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Date Posted:08/27/2014 02:44:23Copy HTML

I know there must be some thonging siblings out there someplace.  I would suspect that most are sisters, but the other day, I had to go to Urbana for business and since it was late in the day when we were done, I drove over to Kiser Lake for a swim.  Kiser Lake has it's own posting on this board, and you can read more about it there.  Basically it is a very small and what I would call generally family oriented beach but thongs are tolerated there pretty well.  Anyway, I got out of the car and noticed a girl in a thong heading into the water from the middle part of the section of the beach that is not next to the parking area.  I grabbed my towel and found a place to lay out not too far from where I thought she had come from.  There were two towels, and she was now out in the deeper water and was with a young man, who I assumed was her boyfriend.  I proceeded to strip down to my thong and remove my top -- topfreedom is not very common here but I have done it before.  Anyway, I was laying out on my back and after a while, I see the guy is coming in.  "Yep," he calls out to the thonging girl, "she is topless!"  He was wearing what I thought was a small speedo type suit, but when he turned around, it turned out to be a thong too.  "You should join her!"  he added as he headed back her way in the water. 
The girl took her top off in the water, then handed it to the guy, who came back on shore and past me on the way to put it on their towels.  He then told me on the way back to the water that he had been trying to get his sister to go topfree at the beach all summer, and that I was the first women they had seen who was topfree.  (Later I learned that she usually went topfree when sunning in their back yard.)  Later we talked and it turns out that they are twins and both going to colleges in the area.  They have been thonging for at least 5 years, mostly together since they find they get less hassles when they are out together.  A little later, a car pulled up in the parking lot that turned out to be their mom, who had brought along another brother who was high-school age.  He charged across the sand to be with his brother and sister, but both the brother and the mom were wearing traditional swimwear -- the guy in board shorts and the mom in a not too suggestive bikini.  The mom came over and set up nearby.  She didn't say anything negative about the daughter going topfree, but did say something like "I see you found someone else interested in going topless today."
This encounter makes me wonder if any other members of this board thong with brothers or sisters.  The two were so perfectly at ease in their thongs and even after the girl took her top off, they behaved like most people would expect them to behave if more traditionally clothed.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:08/27/2014 06:53:32Copy HTML

I wish my siblings did join me to thong but neither my brother or sister like thongs.Its a very nice story, I hope you enjoyed the moment with the thonging twins. Did you guys become friends or just enjoyed yourselves and then just parted ways?
Sharon73 #2

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:08/30/2014 11:15:06Copy HTML

 I was topless around my brother a lot when we both lived at home - we went nude together quite often with each other too
tback_78 #3

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:09/08/2014 06:41:03Copy HTML

 No sibling thonging here.  But I was introduced to topfreedom by a cousin who had a great yard to lay out in.  It wasn't totally private but she wasn't concerned about those few who could see her sunning area.  One summer when she was HS age (she is a few hear older so I would have been in Jr High) I wasn't surprised when she untied her top to avoid tan lines on her back.  I was very surprised when she turned over without retying it!  I asked her about the prudence of layout out topfree (not the why, I think I had already figured that out;).  She was very and matter of fact about enjoying the sun and wanting to be free of tan lines for her strapless homecoming dress that she already had picked out for the fall.  When I asked again about people seeing her she just wasn't worried about it.  She knew them and they new here and it wasn't something anyone should get uptight about.  That laid back confident attitude make an impression and stuck with me as other sunning and swimming opportunities presented themselves.

A few years later I had a friend down the block who's family had a hot tub.  She studied Portuguese, spent a term in Brazil and came home with what she claimed were very conservative suits by Brazilian standards but seemed to me at the time to be impossibly small, especially on her athletically curvy body.  Her sister was a year behind us in school and, if I had to say so, had an even more impressive shape that was all the more accentuated by the suits her sister has brought back for her.  We all had some great late night conversations soaking in the tub in Brazilians or less back in those days.  The time we spent just soaking and talking added to the notion planted by my cousin that wearing something small or nothing at all to sun, swim or soak was something you should be able to decide depending on what felt comfortable to you and those around you.

More recently, there was a pair of sisters who came down together to my favorite local CO beach on most sunny summer weekends.  The first few trips the older sister went topfree or nude and the younger one stayed in her small bikini.  After a few visits the younger sister decided to try going topfree and never looked back.  They were regulars for several years before their schedules changed and that ended the weekend get togethers at the beach.  A summer or two later I ran into the younger sister at a nearby beach midweek.  I would park there and walk down to the CO beach.  She would just stay at the beach closer to the parking area and spend her day topfree there.  She wasn't a big fan of thong bottoms but preferred small side ties that she would usually pull up into a thong when laying on her front.  She would typically be the first woman on the beach to go topfree but would have plenty of company by the time she left to go to work in the evening.  Everyone else wanted to go topfree but were waiting to be told that it was OK.  My friends example let them know that topfree use was fine.  Today that beach is well establish as topfree and is becoming quite relaxed about nude use too.  It is truly clothing optional, people wear what they are comfortable in and are happy to let others around them make the same choices.  It is as relaxed an attitude as my cousin and my neighborhood friends demonstrated years ago at their homes and it is a wonderful thing to experience at a beach.
Sharon73 #4

