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Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:41:51Copy HTML

So today was nice enough to get out on the boat but too cold to swim. I was in just regular shorts to start off and had a friend with me. We were out for about an hour when enough was enought and the sun was shining and just too nice to be that covered up. My friend has no idea that i wear thongs but i think he would be the most accepting. I told him i was going to change and went down below and just couldn't bring myself to put the thong on. I ended up in a small Aussiebum brief and he didn't say a thing about it. I just don't know how to approach it. Any ideas?
odiekyle #1

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:46:32Copy HTML

 I've found the straight-forward approach is always the best. Tell your friend next time what you like to wear when you lay out and ask if it would bother him. If he knows you well enough and knows you're not trying to be "weird" he'll probably go with it and end up wishing he had one to wear too!
Ex_Member #2

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/11/2015 11:54:49Copy HTML

 I could only wish he would accept it and want to join in.
ozarkG #3

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/12/2015 12:41:16Copy HTML

 just be honest and strait forward. If hes a friend you brinalong on the boat im sure he wont care, its your boat. Ive been strait forward with my "friends", more like close aquaintances/co-workers that ive know for a few years. When either the question came up for some reason or i was exposed. I didnt try to hide it or deny. The more uncomfortable you are the more they will be and the more awkward the situations will be. 
Thongzo #4

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/14/2015 04:34:34Copy HTML

I was in Mexico with the wife and two friends, another couple. And when we were laying out I just quietly slipped out of my trunks and had a thong on underneath. I just kept sunning myself. Finally the other wife flipped over and saw and casually said "you got the banana hammock going today?" and I just said "yep." It really was no big deal. She wouldn't let me cover up for the next two days though, and insisted I take many walks to the water to swim. Wife was 100% supportive too. It was awesome. 
briankay #5

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/15/2015 07:17:54Copy HTML

I've encounted the situation three times. It goes like this.

I'm wearing shorts that look like a swimsuit. Thong underneath. So I say "I don't want to embarrass you but I want to wear my regular swimsuit."

So I pull the shorts down, show the front, and say "Is this OK?" The answer has always been "yes".

Then I do a quarter turn for a side view and say "Are you sure?".

Never been a problem.
tnline #6

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:05/31/2015 12:12:52Copy HTML

 If you think this friend would be the most accepting then you shouldn't hesitate to wear  a thong,  briankay has the right approach to the situation - if you want to ask then he should be fine with your choice of swim wear.
nude2020 #7

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:07/16/2015 04:02:14Copy HTML

 I think Thongzo has the right idea relax its not a big deal to wear a thong or gstring. 
Thongmad #8

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:08/02/2015 01:22:51Copy HTML

 Mine have always started with either a bit of an 'outrageous' experience, or my wife 'outing' me.

I would think more than half of the people who know me, know that I am a full time thong wearer, but not that many have seen me in them.
The 'outing ' usually happens at a relaxed social gathering after a drink or two (who'd have thought?).
Funnily enough, it's all of the groups we holiday with in our caravan near the beach at various times throughout the year (although one group is in the dead of winter).
Last Easter was great! The girls (our wives) had spent the afternoon together separately from the guys. Later in the night, the girls were all in a motorhome together, while us guys were in my caravan. One guy wanted to do a nudie run into the motorhome where the girls were. It was decided that might just be a bit too risque, so I grabbed a thong for each of us (4 DeeJay thongs in various colours) and suggested we do that instead. Only one of the other three took any convincing, so it was on! It was an absolute hit with the girls! They thought it was sooo funny. And it was, because really, the other three would never be expected to be seen in a thong. One of them regularly wears a speedo, and relished wearing the thong I'm sure, but we all had a blast!
The next day was full of light-hearted banter, but with plenty of questions directed at me from the girls and guys. They all asked why did I have so many (if only they really knew!) and did I wear these all the time? Well I answered completely honestly. Yes, I wear them every day, and that was a small part of my collection. It was the topic of conversation for the rest of the holiday, even among all of our kids! 
What was pretty funny was the guy that was a bit reluctant actually hung the red one I gave him on my car side mirror the next morning. His wife said to me "Are you missing something?" I collected them all up, put them in our washing machine, and when she was not looking, hung them all on her camp clothes line. Cracked everyone up when she noticed hours later.
Later the next day we were all watching the kids jump off the local pier into the water. The hubby said he wanted to see me jump off in my thong. Just happened I was commando at the time (which is rare) so I couldn't. Next year it's a certainty!
thongmom #9

