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Date Posted:09/20/2003 09:16:28Copy HTML

I just moved to Denver and am wondering if there are any places in the area to go thonging. Has anyone been to any of the hot springs in Colorado? If there's anyone on this board living in Colorado, I'd like to hear from you!
JM_Runs #1

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:10/15/2003 12:45:29Copy HTML

For personal contacts please use the "Contact" section of the board,  Thanks.   You have one person from Colorado who has posted a reply to you in that section.

thongs_in_co #2

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:09/27/2004 11:47:47Copy HTML

You could try thonging in the back roads.  Many of the streams such as the Platte River have some great areas to thong.  I have even tried thong underwear in these remote areas (when I forget my swim thong), and no one has ever said anything to me or even starred as the y drove down the dirt roads.  Of course thonging in your jeep with doors off can grab a few looks.
Invisible T #3

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/27/2005 01:17:48Copy HTML

I'm a Colorado native and have been to most of the hot springs in the state and here is the low down:

Glenwood Springs: There are two huge pools. One is slightly cooler than other. I haven't thonged during the day but in the evening I have. I didn't have any problems. I had a female life guard follow me around and check me out while I was in sporting my sapphire SPEEDO thong. I might have teased her a little by getting out by her and walking by her.

Ouray: There are a couple hot springs in Ouray. The public hot springs is kind of lame. There are two pools one is really cool and they are only 2-3 feet deep. I wore my SPEEDOs and didn't thong but I don't think a thong wouldn't be a problem. The other hot springs in Ouray I've been to is the the Box Canyon Lodge. There are four tubs on this deck setup. When you first get there there are two tubs then you walk up the stairs to the next tub, and up another set of stairs to the next tub. Each time you go up the temp in the tubs increases. I think the hottest is 105-107 or something like that. I wore my sapphire and black SPEEDO thongs without any problems. One lady did compliment me on my thong. The only problem here is the tubs are made of old whisky barrels and the old wood wasn't very comfortable on my bare cheeks so I prefer a SPEEDO  instead to protect my cheeks. If you don't move at all, your cheeks should be okay.

Hot Sulpher: I should probably keep this place a secret because its that good. There are 23 tubs ranging in size and temperature, two with hot springs water falls. There are two very private tubs with fences and gates. Thonging is not a problem at all. The best thing to do while thonging in the winter is to soak in a tub for while then jump out and run to the next tub. The feeling of the freezing cold air on my thonged body  until I jump into the next tub is exciting for me. The two tubs with the water falls are fun, my girlfriend loves for me to stand in the waterfall. Imagine ice fishing,skiing,snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or cross country skiing all day all bundled up then in the evening wearing a thong warming up and relaxing in the tubs in the middle of winter.

Idaho Springs: Its true clothing is optional so naturally a thong is okay. But the springs is NOT coed, and the tubs are in the cave walls. WAY WAY too many nasty male naked hippies. I wore my SPEEDO thong the entire time.

When you hit the hot springs don't forget a robe and sandals.

chithonger #4

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/27/2005 05:25:54Copy HTML

Thanks for the information! I've actually been to Hot Sulphur Springs now, and you're right, it's a fantastic place. I never had any problems thonging there and found the springs themselves to be wonderful. I plan on going back sometime soon. I've also been to Cottonwood Hot Springs, which is about five miles west of Buena Vista. Not nearly as many pools as Hot Sulphur Springs, but they're much bigger. And there's also a nice natural spring right next to the small river that runs by the property. It's a nice place, and I haven't had problems thonging there either. During the winter months, Cottonwood becomes clothing-optional after dark, although I've never been there after dark, so I don't know what it's like.
Invisible T #5

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/27/2005 11:02:12Copy HTML

I've heard of Cottonwood. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there four or five available cottage/cabins you can rent that have their own private tub? Cottonwood is on my list. You're right Hot Sulpher is something special. I love the atmoshpere how its their goal to make sure you leave relaxed. Next year I'm planning on buying a annual pass for my girlfriend and I so we can spend as many winter weekends up there as possible.

