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johnbar5251 #151

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/20/2008 03:42:06Copy HTML

Sounds ok but of course outdoors is different.

What was the water quality like - I thought there were issues in that department.

Still likely to be a total zero for thong friendly anywhere indoors I fancy.

ukessexbob #152

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/20/2008 04:12:44Copy HTML

Why should it be a total zero for thongs in pools ? If people don't 'blaze a trail', then it will be. If people are strong willed enough to wear their thongs at pools, it will become accepted  in the end. 50 years ago, the bikini was 'invented' and greated with shock and horror, and it too was banned in many places. Now a bikini hardly gets a second glance. I'm still not convinced you should ask if it's ok to wear a thong, they're not exactly new these days, worn by 90% of women as undies, and quite a few guys as well. Seen on many beaches, and as far as I'm aware, don't cause heart attacks or 'frighten the children'!!!
mark_issac #153

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/20/2008 05:57:18Copy HTML

Well the water was fine, when i'd poke my head down it did look merky but i wasn't left covered in gunk or a smell or anything.
I urge someone to try the mixed pond, would be a bit more risky but i prefer mixed pools, i don't like it just being men.
I will def go again soon, if it's sunny i'll prob do a bit of sunbathing on the grass outside the pond area
seaswimmer2007 #154

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/21/2008 06:27:18Copy HTML

When you say mixed pond do you mean the Lido? I thought the  mixed pond, which is nearer Hampsted has been closed for some years, there was also another Mens pond next to it I seem to recal.
 As for the Lido, its very clean.
ukessexbob #155

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/21/2008 08:41:58Copy HTML

I’ve done a quick search on the internet, and these are all the places where I think thongs would be acceptable for swimming. Brockwell Lido Finchley Lido, Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds (1) The Highgate Men's Pond, (2) The Kenwood Ladies' Pond (3), The Hampstead Mixed Pond, Hampton Heated Open Air Pool, London Fields Lido, Oasis Sports Centre, Park Road Lido, Parliament Hill Lido, Pools on the Park, The Serpentine Lido, Tooting Bec Lido. Many of these places have an active group to preserve their existence. If any thongers were keen enough to join, I’m sure they’d be welcome. I doubt if these activists give a dam what you wear, they just need as much support as you can give. Pity I’m not in London, I’d join all of them. A useful website is http://www.londonpoolscampaign.com, again, they need your support as well. Anyone London based prepared to have a go?
ukessexbob #156

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/21/2008 09:01:38Copy HTML

Another useful site for swimmers  http://www.swimmersguide.com/  No info about thongs there, but there's nothing to stop you sending thong info to them. Once people read it, it might start the ball rolling.
mark_issac #157

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/21/2008 06:33:08Copy HTML

 no i mean the mixed pond, it's still open i think, but i haven't been down there. Nowhere on the internet says its closed.

Interesting to see those sites,  have you contacted any of the clubs.

I went to the mens pond again today, this time i left my cycling shorts at home and only had the thong with me. I was a lot more nervous this time. But it went totally find again, nobody batted an eyelid. I swum in a thong, walked around the jetty and the changing rooms and nobody said anything. Great experience which i'm sure i'll be doing more often!
seaswimmer2007 #158

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/22/2008 07:37:19Copy HTML

well done, let us now all make a pont of visiting, I  normaly visit twice a year, perhaps we can orginise
a group visit ?
 Would be interested in the style of thong you wore, I wore a Kiniki St Tropez, would a T back swim G string be pushing one luck ?
JM_Runs #159

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/22/2008 12:10:25Copy HTML

Seaswimmer2007, my tuppence:

A g-string may be one's personal choice -- it is for me, when appropriate -- but unless you're out there sunning, working on an overall tan, my philosophy is to cool it in such situations and go with a thong, not push your luck and risk a hassle.  I do laps at my town's outdoor pool in summertime in my Speedo thong, for instance, but wouldn't consider wearing a g-string. 

Bottom line, I suggest you go with a thong, at least the first time around, and get a feel for what seems appropriate.  Pushing the envelope just for a thrill may spoil it for everyone.
mark_issac #160

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/22/2008 05:43:41Copy HTML


This is what i wore, although i think mine was a slightly older design. Nothing too daring but was great walking around in a thong. I don't think a T back would be pushing your luck. People really do just mind their own business.

It's something i've wanted to do for ages, turn up with just a thong and no back up swimwear. Quite liberating!