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/06/2016 09:16:17Copy HTML

 I had a similar experience this past Sunday. We spent the afternoon on a boat with the family of one of my son's friends from swim team. They also have a daughter close to my daughter's age. I was a little hesitant to wear a thong, since we don't know them too well. The boys were both in speedo briefs. I wore a cheeky bikini as did our daughters. At one point, the other mom brought up her surprise that I would choose to wear a more revealing swimsuit. I told her that I also wear thongs. We moved on to other subjects and I didn't bring it up again. We made plans to go out again. To my surprise, the other mom told me that it'd be fine to wear a thong next time.
johny_b #10

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/06/2016 11:43:33Copy HTML

my friends know cuz im not afraid to wear whats comfortable, they have all seen me in a thong before.
ministeve #11

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/07/2016 04:25:43Copy HTML

 Thong-mom. Might we suggest that next time you go ahead and wear a thong suit and bring along another and invite the other mom to try it out.  If she doesn't mind you wearing your thong then maybe she would like to wear one as well for a try?
jprob50 #12

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/08/2016 04:54:18Copy HTML

 Thongmom, the next time you meet, I'm willing to bet the other mom will already be in a thong. Don't hesitate to wear yours......
thongmom #13

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/08/2016 09:40:07Copy HTML

 We've invited them over to dinner at our house and will almost certainly use the hot tub after. I let her know that nudity is acceptable if that's some thing they are comfortable with, but it sounds like they'd prefer to wear swimsuits.
ithongit #14

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/08/2016 01:58:24Copy HTML

 Quite a few years ago, I was down at Caesar's Creek in Ohio, working on my tan (in my thong and topfree).  There was this cute young man, probably about 17-19 or so.  The first thing I noticed about him was his shoulder length hair (I love that) but he otherwise was pretty conservatively dressed in medium length board shorts and a T-shirt.  After setting up in the point on the grass that was furthest from any sidewalk (and therefore other people) he took his shirt off, and laid down.  I sort of lost interest, but later when I was walking back to the car to get a drink from my cooler (still in just my thong) I thought I saw his buns.  I didn't have too long to be sure since he quickly flipped onto his back and pulled his shorts back over his swimsuit that was either a Bikini, Rio, or Thong.  It was definitely skimpy in front, but even that was covered so fast that if I had blinked twice, I would not have seen it at all.  He obviously was very shy about his swimsuit, and while some guys who are like this will open up (or maybe I should say they don't bother to cover up) when they see a topfree woman in a thong approaching them, he obviously was threatened even by my presence. 

On my way back he still had the shorts on, but I kept surveillance on him for the next few hours.  When there wasn't anyone too close by, he slipped out of his shorts and flipped over to get some sun on his buns.  Still, my suspicions that he was wearing a thong were confirmed when I snuck peaks at him from behind my book.  It was pretty conservative as thongs go, and a simple solid black design with about a one inch butt strap and also one inch waist and this was at a time when thongs were much more popular on the beach and it was hard to not see several people wearing them no matter when you went.  Whenever someone approached him  in the grass or walked in his direction on the sidewalk, he quickly flipped on his back and slipped into his short again.  He probably switched back and forth at least 20 times in a couple of hours as I watched, and those were the times I was looking -- I spent most of my time reading. 

