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Date Posted:07/19/2004 05:46:24Copy HTML

I'll be traveling to China late next month. While I doubt I'll actually have a lot of time to lay out at the hotel pools where I'll be staying, let's say I have a free moment. How acceptable would it be to wear a thong at hotels in China?
chithonger #1

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:07/19/2004 05:46:25Copy HTML

I'll be traveling to China late next month. While I doubt I'll actually have a lot of time to lay out at the hotel pools where I'll be staying, let's say I have a free moment. How acceptable would it be to wear a thong at hotels in China?
chen_jz #2

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/24/2004 02:39:19Copy HTML

I have wear thong swimwear in hotel pools (about  20) and have no problem, thess hotel are in

Beijing and Nanjing city.  I also saw some women wear thong swimwear in hotel pool( I guess

they come from Russia ).

bw_wentworth #3

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:05/09/2005 04:27:54Copy HTML

I wore a G-string at ZhuJiaJian beach at Zhoushan Island south of Shanghai. I was supriseed at just how few Chinese stared at me! I think it was less than if I was fully clothed.
dingziku #4

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:12/03/2006 08:01:34Copy HTML

China is a good place for wearing thong swimwear. I've just had a very enjoyable two years teaching English
in China, and one of the (many) things that made it enjoyable was a nearby indoor pool where I went swimming
twice a week, always wearing a thong. I just tried wearing a thong the first time to see what would happen.
The staff were always very friendly, even turning on the shower in the changing rooms for me (they insisted
that I showered before swimming) and holding my towel and watching me as I showered! So there was no way
they hadn't noticed that I was wearing a thong! They did make me buy and wear a swimming cap though, I wasn't
allowed into the pool without wearing it.

As well as my regular place I went to quite a few different swimming pools -- mostly in hotels -- and always
got the same friendly acceptance. Local people were also friendly and interested in practising their
English with me, not at all interested in the swimwear I was wearing. Parents were always pushing their children
towards me to speak English with me, so it obviously didn't bother them either. I like this accepting, tolerant attitude.
I made a few good friends through swimming who I am still in touch with.

For the whole time I never wore anything other than a thong for swimming. I also felt very comfortable
wearing a thong at beaches (Qingdao in the east and Sanya on Hainan Island), walking along the beach
as well as swimming and sunbathing. Sanya is a lovely place and I really recommend it for a beach holiday.

Having said that, although Chinese people were accepting and tolerant towards me as a foreigner wearing thong
swimwear, they are quite conservative in their swimwear. Except on the beach at Sanya I never saw any
Chinese man or woman wearing a thong, and even at Sanya foreign girls wearing thongs far outnumbered local
girls (in 3 days I only saw 2, although they were both in g-strings much smaller than any of the bikinis I'd seen
on the foreign girls). I tried for a long time to persuade one of my Chinese friends to wear a thong bikini
I bought for her, but she never did and after a while I just gave up.

In all, I found China a young, vibrant, friendly, accepting and tolerant society. If you go there, pack your

strepsils #5

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:12/05/2006 05:33:31Copy HTML

China is quite open! Nobody will questioned you.  The places I put on my thong is during summer: 

Shanghai - "Re Dai Feng Bao" Wetpark! I  have a female friend who accompanied me to the wetpark. She is a Shanghainese and she put on bikini (not thong) the first time. Probably she was daring enough to put on a bikini because she was with a guy.  I wore just a thong.  We had a great time in that wetpark!

Hainan Haikou - "Xia Ri Hai Tan"!  Quite crowded...wow...different reaction fom people.  But overall, it is still acceptable!

dingziku #6

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:02/08/2007 07:50:56Copy HTML

That's great that you could wear a thong to a waterpark in China. I never even considered it. That would have
been so much fun.

Was it in the summer? Those waterparks are so crowded it's like 'jiaozi' boiling in the pot!  I guess if you are from Singapore you look like a local Chinese, right? So now I know that people didn't give me special treatment because I'm a foreigner, which is good.

Could it be more acceptable for men to wear thongs than women? There's a news item on the Chinese internet with pictures from the Shanghai "Re Dai Feng Bao" (http://www.sh.xinhuanet.com/zhuanti/2006-09/06/content_8175486_2.htm). Not taken the day you went I guess. There's a photo of a Chinese girl wearing a thong bikini; it would be great to know where to buy that style of bikini in China. My friend said that she was very bold to wear a thong bikini in such a crowded place!

strepsils #7

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/04/2007 12:17:52Copy HTML

China is still quite alright. (Of course, there are some stares)





thongdk #8

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/26/2010 12:16:13Copy HTML

I'm going to Shanghai soon. Can anyone recommend a good thong-friendly hotel and where should I go, if I want to end the trip on a sunny beach in a thong?
mgb_gt #9

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/26/2010 02:07:15Copy HTML

Swimming pool in most upmarket hotel is thong-friendly. At least no one bother. I have stayed in Four Seasons. Their indoor pool is thong friendly.

