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redraider55 #51

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/28/2008 05:57:13Copy HTML

 I was out at the Boulder Reservoir for some brief visits on Thursday and Friday.  I did some running with only a pair of onion skin shorts with nothing underneath. I liked that a lot. While resting after my run, I chatted with one of the regular nudists. He said he had been cited on Memorial Day Weekend for Public Indecency at the Reservoir. The Boulder cops told him it is legal to sunbath nude, but not stand up or walk nude. He was standing and chatting with another nudist, who was also cited. Very disturbing. My acquaintance said he hired a lawyer to fight it.  I'm alright since I keep things covered, very minimally.
speedoman05 #52

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/29/2008 12:42:13Copy HTML

Yikes! Thanks for the heads-up redraider55. I was out at the reservoir two weekends ago and didn't experience or witness any problems, although I did see two cops patrolling the area. There were signs up warning visitors that they might potentially see nude sunbathers. I'm guessing those weren't put up by the city (since I'd never seen them before), but I don't know for sure. Any idea where to find out what the technical law is (since nude laying down vs. nude standing up seems like a mighty fine distinction!)?
swflaguy #53

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/03/2008 01:34:31Copy HTML

 I'm surprised to hear redraider's report. While I now live in SW Florida I was in the Boulder area for many years and enjoyed many days of nude sunbathing at Boulder Rez. As far as I know it is not illegal to be nude in Boulder County .... unless someone complains..i.e. some idiot starts beating his pud in front of a woman and you can be sure the rangers will show. There is another place at the Rez... once you pass the entrance to the public beach...continue on the dirt road to the first trail head parking lot. Park there and cross the road going east. On the north side of the farm house and trees you'll find a path that leads down to the Rez. This is a very private area and became the next best nude / thong area after the old island was shut down to accomodate the Osprey.

Also... for there is another great spot at Valley View Hot Springs. This is a C/O hot springs area just west of Colorado Springs south of Salida. You can find it by Googling on Valley View. It is a magical...very cool place to hang out nude, in a thong or whatever.

If anyone runs across a guy at the Rez by the name of Alan.... tell him Don says hi.
BareTy #54

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/07/2008 09:12:50Copy HTML


Alan passed away.
swflaguy #55

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/07/2008 10:00:41Copy HTML

This is very sad news. I sent you a private message.
redraider55 #56

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/14/2008 09:02:34Copy HTML

I was out at the Boulder Reservoir (north beach) for an "extended" lunch today. I set up camp and changed into a canary yellow low-cut g-string. I put on a pair of skimpy, red running shorts and ran for 30 minutes. When I got back, I took the shorts off and went for a cooling off dip. There were some cute bikini girls nearby (American cut bottoms). As I was coming out of the water, they all looked over with smiles. I didn't see too many other people during the hour that I laid out and read. Just as I got up to take a last cooling dip and rinse off the sweat, I saw a ranger boat slowly trolling the shallows. I was ankle deep in the water, so I turned around and went back to my towel. There were two ladies out swimming further out in deeper water, so he pulled up right next to them and chased them to shallower water. The ranger boat very slowly pulled away within sight of me and stopped at some buoys. I was suspicious and waited until he started to go away with more speed. I then took my last dip of the afternoon. I dried off when I got back, got dressed and packed up to leave. As I walked to parking lot, a Boulder cop was walking down the same path. Just as he approached, he radioed to someone that he was about to talk to "him". Uh-oh! That "him" must be me because there were no others on the path. He said the Reservoir Rangers had called in several complaints of me. He said it is okay to lay out, but not walk around nude. I told him that I wasn't nude at all and maybe it someone else further down the beach. Nope. All the complaints were about me. He gave me a verbal warning. I re-asserted that I was wearing a bikini the whole time (I didn't mention it was thong), but I would wear a darker color to show others that I was legally dressed. He agreed that would be best. This was a very calm and casual conversation. I'm sure it helped that I was already dressed (khakis and golf shirt). The cop continued walking to the beach and I went back to my car. He didn't walk very far though because he was already heading back as I pulled out of the parking lot. That was good as I was concerned he might invariably bust some other nudists.