Outside of the hot springs, there are a few options. Like thongs_in_co said the rivers are a great place to thong. You could thong on the shores of the many rivers and streams we have OR you could always ride the river in a tube. I know, I know the fish might be the only that sees your t-back but its great during the dog days of summer. Chatfield and Aurora Res. have great sandy swim beaches. I've only sported a SPEEDO @ Chatfield so I'm not sure about thonging there but I don't think there is a rule against it (i might be wrong). However I have thonged @ Aurora Res. without any problems. This is the first time in 3 years that the swim beach @ Aurora Res. will be open. I've been to Waterworld numerous times in my in SPEEDOs but you might be able to thong there. It would be relaxing to ride around the lazy river in thong. But to be honest, I'm lucky enough to own a boat so every body of water is a place to go thonging.

redraider55 #6

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/30/2005 10:24:32Copy HTML

Anybody know if thongs are allowed at Trimble Hot Springs in Durango?
Invisible T #7

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/06/2005 02:22:34Copy HTML

Although I only wore a SPEEDO the one time I was there, drunk, I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem thonging. I lived in Durango for three years and 3/4 of the population runs around in spandex tights & shorts all the time. There is atleast one person in every store or restaurant wearing spandex with a bike parked outside. You're not local if you don't own some spandex.

BUT,I have thonged on the Animas!

Bobbill #8

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:12/12/2005 02:22:20Copy HTML

I will be skiing in Winter Park in Colorado and I am sure there are swimming pools - any one any experience of whether any are thong friendly
chithonger #9

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:12/12/2005 09:25:46Copy HTML

You're probably going to see more hot tubs at the hotels in Winter Park than pools. I've never spent much time there, and I would guess you'll have to gauge the atmosphere before jumping in. The crowds during ski season can vary greatly. If you have the time, and a car, I would suggest driving the 20 or so miles to Hot Sulphur Springs (www.hotsulphursprings.com). It's a great place to relax and I've never had a problem wearing my thong there.
thongbutt1 #10

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:12/13/2005 10:38:57Copy HTML

i've stayed at some of the better places in aspen, like the Little Nell and the St. Regis.  i would have to think that thonging is a possibility at these places in the summer (only!) pretty jet set type of crowd.
rt34ge #11

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/11/2006 11:46:55Copy HTML

Other Places to thong in Colorado,

This past weekend I went to Scott Carpenter Pool in Boulder, CO. and I saw two women wearing thongs. They did not seem to get hasseled about it. I personally have not gotten up the nerve to try it yet. I wear my speedos there all the time with no hassle and I have recieved many positive comments. I seen many other men sporting speeedos there all the time. Maybe soon I wiil try it out. Keep thonging in Colorado and let us know. Thanks,

rt34ge #12

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/30/2006 02:46:05Copy HTML

Thonging at the Boulder Reservoir,

This past Saturday I went out to the Boulder Reservoir and I asked if thongs were allowed at the reservoir. The head life guard said "Sure have a good time, as long as they cover up the essentials." So I actually went swiming for about three hours in a thong that I bought at Venice Beach last fall. I had no problems with others and I got a few smiles from some. I was definetly the only person there in a thong. I felt good to go swimming in a thong in Colorado. So fellow thongers in Colorado lets get out there and start a new trend here. I would love to hear from others in Colorado and surrounging areas. Keep on thonging.

BareTy #13

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/04/2006 04:53:20Copy HTML

On the north side of the resevoir, there parking lot and a beach, a good portion of which is nude, with some thongers. Take the dirt road past the main entrance and just stay on that road until you reach the parking lot (will be on your right past the model airplane park).

beachstrapguy #14

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/25/2006 10:40:30Copy HTML

I was in Denver last week, so decided to try Boulder Resevoir.  Went to the north side and Sunday found one old guy nude, no thongs.  Monday three old guys, nude.  A few families.  Lots of space between all of us.  Thonged along the water's edge.  Several hikers passed by and seemed fine with it.
redraider55 #15

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:11/08/2006 03:18:34Copy HTML

Due to job relocation, I'm moving my family to the Boulder area this month. I'll be investigating thonging spots come summertime. Let me know of any additional places besides what is listed.
BareTy #16

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:11/21/2006 01:35:43Copy HTML

North side of Boulder resevior is probably as good as there is in the Denver area. North side is thong/topless/nude friendly -- that is not to see you'll see a great deal of any of the three, but it's a fairly thong friendly environment.
Cherry Creek resevior is also ok, although no "designated" spot. One can thong on the main swim beach or at any number of the other beach side spots.