Shanghai got no beach. You had better head south to Hainan Island. They have nice beach but the sea itself is not nice. Water is not very clear.
Thong Kong #10

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/26/2010 04:03:01Copy HTML

Hainan is about as close to Shanghai as Miami Beach is to New York.
thongdk #11

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/11/2010 04:24:55Copy HTML

 Ok - so the ticket to Shanghai is booked. Does anyone have recommendations about thong-shops in Shanghai? or which hotel I should stay at? Thanks.
strepsils #12

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/13/2010 01:54:49Copy HTML

All Shanghai hotels are quite alright for thonggers.
Golden Bay #13

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/14/2010 02:29:06Copy HTML

Shanghai has beaches, but not so nice.
maozer2003 #14

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/16/2010 09:07:52Copy HTML

Hi Thongdk
I can recommend a hotel in Shanghai, but it doesn't have a swimming pool. It's called Astor House, near the Bund (the famous waterfront street). It is colonial-era (19th century), with old wooden floors and big rooms - a very interesting place to stay, as it is very much like old Shanghai - whereas the rest of Shanghai is modernising at great speed, and the old town is being demolished.
It's a great city to visit, but I can't advise about thong-friendly places, as I was there on business & only stayed a few days.
thongdk #15

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/18/2010 06:07:10Copy HTML

I ended up booking 4 nights a the Gran Melia Shanghai and 3 nights at the Howard Johnson Plaza. Both have pools. I promise to give a full report about thonging in Shanghai. Mission: Wearing a thong to the hotel pools/spas, getting a full-body massage only wearing a thong, "accidentially" leaving my thongs in the room for the house-keeping to find and finally shopping for thongs and trying them on if possible. Stay tuned.
pomodorolee #16

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/18/2010 02:56:12Copy HTML

I'm a local chinese from Beijing,I've never seen someone in thongs in a public place in China.
I've spent 5 years in France,and the french people are as reserved as the chinese people,in France,even when you take a shower at a pool,you have to keep your swimwear!!!
I'm a big fan of thongs,I'd like to make some contacts with the other thong wearer from all around the world.
thongdk #17

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/21/2010 05:26:29Copy HTML

 This coming Saturday I am heading for Shanghai - with the intentions of thonging to the max. Will be intertesting to see how conservative the chinese are, and if I will be able to thong at the hotels, during massage, etc. 
AVBW21 #18

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/21/2010 09:54:42Copy HTML

woh, really look forward to your report, and I think they are more tolerant towards caucasians, we chinese might get different reactions perhaps.
thongdk #19

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/30/2010 12:30:30Copy HTML

During the last week I have been visiting Shanghai and I was on a mission: Thonging to the max. Well, here is how it went:
Pretty good - actually. Despite what I had thought. First of all I have now been wearing a thong for 6 days consecutively - new personal record. That includes wearing a thong on the flight from London to Shanghai. Thongers high mile club. I first stayed at the Gran Melia. I used the pool and jacuzzi three times during my stay - wearing first my HOM Ressac thong, then my Ergowear 3d thong and then an N2N blue swim-thong. There were other users of the pool twice (beside the staff). First time it was a chinese woman doing laps and the other time it was two european guys wearing surf-shorts. The chinese woman didn't say a word but as I left the jacuzzi I think the two guys laughed a little. The staff didn't say anything.
At the Gran Melia I "accidentally" left my thong-underwear on the floor in the room and on the bathtub. First day nothing happend but second day my Ergowear thong was nicely folded on the bathtub. Thank you housekeeping. 
I chose to change hotel and therefore finished the trip at the Howard Johnson plaza. Used the pool twice, but nobody else was there. Wore the HOM and Ergowear thongs without problems.
If you go to Shanghai then getting a full-body massage is a must. It's cheap and really good. I went twice. First time wore my Clever thong. Unfortunately you have to wear a silk PJ while getting the massage. But the guy doing it went all in and massaged my butt real good. He must have felt the thong underneath. No probs though. Second time I chose an oil massage. I only had to wear silk shorts and the lady just folded the shorts and my Schisser thong down to massage my butt. Not a word. Fine, I guess.
Last thing I did was to check how the thong-shopping is in Shanghai. Well, to put it in one word: Poor. I only found thongs for men in one shop called Body Bench. Neither in department stores or anywhere else did I find them. Actually I found the mens underwear selection to be really small and very uninspiring. Mostly plain briefs. 
So, to sum up: Thonging in Shanghai is fine but it would have been funny with just a little reaction from somebody. Anyways, I hope this report can be useful for others on the board going to Shanghai on a business trip or otherwise.