Later in the later afternoon, some young  people came down from the parking lot and he pulled his shorts on again, but this time they knew him and went out of their way to go over an visit.  Eventually, they headed down to the sand and set up not far from me, and shortly afterwards, the guy followed them with all his belongings, but still wearing his shorts.  For 15 minutes or so, he kept his shorts on, but eventually took them off when everyone was getting ready to go swimming.  His male friends were making a big deal about his thong and even though I could not hear them, it was obvious they were laughing and teasing him.  The girls in the group (one of whom had on her own thong swimsuit) comforted him and smiled kindly and sexy at him.  This went on for maybe 5 minutes before they all went swimming, him still in just his thong.  In any event, when they came back, they all seemed perfectly at ease with their friends naked buttocks, and his shorts never went back on until it was time to leave.  He laid in the sand facing them and letting his buns get some sun, and he no longer was shy when strangers came close.

I think what happened was he was either a first time or close to first time thonger, and really nervous about what others would say.  When his friends came along, the guys did tease him some, but he was able to shrug it off, and they came to accept his minimal swimwear without issues after a few minutes.  Now, having the support of his friends. he was totally comfortable laying on his stomach and letting anyone who happened by see his bare buns.

Personally, I enjoy having a friend or two along when I go to the beach, not that I am timid about wearing a thong (or going topfree) but because it is always nice to have someone you know to chat with and just hang out with.  Plus, as a woman I am always concerned when some guy comes around and hits on me.  There are a lot fewer attempts when I am not alone.  The other thing about thonging in a group where others do not wear thong swimsuit, but being accepted by them -- I think this sends a "Thongs are acceptable" message when others on the beach see your friends are treating you exactly like any other beach goer.  It is easy to make generalizations when all people in a party are wearing minimal swimwear -- you are in some type of clique, but a mixed group people have a harder time pigeon holing you if you are in some sort of mixed group.

The same holds true when a family comes along and a few people in the family are into thongs.  The stereotyping is even harder when the parents are in traditional swimwear, but a son and perhaps a daughter (but not all the children) are wearing thongs.  It is hard to call the son a "pervert" or whatever when his family is totally indifferent to what he is wearing.  A young guy who has a sister who also thongs helps reinforce the fact that thonging is acceptable on both girls and boys (or both women and men).

John Howard #15

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/08/2016 06:27:00Copy HTML

 That's a great story Traci,  your second last paragraph is so true.

It's more fun to enjoy the beach with company;  but sometimes circumstances dictate that you have to sunbake on your own.I've been tempted a few times to approach a woman on her own sunning on the beach wearing only a thong and/or topless, it says to me "she is one of us"..... not to hit on her but just to avoid precisely myself being hit on by gay men, or help her to avoid guys hitting on her.     A woman on her own wearing a thong, let alone topless, will attract sometimes unwanted male attention.

So far I haven't had the courage,  I can't help to think that she might think that "I" am the one who ones to hit on her (lol).
But yes, the image of a person thonging within a group of non-thongers sends a good message.  Of acceptance and tolerance.   Whenever I thong at the beach with my teenager sons (I wonder when would they object on me thonging next to them, so far it hasn't happened) I can see that the attitude of other beach goers toward me thonging tends to be more natural and indifferent.  Whereas when on my own, at least I would get the tag of show off because I also have above the average muscle development.

NudeNArizona #16

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:06/16/2016 05:07:57Copy HTML

 When we  lived in Hawaii we started going to a beach up north on Oahu near Dillingham airfield and the polo fields, and after a few visits w met some of the other locals who would go to the beach to either sunbathe nude or in minimal swimwear.  At first I wore my usual N2N BT string in black which was not sheer but was small and had an adjustable front and my wife would wear a Skinz black G-string also not sheer. After a few visits we got more comfortable with our new friends and at that point we were wearing some of our more risque suits without negative guilt, and when we had a group of 8-12 people most local Neanderthals didn't bother us which if you were alone or even a couple it could be an issue.  So after a while we would try to out do the other couples and everyone tried to push the limits, this friendly rivalry let to my wife and I's purchases  of exposure suits and also going nude. 
thongmom #17

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:07/18/2016 08:04:15Copy HTML

We've really hit it off with the family I mentioned previously. After meeting a few more times, I suggested they join us on a camping trip. We went this weekend.