River's and streams in the foothills are hit and miss. If you want to be alone, there's always a spot to be had. If you want to be around people, then the choices are limited. There is one spot up Boulder Canyon, just past the Red Lion Inn.
pjmodel2002 #17

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:01/01/2007 10:09:29Copy HTML

Around Denver, Cherry Creek Res is probably the best, but don't expect huge number of fellow minimalists.   I have never been harassed and there is one other guy there.  No women.  A lot of families.   I recommend playing it by the crowd.  The side beaches are better because there is sand there whereas the main swim beach is  more dirt.

Another place is Cheesman Park in downtown.  The scene there is a little odd and I don't recommend it for two reasons.  There are a number of homeless there and Denver has a "no bare male buttocks" law which - depending on the mood of law enforcement - might be an issue.  The latter was put on to curtail male dancer revues and associated clubs.

redraider55 #18

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:01/11/2007 01:58:39Copy HTML

In the late spring, I plan on taking two vacation days and head out to Boulder Reservoir to suntan all day, and read some books. I also plan on taking many afternoons off during the summer and lay out at the reservoir, since it's only minutes away.

After getting comfortable with that, maybe I'll head out to Cherry Creek or Scott Carpenter Pool.
beachstrapguy #19

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/22/2007 09:46:41Copy HTML

I'm visiting next week.  Is it warm enough to thong at Boulder Res yet?
BareTy #20

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/22/2007 11:51:15Copy HTML

Probably not There have been some mid-70's days, but next week is supposed to be only high 50's low 60's. Haven't been out to either Boulder or Cherry Creek Res to see if anyone's been out.
beachstrapguy #21

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/23/2007 07:38:46Copy HTML

thanks ty

I'll be around a couple of weeks, maybe a warm day will come along.


pjmodel2002 #22

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/24/2007 12:31:21Copy HTML

Cherry Creek beach is technically still closed, but two of us were out there.a week ago.  The sun was a welcome visitor after such a nasty winter.

(Wait  - it's snowing again!)

etchiman69 #23

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/24/2007 11:16:40Copy HTML

I am traveling back to Utah this week to visit family and I'm driving through Colorado.

I plan to go to Boulder Reservoir Thursday around noon sometime and then go over to Hot Sulphur Springs to stay the night.

redraider55 #24

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/02/2007 01:44:04Copy HTML

Last Friday, I was jogging along the dam at Boulder Reservoir in my short, high cut running shorts without the lining and wearing a thong underneath. Other than that, I only wore running shoes. To cool down after the run, I walked the trail along the north side of the reservoir. I happened to see some folks on a beach, so I headed down to check it out. Along the way, I saw two guys walking around nude. I immediately thought that this will be the place I'll be thonging. When I got to the beach area, some folks were playing with their dogs in the water. I also saw one lady wearing a tiny rio-cut bikini bottom with a near-sheer tube top. Cute! I walked along the lake and saw one guy tanning in a thong, in addition to the two nude guys.

Yesterday after work (yes, I had to work), I drove out to the parking area on 55th street. There were too many cars at the small lot, so parked along the dirt road along with the dozens of other cars. I changed from my business-casual khakis to a Dore low-cut black thong with the small running shorts as a cover-up in the car. I walked to the beach area. Lots of people there, many with their dogs. At the main beach area, all the guys were wearing the dork shorts and the women wore the typical bikini. One sexy lady wore a lime-green string bikini which she filled out very well on top, and the bottom slipped between the cheeks. I looked for a decent spot, so I could face the sun instead of the water. The best spot ended up being near the green bikini lady. I took a bamboo mat to prevent my towel from getting too dirty. I got my stuff set up a slipped down my shorts to expose my buns to the Colorado air for the very first time. I got that adrenaline rush when thonging in a new area. I laid down on my back first, so I could get sun on my chest first. With a book helping to block the sun, I was able to pretend to read and watch for reactions. A group of ladies immediately sat up to look over at me. All had smiles. And they kept looking! I stopped pretending and started reading my book. Couples would walk by with their dogs. Occasionally, I would catch the lady grabbing a second look.