Since I only laid out for an hour with few people about, I couldn't have accrued "several" complaints. So, the cops are responding to one call by the rangers.  The rangers are not really discerning if the person is wearing a thong or not before calling in, either. I will probably lay off the lighter, "fun" colors and stick with my black, red, and orange thongs.

Definitely an "interesting" day at the Reservoir.
speedoman05 #57

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/15/2008 03:19:08Copy HTML

Hmmm... I wonder why all the sudden concern by the cops about nudists walking around. It does seem odd that you can lay out nude but not walk around nude. Well, redraider55, I'm glad you had a good time without getting a citation. Is the water level still high at the Boulder Reservoir? I was thinking of going out there this weekend, but it appears that the weather will prevent that.

By the way, are there any other places in or near Boulder besides the reservoir where one can thong or be nude?
swflaguy #58

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/15/2008 03:30:13Copy HTML

Interesting. I suggest you call the Boulder Rez and flat out ask them what's up. They used to direct people to where the nude sunbathing area was. Also, I described another area at the Rez last week.... see below....Let me know if you have questions

There is another place at the Rez... once you pass the entrance to the public beach...continue on the dirt road to the first trail head parking lot. Park there and cross the road going east. On the north side of the farm house and trees you'll find a path that leads down to the Rez. This is a very private area and became the next best nude / thong area after the old island was shut down to accomodate the Osprey.111
Streak #59

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/18/2008 08:44:51Copy HTML

[The Boulder cops told him it is legal to sunbath nude, but not stand up or walk nude. He was standing and chatting with another nudist, who was also cited. Very disturbing.]

Colorado defines indecent exposure as:

(1) A person commits indecent exposure if he knowingly exposes his genitals to the view of any person under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person.  C.R.S. 18-7-302 http://www.michie.com/colorado/lpext.dll?f=templates&fn=main-h.htm&cp=

Please note that the elements are (1) knowingly (2) exposing genitals (3) to the view of any person (4) under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person.

Please note, you can wear anything you want so long as your genitals are not exposed.  Your butt can be completely exposed.  You can wear a g-string or a c-string or a pouch.  Going nude or wearing some of the more exposing swimwear (eg Koala or dubiobikinis.com stuf) puts you at risk.

But even going nude is not illegal if no one sees your genitals or you are not aware anyone can see your genitals.  Walking around increases the chance that someone will see your genitals.

Second, even if they see you genitals, it may not be illegal depending on the circumstances.  For example, I think someone would be hard pressed to push this at a public shower.  That there are signs on the beaches warning that one might encounter nudity mitigates towards an argument that someone should not be alarmed or affronted by nudity.  That this is a common practice at this beach is further mitigation.

Of course this is no guarantee that you won't be cited, and that you won't be convicted in Court.  It is an argument which can be made to the judge or jury.
Streak #60

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/18/2008 09:17:47Copy HTML

A couple of other things.  I don't know if the City of Boulder has any ordinances on the subject.  They probably do.

Also a little history.  Many, many years ago, Coot Lake was another nude area.  However, the situation got out of control.  People were urinating and defecating in public.  The neighbors were complaining.  So the City cracked down.

If people are having sex in public, as reported, if children are seeing nude people or people are being unruly, the City will crack down.  That probably is what has happened this year.

Many nude beaches in other areas are patrolled by the locals to keep a handle on the situation and to make sure that others do not get out of line.  There is a certain etiquette to be followed, including a prohibition of cameras.

Boulder is a pretty liberal place, but not that liberal.
cottoncandygirl #61

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:11/01/2008 10:49:59Copy HTML

I am in the springs....a female...... whats the laws on sunbathing with a thong on and being  topless, in my own backyard with a 6 ft fence? Neighbors 2-level homes can see my backyard from their windows
speedoman05 #62

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:12/18/2008 02:26:45Copy HTML

Does anyone know any good places to thong here in Colorado during the winter, preferably places near Boulder and Denver?
etchiman69 #63

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:01/07/2009 02:55:09Copy HTML

I read other messages here that the public indoor pools in Boulder are thong-friendly.
rt34ge #64

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:01/14/2009 12:19:06Copy HTML

