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ukessexbob #251

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/15/2016 07:13:59Copy HTML

Can you post the names of pools you have thonged at. It will help others to keep the ball rolling
johnbar5251 #252

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/18/2016 08:45:50Copy HTML

Try Brockwell Lido in summer and possibly Hampton Open Air Pool.
Indoors looks a bit limited. Highbury Pool used to be OK but looks like now no thongs
SPR #253

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/24/2016 09:28:57Copy HTML

 Hi John

Nice to hear from you, It seems it has been a very long time since we met at Highbury. Its a shame it seems to have changed its rules.

If I swim in London its usually at Parliament Hill,  that seems to have always been OK when I wore a thong. In fact I've never worn anything else
at that pool.

Been meaning to try Hampton Open Air for a very long time. Hopefully this will be the year.
ukessexbob #254

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/24/2016 06:02:24Copy HTML

 johnbar5251, why do you say it looks like no thongs at Highbury ? Has a no rule been posted, have you been told, or is it that you've just not seen any thongs there recently ?
johnbar5251 #255

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/28/2016 06:55:57Copy HTML

F|or some time they had no things mentioned on their website.
ukessexbob #256

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/28/2016 06:38:29Copy HTML

 I've just diligently searched the Highbury pool website, specificaly in FAQ's, and then swimming, and can find NO mention of swimwear styles or equirements at all.

I did find this under terms and conditions

3.1.5. You wearing attire appropriate to the activity.
3.2. In all cases Our interpretation of the Rules will take precedent and the decision of the General Manager or his / her nominee is final and must be respected. We may at Our absolute discretion ask You to leave Our facility or refuse entry.

Back to the old argument what appropriate means. Not that it matters, as 3.2 above gives themselves absolute power to be complete idiots.
SPR #257

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/29/2016 06:13:10Copy HTML

 Ahh Interesting

I used to thong quite often at Highbury, then as John mentioned they changed the rules. The new rules specifically mentioned thong
as not being appropriate. I didn't go at all during that time so we don't know if theywould have enforced that rule.

It looks like the rules have changed again so maybe its time for another visit.
seaswimmer2007 #258

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/07/2016 05:45:08Copy HTML

  I have swam in a Hom Thong several times at Parliament Hill Lido, never had a problem.
SPR #259

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/20/2016 05:35:30Copy HTML

Is Parliament Hill on its summer season opening times yet?
I hope to take full advantage of this summer.
gsj #260

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/20/2016 10:17:14Copy HTML

  "Interesting" experience at local pool the other day. Doing my usual laps, front crawl, wearing an old Intersparta string with half back. Approaching pool end a hand suddenly grabbed hold of top of suit - rear - and tried to pull it down! Quick flip over & it was a woman doing backstroke. Clearly unintended she was  somewhat embarrassed!
mark_issac #261

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/27/2016 07:43:48Copy HTML

 I thonged at Rios in Kentish Town recently. As per the last time I went it was about 50/50 nude vs swimwear. I saw one woman wearing a thong. I'm going to start going there regularly as it is great walking around in front of so many people in just a thong :) 
ukessexbob #262

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/27/2016 07:24:39Copy HTML

 Going to Rio's and wearing a Thong? Pointless, it's a Naturist Spa, so use it as such. Pick a local pool to thong in, hopefully it'll eventually become more common and acceptable.
thong1 #263

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/05/2017 03:51:17Copy HTML

 Bit of a retrograde step at my local pool, I'm afraid. I went up this afternoon, to christen my Clothes2Pose swimthong, got changed as normal and got in the water, only to be told after length 2 (of 200) that my suit wasn't acceptable. I asked whether it would be at an adults-only session, and was told not. I didn't ak whether the same prohibition applied to women. I wasn't confrontational, just polite and cooperative. The leisure centre has recently changed hands, so that might explain it. Or it might just be the staff's attitude, being less tolerant than hitherto. One of my pound pieces got swallowed by the locker and I couldn't get a refund, only credit. All in all, a bust.
Grabeach #264

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/06/2017 11:22:55Copy HTML

200 lengths, I'm impressed. On some days I'm stuffed after 10 (50m) laps!

re "I didn't ask whether the same prohibition applied to women".While sunning in a g-string at one pool, I was told by a lifeguard that even if they'd wanted to they couldn't tell me to cover up because, "They would have to tell the girls they couldn't wear thongs." Technically, the girls were wearing cheekies rather than thongs, but I didn't tell him that.