I think i may go down on wednesday around six ish. May try out the mixed pond at some point.
seaswimmer2007 #161

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/23/2008 05:41:13Copy HTML

 Thanks for the details, yes simular to what I wore, and I agree it is a loverly feeling of freedom, its a pity I cant make Weds I live about 90 miles away now, I will proberly be up in October.
johnbar5251 #162

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/24/2008 08:19:45Copy HTML


I think you are very optimistic with your list. Of these Hampton, Brockwell and Richmond are all pools i have seen the odd thong - I mean very isolated occurance. I have also seen thongs being asked to be covered up at these three.Oasis say specifically no thongs.Good luck but dont raise your hopes - at best get away with it because no one notices, but essentially not thoing friendlyJohn
sheerdelight #163

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/25/2008 08:44:53Copy HTML

Would a Skinzwear Packman be OK to wear at Hampton Pool? It has a low bikini style rear, while front is very low and small. I plan a visit there in November.I have been there before and wore muscleskins rio string without a problem - apart from outside temperature!
johnbar5251 #164

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/26/2008 10:57:35Copy HTML

Packman is not a thong and I guess if you don't flaunt it you would be ok. As per previous messages a thong might be possible on a very busy day with guards too busy to notice. Winter swims are of course less populated. Watch the open times in winter - different and less than in summer.

The water temp is always 82 so not a problem in November. Just a shock if the air temp is low as you get in!
seaswimmer2007 #165

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/09/2008 08:01:18Copy HTML

 I will be visiting Highgate mens pond and Parliment Hill Lido next mounth October, any one interested in getting together for a thong swim, open to suggestions time and date.
ukessexbob #166

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/09/2008 08:40:48Copy HTML

I’ve just received a reply from a pool in Witham, Essex, that thongs are not allowed in the Spa or Pool, only ‘traditional swimwear’. How long then before thongs become traditional? There’s nothing traditional about swimwear styles, they’ve changed constantly over the years. Should I point out to them that, 100 yrs ago, that the tradition then in the UK was to swim nude ? Incidentally, this pool is managed by DC Leisure, who run a public nude swim on Sunday evenings @ 7:30 at their Alton Leisure Centre. I wonder what that pools ‘rules’ are. Think I’ll e-mail them.
mark_issac #167

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/09/2008 09:18:07Copy HTML

Well if you can't get to the Schizophenia charity event on that continent, then maybe there's another one on the other side of the world they don't realise exists?

Sorry couldn't resist that one!

seaswimmer2007 #168

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/11/2008 09:06:14Copy HTML

 I and several others (see other postings) have swam in thongs at Highgate mens pond at Hampsted Heath, my intension is to try Parliment Hill Lido later this mounth or early October, I dont expect a problem I will let you know how I got on. Good luck with the list.
ratsnake #169

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/18/2008 10:51:37Copy HTML

My thread still going... wow.  and I've still not got it together to go to the local pool, however, I have thonged at the Imperial hotel in torquay, I know it's hotel pool, although it's also a local healthclub so a bit public.  used that twice with the very same hom thong that started this whole thread off....

SPR #170

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/19/2008 04:29:58Copy HTML

seaswimmer2007 you should have no problem at Parliment Hill Lido. I swam there in a HOM RESSAC thong on at least 4 occasions last year. I had no problems at all.
mark_issac #171

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2008 10:13:40Copy HTML

 i phoned parliment hill lido and the guy said that thongs weren't allowed, perhaps i'll give it a try. Is it busy on weekdays after working hours?
SPR #172

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2008 10:46:31Copy HTML

On the few occasions I went during the week it wasn't busy at all.

Its a disapointing result from your phone call but I still don't think you will have a problem.

Last year on the busy weekends that I went there there were at least 8 women in thongs.  On the quiet days there was just me. I have only ever seen one other person in a thong on the quiet days.

johnbar5251 #173

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/25/2008 10:41:43Copy HTML

The telephone call experience is typical. It is best just to go and try wearing a thong - discretely of couse - dont flaunt yourself about the place.

seaswimmer2007 #174

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/29/2008 09:02:41Copy HTML

Does any one have details  or experiance of visiting the Lido at Tooting in South London, I remenber some one recomending it as thong friendly, details of opening times etc would be usefull
johnbar5251 #175

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/02/2008 10:07:14Copy HTML

Too b. cold at this time of year - wait for another 9 months or so.
JM_Runs #176

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/09/2008 08:28:44Copy HTML

I think part of the problem regarding asking in advance regarding wearing a thong is that management may have a mental picture of a gee string which I think may be pushing things a bit . Many of us mean half back brief swimwear when we use the term . It is probably best to turn up and see in a brief suit first as long as the pool is not loutish I would doubt there would be a problem . Paul
seaswimmer2007 #177