Dear All Colorado Thongers,
   Yesterday, I decided to bit the bullet and test the waters with the rec centers in Boulder.  When I got off shift I went to East Boulder Community Center.  I arrived at 2:47 PM. at which time it was still open lap swim from 1-4 PM.
and the rec center was pretty quiet at the time.  I put on a thong that  I bought at Venice Beach, CA a few summers back.  The thong is fairly conservative with wide front  and back coverage.  I got a couple of smiles and one strange look.  I then went to the pool area and proceeded to swim laps for about 40:00 minutes.  The few other swimmers gave me a few smiles and one lady said to me, " you are quite brave."  The lifeguards and managers gave me a couple of smiles and said nothing to me.  All in all it was a fun experience and I think we can start thonging regularly at the Boulder rec centers with no problems.  Keep on thonging,

redraider55 #65

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/19/2009 01:24:21Copy HTML

The weather is warming up and my thongs are coming out. I'm planning on taking an afternoon off and enjoy the Colorado sun and mountains at the Boulder Reservoir. This summer, I'd also like to check out Cherry Creek Reservoir.
speedoman05 #66

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/20/2009 01:37:02Copy HTML

Oh, it can't warm up fast enough! I've already laid out a few afternoons at my apartment pool, although there I haven't yet worn a thong, but I have worn a few rio bikinis. I'm hoping to get to the Boulder Reservoir soon, and a friend of mine mentioned Cherry Creek Reservoir as a potential place to thong as well. If you make it out there first, I'd love to hear about your experience there.
rt34ge #67

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/21/2009 02:40:48Copy HTML

 Well, it's time to blow the cob webs off the old thongs and g-strings and unburry the sun tan lotion hidden away in some unknown drawar. The thong has come under intense fire this past off season and it is time for us faithful to come out in force this summer and let Boulder County, Colorado know that we are not public enemy number one.  Since this week has begun I have made three trips to north side of Boulder Reservoir wearing my speedo thong.  In total so far I have seen five nudist, twenty dogs and one bull snake and no other thongs.  The water in the reservoir has been amazingly warm so far and the water level is alarminly low this year.  Hopefully this year we can get the message out that is ok to thong in Boulder County and it is not an all male's club and we can encourage women and guests to come and thong with us.  I look forward to seeing all of you out their and reading your wonderful posts.  Keep on thonging,

redraider55 #68

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/09/2009 07:56:54Copy HTML

 I was going to swing by the south beach at Boulder Reservoir this weekend with the kids, so I emailed them about thongs. Sarah Rodriguez (City of Boulder Reservoir Program Coordinator) emailed back and stated, "Hi Bryan.  Thong bikinis are not allowed on the south shore of the reservoir." Well, darn. I guess I'll stick to thonging at the north beach.
speedoman05 #69

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/09/2009 11:37:17Copy HTML

Odd. That directly contradicts what rt34ge was told by the lifeguard at the Boulder Res south shore in his posting from 9-18-2007. Perhaps the rules have changed?? I'd be curious to know if the current lifeguards would say the same thing. Might be worth checking out...

I was out at the north shore last Saturday. Not too many people were there, although one particular dog sure seemed interested in stopping by everytime he saw me. Three cops went by within an hour and a half and none of them paid me any notice. After a while, three teeny-bopper girls decided to camp out about fifteen feet away, and their loud teeny-bopper conversation destroyed my peace, so I left. I had planned on trying out the south beach in a thong, but I might wait on that a bit.
redraider55 #70

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/10/2009 08:02:11Copy HTML

 I replied to Sarah's email about why no thongs rule since they're legal in Boulder and Boulder County. She replied back, "The south side is restricted as it is viewed as a recreation facility such as North Boulder Rec.  The open space on the north side has significantly different rules."