thong1 #265

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/08/2017 11:49:33Copy HTML

 Sounds like things are a lot more enlightened around your way! Unfortunately all the local pools seem to be owned by the same company, a recent takeover, so I doubt I'd get anywhere by asking around.
matchingthongs #266

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/09/2017 09:21:02Copy HTML

 Thong1.  Sorry to hear that. I checked out the clothes to pose site and I got excited about a British manufacturer. They're not even that daring as thongs (more a cheeky suit perhaps) which makes it even more depressing that they had words. How do they fit? I wasn't that taken with the look on the models, but that could just be the choice of model!
thong1 #267

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/09/2017 11:37:02Copy HTML

 This one fits very nicely, thanks, and you're right, it's not too daring. I've also got one of their G-strings, which I'm very fond of - fits tightly but very neatly. I wore it on the beach in Venice last May. At least one manufacturer in the UK has a good line of swimthongs and strings, now that Kiniiki have got cold feet, Intersparta have closed down, and Halcyon Blue have abandoned their menswear line (not before I got one of their first men's stringthongs, fortunately).
joelpool #268

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/13/2017 09:30:12Copy HTML

 Any suggestions on a good hotel for wearing a g string in the pool and sauna near London airport ?  I have an overnight layover May 2-3 and wondered if there was one better than the others. Would like a fitness gym too, so I can get a workout pump before my swim. I was looking at the Hilton that was in walking distance of the terminals, but was concerned about windows to restaurant or meeting rooms.  Appreciate any help. 
mark_issac #269

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/18/2017 07:05:23Copy HTML

 I've recently started thonging at the Hilton Heathrow terminal 4 pool. It's ?20 for a day pass and you can use the gym. I find the pool feels fairly private despite the rooms and restaurant, you'll see what I mean when you're there. Also there is a steam and sauna that is great for thonging as it's directly accessible from the changing rooms. 

thong_jock #270

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/18/2017 07:54:46Copy HTML

 Mark_issac...please take more photos of your public thonging adventures . 
joelpool #271

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/21/2017 08:33:27Copy HTML

 Thanks Mark, I just booked the Hilton terminal 4 hotel for May 2-3. I arrive at the airport at 7:20 pm. Looking forward to thronging all evening. Just to see their response I emailed the hotel and asked if I could wear a tiny thong swimsuit. The assistant health club manager (very nice guy and helpful) wrote me back and said for the gym and pool: "our signs state that appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. This basically means as long as it is not revealing, it should be ok. However if you are in any doubt, then I would suggest avoiding bringing them, as I would not want you to be disappointed during your visit."  I thought that was a good neutral answer and a green light for a tiny thong.
Rhodesthong #272

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/06/2017 01:25:42Copy HTML

My wife and I just took the kids to Hyde Leisure Pool in Greater Manchester. I was pleasantly surprised to see a mother wearing a thong - I must admit I caught myself doing a double-take! I noticed a few other people looking at her as if to say 'would you look at that!' but I don't believe anybody (pool staff included) said anything to her about it or asked her to change, so it obviously wasn't an issue for the pool. She did get out at one point, so I thought she might have been asked to go and change, but she came back wearing the same suit about 5 minutes later, so presumably she had just gone to change her kid's swim nappy or something.
On closer 'inspection' I noticed that it was actually a small string bikini with some (rio at best) rear coverage, which she had obviously tucked into a thong, presumably because it was so small anyway it was more comfortable like that. But that's clearly the way she wanted to wear it as I didn't see her attempting to fix it, and she was quite happy to show it off. So perhaps that's why it wasn't an issue, because it was a normal bikini that I guess was bought as swimwear (I couldn't tell what brand it was) - I'd have been interested to see if anythong would have been said if she had been wearing an actual thong because what she was wearing was not really any different.
John Howard #273

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/06/2017 11:49:30Copy HTML

 Hey Rhodesthong you just gave me the best idea of how to test the waters at the public swimming pool;    I'm not a big fan of the pool I prefer the ocean but facing 6 months of depressing winter at the southern hemisphere going for a swim and sauna is on the cards.....I've got a few cover male and Daniel Alexander Brazilian back underwear bikinis that look like painted and have swimwear quality;   I'll wear them at the pool and let them crunch in as the young Mum in your story....it will be fun to see what happens.....
matchingthongs #274

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/07/2017 08:37:11Copy HTML


That was a very encouraging post. I suspect that thong wearing (females only) is perhaps more common than we report here. If my local pools are anything to go by, the trend is for more females to wear smaller bikinis. Even one pieces are getting smaller and going back to the higher leg cut of the 90s. I’ve never seen a thong at a UK indoor pool, but it isn’t unusual to occasionally see swimsuits that have almost turned into thongs, but it sounds like this was deliberately tucked in. 

