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Date Posted:04/23/2015 05:44:10Copy HTML

Just a question first.
What is this Forum's stance on the issue of Sexuality and being sexually explicit when wearing thongs .

What I mean is all the Nudists or Naturists seem to want to pretend that being naked or near naked in public is not a sexual experience.

Are we here of that mind or do we embrace the sexuality of it ?

If you're on Facebook have a look at
as it was set up for those who aren't of the Naturist persuasion.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/23/2015 06:39:35Copy HTML

Perhaps I misunderstand your question, and I'm not on Facebook -- but I didn't start wearing thong swimwear in order to be "sexually explicit."  I have been going to nude beaches and resorts for years, and nudity simply is not sexual.  There's no "pretending" about it.  There are entire rules of etiquette, one of which says you don't walk around and show off your boner.  Nobody with a mature attitude and a sense of decency wants that.  Nudity is simply a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors and wearing a thong is simply as close as you can come to nude on a public beach.  Now I see nothing wrong with feeling "sexy" when I'm nude or in a thong, but to me feeling "sexy" isn't the same as being "sexually explicit."  The public already associates nudity and thongs with SEX.  If nudity or thonging becomes "sexually explicit," it threatens the ability of others to use nude beaches or wear thongs.
AussieExPoser #2

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/23/2015 06:59:21Copy HTML

 Thanks faceless..
I just wanted to see what the feelings were here.
You are obviously of the Nudity isn't sexual camp and that's great. I fully agree that it Can be.
But I also allow that it isn't Always the case and for that there should be a place for those who want to think that way to go and discuss it.
Of course there is the public image issue which doesn't need reiterating again. We are all aware of it and realize that it is a threat to our freedom.
Thanks again though for your point of view.
jprob50 #3

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/23/2015 09:39:43Copy HTML

I don't undersatnd the reason for this discussion.....Humans are sexual, whether they are clothed or not, in any form of attire. Also, what is the point of wasting time discussing a Facebook group that has 2 members?
amethyst2513 #4

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/23/2015 12:48:25Copy HTML

Wearing thongs is an everyday experience for me now, but it started out as a sexy thing and still is when I want it to be.  Wearing them helps put me in touch with my feminine side.  :-)
GAGUY30013 #5

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/23/2015 03:56:15Copy HTML

 For me, yes it can be sexual, but it doesn't have to be. It depends on a lot of things wether it will be or not, especially whoever I happen to be with. 
Posted in the backyard thonging thread that I was tanning with my girlfriend and a "very close" female friend yesterday afternoon, yes the conversation got sexual, all parties were aware of it, and it was great. 
Have tanned with other friends of ours, and it was totally non sexual. So it depends on who you are with. We wear them to show off, of course we all look. Men or women.
Sharon73 #6

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:10/31/2015 08:30:35Copy HTML

 I agree, it depends on the situation if thonging turns sexual or not.  Sometimes it has, other times it has not
armand_galleon #7

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:11/05/2015 10:51:59Copy HTML

 I don't think that wearing a thong makes the moment more sexually explicit than wearing or not wearing something else. There are degrees of sexiness with being explicit at one extreme, that is if I'm understanding correctly, coitus or some other form of sex. So like the other responders I would have to agree that it depends when and with whom, and this independent of what type of clothing may be worn or not worn. (Some of the most unsexy times have been at nude beaches while getting down has happened in the most of mundane of places.)
Thongzo #8

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:11/06/2015 04:31:27Copy HTML

I wear thongs because they are comfortable and because I like how they look and I like how they feel. But yes, there can be a sexual component especially during foreplay when you strip down and your partner sees what you're wearing. The surprise and anticipation can be fun, and so can the removal of the undies, especially when your girl (or guy) marvels at your choice of undies and takes time and pleasure in taking them off. 
navythong #9

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:11/14/2015 06:28:29Copy HTML

  I agree, it depends on the situation and the mood that you are in if thonging turns sexual or not.  Sometimes it is sexual, sometimes it is not.
NcknameInUse #10

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:11/21/2015 12:44:29Copy HTML

 I work hard at keeping my 51 year old carcass in good condition, for both aesthetic and health reasons.
When I strip down to a tiny, tiny thong on a crowded beach I love the attention. I feel sexy and I'm sure that at least some of the attention has a sexual basis from both men and women. But I'm not there to "get off" sexually. My thrill is mostly from exhibitionism.
pikeman #11

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:11/24/2015 03:34:26Copy HTML

 I think it's all about intent. When I'm vacationing at the nude resort we visit, it is strictly an asexual situation. They do not tolerate extended PDA. But, under other circumstances, whether wearing a thong, or nude, I may intend to be provocative. That is always a deliberate decision.I think it's an important decision because there needs to be an awareness on our part of who we are going to be with, and what their expectations are. And it's really independent of what I am wearing.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:03/04/2016 04:40:08Copy HTML

imho, thongs are sexual. See a hot girl fully cloth, I'll think, wow, she's hot. I imagine that if I'm single & looking for a gf, I may want to get to know her.

If the hot girl is in thongs, it's going to be hard not to stare, probably start thinking sexual thoughts, or looking at body parts rather than thinking of her as a person.