pomodorolee #20

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/31/2010 07:29:00Copy HTML

actually,the brand is bench body,it's an underwear brand from Malaysia.
In china,it's not that easy to find some nice thongs for men,I've bought all my thongs when I was in foreign countries or online(actually,DGU is a very good choice)
the staff of the hotel didn't say anything about your thonging,I guess because the chinese people don't like making any comments in front of you,but behind your back,who knows?
gnoht #21

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:10/31/2010 06:38:11Copy HTML

 how come i never seen Bench Body brand in Malaysia? :)
pomodorolee #22

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/03/2010 04:12:53Copy HTML

I've no idea why you've never seen bench body in Malaysia,but the shop stuff did tell me it's a brand from Malaysia.whatever,their design is not very attractive.
In China,sometimes we can find thongs for men in Private Structure,it's also very ugly.
for thongers in china,I guess we should purchase our thongs when you're in some foreign countries or consider some online shopping
littleone55555 #23

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/15/2010 03:05:01Copy HTML

 I went with my girlfriend to a water park in Dongguan (not sure the chinese name) and was all ready to strip down to my thong, but to be safe I kept my shorts on as there were many families / kids, etc.

When my Chinese girlfriend came out to meet me she said, why are you still in those shorts, take them off!  so the rest of the day we tanned, went in the wave pool, stood in lines all while wearing a black thong.  She had on a regular conservative Chinese -style bikini.  Next have to work on her to get more comfortable to wear one.
strepsils #24

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/27/2010 09:53:08Copy HTML

Hello littleone55555 ,

I have been to the Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou (June 2009)! I wore my thong to play the water slides. The Chinese people are perfectly alight! Wow... :-)

I might go there next year (2011) again. 
soyouthong #25

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/27/2010 11:23:19Copy HTML

 i was in beijing recently. the hotel i stayed in did not have a pool. however, it has a gym and a sauna. as a guy mad into fitness, i was training in the gym and enjoy the sauna almost everyday after my sightseeing and shopping. 
i was in my thong or g-strings (from TXM) when enjoying the sauna. there was no complains despite having staff and guests walking around. there are lockers in the sauna room area for staff. 
while training in the gym, i was in either my thongs or g-strings underneath my super tight compression tights and top (skinz and 2XU) and nothing else. i also walked around the hotel in my tight top and tight tights around the restaurant during morning breakfast and even spoke to the girls at the front counter.
could tell the chinese girls at the front counter were enjoying the sight of a man in tight top and tight tights with the manhood obviously showing under the tights plus the shape of my g-strings. i have caught them smiling at me many times and some even took a quick glance at my manhood!
the hotel is hotel kapok in beijing. one thing to note though, the female staff at the hotel are all good looking! and some of the female staff are now my friends!
littleone55555 #26

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/29/2010 12:21:27Copy HTML


it's amazing you saw some locals in g-strings in Sanya.  I was there and there were plenty of Russian girls in thongs and 2 other guys as well, but no locals.
I hope their attitude will change over time and more Chinese locals can wear it too
colinfarrell #27

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/15/2011 09:38:03Copy HTML

I have been to most of the famous beaches in China and here is the thong review:

Sanya - Da Dong Hai - okay to throng any where, nude male beach to the extreme left of the beach, mostly middle aged Chinese men from Manchuria to escape freezing cold weather in the Northeast of China

Sanya - Ya Long Bay - ritzy and pricey hotels dot the landscape, great beach to throng anywhere.

Haikou - okay to throng anywhere at the beach.
colinfarrell #28

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/15/2011 09:48:26Copy HTML

--- continued ---
Qingdao - surprisingly, this city is rather conservative compared to others. I wore a G string last time at No. 1 beach and after going into the water for a swim, a lifeguard came to request me to "dress properly". I changed into a throng covered half of my butt and it was okay. Same of No. 2 and No. 3 beach, quite conservative. If you venture out further to Shi Lao Ren, of course it is ok to throng/g string anywhere since it is farther away.

