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Date Posted:02/24/2006 10:15:43Copy HTML

Dear Thong Wearers,I am a male who will be visiting Vienna for a period of a month in August. Any advice on wearing thongs in and near Vienna would be very helpful.Many thanksPhat Ladee
phat_ladee #1

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:02/24/2006 10:15:44Copy HTML

Dear Thong Wearers,

I am a male who will be visiting Vienna for a period of a month in August. Any advice on wearing thongs in and near Vienna would be very helpful.

Many thanks

Phat Ladee

mark_issac #2

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:03/01/2006 05:03:19Copy HTML


i just came back form austria, went on a skiing trip.

ive been to austria three times, each hotel ive stayed in has had a spa and sauna area, i think its very common in hotels over there. however it is the rule to go naked, although not everyone does. in the last austrian hotel i stayed in it was compulsory to go naked or the staff would make you leave!

i would always wear a towel with a thong underneath, and when the staff were not around i'd take the towel off providing i wasn't too nervous! on the last day in the hotel, i thought who cares and just walked in front of about 20 people in just a thong, was so nervous! had a swim and a jacuzzi in a thong, felt great but i tried not to let anyone see. never knew swimming in a thong would feel so nice!! nobody said anything to me but the staff may have had something to say.

in the second hotel i stayed in i could comfortably wear a thong in the steam rooms and no one would say anything.

hope this helps!

Mako Hawaii #3

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:10/01/2006 10:02:40Copy HTML

I just came back from a vacation in a Romantic Hotel called the Tennerhof in Kitzbuhel. This trip was a surprise gift from my in-laws while we were visiting them. Neither my wife or I had planned on so we had no swimwear with us and the hotel had an indoor pool and sauna area. Appon arrival I asked the manager what the attire was for the pool, she said any swimwear would be fine. Then I toldher my problem about not having any she said underwear would also be OK. SO this took care of my wifes dilema but didn't help mine since I don't wear any. SO then I asked is nude OK and she said sure. So my wife wore a tiny Black mesh micro string bottom and I went nude. Then while we were enjoying the water some older ladies came to the pool area and had fit and called the hotel manager down to the pool area to turn us in without us knowing. Once the manager arrived she asked what the problem was and the old ladies pointed at us and said that we were nude. SO I got out of the pool and wrapped in a towel and went to the manager who had given me permission and she told the old ladies that if it bothered then they could leave the area. After which they did. Then the manger came over to us and appoligized. For the situation. I swam nude and my wife was topless and wore a mesh G-string everyday. The only comment she made was she liked my wife G-string and wanted to know where she got it. SO since she was so nice my wife had a few new extras and gave her one. The day after the incident. That same evening after 8:00 pm when the pool had closed we came home from dinner and asked if we could use the pool in private which she said sure no problem, so we went back to our room to get out of our clothes and put our robes on to go to the pool. This time my wife in a black single string because we had the place to ovrselves so we thought. About 10 minute after we were in the pool area the manager came walking in wearing the mesh G-string and asked if we minded if she swam with us since she can't use the pool when it is open. Plus she said that she matched my wife's suit and they couldbe twins...lol. But she had not seen the single string yet. So we laughed ans said sure but you don't match and my wife she showed her the single string she had on. But she did notice we were both shaved and said fine I will take mine off and match your husband...lol
sheer1delight #4

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:10/01/2006 06:54:44Copy HTML

A very accommodating manageress you found in your hotel in Kitzbuhel who took your side. I am surprised that she allowed you to go in the pool naked. I'm not surprised there were complaints from some older folk. You were definitely pushing your luck!

The mesh outfit worn by your wife would have been enough for them to cope with not to mention the fact she was topless as well. 

A microsuit or one of your wifes mesh strings might have been more suitable. That would have given them something to talk about.

Microwear beats nude any day!

When you say a single string that your wife wore do you mean that is the front covering or round her rear.

Nice to see the manageress joining you in the pool with her newly acquired mesh string.

Mako Hawaii #5

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:10/02/2006 02:51:24Copy HTML


I was also quite surprised that she had allowed for me to go nude also. When I was initially asking her I was prepared for her to tell me where I could purchase something. But the Hotel is advertised as a Private Romantic Hotel that does not cater to families with children or singles. As for wearing a microsuit that would have been my prefered alternative, but I had been visiting Germany and did not pack anything for swimming this time of year. Also the arrangements were made by my mother in law and she had many conversations with the manager on setting things up for us. And she new we were not prepared prior to arrival. Now as for one of my wife G-strings that isn't even an option since she is a size 2 and I have a 34
inch waist. The string suit is a single string that I bought from Wicked temptations which she had planned initially to wear as lingerie for me

sheer1delight #6

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:10/02/2006 07:50:31Copy HTML


Thanks for the explanation.