It was really hot, so I sat up to get a drink of water from my bottle and also grab a bite from a granola bar. In the group of ladies who were watching me earlier, one had taken off her top but was laying on her tummy. The lady next to her was sitting up and pointing a camera phone at me. I obliged her "clandestine" photo-op by posing in a reclined casual/sexy way with my legs slightly spread. I think she liked that because I saw her fingers move quickly on the phone. Then, 30 seconds later, she put the phone away. About 5 minutes after that, they all packed up to leave. When that group left, another mixed group next to them was able to view unhindered. A large lady couldn't stop looking while the guys would glance over. A very sexy lady with boyfriend and dog setup about 10 feet from me. She had a typical, but sexy, black string bikini. He wore dork shorts. They positioned themselves facing the sun, like me. While he played fetch with the dog, she read and would occasionally glance over at me. Some guy in cargo shorts set up right next to them, then took his shorts off wearing a royal blue square-cut bikini. He stood around for a few minutes, then put on his cargo shorts and left. Weird.

I only had about 1-1/2 hours to spend there. So I packed it up and put on my small running shorts. On the way out, a pretty lady came jogging up the trail wearing only a small jogging bra and small running shorts. I gave a pleasant hello and made room on the trail for her. She responded with an enthusiastic and friendly "HI!" Made my day. I'll be making it out there a lot more!
redraider55 #25

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/04/2007 02:50:24Copy HTML

I made it out to the Boulder Reservoir again yesterday. This time I planned to spend the afternoon out there. I went straight from work to the North Beach. There weren't very many cars in the small parking lot, so I actually got a spot. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the beach and found a nice soft, sandy spot. I hadn't even changed from work, so I stripped naked and casually put on my new Dore aqua blue low-cut thong. There were some folks there, and two of them were naked guys. It was a nice day. I didn't see very many people, but two ladies did smile as they walked by. I'm glad I brought some bug spray because there were a couple of biting flies that kept bothering me. All in all, it was a pleasant day.

redraider55 #26

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/16/2007 05:16:46Copy HTML

I went to the Boulder Reservoir again on Saturday 7/14 for an hour and a half. There were quite a few people out there. Two cute girls wore rio-cut bikinis at the main beach area. I saw on guy with only a shirt on walking around in a semi-hard state. I walked passed him and saw why he was in that state. A mixed group (1 guy and 5 women) were topfree. The ladies were a little chubby, but celebratory. Shortly I stripped down to my thong, the ladies pressured their guy friend to take it all off. So, off went his board shorts. The ladies were happy. Also, at the spot I chose. There two guys nude and one in a blue g-string.

I was there until some dark storm clouds blew in.

I plan on going there this Saturday (7/21) from 10 to 3.
redraider55 #27

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/18/2007 12:38:48Copy HTML

On my lunch hour, yesterday, I took a jog on the trail by north beach on the reservoir. I had changed into some high-cut running shorts and g-string underneath. The north beach is around the halfway point from the start at Coot Lake, so I took a little breather. Since the area is clothing optional, I decided to go naked but keep my shoes on. I walked along the waterfront in front of quite a few people. A group of guys and girls floating in the water saw me. The guys groaned a "omigod", while one of the girls loudly said, "Oh wow!" As I walked along the beach area, I saw two other guys nude. I walked along the length of north beach and back, then put my shorts back on and finished the second half of my run.
pjmodel2002 #28

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/18/2007 10:17:59Copy HTML

Reply to : redraider55

SOunds like Boulder Res is where it is at.   Denver has nearly nothing - Cherry Creek Res is busy and the biting flies are too many.  Aurora Res. is OK (by the scuba beach), but - again - it is a crap shoot.  

Best I have been able to do is my Skinz String Rio in Washington Park.  