Dalian - Fu Jian Zhuang Beach is very open. Though no one were wearing throngs I changed into a g string and it was perfectly okay. Some guys even cheered positively. There is a all-male nude section with cute looking guys and great muscular to the extreme right of the beach around Noon - 3pm, guys only from Sept - Nov, and April -June, away from freezing winter and crowded summers.

Lianyungang - Lian Dao Island, 2 beaches. Absolutely ok to throng/g string, very open.

Shanghai - Jian Sha Beach, 1 hour to the south of the city. Not a great beach but ok to throng/g string.

Jilin - China's biggest river beach all male nude along Songhuajiang at 2 main places. Mostly winter swimming, but lots of nude males in the summer as well.

Sanya - Da Dong Hai - China's biggest nude beach (to the extreme left)

colinfarrell #29

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/16/2011 03:15:59Copy HTML

Yantai - seaport city to the northeast. Liberal attitudes. Ok to throng in the city beach.
Shenzhen - Da Mei Sha and Xiao Mei Sha - both are located 1 hours east of the city. Ok to throng/g string anywhere.
Zhuhai - take a ferry 1 hour to Dong Ao Island - okay to throng at this remote beach on th island

Overall Attitudes to Throng/G String in China -
Surprisingly, freewheeling China has a rather open, tolerant, and liberal attitude towards thronging anywhere at the beaches, including crowded beaches. You can say most Chinese men and women are still conservative in terms of dressing in their own swimwear (men in Arena-style briefs and women in 1 piece swimwear) but it is perfectly okay watching someone, men or women, thronging at the beach. In the eyes of men, a thronging woman is eye-candy and sexual arousal while a thronging man is like watching a guy at a bodybuilding contest, greeted with admiration. In the eyes of women, a thronging man is labeled as masculine and sexy watched with admiration and lust while a thronging woman is greeted with admiration, admiration for a hot and attractive body.

However, unlike Europe, it is not tolerated to throng in the city parks on a sunny day.
louish #30

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:07/16/2012 02:35:13Copy HTML

China Hotels, 6.11.12 - 6.17.12
Have been swimming laps in China this week wearing 3/8" Muscleskins Thong, Neon Orange

Langham Shanghai, Xintiandi
Hilton Nanjing
Four Seasons Shanghai
(Chongqing hotel pool "closed for maintenance")
Jumeirah Himalayas, Pudong Shanghai

I tend to swim early or late, both because I'm here working so that's when I have time, and because I prefer to avoid any looks or issues involving parents with kids
Staff at all pools could care less, not even a 2nd look
It's great -- good to be out of America for a while !

JM_Runs #31

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:07/16/2012 09:42:56Copy HTML

 How is XinTianDi?  me and the wife will be there next weekend.  Many of the Chinese girls in short shorts?  I like sitting at outside at Xin Tian Di and watching all the girls go by
JM_Runs #32

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:07/16/2012 09:49:26Copy HTML

 I saw the pop up when I cam to the website to sign in.  It said people were complaining about the avatar pictures. I deleted the avatar of my bare ass. I assume I needed to do that?????
joshuaspain #33

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:07/29/2012 05:09:12Copy HTML

 Wore my thong in peninsula hotel (by the bund) in Shanghai yesterday and this morning. It is a beautiful day ! Blue sky (which is rare in Shanghai). Great time! And got a good tan:-)
sailor250 #34

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/27/2012 12:51:10Copy HTML

Eww here are some Chinese women in "facekinis"

joshuaspain #35

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/28/2012 11:32:03Copy HTML

 Just arrived in shanghai. Staying at the Puli. Any thonger in Shanghai who wanna hang out, send me a private message:-) 
barebutt #36

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/11/2013 04:48:36Copy HTML

Swam laps in Shanghai hotel indoor pool in a thong. No issues at all
Seam_Stress #37

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:05/16/2013 07:40:29Copy HTML

sailor250 (#34)Okayyyyyy.......
I've worn diveskins before (lycra catsuits meant for swimming) both in water infested with jellyfish, and in colder swimming pools, but those pictures just floor me.  They might as well wear zentai suits.
barebutt #38

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:06/04/2013 09:32:57Copy HTML

 Heh thongers just finished a swim in my g string in the indoor pool. Fantastic feeling just doing laps in a g string. Gym attendant stopped me to put on a swim cap and ensures that I put it on and that is it. Woohoo china rocks with tolerance, after all it is not a crime to wear one har har. Happy thonging 
joshuaspain #39

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:08/26/2013 03:50:49Copy HTML

 Just about to leave for Shanghai... Brought along my muscleskins and joe Synder thong... Will go swim in my hotel pool this evening. Anyone keen to join me for a swim in my hotel pool (in thong), send me a pm. :-) Josh
Thongmad #40