Were those cops foot patrol, or boat patrol? I've been wanting to get to thong out there, but everytime I've seen an opportunity for myself, it's been cold and rainy.
speedoman05 #71

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/11/2009 02:56:42Copy HTML

All three cops were all on land patrol. Two of them (both male) were in land rovers, one on the trail that runs parallel to the shore behind the beach and trees and one on the beach itself. The third cop (female) I saw when I sat down on my towel after taking a walk down the beach. She was also walking down the beach, about fifteen feet behind me. I'm not sure how long she had been there because I didn't see her at all during the first half of my walk, so she must have appeared at some point after I had turned around to walk back to my towel. I wore a white Whitall and Shon thong and was in plain sight of all three cops and none of them did so much as a double take when they walked or rode past me.

I hear you on the cold and rain. Last Saturday was my first opportunity to get to the Reservoir this summer, about a month later than my first trip last year. Regarding the north shore as a "recreation facility", just this past January, rt34ge went to the East Boulder Rec Center and swam laps in a thong and had no problems with the lifeguards or manager there. I wonder if the city's changed the rules or if the lifeguards and managers just don't bother to enforce them. :) I suppose what really matters is what the lifeguards on duty at the South Shore say the day that you're there; unless Sarah is actually lifeguarding, you might be able to thong there anyway. If you decide to try it out, let me know what happens, and I'll do the same if I go there myself.
redraider55 #72

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/22/2009 07:27:25Copy HTML

Took the family to Durango, CO last week. One of the activities was to go swimming at Trimble Hot Springs. I was going to wear my new Joe Snyder cheeky mini-boxer, but my wife asked me to wear a more traditional swimshorts. Looking back, I should've worn the mini-boxers. We got there on Thursday which happened to be a discounted entrance fee day. It wasn't very crowded, which is what we hoped for. My wife wore an older bikini which showed more butt than she wished. I wished for more skin. So she was self-conscious. She had the best figure, by far, than other woman - young or old. I wore a Speedo brand swim shorts in which I cut out the liner. The material of my shorts kept riding up, but I never corrected it. I let it be. We spent a few hours there, and as we were wrapping things up, an early 20's couple walked in. She wore a sheer, white cover-up with a bright orange string bikini underneath. As she walked past me,
I saw that she had a thong bikini on. Her body was better than my wife's (and also about 15 years younger). She looked amazing. Her boyfriend had dork shorts on and underwear! Underwear! My wife didn't see her, as she took our 3 year old to the potty. I told her about it afterward and she laughed at the underwear guy. She said she overheard some other ladies comment about her own bikini and too much skin. We speculated that it was the overweight ladies sitting in the same spot. The only other lady who looked good in a bikini chatted with my wife and actually complimented my wife's bikini. I told my wife I should've worn the mini-boxers and those fat ladies wouldn't talked about her, but me.
speedoman05 #73

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/23/2009 05:17:55Copy HTML

Hehe... I love wearing thongs in places where guys wear boardshorts or ladies where big one-piece suits, if only to cause them a moment of "WTF!?" :)-

I was at the Reservoir this weekend and the north shore was packed! I saw five guys, one woman, and one male-female couple laying out nude, and there was one other older guy at the far east end in a thong. There were also lots of teenagers (the guys all in board shorts unfortunately), including one group of about eight guys and two girls. At one point, I decided to move further east down the beach because I wanted more space and fewer dogs around me. To do so, I had to walk right through that large group of guys in a silver Koala thong that had PSST support, so I was outlined pretty clearly. Surprisingly, I heard not a single jeer or under-the-breath comment as I passed by. On the whole it was a great afternoon with lots of sun until 3pm, when it started to rain.

Redraider55, I recently bought a couple of pairs of those Joe Snyder cheek boxers, one of which has the mesh pouch up front. I haven't had a chance to wear them out and about yet, but I would definitely have worn them to any hot springs. The guy with the underwear, that's hysterical! And a bit pathetic. :) I really do wish boardshorts would disappear and guys would learn to be comfortable with their bodies and swimwear. Maybe one day...
rt34ge #74

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/25/2009 03:54:15Copy HTML

Dear redraider55 and speedoman05,
  To answer your inquiries about past experiences: The last time I went to East Boulder Recenter to swim laps in a thong I went around 1-3 pm when open swim was in effect. 