Keep thonging....

redraider55 #29

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/19/2007 12:01:19Copy HTML

Once again, I made it out to the Reservoir yesterday to tan on my lunch hour. I actually had to park on the road because the lot was full. I gathered my stuff and looked for comfortable spot. At the main beach area, there was a mother with her two boys. She was ripped. Unfortunately, she was wearing boy-short bottoms and a halter bikini top. She should've shown more of her body. I passed two naked guys and found a nice sandy area near them. I stripped to my thong and laid out my stuff. A couple more guys set up naked nearby. One had a float. A short while later, I saw a young couple (20's-ish) wade out into the water nude. And they were fit - they both looked fantastic. Suddenly, two more guys showed to lay out nude. This was the most people that I had seen that were minimally dressed (ie. thongs or less). I was only there an hour, but it was a good crowd.

See y'all there Saturday.
redraider55 #30

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/24/2007 02:30:18Copy HTML

I spent most of the day out at the Reservoir on Saturday. I got there around 8am, and there were a few people out jogging or playing with there dogs. I picked a good spot that was sandy, had shade nearby, and where I got see people and be seen. Early on, while I was reading with my buns up, I saw a lady jogging by who stopped and turned to walk right by me. She was very obvious in checking me out, and not in a bad way. There weren't very many people around for a lot of the day. A few nude men set up nearby. The crowd showed up around 2pm.

At that time, two beautiful girls with a tiny dog set up about 30 feet away. One wore a bandeau bikini top with an American bottom. She wore the bikini top very well. The other wore a low-rise bikini. The bikini bottom inched down so that her butt crack was visible. Hot! The two of them would glance over at me. Next to them, a large mixed group with a bunch of dogs set up. The dogs ran around all over the place, especially to me because I was eating some potato chips. The nice thing about it was that the dog's owner was a bikini babe and had to walk over to me to get the dog. She looked great in a light, peach colored rio bikini. One other girl in that group wore a very small rio bikini, that essentially was a thong. Unfortunately, she sat down in the water to drink her beer for most of the time.

All in all, it was good day to thong. I got a lot of reading done, and a little too much sun on my buns.
redraider55 #31

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/25/2007 05:47:18Copy HTML

Went running around Boulder Reservoir on my lunch hour today. I wore an orange thong underneath my running shorts. Starting at Coot Lake, I ran the length of the dam and back. Then, took the other trail toward the north beach. Just as I got on the other side of the water chute, I took off my shorts so I could run in just my thong and get some sun on my buns. Exhilarating! I ran on a small trail by the waterfront. I passed one lady, in a swimsuit, playing with her dogs who stopped what she was doing to watch me run by. I ran all the way to the main beach area where two ladies nearly got whiplash turning their heads to see me. This was my planned stop to take a rest and walk along the water's edge. I passed a young couple in which the girl tried to keep her back to me the whole time as I passed. I saw one nude guy sitting near the swimsuit lady. I stopped at a grassy area so I could lay out for few minutes. After that, I walked back to the main beach area where the two ladies, once again, nearly got whiplash to take a look. I ran along the trail back to the water chute. I put my shorts on before crossing it because I saw a maintenance worker truck, and I didn't want to push my luck. It was a great run.

Oh yeah! I went running on Monday (7/23) at the same place and I passed a lady walking her dog. She wore a small string bikini top, and had her running shorts rolled up so that it looked like a bikini bottom. She looked hot! We exchanged nice smiles and hello's as we passed.
etchiman69 #32

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/21/2007 11:55:18Copy HTML

On my way back to Utah this summer, we stopped at Hot Sulphur Springs.

