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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/29/2017 02:22:25Copy HTML

I have been thinking about all the places we thonged this summer.  Some were at what I will call Residential Beaches.  By this I mean beaches immediately adjacent to houses or apartments, or perhaps across a small road.  The beaches are primarily used by the residents of these homes, and are not normally tourist beaches.  I am not referring to beaches along the coast where vacation type homes are built unless the homes are basically permanent homes not mostly rentals, and assuming the beach is not generally used by tourist or vacation type people.  Often these beaches are quite small.  I do not mean places like vacation complexes but places where people live year round.

We have found that thongs and minimal swimwear seem to be more acceptable at these places, but don't know for sure why.  Where it is legal, women can also go topfree and be better accepted.  Surprisingly, there seem to be only a minimal number of people who actually live near these beaches who wear thongs (with the cheeky swimwear often worn by younger women, some actually thongs, the exception) but when they do wear minimal swimwear, they usually wear more skimpy styles than you will normally find on the more public beaches at state parks or similar places.   Male residents seem more comfortable in Speedo or racing type suits than they would be at more traditional public beaches.  Women who live nearby seem to choose G-strings over more traditional thongs.

Scott, Brad, and Frank all seem to like these beaches especially well.  They have not tried skinny dipping here, but have gotten away with some pretty extreme Koala type swimwear, and were accepted the same as if they were wearing board shorts.  There is one we have been to that used to be a private beach for a small plat of houses in California that is now opened to the public, but few people know about -- even people in the area.  Another is the "Dog Tail" beach on Lake St. Mary in Ohio.  While technically a state park beach, few tourists find this beach, and there are permanent houses across the road from it.  (While this beach is pretty close to where I live, we don't go there often.  There are water quality issues here, and the beach can only safely be used for sunning, but not water activities.  These problems have been going on for at least 5 years and various efforts to clean up the water have failed.  Scientists say the water issues are tied to increased agricultural use of land which drains into the lake, and increased use of chemicals on these farms, along with additional problems of animal wastes on some of these properties.) 

Has anyone else found Residential Beaches to be more thong friendly, or have a favorite Residential Beach they might want to share thonging experiences from?

sailor250 #1

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:08/30/2017 01:29:28Copy HTML

 I've found that residential beaches behind homes in Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Sanibel, Delray Beach are more casual.  I've seen topless women out in these areas where they wouldn't be on the public beach a few miles away.  I am a little concerned when wearing a small suit behind a condo hi rise if there's no one else around- worried that some old lady with poor eye sight will call in a nude man.  But I think they'd probably make the same mistake on girls in thongs too- so it probably is unfounded.
I think this has to do with the entitlement of paying for a oceanfront property. So far haven't had any entitled owners come out to run me off if I stop when walking along and stay a while. Legally in fla. I think it's public access to the high tide line like in NY and some other states.
NudeNArizona #2

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:01/19/2018 05:33:39Copy HTML

 Mary, I would have to agree with you on residential areas being more tolerant of minimal swimwear depending on who owns the house adjacent to the beach. I know in Hawaii noboby owns the beach up to the waterline and it is illegal to block off access.

We used to frequent a beach that was in a residential area where the homes were mostly owner occupied with the exception of a few that were rental homes
Ex_Member #3

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/03/2018 06:31:50Copy HTML

Mary, I would have to agree and by asking a friend who lives near Sunset and Seal Beach, he told my what he thought and why.  In general, as a year-round beach-goer, he has basically seen it all. Nothing disturbs him or surprises him anymore.
Sarah_Thong #4

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/03/2018 10:49:07Copy HTML

HI Mary,
This is a very good point. 
Over the last few years my other half and myself have been lucky enough to purchase a property abroad and like you said the type of suits we chose to wear are more accepted within the little community we have bought on.
I think the main reason for this is the fact that because we are all there at certain points of the year we get to know the other residents/owners on a personal level which goes a long way in getting rid of certain stigmas. 
I'm not very good at explaining myself so I hope this makes sense but here goes....... 
For example when we used to go to different resorts no-one knew each other so if you saw a solo guy wearing a Koala suit or the like, you wouldn't know him from Adam and some people would jump to the wrong assumption that their a certain type of person (exhibitionist/pervert/voyeur etc. etc.). The fact that they just like minimal swimwear wouldn't even enter certain people heads.
In an area where a group of people have been around each other for a long time and see each other regularly (we go every April, Summer and September if we can) then barriers are broken down on a personal level, we see the same people out and about, or in the bar, or at the sports club so, taking my and my other half for example, the residents around our complex know us, they know, and firstly found out, that we are decent people (hopefully lol) with decent jobs so when they see us down by the pool etc. they see us as the human first and treat us as if they're talking to us fully clothed in the bar at night. This often leads them to have open conversations about our swimwear too either passing compliments or asking questions about it rather than just making assumptions. Purely because they know we are approachable people. The conversations then lead us to explain our way of thinking and hopefully lead to more acceptance when they are talking to others around the complex.
I think this then changes their mindset towards the people who they do or might see on the beach across the road in similar swimwear 
Not sure if this makes sense but it's my point of view on it all
ithongit #5

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/04/2018 08:13:43Copy HTML

 I think part of the reason is that local residents know what the laws and other regulations are.  They know if thongs are permitted, and know that complaining is pointless.  They probably also know when and where more extreme swimwear or nudity is tolerated.  I also think that some of these people, as mentioned before, are more likely to wear minimal swimwear themselves.  A person probably spent a premium to live in this area, and most would embrace the beach culture -- even if they personally wear more traditional swimwear.  I also think that the "everyone knows each other" philosophy is also true, but again I think this must be linked to wanting to live a beach lifestyle.  If simply knowing each other a long time made thongs more acceptable, why are so many posts about surprised reactions of neighbors and family members? 