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:10/19/2014 11:03:34Copy HTML

 later, my brother got a hot tub and we would get together on the weekends and be nude in the hot tub.  He then began to invite some of his friends (guys) who would get naked with us in the hot tub. I was the only naked female with them  and it was exciting for me.  They asked me to invite one of my girlfriends - I told her about it and she said, you all get naked together?  I said Yes and she said, If Ron is there, I'm there, I'd love to get naked with him,We had many a good naked party in and out of that hot tub
jprob50 #5

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:10/20/2014 03:43:12Copy HTML

Sharon, you are making the rest of the members jealous, including me !!
RapidBlue #6

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:10/20/2014 12:09:54Copy HTML

 I and my sister were on the same cruise ship a couple of years ago. I knew she wore a thong but she didn't know I did. I was on the top deck sunning my buns when my sister walked up. She made some comment about not being the only one and stripped down to her thong bikini. We spent the after noon there with many people walking by, some people came by several times.
Thongs4All #7

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:04/08/2019 08:35:13Copy HTML

My sister and I both wore thongs and my kids do now. One boy and one girl. The sibling banter about each other’s thongs is hysterical really. My sister never had kids but still wears thongs now. My wife and her sisters all wore thongs in the 80’s
Mary0826 #8

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:04/30/2019 04:16:31Copy HTML

I have a male friend who was the youngest of four kids, the rest being girls. Their mom popped them out on about a yearly basis and two were twins. So there was not a huge age gab between them. What he reports is that for as long as he can remember, his sisters simply ran around the house naked, and he did too. Even when he was in high school they were still not shy in front of each other. When any of the kids had overnight guests, none changed their normal nude attitudes and some friends followed their lead but others had reactions from never coming over again to just googling all the nudity. Two of the sisters started thonging in the late 1980's with their parent's approval, and the sisters brought him home a couple of thongs before a beach trip the family went on. He says he never felt the least bit of pressure to wear thongs or not wear them, and was never uncomfortable in thongs. He wears them whenever he can to this day. When the three get together in the summer time, they still feel comfortable in the nude and wearing thongs together on the beach. (The non-thonging sister died in her 20's.) I also know a young woman who grew up with four brothers. She was the middle child, and there was something like 12 years difference between the oldest and youngest. While she too saw her brothers running from the bath to their rooms or doing other things in the buff, she never felt comfortable nude in front of them. She had a couple of best friends and they were into thongs, but not topfree beach use. It took years of discussions before they talked her into wearing a thong, but she took the attitude like her brothers and other boys her age that thongs were girl only swimwear and only a homosexual or perverted man would wear one in public. The three gradually transitioned to sort-of going topfree sometimes at the beach. They would unhook their tops and lay on the stomachs for a while. then if there was hardly anyone around, they would flip over or go into the water topfree. Eventually the three became quite casual about going topfree, probably since they got no flack for doing this. She was often task with taking care of her youngest brother, and made him promise not to tell their parents about their thonging or topfree beach activities. The boy had seen many men in thongs over the years, and one day replied that he would continue to not tell what the three girls were doing only if they got him a thong and let him thong too. It was probably over 10 years before his other brothers learned about his swimwear preferences. I still think siblings can have an effect on thong wearing both positive and negative. I suspect that overall the sibling reactions are about even. I do think many guys like seeing their sisters in thongs or topfree but more girls would object to their brothers in thongs. It does seem that guys who grew up with mostly sisters are more comfortable thonging, perhaps because they can relate to women better, having young girls as their primary friends. However, having a girl or boyfriend who they have serious intentions with and asks them to thong probably is more common. Not a dare, but a "I'd really like to see you in a thong" type comment at a time when the pair are trying to please each other as much as possible. Dares certainly introduce some to the pleasures of thonging, but many do it once or twice, then revert to their old ways.
Lycrafool #9

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:05/11/2019 10:25:15Copy HTML

I have a similar, but slightly different experience of the sibling effect. I grew up with four sisters, and although we didn't run around in the buff at home, they normalised thong wearing (as underwear). They probably would think it be weird to imaging me in a thong (they don't know about my preferences to this day), but still they affected me in a way they didn't know. When I saw they could wear really skimpy and hot underwear, and that it was accepted by our parents although we were brought up in a strictly christian way (implying the usual religious sexual repression), I got jealous and thought "why can they wear what they want, and not me?". So I did it secretly up to the day I moved from home.
DavyJ #10

Re:Thonging Siblings

Date Posted:05/17/2019 12:23:12Copy HTML

I don't have any sisters, but one long weekend way back when, my wife and I and her brother and his wife all went camping together. We were right on the edge of a private lake; no one else was around. The 2nd day at the lake somebody started talking about skinny dipping, which my brother-in-law and his wife did quite regularly. I then suggested we all should give it a try, as no one else was around. His wife thought it was a great idea and immediately took her top off. I sort-of looked at her and said I was all in if she was too. She nodded so we both proceeded to shed everything. My wife looked at her brother kind of strangely, and my brother-in-law was obviously not enthusiastic, so they both decided no. So the rest of the weekend my sister-in-law and I pretty much stayed naked. But despite the fact that we kept encouraging our spouses to do likewise, they wouldn't. So I guess sometimes the "brother-sister" thing puts a damper on them having a fun time. I really got a lot better acquainted with my sister-in-law that weekend, which was great as she was really "hot". And we stayed really good friends from that time on.
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