTML

 I tried getting one for the past three days and I still haven't gotten it :(
John Howard #7

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/27/2017 02:45:48Copy HTML

A sharp defined thong tan line is something that most thongers love to keep in the middle of winter to remind us of the exciting times lived on the beach or pool last summer.

I believe that to obtain a tan line, the UV radiation of the day must be above moderate or high;  I have spent hours under the sun on a day with low UV radiation, and got no tan line at all.

In my case, I'm lucky my skin is moderately olive , and I still keep mine since last February.   .  

A sharp defined tan line has become something so normal on my body, that sometimes I forget and then I wonder that's the reason I get a lot attention when I'm not wearing any clothes.    At the c/o beach, a guy tattooed free with a defined thong tan line would get perhaps much more attention than another guy with plenty of tattoos and a board short tan line.   It always amazes me how  many nudist beach goers sport board short tan lines rather than speedo or thong tan lines;  it would make sense that they would prefer minimal swimwear when not able to sunbake at the textile beach.

Being full body waxed, having a nipple piercing, having a thong tan line, are things that are definitely not mainstream;   these make  your image so blatantly different to the rest,  we can't say the same about tattoos these days......Sometimes to be so obviously different is perceived as being attractive.

kiyoothong #8

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/27/2017 03:02:53Copy HTML

Hey John Howard. I agree with you. I want a mark that shows my thonger identity and a thong tan line does that for me. Let's say I go see a doctor and I have to take off my clothes and undies. Even if I go all nude, the other person is going to see my tanline and know that I'm a thonger.
 And yeah, you have to constantly go in the sun in order to get a defined tanline. So just keep trying and you'll see the result.
hotbunz1969 #9

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/29/2017 10:36:57Copy HTML

 I simple LOVE my thong tan line....... it defines who I am and I'd never be ashamed to show it off.  As any regular reader of this board know for the past 7 years I've tanned almost exclusively in the one sided thong style, I always wear just a the right hip side and this year is no exception, I have a very well defined one strap line emerging from my butt cleve and over my right hip coming round to the front and disappearing again! LOVE IT. 

What I have noticed over the past couple of yeas thought is, it has taken me a lot longer in the sun to achieve my tan line, plus not all of me tans at the same rate. I'm very carful with my sun exposure and sunscreen application but my torso ALWAYS tans faster than my legs, the top of my thighs are alway last to go brown!!??!! Can't work it out! 
My chest, back, and arms tan quite quickly to lovely deep tan then stay there but the rest of my body takes a while to catch up....... I've never worked it out!!!!! 
RapidBlue #10

Re:Thong tan line

Date Posted:08/29/2017 06:53:43Copy HTML

 I absolutely love having a thong tan line. I like seeing one just as much. When I see someone with a thing tan line I immediately think that that person must be confident in themselves. Besides confidence I think a thong tan line is extremely sexy. The women in my life seem to enjoy the tan line as well. Now if I could only keep it well defined all year it would be great.
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