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/21/2013 09:52:38Copy HTML

I'll be in Beijing next month, but obviously not going to the beach ;)

I will be trying to swim my laps somewhere, so we'll see how that goes...otherwise just the sauna.
littleone55555 #41

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/24/2013 01:50:31Copy HTML

 Went to Riyuegu hot springs in Xiamen. Beautiful place and takes all day to slowly go from one pool to the next. I was there 7 hours in just a thong. Quiet in the morning but quite busy in the evening 4 - 6. Mostly young couples there. Half a dozen girls in Rio backs but I was the only thong. Staff were friendly as were all the families with kids.
Definitely check it out if you're in the area.
Thongmad #42

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/25/2013 03:49:43Copy HTML

No thongs in China!
Not even the lingerie stores my wife checked out - seems they don't even show up on the radar over there!
I saw a handful at the Silk Markets, but very few.

Did not have the opportunity for a swim or spa/sauna.
BeachLover007 #43

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/25/2013 04:58:25Copy HTML

 I was just in Xiamen yesterday.  Only was there for one day so no chance to be in a thong.  So girls wear rio backs at least in Xiamen huh?  Would like to go back when I have more time.
littleone55555 #44

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/27/2013 03:40:41Copy HTML

 At the beach I saw zero bikinis, maybe because of the time of year?But at the hot spring it is required to wear a swim suit (although one guy walked around in tighty whiteys). The hot spring crowd was 100% Chinese except for me. The girls in Rio backs also were wearing earings and makeup. Guess they weren't planning on using the steam rooms, but that's OK, as long as they look good sitting in the hot spring pools.
The entire experience was amazing. One female attendant kept bringing me tea. Just being extra kind or coming for a closer look? Let's just say she would circle around me quite often.  Oh if only I could speak the language... Tried talking to a few different gals and they wanted to talk back but it was too difficult for both of us
JM_Runs #45

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:11/29/2013 12:02:19Copy HTML

 Chinese women are modest for the most part.  I saw a woman in a rio bikini at a Hong Kong hotel pool a while back.  I saw a few foreign white women in Sanya wearing thongs (I think Russians).   I wore a rio at Sanya and took the prize for man in the smallest suit.  The men wear large size speedos at the pool and beach.  Younger men are doing the board shorts.  I will wear a Rio at the hotel pools in China if there is no one else swimming which is often the case.  I don't mind being seen by women - but feel awkward in front of men
littleone55555 #46

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/20/2015 05:56:19Copy HTML

 Went to my brother-in-laws wedding in southern China and although the hotel was packed there were hardly any people at the pool, just a few male attendants one female attendant and a mother with her maybe 10 year old daughter. It was empty enough so I stripped down to my simple black thong underwear and had a great swim. Felt a little uncomfortable with the male attendants always watching... Felt like they were staring. The female attendant asked me to wear a swim cap, but her and the mother with kid were natural and I felt perfectly comfortable.... Just the few guys seemed to stare which is weird. The front of my suit (underwear, but you can't tell the difference) covered as much as the speedos they wear there. Just the back revealed my nearly bare butt. I like my butt and feel comfortable not covering it in dork shorts. I have female friends who wear thongs on every beach and I wish it wasn't such a strange thing to see a man do the same. If we stay conservative in the front then we won't scare off the pretty ladies of whose approval would be world changing.
Happy_Thonger #47

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/20/2015 09:36:39Copy HTML

 Good comment littleone55555 - That indeed would be world changing. And the more we confident, decent men just do it, the more it will becomes so much more common and accepted. Keep doing what your girlfriends do. I think women are just more confident to be a bit daring than your average bloke, so lets all just be the exceptional blokes and lead the way :)
Sharon73 #48

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:01/20/2015 03:02:48Copy HTML

 I went to a female only spa in China - it was all nude in the five hot tubs they had and in the saunas and steam room.  Robes were worn only to go to the dining area.  It was great to be with them in the nude
pikeman #49

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:09/21/2015 01:44:54Copy HTML

 It seems that the issue in Chinese pools (Taiwan too) is swim caps, not bare butts! I swam in a thong at a Shangri La and a St. Regis and the thong was no issue at all. But they wanted swim caps on. I did get a sour look from a nasty-looking Asian woman at the St. Regis, but she was quite a sight in an oversized, bulk and really terrible-looking black tank suit that I'm surprised did not drown her.
Mikethong #50

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/17/2016 06:57:10Copy HTML

 Anyone in Beijing this April?
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