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/10/2008 09:42:38Copy HTML

 Yes I agree 100% with slimthong, I think they automacticly think in turms of a  G string style, best to turn up a couple of times with  a selection of swimwear styles and gauge the situation.
RE previous posting about thonging at Parliment Hill Lido, I visited it in October and swam in my Speedo thong, with out comment or attacting attention, I must admit it was fairly quite about 4 other swimmers and its not the briefest of thongs I know but it proved a point.
mark_issac #178

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/10/2008 08:56:39Copy HTML

 is it heated there? If so then I'd definitely go, however it does get dark early and i don't finish work til half five..
seaswimmer2007 #179

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/11/2008 06:41:50Copy HTML

 No Parliment Hill is not heated but is open all year round, I think the winter hours are 08.00 to 12.00.
JM_Runs #180

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/12/2008 10:10:26Copy HTML

We are off to Scotland for Christmas. We always go to the local leisure centre - my wife goes for a swim and I head for the health suite. I have always worn a thong or g-string, mainly the latter. Last time I was there I was in the rest area and one of the attendants came in. She told off one of the guys for using Eucalyptus oil in the sauna - didn't comment on my attire although I was standing by the water machine at the time with my back to the door wearing a g-string with very narrow elastic. I turned round to watch what was going on and she could obviously see that what I was wearing was extremely brief. Seems that so long as you a covered at the front there is no problem. Not sure how she would have reacted if I had been wearing a see-through thong I wear in my back garden :-)  
johnbar5251 #181

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/08/2009 05:20:03Copy HTML

A bit of research seems to suggest that thongs are not now be allowed at Hignbury :



seaswimmer2007 #182

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/09/2009 04:58:28Copy HTML

 So it would appear.
ukessexbob #183

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/15/2009 12:04:39Copy HTML

You need to read the sentance again. It is ambigous. It says:-
Please do not wear thongs or swimming attire that turns see-through. In public places some things are best left to the imagination!

Now, does this mean:-

Don't wear thongs/swimwear that turns see-through when wet.

Or does it mean:-

Don't wear thongs. Don't wear swimwear that is see through.

I interprete it as the first, because it later mentions that see through doesn't leave anything to the imagination. Which I take to mean, the whole paragraph is concerned with see through swimwear, not thongs per se.

Comments please
wr1944 #184

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/15/2009 12:59:24Copy HTML

As a Dutchie, my command of the English language may be lacking, but as I see it, the second interpretation of you have to be true. They are specifying thongs to be excluded beside see-through swimming attire. If they would exclude only see-through, they would not mention thongs, because that would be included already in the term "swimming attire".
That is my two cents of comment.
JM_Runs #185

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/15/2009 01:47:25Copy HTML

Punctuation is important !!  It would be amusing to test the the system by wearing a thong that was not see through.  It would have to be done by someone who is articulate and eloquent, who could argue that it clearly only banneds transparent thongs and swimsuits.

ukessexbob #186

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/16/2009 09:21:30Copy HTML

wr1944, your comment is of course perfectly correct. But it is only one way of interpreting the rule. It does seem from the wording that thongs haven't been included under the term 'swimwear', thus it's correct in that case to mean it saying that thongs of any type are excluded.  I wonder if a few have been wearing just thongs that are see through, hence the specific mention of them. Mind you, many pools have an 'acceptable' designator for swimwear, so it depends as to wether the person interpreting the rule judges a thong to be acceptable. Has anyone here ever had a discussion with a pool offiicial over this point?
JM_Runs #187

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/22/2009 02:33:43Copy HTML

With regard to the English pool situation I do rather feel that asking first is not the best approach . Nor is it correct to plough ahead and wear a string back brief insensitive to other's feelings . I rather think that if a vote were to be taken amongst the general population then most would vote aginst thong swimwear being acceptable at the local pool .
But again when is a thong a thong . I for one would say that a half back brief like the myokonos from intersparta or the kiniki tanga range is not a thong . And although brief would be unlikely to provoke  an objection from staff or other pool users . I rather think that we should concentrate our efforts on using minimal half backs, rios and then report back with reaction or lack of it ! I ahve checked out the new Sunderrland pool and I think that on a quiet session I will start with a Snyder clip. More promising is Jesmondd as this has poolside sauna and steam room , so nice to be able to get in and out of the pool and is in an intellectual area of the city .(No Chavs!) I intend to go only with my clip to give myself no fallback onto the dork shorts . Will report back , hope others do the same . Paul
mark_issac #188

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/22/2009 10:01:47Copy HTML

ah i used to live on the road that jesmond pool was on. This was a couple of years ago when i was a student at newcastle uni, jesmond is a very student area as i'm sure you've seen.