When females choose to do this I do wonder why? From my wife’s experience I do think that sometimes young mothers have so much going on and to worry about that odd things happen. I remember when my daughter was tiny and my wife accidentally took her Skinzwear swimsuit to a session at the local pool. She was a bit embarrassed and says she hadn’t intended to, but that it probably gave some people a treat! I put it down to the madness of looking after a tiny person, but more recently she chose to wear that swimsuit again to a really busy session at our local leisure pool. The thing about these leisure pools and I presume Hyde's is the same, is that you don't really go there to swim; you are often standing around and walking around, so you are very much on display and my wife must have known that. I was very surprised she chose it, but didn’t say anything at the time because I assumed that was just what she wanted to do. This suit is very high legged and has a small rio back that can ride up easily into a near thong. I don’t remember anybody looking at all surprised or shocked to be honest.  

A couple of things I’d like to know about the woman at the Hyde pool is whether she was just walking around in the shallows like every other mother or trying to cover up. A part of me hopes that she was just normal looking rather than having a “hot body.” I just feel that the more normal people are accepted for wearing thongs (or bikinis made into thongs), the more they will become a norm.
Rhodesthong #275

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/07/2017 11:40:43Copy HTML

Matching thongs,
To be honest it didn't look like there was any underlying motive on this particular lady's part. She was clearly just taking her kid to the pool. She was good looking, with what I'd call a nice 'real' figure - not a stick insect or an obvious gym bunny, nice full curves and not a hardbody. Just like most mothers with young kids really. She did have quite a few tattoos, which I guess suggests she may like showing her body off. Didn't see anything to suggest that she'd inadvertently brought the wrong suit! She looked very relaxed and comfortable in what she was wearing and didn't seem to care whether anyone else was bothered or not, which was nice to see really. She was just getting on with being at the pool with her kid, not showing off in everyone's face nor was she trying to 'hide' in the water. Which may be another reason that it seemed to be acceptable - she was just being normal.
matchingthongs #276

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/07/2017 12:19:20Copy HTML

 Thanks for that. It is even more reassuring that it was her intention and that she was behaving like everyone else. 
bisley98 #277

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/09/2017 03:36:49Copy HTML

Post deleted and reposted in London parks thread. 
matchingthongs #278

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/11/2017 08:06:07Copy HTML

 Nice to hear about Hyde park, but I don't think it belongs in this thread about swimming pools.
bbjuk #279

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/29/2017 02:16:56Copy HTML

 On Tues this week, I finally overcame my nerves and thonged at the steam room and sauna at my gym!  Heres the story...I bought one of those YaFex thongs that come over from china (takes ages) in green.  It was abit skimpy shall we say but covered all that it needed to cover.  Once I'd had my workout, I got ready to go to the steam room and the sauna.  In my gym, these are unisex and next to the swimming pool which is overlooked from the café and the running machines.  By this time it was about half 8 at night so no kids around and only a handful of people there and I don't think anyone in the café.I had a shower in the changing rooms and put the swim thong on in there and I draped my towel over my shoulder.  T, hen came the moment when I walked out into the swimming pool area with most of my bum exposed but for a small green triangle!!! I decided to do the sauna first so I could hang onto my towel if I needed it, there was no one in it but me.  it felt different (and nice!) to sit down and feel my bare bum against the wooden bench!After a few mins I felt braver and decided to hang up my towel outside and go in the steam room.  I wasn't quite ready to handle any discussion with the lifeguard if he said anything so I waited until hed gone past before I came out. There were a couple of guys sitting on a bench who must have seen my thong if they'd looked over as I hung up my towel.  No idea how they reacted!The steam room was, well, steamy so I felt more confident in there, just found a space and sat down.  Again it felt refreshing to have my bum in contact with the marble bench rather than through my speedoes.  When I left there was one guy in there and he must have seen me as I opened the door.  Theres a shower head next to the steam room so I had a quick wash there, facing forwards as I still felt a bit shy about showing off my thong.Then I got my towel and left, I think the lifeguard saw me as I exited back to the changing rooms but no challenge or comeback.  Overall then, an exciting experience but I felt a bit shy! Maybe next time it will be easier as I can then honestly say "ohh I've wore this before without any trouble" if I get challenged.  Also wonder if I should get a plain black swim thong that's a bit less "obvious" than the lime green! I'm not really sure what I would say if the lifeguard or someone else said that that thongs aren't allowed, so any ideas you have here for next time are welcome thanks. I've never seen anyone, girl or guy, wear a thong swimsuit there before so I may well be the first!
Grabeach #280