Maybe different for others, IDK

thong_jock #13

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:03/05/2016 03:31:40Copy HTML

 Because I have a male swim thong fetish wearing thongs always has inherent sexual undertones and when I see other fit masculine men thonging I do get very excited. I do not display my thonged excitement in any area where it would be at risk of offending people or getting me in trouble. Context is key. On secluded beaches or other environments where there us little risk of getting arrested there is nothing more erotic for me than being thonged and aroused with the warm sun on my twitching spandex thong bulge. I even wear thongs at bath houses and gay nude resorts. 
sunnfun #14

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/09/2016 01:52:13Copy HTML

 I agree, context is key.  At a beach, in public, I still like to get a tan in the tiniest suit I can get away with, usually a very small rio-backed Skinz or Cocksox, usually black.  I don't find that situation arousing, I just like to get tan all over and feel the sun.  At home, in the privacy of my back yard, I'll wear the teeniest little Jovana bulge thong in shimmery transparent neon colors.  My wife will wear a WickedWeasel micro thong in a contrasting neon color.  We joke a about me being her "slutty pool boy" and sometimes the fantasy gets a bit out of hand ;-) - those situations are definitely sexual.
thongalactic #15

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/10/2016 11:06:17Copy HTML

 I wear a thong at the beach because I simply enjoy wearing one. Sexual explicitness or getting turned-on are the farthest things from my mind. I like the warmth of the sun on my body; not people's eyes. I like slipping though the water in the ocean or pool. Sleek, streamlined. In these moments, wearing a thong, I truly enjoy myself. I enjoy my surroundings. And in a way that I consider wholesome. 
mack_back #16

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:04/10/2016 01:26:18Copy HTML

On the board you need to figure it out yourself trial error...
 Sexuality and sexual explicit nature does crop up on some members topics and interests. That is being corrected by having members not using explicit pictures in avators or photo albums and using words to describe such actions. Just as in society there will be always people dominantly using sexuality as big part of their lifestyle.

Being a thonger or nudist doesn't automatically put you into a label you pointed out. 
None i've read  wants to hear anyone's sexual exploits on this forum or care to.  
Yet true when someone wants to be sexually explicit can be wearing more then a thong or being nude on any given beach. You can do it in streetwear doesn't necessarily pertain to swimwear.

In my experience i understand and not delusional why some may enjoy seeing a thonger or nudist while not participating themselves in it. So the observer may get more of a feeling wearing dork shorts seeing a thonger or nudist then vice versa.

Doubt you buy the notion of a nudist not get a sexual experience to other nudist participating, but it's true.. Only way for you to understand is seeing a topless woman each and everyday on the beach. Maybe your first intrigue and thoughts come to a level of sexual desire but after days of seeing it becomes numb and less sexual. So to when regular nudist community come together often you see the same people rarely a newcomer drops in and participates. 
Just to be clear if i want to be sexual in a thong or nude it will show. The reactions from nudist often is laughter not fitting in there taste. While the lurkers often give the biggest response enjoying it or commenting positively. Either way everyone just smiles no harm in it.

dk31 #17

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:05/02/2016 04:59:10Copy HTML

 Yep..not always sexual...but since us thongers are by nature sexy people hehe...the situation wearing a thong to the beach say...is more likely to turn sexual for us. People do like to check you out wearing a thong. I work hard at keeping my bod in good shape and find the attention a turn-on.
athletehot #18

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:05/16/2016 05:05:23Copy HTML

I am wearing thongs because I like the fabric, the shape, the fit, the colors, the feel...A pinnacle of masculinity...
Therefore, with the right partner in the right place, the situation can turn hot and sexual...  
JM_Runs #19

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:12/03/2016 01:01:54Copy HTML

To a level I believe anyone who wears a thong likes some type of degree of attention but it doesn't necessary need to be sexual attention. People can admire your body without being sexually attention because to some people a naked or near naked body is only sexual in sexual situations.If your just wearing a thong at the beach minding your own business most people won't think of it of sexual. Of course there are objectifiers who any extra ounce of skin exposure is sexual but that's the minority.Now personally for me it isn't a sexual experience being in a thong or naked at the beach cause thonging for me has various spectrums and sexual isn't one of them however expressing my sexuality, or to be more clear, expressing my masculinity thongs do play a big part because believe it or not wearing a thong at the beach makes me feel more masculine than any other swimsuit, makes me feel confident, like I can take on the world. But this is just me.
Nuwalket #20

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:12/06/2016 02:22:47Copy HTML

 I may be viewing this discussion from a different prospective but I think it's more sensuality than sexuality.  In my younger days there may have been more of a sexual side to choice of swimwear but now it's more for comfort (if I have to wear something) and exposure ( the more sun on the body the better.). Having seen plenty of naked bodies over the years not only by being a nudist but when I spent time in EMS perhaps one becomes jaded? I will say that the sexuality or sensuality comes not from the swimwear but from the confidence one portrays. Not so much showing off as it is the aura projected. It all goes back to body image; if you're comfortable in your body it will show.
JRLB58 #21

Re:Thonging and Sexuality

Date Posted:03/30/2019 11:02:23Copy HTML

I was hoping to find answers to our dilemma: how to make friends while in thongs without them thinking you’re ‘sending a message for sex’?

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