I stayed there for the summer after my final year and saw out my tennancy. One morning i was really keen to try a thong there. I dont think i owned a swim thong at the time but i did have some normal speedos. I wore those with the hope of pulling them up into a thong back if i had the courage.
I waited til the last length before i finally got up the courage. I spent a moment arranging it into a nice thong back then swum for one length before getting out. Was fun and looking back i wish i did it for longer!
JM_Runs #189

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/23/2009 07:42:03Copy HTML

I think probably f you lived there and maybe your student friends may have bumped into you then that might have been a bit inhibiting. Most of us feel more comfortable , not on our doorstep I think . Do you think it would be a good pool for say half back swimwear/rios ? What sort of style would you go down to there now , knowing the area ?
mark_issac #190

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/23/2009 10:42:02Copy HTML

yes it would have been awful to be caught in a thong by a student mate, but it was because i knew that there was no one in town due to summer break i felt a bit more keen to do it. Wouldn't have dared during term time. Saying that, i didnt even have the courage to wear a thong when i did go so never mind!

Yeah half back or rios would be absolutely fine, its a small pool and not very busy unless you go at peak hours. I think the best time is about 8.15 in the morning. All the professionals have to get out before then to get to work on time, and all the kids lessons wont start til prob about nine. There will just be a couple of old people. That's what i found having gone there a few times.

If i went there now, I would definitely wear a swim thong. Just go for it you'll be fine!
Dr S #191

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/08/2009 08:16:15Copy HTML

 I think things are getting worse in terms of mens swimwear in public swimming pools. I took my kids swimming the other day to our local council-run sports centre. We've been going there for years and it used to be that although most men did wear swimming shorts of some description (or squarecut tight swim briefs), there would always be a few hardy souls in speedos, and occasionally something a little briefer (although I've never seen anyone in a thong). On tuesday I wore a Hom 'micro' style suit. Not that tiny, but smaller than a normal speedo. You'd have thought I'd put a g-string on. I got loads of sideways looks, and most of the blokes were wearing knee-length boardies. I've worn much briefer rio-type suits before, without anyone batting an eyelid, and have considered a Speedo or Hom thong in the past. I'd look well out of place now. It's getting ridiculous. I also find it wierd that its almost mandatory for 20-something men to have a waxed chest & back & tatoos, but retain a bush of pubes, hairy legs and armpits. I get some bemused looks when I shower with no bodyhair and thong tanlines, then put on my thong underwear whilst getting dressed. There's just no tolerance of anyone who doesn't confirm to the fashion norm anymore.
John Howard #192

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/08/2009 11:56:27Copy HTML

Most young guys neglect their legs because training legs is HARD. 
They focus on their chests, arms and backs.  That's why they wax and have tatooes on those areas.
What a perfect swimming suit the board shorts can be!!!
They hide the legs, which many times look like chicken legs.
They cover their bums, cause someone made them believe that a man showing his glutes is not man enough, only gay men do that.
When, ironically, most women find men's bums the second most attractive part of the male body!!
Board shorts also cover any protuberance that could show that the body belongs to a MAN.  "For God's sake, who wants to see 'that' coming up underneath spandex," is usually said by a fat overweight woman wearing a cleveage and a 'muffin top'.  Yes, women are allowed to show their ugly fat showing in your eyes but get offended with something as natural as the form of a man's genitalia.  And unfortunately most men buy that.
And finally, board shorts are good to tone down a protuberant belly.  Somehow having a belly and board shorts became an accepted norm.

John Howard
JM_Runs #193

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/07/2009 11:30:36Copy HTML

We booked a night at short notice in the Village Hotel in Whiston, near Liverpool. I did not check out the facilities when we booked but when we checked in I realised the hotel has a health club / spa. Our check-out time was 11:00 so we had some time available in the morning so I decided to use the sauna and steam room but the problem  was that I had not brought any swimwear with me. It was obvious from the layout that I would not be able to go nude so I donned a Kiniki Jaz G-string which provided resonable cover at the front although, being a g-string, provided none at the rear, but it covered more than the usual narrow fronted pouches I wear or my see-through g-strings and pouches. I wore a towel when I entered the pool area. It was reasonably quiet  - there were about a dozen people in the pool and a couple in the Jacuzzi. There was also a lifeguard on duty. Next to the sauna and steam room was a relaxation area with a couple of showers. I dropped my towel on a lounger and took a shower then used the steam room and sauna. After a while I walked round to the jacuzzi - there was a couple in the jacuzzi and we had a brief chat - why are you here, where are you going next etc. I had to laugh when the couple got out - the guy was wearing "shorts" that went down to a couple of inches above his ankles. He looked really stupid.
During my stay I was quite visible to everyone in the pool and to the lifeguard but did not experience any negative feedback or comment. I spent approximately one hour in the complex and felt extremely relaxed in that I was not hassled in any way and able to use the facilities without any problem.
Dr S #194