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/29/2017 09:48:42Copy HTML

“Maybe next time it will be easier as I can then honestly say “ohh I’ve worn this before without any trouble” if I get challenged."

Might be easier, but I doubt it will be of any practical benefit. A few years ago I was stopped from sunning in a g-string at one pool despite the fact that I had no problems doing same on my previous 32 visits. It took five years for someone(s) to be sufficiently offended to complain. 

“I’m not really sure what I would say if the lifeguard or someone else said that thongs aren’t allowed. So any ideas ......”

Depends on what they say. If it is a policy decision then it is highly unlikely that anything you say will make any difference. Wear something with more coverage or find another facility.
If it is along the lines of, “Someone has complained, please cover up”, I would simply say ‘Okay’. Again nothing you can say at the time will make any difference, however in this case I would wear the same the next time I went there. You may find that even the same lifeguard may have a different opinion if no-one complains this time. At my favourite pool there has been three requests to ‘cover up’ spread over my 123 visits, each only applying to that visit. If the lifeguard then says, “Didn’t I tell you last time ......” then you can say that you thought it was only for that occasion.

In any event, always be polite. Lifeguarding is a mobile occupation. On a number of occasions I've recognised lfeguards from another facility, and they certainly recognised me. You don't want a reputation as a troublemaker.
ukessexbob #281

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/30/2017 10:20:03Copy HTML

Just  keep wearing them as  much a possible,  they'll have to acceprt them if they get popular !!
mark_issac #282

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/02/2017 01:11:47Copy HTML

I recommend the following :
Choose hotel pools / spas that are not overlooked by gyms or cafes Go for pools with no lifeguards, this way you won't feel 'stared at'Go at times that are very quiet and no kids around. Later evenings or during school/working hours  Always keep your behaviour acceptable and appropriate. Pools are for swimming and relaxing, not sexual activity 
Keep to the above and you'll generally be fine. I've always been amazed by how many people will not say anything or react in any way. You will get the odd stare, second take or giggle but that's generally about it. 
ukessexbob #283

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/02/2017 01:13:53Copy HTML

I'll second  that. It's all body language. If you behave as if a  thong is perfectly ok, not  display yourself, and show you're there for the swim only, it seems to work ok.
bbjuk #284

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/02/2017 05:32:55Copy HTML

 Thanks all, I will keep at it! Ive ordered up a plain black swim thong and also a tanga-cut suit as I could wear these with confidence, while the green yafex one is a bit, well, brief.  I think I will also see if there are other pools nearby where I can go for a swim.  I did think about asking if my gym has a policy beyond "appropriate swimwear" but didn't as if they said no then I'd have no where to go with them.  Sadly no women at the gym pool in thong bikini's!I feel more confident when my non-swim thong is exposed when i'm getting changed before/after my workout.  Not quit at the stage where i'd use the hairdryer in only a thong, (as I would quite happily do in briefs), but I don't feel the need to hide it as much.
mark_issac #285