We hike in and camp about 4-5 miles from where were park alongside a beautiful lake. The spot where we usually camp is totally secluded and we usually don't see anyone else for the duration of the trip.

In my family, water + privacy = skinny dipping. I warned my friend to expect some amount of nakedness, but she didn't seemed to be bothered by the idea.

Wednesday morning, we met for breakfast at their place and drove to the lot. It took us a few hours to reach the lake. We set up our campsite. I suggested a swim since it was so warm, and everyone agreed. The other mother, however, awkwardly asked where they should change. After some back and forth, she explained that it's been a while since they've changed in front of their kids. I suggested we split up boys/girls in our two tents.

I was glad to see she'd decided to bring a bikini this time instead of the one-piece she'd worn on our first outing. It was a bit old and worn, but better than nothing. Her daughter wore a cheeky. My daughter and I wore thongs. We all swam around in the cool water until the sun started to drop. After our swim, we enjoyed a nice dinner and sat around the campfire. Then we went to bed.

We got up the next morning and had breakfast. The two dads and kids wanted to go on a walk along the lake. I kinda felt like a lazy day, so I suggested my friend and I remain at the camp.

They'd been gone for about an hour when my friend turned the conversation to my choice of swimwear. She seemed a bit worried she'd been too uptight as her kids had grown older. I figured we had another couple hours before the others returned, so I suggested she give one of my swimsuits a try. We'd had to pack light, but fortunately thongs don't take up much space.

It didn't take much coaxing to get her to agree. I picked a more conservative swimsuit for her to try. She went into her tent to put it on while I changed. She was a little reluctant to come out, but eventually did. She looked great! We're about the same size, so it fit her well. She was feeling self conscious, so I suggested we get in the water.

We swam around and I could tell she was getting used to the swimsuit. She even said it felt much better to be unencumbered while swimming. Our families returned a little earlier than expected while we were still in the water. She was nervous, but you couldn't see anything. They changed and joined us.

When it was time to get out, she was the last out of the water. I could see her whole family register surprise when they saw her swimsuit, but everyone was complementary. We got back into our clothes and spent the rest of the day at the campsite.

After breakfast the next morning, my husband suggested another walk. The other husband and our daughters were interested, but the boys wanted to stay at the camp. My friend and I agreed to stay with them.

As the sun rose it the sky, it started to get warm. My son asked if it would be okay for them to swim, and I of course said yes. He went into the tent to change, but called me over after a moment. He asked if he could swim nude. Since my friend had agreed to this previously, I told him that would be fine.

The other boy came out in a speedo, and they both went to the water. After they'd been swimming for a while, my friend commented how nice it was that my son and I have such an open relationship. She mentioned that it's been a long time since she's seen her son's body. Again, she seemed to think her own "uptightness" had made her kids more prudish.

Everyone was getting hungry, so the boys came out of the water and had lunch. We relaxed by the water for a bit, then the boys went back to swim. Before they got in the water, my friend suggested to her son that he could swim without a bathing suit if he wanted. The boys must have been talking about it, since he jumped at the opportunity. It was so cute. He went back into the tent to take of his swimsuit and came out with nothing but a big smile on his face.

The others returned a short while later, and we all changed into our swimsuits and joined them in the water. My friend asked to borrow my thong bikini again, which I was happy to give her. We spent the rest of the day in and out of the water. Since the boys had broken the ice, I sunbathed topless a little.

After the sun went down, we had dinner. Everyone was tired and wanted to get a full night's sleep, but my friend and I stayed up a bit longer after the others retired to our tents. My friend thanked me for inviting them on the trip. She went on to say how much closer it had made her feel to her family. She was so glad her son had decided to be comfortable and free.

I had an idea, which I proposed to her. She was a little hesitant, but agreed. We said our goodnight and went to bed.