Here are a few pics of me there.


redraider55 #33

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/24/2007 06:01:01Copy HTML

How about a trip report etchiman69? I'd love to read it.
redraider55 #34

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/25/2007 04:10:15Copy HTML

Went out to Boulder Reservoir yesterday for a long lunch. What a great day! It had rained the night before, so the weather was not so hot and the sky was clear. Only one person was at the north beach watching her two girls play in the water. I picked a spot not close to them, but easily visible for anyone to see. I was laying out for about 30 minutes when a pretty lady in a long sarong strolled up the beach and said hi. She set up her stuff about 10 feet away, and walked back to assist a much older guy with his load. As she's getting things straightened out, she's telling her friend that she needs to be certain to put sunscreen on her tits. I'm thinking that there's finally going to be a liberated women and hang out nude. Yep! She strips down, but puts on a thong bottom. That's fine by me, since I'm in a thong as well. Another nude guy was nearby, and she asked him to come out of the "bushes" and lay out with us. So he did. The lady introduced herself to me, and she had a very unique name. She was very outgoing and we all had a good conversation either naked or in thongs. When it came time for me to start packing it up, I stripped my thong off cool off and rinse off in the water. After I got out and started drying off, I put on my g-string underwear. She asked me why I don't go commando. I told her I like the security with all the swing. Well, she said she certainly liked it a lot and liked my self-confidence to wear thongs. Then, we had a short chat about the greatness of thongs. As I was leaving, she said she hoped to see me there more, as she had been going there for a couple of years.

What a terrific day!
solargod #35

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/27/2007 12:41:00Copy HTML

Wow redraider55, as if spending the afternoon at the lake in a thong isn't terrific enough, you had the added pleasure of spending it in conversation with a couple of like-minded new friends.  Maybe you will see them again on a return visit, we hope so!

Are you missing Barton Springs?  I haven't been there in 10 years but I spent many afternoons there while I was in college. 


redraider55 #36

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/27/2007 01:53:25Copy HTML

Barton Springs was a lot of fun. I miss the thrill of being the one of the few to thong there in the midst of a lot of people. I miss seeing all the bikini bodies. The Boulder Reservoir has a lot of positives as well.
redraider55 #37

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/30/2007 01:10:07Copy HTML

I was out at the Reservoir again yesterday for lunch. Very few people there at first. Only one person on the primary beach when I got there, a nude guy. I picked a spot on the next beach section over, but still within sight of the nude guy. About 20 minutes later, I heard some kids splashing. I looked over at the primary beach area and some mothers with young kids had showed up and set up about 40 feet away from the nude guy. Neither party moved and the kids played as if all was normal. Didn't very many people after that.
redraider55 #38

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:09/04/2007 01:44:12Copy HTML

Took the day off last Friday and spent the day at the Boulder Reservoir. I got there around 10 and no one on the beach. Just a few joggers/walkers on the trail. I set up camp and stripped off my clothes. While putting on sunscreen (naked), a cute young mother pushing a jogging stroller stopped on the cow path along the beach area. She looked and stared at me while chatting on her cell phone about clothes shopping. She was that close and she talked that loudly. She even stepped away from the stroller to get a better look at me in the trees. She left and I finished applying the sunscreen and put on my thong. Not five minutes after that, a park ranger stopped at my spot while I was buns up. He asked if I lay out naked at all on the beach. I responded no, that prefer to wear thongs. He said that was fine, but I could appear naked to people walking by - just to be aware. I responded okay, but telling myself that I had no intention of moving. He continued along, and I went back to reading (buns up). BTW - it is legal to be nude in that area. At first, I thought that the lady who stared at me may have called the park ranger. But, he happened to walk by shortly after she left, and their paths did not cross because they were walking the same direction. Fifteen minutes later, the ranger strolled by again completing his patrol and said nothing. With the beach being so quiet, I took out the camera and snapped some photos of myself. That was fun.

An hour later, I decided to throw on some shorts and run some along the trail. Lots of people out biking and running as well. I just laid out for the rest of the afternoon. Some guys showed up to lay out nude near me. Some ladies in bikinis sat down nearby to play with their dogs for a short while. It was a rather uneventful afternoon until shortly before I left. I stayed just a little bit longer than I expected, and I was rewarded for it. I heard some female laughing further down the beach, and I thought I might take a little walk down the beach. When I got up, I saw that there was a naked couple getting a little snuggly. I thought that this might be interesting, so I grabbed my digital camera. Just as I started that direction, the couple headed into the water to splash around. There was a older nude guy with his dog nearby. As I'm walking by, I look over to see a very attractive lady jogger in a skimpy sport bra and short running shorts walking along the cow path that I mentioned earlier. She was strolling at the same speed as me. I walked all the way to the end of the beach in parallel with her. Totally coinscidence on my part. I turned to head back, and I had seen the jogger had done the same. When I got to the area the couple was located, the jogger almost stopped to watch the couple. I looked over and the couple was having passionate sex in the water. Her on top. The jogger watched and slowly walked. I think she was totally intrigued with it like I was. I had never seen anything like it, ever. Of course, I got a few shots of the couple in action. hehehe