You might get a different reaction from people who rent. They don't know the rules, don't have close ties to the community, and I think often feel, since they are paying what might be huge rents, that they should get what they expect -- without knowing what the local rules or traditions are.  They are the people who run their high-speed boats in no wake zones or posted beach areas, park their cars on top of septic tank fields, causing damage, Pretending they are permanent residents to avoid being evacuated during a hurricanes, etc.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/05/2018 03:32:40Copy HTML

To a large extent I think you are right. People who live on the beach did not pay the premium because they don't like beach and beach culture, which is to wear a lot less cloths than on a golf course or in a church.

People who live on the beach have better things to worry about, like hurricanes. As a general rule people who can afford houses on the shore are wealthier. Wealthy people tend to have traveled more seen more, and are shocked less. They were the ones who could afford to go to Spring Break when they were in collage, or to San Tropez for the weekend. I think they are more likely to call the police on a homeless man or teens lighting bonfires than someone laying out in the sun.
teeback269 #7

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/05/2018 07:16:40Copy HTML

 Here in Australia there are no such things as private beaches. Beaches in residential areas are available to anybody.
Grabeach #8

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/05/2018 08:28:40Copy HTML

"Australia ..... beaches ..... available to anybody."

Though in some cases it may only be up to the mean high tide line. Following a long dispute, Seven Shillings Beach, which is adjacent to Murray Rose (ex Redleaf) Pool in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, actually has posts along the beach marking the line. One assumes that this is ignored and the 3m wall behind the beach is the practical boundary. Others, such as Lady Martin, Kutti and Camp Cove beaches may have similar theoretical restrictions.
ohiothonger #9

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/06/2018 04:30:41Copy HTML

Much of the US has opened beaches too but there are many lake beaches, both on big lakes like the Great Lakes, and smaller lakes going down to not much bigger than puddles.  Having a sandy or sort-of-sandy place where people can lay out or play adjacent to a body of water, and we call it a beach. 

Most of the smaller lakes and ponds have only private ownership, unless there is an established park or a generous land owner who lets anyone use their property (and who is willing to accept liability if something happens).  But even in places where their are public beaches, like many ocean areas, there often are private homes adjacent to these areas.  I agree with Mary that in places where private homes are near a beach regardless of it's location, the homeowners are usually more accepting of thongs and other minimal swimwear as long as the local laws do not prohibit it.

Indiana is a state where thong swimwear is not legal, but there are many private lakes or other areas where thongers are welcome, even though thonging is illegal.  While thongs and even nudity are legal at private lakes and beaches in Indiana, those areas that are visible from public areas might produce legal objections such as "public indecency" due to the fact others can see them.  I believe that even others on other private property which has view of the thonging areas can call police who could take legal actions against thongers.  But often the opposite is true.  People thong openly at some places that are quite visible to others and if nobody complains, no actions are taken. 

While it seems that most Indiana residents tolerate minimal swimwear, this does not mean that such swimwear use at publicly owned beaches or lakes would not be prosecuted.  There is a perception here in the USA that any law -- right or wrong, logical or illogical -- must be enforced, and failure to enforce laws like Indiana's anti-bun rules might result in prosecutors or sheriffs (which are voted on) could lose future elections for not enforcing the laws.  This same philosophy could be used to reprimand police officers or other non-elected persons who fail to enforce current laws.
visa0061 #10

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:02/12/2018 05:47:39Copy HTML

 In NJ, like many other states, all the beaches with the exception of 2-3 are residential. One particular beach, LBI, actually has had an influx of cheeky and even some thongs. My GF wears brazilian thongs here (no g-strings) and we have not had any issues. This is a beach that doesn't even have a boardwalk and the girls are wearing cheeky backs. I think a lot of it has to do with social media and celebrities leading the way. It's become more the norm. The people who live in the area more than likely see it being worn on TMZ, social media, and assume it's translating to every day trends. 
MNluvthongs #11

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:03/17/2018 01:48:03Copy HTML

 I have actually seen more thongs in residential areas than elsewhere. I live near colleges so that probably explains it. I once saw a woman wearing a thong at a beach near a busy street. She had been sitting there long enough that the thong became more like a g-string and her cheeks were spread to the street. 
NudeNArizona #12

Re:Thonging at Beaches in Residential Areas

Date Posted:07/03/2018 10:17:29Copy HTML

 We had friends in Hawaii when we lived there that had a house that was on the beach, so initially we went over for a party then after they told us we were welcome to park in their driveway anytime we wanted to use the beach. Our first trip we decided to not really push the limits wearing t-shirts and shorts over our G-strings walking from the driveway. But when we arrived on the beach during the week our friends were at work and no one was there except for the two of us. So we stripped down to our G’s and started enjoying the beach. 
After about an hour we decided to take a little walk and when we rounded the corner about a 1/4 mile down the beach we saw a couple laying out nude. So we just walked on by figuring they wouldn’t care about our G’s. Then as we continued down the beach we were a little surprised to see a couple 20’s girls and a guy nude.

On our way back we said hello to the couple as they were walking to the water.  They told us lots of locals use the beach nude and no one ever bothers them since it’s residential. So when we got back to our blanket we removed our G’s. A few minutes later a few fishermen passed us and just said hello and kept walking. Later a few older ladies with dogs were walking the beach and said hello and came over to talk. They ask where we lived and we said we were visiting a friend and they just continued their walk. 
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