The following day was our last by the lake. We got up and had breakfast. I suggested that since we'd be leaving the following morning that we spend the day at the camp. Everyone agreed. That's when I told them what we'd been planning last night. I said we should make it a clothes free day. My friend stepped in and explained that she agreed it was a good idea, and something she'd like to try.

We talked to our families separately. Mine was agreeable, but I could tell she was having some trouble. I thought it might be easier if we changed in the tents, so we went to ours and undressed. We beat them all back outside, but eventually my friend, her husband, and son joined us. Her daughter was still reluctant so I sent my daughter to talk to her. She came out after a few minutes and my friend's daughter followed shortly after.

Everyone stood there somewhat awkwardly not sure what to do. No one knew where to look, so I suggested we spend a few minutes looking at each other to get it out of our systems. We did, and soon we were all joking and laughing. We went down to the water and enjoyed the sun all afternoon.

We had a wonderful day and by dinner I could tell that everyone was reluctant to get dressed. But, we did. We sat around the campfire until it was late and then went to sleep.

The next morning, we packed up the camp. We were about ready to go when my friend's daughter suggested one more skinny dip before we left. It didn't take any convincing to get us into the water. My friend's husband is a bit of an amateur photography. Before we left, he set up his tripod and took a group picture of everyone in our natural state.

We got dressed and hit the trail. The boys wanted to hike nude, so we let them until we got close to the parking lot. We drove home and dropped our friends off on the way. I gave my friend the thong she'd borrowed as a gift. I think we'll be enjoying many more outings with them this summer.

My friend sent me a copy of our very not safe for Facebook picture earlier tonight. I couldn't help making it my desktop background. :-)
tiggerix #18

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:07/20/2016 08:47:06Copy HTML

Thanks thongmom for sharing your story - (there isn't a 'like' button in this forum) - it's a real encouragement for the rest of us to give things a try.
Sybok #19

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:08/07/2016 04:54:28Copy HTML

 Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! I'm curious, what thong did you give your friend as a gift?
stringueur #20

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/06/2019 04:25:57Copy HTML

I just come back from a training trip in the "canaria islands", with my sport friends (training partners).

We went there in order to do bicyle whereas the weather is very cold in Europe.

We were cycling every morning until 2:00 pm, lunched, went to the beach on the afternoon and finished by the swimming pool on the evening.

I had decided to go to the beach with my thong.

I asked nothing to my friends. When i was to to the beach, i took off my short and i had my swim thong on me.

No one say nothing. It was "normal".

NudeNArizona #21

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/07/2019 05:30:58Copy HTML

One time I was on a work trip and we were near a beach and since we were installing new IT equipment most of our work took place after hours which freed up my day to enjoy the sun. So a girl who I was friends with noticed how tan I was getting and asked to join me the next day. So we met in the lobby around 9am and took a short ride to the beach. Once we set our stuff down I removed my shirt and shorts while she laid out her towel and when she turned her head towards me while I was fixing my towel her mouth dropped. Then she said “Oh My!” As she was looking at my sheer G-string but didn’t say anything else about it. Until she ask if I wanted to get dressed before we went in the water and I said Why? Then she asked if I realized how sheer my suit was and that when it’s wet it will be even more sheer and everything will be on display and i said I realized it and was ok with it.
Vega1210 #22

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/08/2019 12:15:19Copy HTML

so what happend after the trip to the water? did she say anything once you two got out? did she wear a thong or possibly even go topless after seeing how comfortable you were in your sheer thong?
NudeNArizona #23