I have been a regular swimmer at the Boulder Recreation centers for years now and I have made jokes with many of the life guards over the years.  Most of the life guards recognize my face and they usually say hello to me.  They have never made a fuss about me wearing a thong.  When I went swimming on the south side of the reservoir in 2007 I asked the lifeguards if it was okay to wear a thong and they said to me thanks for asking and it is fine.

Maybe they do not care to enforce the rules or the rules have changed like Sarah Rodriguez says or it might just be her.  The next time I go swimming at one of the recenters I will ask about the rules.  You guys might pop over to south side and ask the guards on duty if it is okay to thong and she might not be around and give you guys the green light. 

On Monday I headed to north side of the reservoir for a nice little cool off swim around 3:45 PM. When I got to my usual area to my surprise I saw a couple in thongs and the woman was also topless. As I passed them I greeted them and they greeted me back.  I set my stuff down a fair ways away and I went for a nice swim and they waded around for a while until the late afternoon thunderstorms started to build and it was time to leave.  

Since as long as I can remember that is only the sixth women that I have ever scene wearing a thong, two at Scott Carpenter Pool, one in Boulder Creek near Scott Carpenter Pool, one at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, one at Baker State Beach, San Francisco, and one on Monday.  I have never seen a couple wearing thongs together before and that would be my dream to have to that happen to me.  All of my partners suffer from the horrible homophobic syndrome.  Maybe one day the perception will change and thongs will become the norm.

Thank you for making my summer by not being alone going thronging at the reservoir.  Keep on thronging and keep the good posts coming. Thanks, Rt34ge
speedoman05 #75

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/27/2009 04:15:30Copy HTML

You're most welcome, rt34ge. Thank you for the kind words. I'm happy to live in a town that has a place where I can thong freely without legal trouble or harassment from others on the beach. That's not something I've had in other places I've lived. It's so rare to see another person (especially a man) thonging at the beach/lake/pool that when I do see it, it's a very satisfying moment. I wholeheartedly agree that I hope thongs will become more mainstream in the future, both for guys and gals. In the meantime, as Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." So, I'll be out there thonging! :)
redraider55 #76

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/27/2009 09:36:32Copy HTML

I had to work today, but was able to get out to the Boulder Reservoir for an hour for lunch. Good weather. Finally! The parking area on the north side was nearly full - I got the last spot. Lots of people out with dogs today. The water is high - probably due to the excessive amount of rain we've received this month. As I was walking to my usual area, I came across a guy in his bikini underwear. We exchanged pleasantries. Shortly after I laid out on my towel in an aqua blue Dore thong, I heard an ATV. I looked up and saw a sheriff's deputy slowly patrolling. He didn't slow down as passed me. Not long after that, a cute blonde cop patrolled by. She didn't stop either. A while after that, two guys stopped to say hi, and one turned out to be Speedoman05. Nice guy. We chatted for a bit, then I had to get ready to leave.

I wasn't able to get out there yesterday, as planned. A work issue and the weather went against me. Maybe both will start improving. I do plan going out all day on 7/2.
speedoman05 #77

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/28/2009 03:38:16Copy HTML

Yes, it was a great day to be at the Reservoir! Not a drop of rain in sight. :)

I spent the majority of the afternoon there with a friend in a partly shady, partly sunny spot. There were several nude guys at the further east end of the shoreline. On my way in, I spoke with a female cop regarding the policy about nudity and she said that it's okay to lay out nude if you're in an out-of-the-way area and laying down. If you get up to walk around or get in the water, you need to put something on. Hearing that from a cop directly was helpful. That being said, I wore a thong the entire time. :)

I ran into redraider55, and it was good to finally put a name with a face. :)
As redraider55 noted, the water level is really high right now.

This is only my second summer here, but the north shore seems a whole lot more popular this year than last year, especially with the teeny-boppers. This weekend and last, I've saw a whole lot more groups of teenagers there.

As is usual for me, I have trouble deciding which thong to wear, so I wore three different ones today, the first being a (formerly) shiny gold thong from Koala which has PSST support. (Having bought the thong several years ago, it's a bit faded these days, but it still fits amazingly well!) Then I got a bit more daring and wore Koala's Shaft Suit. I fell asleep for a while and when I woke up,  the female cop walked right by me but she didn't say a word and kept right on walking. After that, I switched to an N2N blue- and white-striped Cabana thong for the rest of the afternoon.