It was an interesting day on the Reservoir!
rt34ge #39

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:09/18/2007 12:08:51Copy HTML

Dear Fellow Colorado Thongers,

      After many of responses about thonging on the north side of Boulder Reservoir, I decided to keep pushing the envelope and go thonging on the swim beach on the south side.  When my girlfriend and I arrived on Tuesday, August 15 we showed up at the beach with a few people laying out on the beach and few company picnics going on. I asked the life guard on duty if it was ok to go thonging on the beach? She informed me that it is okay and legal to thong in Boulder County. She also told me that it was ok to wear thong swimwear at the East Boulder Rec, South Boulder Rec,and  North Boulder Rec.  My girlfriend then decided to take some pictures of me from afar and I set out my towel near the life guard shack on the beach. I then wet swimming in my thong that I purchased at Venice Beach and swam around for about a hour. I swam out to all three of the floating platforms.  I recieved a few smirks and a couple of giggles from the on lookers and I herd no negative looks or comments. So I want to encourage you guys and gals to thong on the South side of the reservoir  as well. So keep on Thonging and let me know about thonging at the Boulder Recenters. I am still building my confidence to try swiming laps at one. Today I went to swim at the North Boulder Rec at 3:30 PM. and I wore a one inch side speedo. While I was there a lady showed up in black skinny back rio. When she walked out with her son it was pushed up and she basically had thong on.  The lifeguards did not bat an eye at hear or the fellow swimmers.  So lets try to thong out the recs. Lets us known about your experiences.


speedoman05 #40

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I'll be moving to Boulder at the end of this month, and it's great to hear that there are thong- and nude-friendly places. I can't wait to check them out.
redraider55 #41

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 Ah! My first trip report of the year.

I happened to be working on Sunday in the area, and due to fortunate circumstances I was able to cut out early. I made it to the North Beach at Boulder Reservoir around noon. I knew the place was going to be crowded when I had to park on the side of the road. On the field next to the tiny parking lot, some skydivers were coming in for a landing. My usual spot was rather crowded, so I walked further into the clothes-free area. The water is very low at the Reservoir, so I set up on some soft sand but well in-view of all the clothed people. The water level should rise with the coming snow melt. There were only a few naked guys laying out when I set up shop. I quickly shed my work clothes, and spread out my mat and towel in the wind. Then, I dug out a tiny g-string. I think I'll go for a really minimal thong tanline this year. I got this g-string off eBay, in a mixed color lot, that tie at one side. I'm not too keen on tie-sides for men, so I modified it by sewing the sides together, cutting the remainder off and then sliding the sewn part into the pouch. The g-string I wore was baby blue. Oh man, did it feel good to get out in a thong! Shortly after setting up, a few more guys showed up near me.  A little later, some college girls walked by with their bags giggling a lot. They walked right by every single naked or nearly-naked (me) guy. I thought they were only sight-seers, but to my surprise they laid out on the far end of all the naked men. They wore American-style  (full-bottomed) bikinis. Unsurpisingly, a lot of guys showed up to lay out near them. Naked, of course.
One smiling girl kept looking around at all the naked men. Obviously enjoying the view. I liked my ultra-small and very low-cut g-string so much, that I pulled out a couple more g-strings to modify. A white one and a yellow one. I found the right tension and sewed the strings together. A few guys were looking over at me while I tried them on and adjusted the sides. After I finished sewing, I looked over at the girls who were just taking off their tops. Very nice. Near the end of my stay, I saw another guy wearing a purple g-string (speedoman05?).

