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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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realdd #51

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/27/2016 10:48:01Copy HTML

 live in Beijing Mikethong
Mikethong #52

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:04/12/2016 11:30:06Copy HTML

 Ok. Hope some people will contact me. I am in Beijing from 18 April. Definitely thonging in the hotel pool in a black Jovana narrow string!
CKWonderer #53

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:02/19/2017 04:32:16Copy HTML

 I just finished a trip to China and was at two different Marriotts in Shanghai. I've visited the pool both evenings while there and I had a couple people take it in extra look at me as I wore my black and royal Muscleskins thongs at both pools. At one of them even the lifeguard attendant was there when I asked him how to turn on the hot tub jets. He didn't even bat an eye. 
Mikethong #54

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/08/2017 11:48:38Copy HTML

Anyone in China now or next 3 weeks? Perhaps Shanghai
ThingThong #55

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:12/18/2017 03:34:44Copy HTML

I was in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I got back to the hotel I went to the pool.
Every time I went there were only a few Chinese guests in the pool area. Never crowded.

I had a few different thong suits with me and altered between them. But all is your typical swim thong, not a g-string or a cheeky but in between so nothing exposure wear.

One time I was sitting in the hot tub alone and first a mother and her daughter came and sat down.
After a while I went to the pool to make a few laps. I stood up and turned around and stepped up from the hot tub and walked to the ladder of the pool. Theyseemed to not care at all.
When I got back from the pool and went in the hot tub again they did not do anything, hardly looking at me.
After a few minutes an older woman, a woman and her daughter came. The older woman and the daughter sat down in the hot tub and the mother dragged a chair to the edge of the hot tub and sat down.
I felt it was starting to get crowded in the hot tub so I decided to do a few more laps. I stood up, turned around and walked to the pool.
When I walked back to the hot tub after the laps the older woman and the second mother were throwing quick looks at my thong front. The thong was clinging to my member so they could see the contours. When I stepped down in the hot tub and sat down they both smiled at me.

I guess they liked what they saw or they are brought up well and know not to make others feel uncomfortable with stares and comments.
I am very happy with my stay in Shanghai and what I have read here and what I did experience myself, locals are very ok with thongs.
Just remember the swim cap!
gnoht #56

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:12/25/2017 08:31:22Copy HTML

 G-string in China, looks like they're cool with it.
ThingThong #57

Re:Thonging in China

Date Posted:03/16/2018 08:53:04Copy HTML

Going to Beijing in a couple of weeks.
Anyone have any tips on thong friendly hotels?
And tips for stores and malls to buy thongs?
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