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/08/2019 02:25:30Copy HTML

Vega1210, So after going in the water, she ask if I would like to take a walk with her down the beach looking for shells so I agreed and we started walking down the beach I noticed her glance over and smile. So I ask her what was so funny and she said she would have never believed I would be so care free walking around a public beach with everything on display. So I said it's not like I am naked. Then she said "pretty DAMN close, I can see you are circimsised and have a piercing that I would never have believed" Then she said "I feel overdressed wearing a string bikini" we walked for about 20 minutes passing others along the way, then she ask "how does it feel knowing every woman on the beach is staring at your crotch and ass?" I said probably like you feel when guys stare at your chest. After our walk we cooled off again before going to our towels, and while laying out she ask more questions. Finally when we turned to our stomachs she untied her top and adjusted her bottoms making them as narrow as she could. Then she noticed a few other ladies did a similar thing with their bottoms who were sitting near us. She then ask if I needed any lotion on my back and I said yes and she pulled the lotion out of her bag and sat up leaving her top on her towel as she applied lotion very thoroughly to my entire backside as she commented on the other ladies watching her apply it. We hung out for most of the day about 6 hours making multiple trips into the water and every time we came back to our towels she would smile knowing my G-string was completely transparent when we walked past the other ladies. We continued our beach trips for the rest of the business trip keeping it our little secret and after a few days she got more comfortable and started wear her lycra G-string panties to the beach
Vega1210 #24

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/09/2019 12:57:36Copy HTML

sounds like the perfect trip. She found out you were wearing thong and was comfortable walking on the beach with you in it. The end is even better that she decided to go topless and not cover up when she was applying sun tan lotion to you. When you guys went to the water did she put her top back on her stay top free? Also sounds like she was proud to be walking beside you coming back from the water knowing all the other ladies could see everything through your transparent thong. Wish i could find some places like that around here where that would be legal. Heck even just wearing a thong and having that be legal would be heaven!!
NudeNArizona #25

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/11/2019 02:59:12Copy HTML

Vega1210, it really depended on the day, because during the week there were few other beach goers who were mainly adults she would walk to cool off without putting her top back on, but on the week end which was more populated she would lay with her top off but put it on to go to the water. But she did still maintain wearing her G-string and ironically seemed to enjoy taking longer walks when the beach was more crowded. So one afternoon we had just gotten out of the water and were walking back towards our towels and she had on a pair of red lycra G-string panties and I noticed that when the red was wet it too because sheer, not nearly as sheer as mine but noticibly sheer compared to dry. Which I think shocked her at first knowing she too was walking down the beach showing a little more than she intended, but she smiled and said "I can't let you have all of the fun"
Vega1210 #26

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/13/2019 12:54:27Copy HTML

shame she would cover up a bit more on the weekends when going to the water.  but do love the fact she noticed the sheer when wet and even made a commit about it to you.  This drew attention to her sheer bottoms while with you!  

gog5150 #27

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/18/2019 05:10:58Copy HTML

I've thonged with my cousin. She is strictly a Wicked Weasel woman. My family is well aware of my swimwear choice and they are okay with it.
stringueur #28

Re:Thong with friends- experiences?

Date Posted:02/20/2019 11:11:12Copy HTML

As I wrote previously, I went to the Canarias in late January 2019 with 3 friends (we were 3 men and 1 woman). Canarias are very open minded so i knew i won't have any problems to thong on the beach. The problem was whether I will have the courage to put in thong with my friends. My friends are doing the training with me all the year (bike and swim). As i swim with a cheeky swimwear, they were already used to see me with minimal swimwear. The first time we went to to the beach, after a long bike ride (110 km), i had the courage to put my thong. I asked the only woman of our group to put me suncream on my back. She knew i wanted to protect my skin from the sun. So she accepted immediately to put suncream on my shoulders. One of my friend asked me to put him suncream. So i puted him suncream whereas i was with my thong swimwear. Just after, i started to put suncream on my buns. The woman asked me if i need some help. I threw her the suncream and told her she won't have the nerve to do it. She immediately took the suncream and started to apply gently the suncream on my buns. Later, we were discussing about the weather and i told her to enjoy the beach, to enjoy the sun whereas it was very cold in France, and to enjoy the landscape. She replied me, by watching obviously my thong and my buns, that she was enjoying a lot her training trip and didn't regret it. On the end, i went to the beach shower with my male friend. The only remark he said was: "oh, it is a true thong". He thought i have only put my swimwear brief in my ass crack. He said that nicely. Just after he asked me to help him to remove the sand on his back.
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