All in all, it was a good day at the Reservoir even though I got sunburned and it was pretty windy.
speedoman05 #42

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Yep, redraider55, that guy in the purple g-string was me. And it was a great day at the Reservoir. Not too long after you left, it became overcast, but I suppose that probably prevented me from getting sunburned. I went out again late this afternoon. There was one other nude guy on the far end of the beach, but otherwise it was pretty much just me, with the occasional dog and his owner walking by. I think I'll head out again this weekend, weather permitting.
speedoman05 #43

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Today was a great day to go out to the Reservoir. I wore the Teaser thong made by California Muscle, which fits really well and has an elastic C-ring to provide good support up front. When I got there at about 1:30, the place was completely empty except for one man who was tossing a tennis ball into the water for his hounds to fetch. I laid out a little to the east of the main beach in an open area where I could get lots of sun. After about half an hour a few older men trickled in one by one, most of them to lay out nude in the trees behind the beach. A couple of cute younger guys walked by with their dogs; they didn't bat an eye when they walked by me. :) After that, a younger lady also walked by with her two dogs, both of whom decided to come say hi and get some pets. She was friendly enough, although we didn't chat. Later, a nude man and his dog walked by from the main beach all the way to the eastern end of the beach. He asked how I was doing and kept walking. Unfortunately, there were no other thongers, but I'm glad it didn't remain empty all afternoon. I guess everyone's either out of town or at the Boulder Creek Festival. I think I'll go out again tomorrow since it's supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees.
rt34ge #44

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 After a really long hard, hot day at work my girlfriend and I decided to head out to the north side of the reservoir.  We arrived there around 4:00 PM.  I wore a Speedo Thong with a Zigian Thong over the top because it is getting quite worn out. Upon arriving I checked out the whole stretches of beach.  There was one man lying out naked and a few women in string bikinis, one was not wearing her top.  I decided to set my stuff right on the first beach from the trailhead.  There were a couple of men with their dogs playing fetch.  My girlfriend decided to head back to the station wagon and take a nap while I stayed there.  After a few minutes I decided that I would go for a swim out to the first platform.  I dove right into the water.  I was almost all of the way out there when the lake patrol decided to have a chat with me.  He then informed me that was Ok to go wadding up to your neck but no further out.  It felt quit refreshing to swim in the reservoir and upon returning to shore I hung out for a few minutes and then packed up and headed home.  All in all a quite refreshing experience at the reservoir. Keep on thonging it.
redraider55 #45

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Sounds like you talked to a nice park ranger. I've heard from other beach-goers that some rangers will slowly cruise by, chasing all people out of the water using a loud bullhorn.
rt34ge #46

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 On That day the park ranger was in a good mood and I was lucky.  I hope that you have not had bad experiences lately.I wish that you could go swimming there with out having to pay.  The back side of the reservoir is what makes the whole experience great.  Keep on thonging it.
Derf8 #47

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I have read through most of the post in this topic and didn't see any relevant information, but does anyone know of a good place to thong in the Colorado Springs area. I will be there this labor day weekend for a short visit and would like to spend a few hours somewhere. Let me know, and sorry to get off topic of the thread.
redraider55 #48

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Honestly, I don't know of anyplace to thong around Colorado Springs. I can tell you it's the home of several large (global) conservative Christian organizations and evangelical mega-churches. I would think it's unlikely to thong there.
speedoman05 #49

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Unfortunately, having just started two new jobs, I haven't had a chance to get to the Reservoir in a few weeks. However, I'm thinking of heading back out there later this month. I have managed to layout at my apartment pool in a speedo twice without any issues, which is great, but I don't think it's a thong-friendly environment.

Question rt34ge: what's a Zigian thong?
rt34ge #50

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 To answer your question speedoman 55, a Zigian thong is a thong with half inch sides, ample front coverage, no front liner, and quite comfortable to wear.  Two years ago I made a trip out to Vanice Beach, CA. and bought a few from a beach front store called Bikini Land of Vanice Beach.  The sizes on the thong is great because I am not small person by any stretch of the imagination and the price could not be beat a $10.00 a pop.  I am sorry about the spelling of the title of the thong and I not entirely sure what they are really called.  Keep on thonging and enjoy the Boulder Reservoir.
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