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/17/2017 07:56:29Copy HTML

 I just had a great thong experience at my local gym pool. I went into the pool area and straight into the sauna where a girl was sitting on the bench. I was just wearing normal swim shorts. I suddenly noticed that she was wearing what appeared to be a thong , although was slightly hard to tell as she was sitting down. Then when she got up it was definitely a thong!! I couldn't believe it, all these years and to finally see an English girl wearing a thong to an indoor pool! I thought i didn't want to miss my chance so decided to go back into the changing rooms and put on my small muscleskins rio which is basically a thong most of the time but can cover more in case I suddenly get shy. 
So I went back out and dropped my towel when I reached the pool. I then got into the lane next to her and started swimming. Because I was so spurred on I cast aside my usual nervousness. She was really attractive so as soon as we both stopped I struck up conversation. After chatting for a bit I decided to ask whether she was actually wearing a thong. She got quite shy but said yes. We chatted a bit more about it and then she carried on swimming. Was an amazing experience! 

matchingthongs #286

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/19/2017 12:28:10Copy HTML

 Very encouraging Mark. I've yet to see even a female thong wearer at a public (municipal) pool in this country. If I did, I think I would do my best to act completely the same as usual to help normalise it and  make sure the woman didn't feel either creeped out or that she was doing anything abnormal. Sounds like she was happy enough to be wearing it. Wonder if that was her first time?
JM_Runs #287

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/19/2017 02:22:03Copy HTML

Yup.  Knowing how to give positive feedback and yet not coming on too strong, or looking like you are stalking , is difficult. Especially if you are frequently looking over trying to see the reactions of others. 

Men in thongs know a simple smile or thumbs up from someone else brightens our day and affirms our choice. However if a man comes back to take second looks, or try to strike up a conversation, it can make us a little uncomfortable because we don't know their intentions. The same is true for women.  

We think "I am just out to get a tan in my thong, not trying to get hit on by guys." This is also true for most women.  

So a thumbs up or big smile, while looking in their eyes, is all that is needed. Message sent.  Backoff and wait for them to make contact., if they want. IF they are interested they will find an excuse to come over. More likely they are just pleased you like their swimsuit choice and will go on about the rest of their day with a happy attitude. 
thong1 #288

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:01/28/2018 02:57:14Copy HTML

  I was up at Bicester over the Christmas period and went down to the local leisure centre one evening. I had earlier asked whether there were any swimwear restrictions - I specifically mentioned a thong, but I don't think that I was clearly understood. When I turned up a couple of days later - for the adult swim session, at 2030-2100, the kids were long gone - I donned my Clothes2pose swimthong, which is not excessively brief, being a regular thong brief, showered, and got in. I'd walked past a couple of people, but nobody said anything - as indeed they shouldn't have done. After I'd done a few lengths, one of the staff walked up to the poolside, flagged me down, as it were, and told me that I couldn't wear 'what I was wearing'. Perhaps he thought saying 'thong' would be embarrassing. I politely replied that I had asked, and I was told that I hadn't been understood. They were happy to let me continue as I was,as long as I wore something more conventional next time. This seems to be catching, more's the pity.
thong1 #289

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:01/28/2018 02:59:43Copy HTML

thong1 #290

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:01/28/2018 03:02:06Copy HTML

 Yet to see any of the posters referred to here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-202984/Thongs-dont-belong-pool.html
matchingthongs #291

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:01/28/2018 05:02:19Copy HTML

Every time my email alerts for this thread pops up my hopes are raised, only to be dashed again. Oh well!

I suspect the information poster is another made up or non story. This rule about thongs appears in the news every few years, because it has good copy potential. Having just a few minutes come back from my local swimming pool and checking out the new posters there's no mention of swimwear styles and I've never seen any that does, ever.The other things mentioned in that Daily Mail article are though.

The Evening Standard article dates from 2001 and I'd love to think we have moved on a bit since then. We're nowhere near the point that thongs on men are acceptable - or even happening - from what I've seen in UK indoor pools, but some things give a glimmer of hope. Speedo style briefs are being worn more at training sessions etc. and I'm noticing more cheeky briefs and smaller bikini bottoms this year than I can ever remember. If we reach the point that thongs - or near thongs - are worn more often on females in the next few years, then it will be harder for staff to discriminate against men in thongs. We live in hope.
Peterko64uk #292