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/16/2009 08:23:41Copy HTML

 I had an open opportunity to wear a thong in a public pool tonight and bottled it completely!
We go swimming on a fairly regular basis at Howe Bridge (Leigh), usually on a Wednesday night. It's only open until until 7.30 for public swimming and tonight I picked up my younger son from the childminders and arrived home late. I rushed getting our stuff together and zoomed off to the pool. In the changing room he changed quickly while I was sorting our stuff. I stripped down and picked up my trunks, only realising when I had one foot in that instead of my red Hom micro, I'd picked up my red Hom thong!
I'm stood there stark naked (and completely shaved) in a communal changing room, holding up a red thong and considering my options. For a moment I thought oh what the hell...., then common sense struck home. The pool at that time of night is full of young kids, including a swimming lesson and my 5 yr-old wants to play in the small pool...... hmm. Perhaps not. I get enough sideways looks in my Hom swimbriefs without chancing being chucked out!
I don't think anyone noticed to be honest and I got dressed and went to the front desk to see if they sell swimwear. Unfortunately they don't and we had to go home without our swim. I had lots of apologising to do and a promise to take him at the weekend.
DavyJ #195

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/19/2009 12:43:54Copy HTML

Dr S, it sounds like you had the perfect opportunity.  It certainly wouldn't have hurt to ask the front desk if it was ok to wear your thong after you found out they didn't sell swimwear.  The worst that could happen would be that they would say no, and then you wouldn't be any worse off that if you don't ask.
ukessexbob #196

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/19/2009 07:08:57Copy HTML

Well, I suppose asking is ok, but any many other posts here will tell, you if ask, you often get a spur of the moment decision of no. Despite the fact that they often can't give a reason why, and it's not mentioned in the pool rules. I still say that you have the right to wear a thong if you want, it's just your own personal style of swimwear. I'm hoping that at sometime in the future, we bring, via the EU, the continental pool rule that DORK shorts are banned! It's the first sensible EU rule I've seen. Then, with guys having to wear at least Speedo style, thongs won't seem so 'out of place'. And I've also found, wearing the most minimum bikini style in my local pool ( they have stopped thong use by the way ), I've had only complimentary remarks, mostly from the ladies. There are  lots who would their male relatives to wear them.
Dr S #197

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/21/2009 11:56:34Copy HTML

I went back to the same pool yeterday (Sunday); this time with the right swimsuit! I was quite surprised to spot a teenage boy wearing quite a skimpy bikini swimsuit. It's rare these days to even see a teenage boy in a speedo. Squarecuts are usually the absolute minimum coverage they will be seen in. His suit had approx. 1" sides and was moderately high-cut, with a 3/4 back (similar coverage to my Hom micro). He was there with his family, rather than friends and seemed quite proud of his suit; spending plenty time out of the water, and even letting the sides roll down like a tanga-style suit.

Although not a thong, I found this remarkable as it's one of the smallest suits I've seen in over ten years of visiting this pool. Usually the only men in speedos or smaller are at least in their 30's. Also remarkable was that there didn't seem to be many people noticing or paying much attention.
johnbar5251 #198

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/25/2009 06:01:37Copy HTML

I really don't think there is any future in thonging at UK public pools. The only exceptions are outdoor/lido pools in the height of summer when inhibitions seem a bit more relaxed. If anyone expects to be able to swim in a standard public/local authority poool then they are living on the wrong planet.

Hotel pools are a different matter, especially in the more cosmopolitan atmosphere of a large metropolis like London. I am on a weekend away with the gf and will thong at a London hotel with no problems at all.

matchingthongs #199

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/27/2009 11:26:59Copy HTML

Sadly, it's true. Whether that will always be the case I wouldn't like to say, but I can't see any great change in the immediate future. 
I suppose you could point out that wearing a bikini at a UK public pool was pretty daring 40 years ago and still unusual 30 years ago, but from my experience at my pool they are more common now than one-piece suits for those 16+.
I wish that would give us males hope, but I doubt it. I will continue to wear skimpier suits when I can though.
matchingthongs #200

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/27/2009 11:36:00Copy HTML

 I believe there were a couple of guys that managed to thong at UK pools. I wonder how they're getting on?
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