The moral of this story is that readers of this board should never go on holiday without a suitable supply of swimwear to cater for all eventualities for themselves and partner.  You never know when the opportunity will arise to show off some of your collection. Hopefully this will include some stunning microwear or at least something brief rather than dorkwear.

What a bonus when staff appear supportive and actually join in wearing microwear.!!!!!!!!!  A rare event I reckon but all the more enjoyable when it happens.

kawasaki #7

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:08/08/2008 01:06:40Copy HTML

Hi to all,

went to Austria this summer and thonging in a N2N was very OK ;-)

was at www.alpenhof.at (hintertux)
sheerdelight #8

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:08/10/2008 09:37:39Copy HTML

What resort was that-Ellmau?
kawasaki #9

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:08/10/2008 12:27:20Copy HTML

Hi sheerdelight,

no, it wasn't Ellmau it was in Hintertux.


543158 #10

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:08/27/2008 07:49:30Copy HTML

 any experience of thonging in hotel pools in Austria recently
sheerdelight #11

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:08/28/2008 07:28:49Copy HTML

I wore a variety of muscleskins and skinzwear on my trip to Kaprun in Austria. I didn't wear a true thong as I find them a bit uncomfortable. My gear consisted of  mainly rio/full back muscleskins strings and rio pro outfits plus a variety of rio style skinzwear the smallest of which was the sunseeker!. I wore these to the inside pool and outside pool at the hotel. I definitely wore the smallest outfits. Nearly forgot I wore my packman to the inside pool as well!

In the beautiful local public pool complex consisiting of indoor and outdoor pools and slide I again wore muscleskins rio strings and  muscleskins rio full back.outfits and a variety of rio backed skinzwear including my turquoise rubber cutaway! Not a great suit for going down the slide as it seemed to hold me back and on examination it didn't do the metallic finish any good either!

I didn't see any other males wearing such skimpy gear. Indeed the same could be said of the females! I didn't really see any true microwear at all. No thongs and very few tiny bikinis!

But then Austria isn't really a place for sunworshippers anyway. More for walking and a cool off in the pool later!
Class40 #12

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:06/07/2009 03:08:24Copy HTML

I spent a week in a large hotel a few miles to the south of Vienna recently with my girlfriend. the hoel had a large indoor pool and spa area both of which were very nice.

My girlfriend is very much into minimalist swimwear (usually WW) and wore a thong bikini in the pool and I wore a pair of 1/4 back Richie trunks. All the men were wearing speedo type trunks, no baggy shorts anywhere to be seen. In the spa area it was nude which we both found very liberating, never having been in a nudist area before. The Austrian's of all ages seem not to bother about nudity in spa's and sensibly children below the age of 15 are excluded.
kawasaki #13

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:09/27/2010 11:30:04Copy HTML

I was looking for a hotel with good spa-facilities. I found one next to a "thermen-spa complex". http://www.aqua-dome.at/xxl/_lang/de/_area/therme/_subArea/510682/therme.html 
Of course the sauna complex is nude (with pool). The therme itselve with the form of flying sources looks very attractive. I wrote to the manager of the complex to ask if thongs were allowed and the answer was: bikini, thong oder normal is ok but no baggy shorts! That's the way to go! They will see me next sommer ;-)
josht #14

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:07/10/2016 06:10:03Copy HTML

These posting do not seem to deal with Vienna. Vienna has a number of swimming places, see:

But they seem very family oriented (orientated).

Does anyone have a suggestion as to an adult oriented outdoor swimming place (prefer a clean pool to the not so blue Danube (Donau))?
I suspect that thongs are allowed even at the family type places, but I do not want to be surrounded by screaming children.
I wear Skinz M1RU.
roninho #15

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:09/05/2016 12:26:27Copy HTML

 I was in Vienna this time last year and went to a spa near there where my wife and I experienced our first naked sauna. I.loved it but my wife was a bit unsure though she came along. In the swim spa.area I wore a very brief kiniki micro bikini which I turned down the waist band to make it briefer. No comments or.looks. from anyone. I was hoping my wife would wear he Brazilian fio dental bikini but not this time!
SPR #16

Re:Thonging in Austria

Date Posted:07/03/2018 06:05:41Copy HTML

I was in Vienna last week and discovered there was thermal spa just down the road from the hotel.I only mangaed to get an hour there late on my last night so because it was not long before closing there were not that many people there.But even so I saw 4 thongs, 2 nearly thongs and a lot of cheeky swimwear as well as normal bikinis and 1 pieces.So I was completely at ease wearing my own thong, with no comment from anyone, guests or the staff.
The as luck would have it my trip got extended by a day so I was able to go back. I still only had an hour and a half there but it was exactly the same, several thongs and cheeky bikinis.
Can't wait to go back again, I thoroughly recommend the place
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