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/03/2018 07:56:10Copy HTML

 After reading all articles in this thread (yes, all 292 of them) I finally decided to post my findings - UK public pools are NOT man thong friendly. I've been testing waters ;-)  for last couple of years and have been trying approach of wearing smaller and smaller piece of swimwear over the time. My usual pools are Hampton Court pool, Guildford Lido and Sunbury Everyone Active pool with some others visited over the years. The smallest piece of swimwear I got to was Kiniki Micro swim (occasionally with back side "accidentally" made into thong) and it's here where I started to feel uncomfortable with people staring at me with funny faces (while they were wearing dork shorts mostly) and staff talking to me about too much skin visible even on late night adult only sessions. It didn't stopped me wearing smallest of the brief style swimwear but didn't have courage to jump to next level - thongs. Beaches and lakes are on the other hand different story, especially away from the busy places where thongs and even nude swimming is tolerated as long as you're not trying to harass anyone.To finish this post I wish you all a lot of courage and keep on pushing the cultural acceptance of the man thongs. I definitely will :-) 
mark_issac #293

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/04/2018 09:14:42Copy HTML

 I see your point but I would say that the pools you have listed aren't really the best for thonging in my view. They are generally busy and full of families. Instead I would recommend hotel pools at quieter / late times. When I've thonged I've never had anyone complain, even when staff have seen me. People just tend to mind their own business. 
ukessexbob #294

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/04/2018 09:20:46Copy HTML

The fall back reason pools give, is we must 'protect thechildren' is complete rubbish. Although some may laugh, they don’t needprotecting from anything. They all seem to survive on beaches ok, with swimwearof any style, to compete nudity. It’s more the pool managers protectingthemselves against complaints by a few pool users that are the reason.<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}
Napoleon44 #295

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/25/2018 12:27:30Copy HTML

 There may be a few isolated pools where you could literally wear a thong for guys , I don't know . But I think it is really the case of matching a minimal suit with the right pool environment . I think for most of us (not everyone) it might depend on how close to home the pool is and how often you intend to go there . To illustrate what I mean . If we talk about pools there are several subsections .
1. Municipal pools close to home
2.Municipal pools miles from home
3.Hotel leisure club close to home
4.Random one night hotels miles away
5.Outdoor Lidos

There are probably others as well .

Personally I would probably be prepared to wear different scales of minimal swimwear at all of these venues .
Municipal pool close to home I do wear a Joe Snyder Bikini and I might go down to a clip , in fact I have done once and it was fine
2.Municipal pool miles from home I might be prepared to wearmy Ralph Tanga sided bikini.
3.Hotel Leisure club , maybe my Full bikini mainly but if quieter then my clip or Tanga .
4.Random hotel miles away I might be tempted to wear my half back Europa tanga by Kiniki .
5. Lido , I have not been to one before , but maybe as small as as my half back .

I would not wear a true thong as a guy in a uk pool . Wish it were different but there it is . What do others think ?
gsj #296

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/25/2018 05:38:10Copy HTML

Re '.....I do wear a Joe Snyder Bikini and I might go down to a clip ' that is the maximum coverage suit I own, worn regularly for lap swimming.
Napoleon44 #297

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/25/2018 08:33:35Copy HTML

 Hi GSJ , That is great so you wear a clip at the municipal pool ? What would be the smallest you wear there and what about other environments , Paul
gsj #298

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/28/2018 08:03:22Copy HTML

I have also worn my Joe Snyder Kini. Never had a problem. Act normal, just change, get in the pool & do my swim.This would be the maximum if beach sunning.
Napoleon44 #299

Re:UK swimming pools

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 I had a kini but it was kind of loose on me as it is a one size suit and I am pretty slim hipped. I would not have the nerve to wear that in a uk municipal pool. I’m surprised you have not been at least challenged . It’s great to know you have not been and credit to you .  I don’t think I have ever seen a guy wear even a tanga with a full back even in the uk . When I get to Europe it will be a different matter . I have worn my Snyder Rio there in the semi naturist adult section on the top floor in a canaries hotel and I enjoyed that .When I was much younger I’ve just remembered there was a motel called the Selby fork on the a1 and I used to pass that quite regularly . I joined their health club , there were two private individual saunas by the pool and I did slip in and out wearing a black port cros string sided half back . Funny I’d forgot that . There was nobody else around but the layout was such that people in reception could see through glass into the pool area which was nice . 
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Re:UK swimming pools

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 Napoleon 44. I'm not the most daring in public, but I have worn a tanga suit at my local pool a couple of times, but I have never seen a man or woman wearing a thong back suit in any UK indoor pool. I've seen unintentional  (or not!) wedges and I've no doubt they are seen in other pools on women mainly, but I've yet to witness one.
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