Hopefully I'll be able to get out there again next weekend during the Fourth of July holiday, weather permitting. And hopefully, I'll see a few thongers as well. :)
redraider55 #78

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/30/2009 08:26:58Copy HTML

I couldn't resist. It's such a beautiful day, I took a long lunch and laid out for an hour at the Boulder Reservoir. I warmed up my leftovers, walked out the door, and quickly drove over to the north beach. The little parking lot was almost full. I grabbed my towel and lunch and strode over to my usual area. There were quite a few women in bikinis playing with their dogs. Woohoo! I strolled along the beach, and found a college-aged couple set up in my usual area. Darn. But, at least she looked hot in her bikini. I kept going to find a decent clearing. With the water so high, the beach area is limited. I found a spot not too far away and spread my stuff out. I stripped my clothes and put on my electric fuschia Dore low-cut thong. Right after that, two ladies with their kids walked by. The kids were oblivious to me, but one lady looked straight ahead and the other smiled and glanced over occassionally. I quickly ate my lunch and stretched out. I would roll over to each side periodically. During this time, I thought heard an ATV and thought the cops were patrolling, but it was only a groundskeeper mowing the tall grass. I also saw the ranger's boat slowly patrolling the beach. Only a few guys strolled by. Near the end of my lunchtime layout, the college-aged couple went into the water to splash around and kiss. I watched for a little bit and rolled over onto my belly to sun my buns. I positioned myself, so I could see their reactions. They got quieter, and she slowly swam parallel to the beach, closer to my spot. He kept asking where she's going, but she didn't really answer. They did some more PDA in the water, but I saw that she kept looking over at me. A lot. I got thirsty and sat up to drink. She kept looking. I guess they cooled off enough and she slowly walked out of the water. I had to get going, so I got dressed. As I walked by them on my way out, I saw that she gone topless with a fresh coat of tanning oil on her chest. She sat up to try to obscure my view, but I had already seen everything. On my way out, I saw that the main beach had more occupants. Even more bikini ladies! One particularly stunning lady was almost laying out on the trail. She looked up and smiled at me when I walked by. As I got closer to the parking lot, another large group of women came walking in. Although, they probably weren't all together - they all looked really good. I'll be out there tomorrow afternoon - I hope the crowd's the same!
redraider55 #79

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/06/2009 10:08:09Copy HTML

I went out to the Boulder Reservoir on 7/2 and the crowd was sparse. Hardly anyone there. I set my stuff out, with an addition - a camping pad. Boy, that pad really made laying out a lot more comfortable. Shortly after setting up, I took a walk to see who was there - just a few nude guys and a couple out for a quick swim. I chatted with one guy briefly and found out the female of that couple was doing topless yoga earlier. I went back to my spot to relax for the afternoon. A college-aged couple set up nearby with two dogs. The dogs were quite unruly and I found out, thru their constant yelling at the dogs to "stay", that the dogs' names were Jerry and Garcia. Ha! How Boulder! Jerry was a naughty dog and constantly sniffing into my snacks. I left around 3:30 with rain clouds quickly building.

07/03 - I went out early because of more threats of rain. Side bar - rain has been a constant issue this summer. I swear it's rained almost everyday this summer. June was .10 inch of rain away from being the wettest June since 1882. Again, the crowd was very sparse. I found my usual spot with soft sand. Only a few people came by. Clouds were building early and I think that scared off the people. A lady that I've seen many times was walking her three dogs. Usually I don't have an issue with her dogs and they ignore me, but not this time. It must've been the beef jerky I was snacking on because all three dogs nearly brawled with each other to get at my snacks. When the apologetic lady finally reigned in her dogs, I had muddy paw prints all over everything including me. I cleaned everything off as best as I could. Hopefully my local public library won't see the paw print on page 346. I packed up around 2 pm with a very visible curtain of rain just south of the reservoir. In the parking lot, I chatted with another guy who complained about the constant patrolling of police on the weekends. He was afraid to layout nude. I explained to him what the police have said to me.

07/06 - Went out for a long lunch today. Beautiful weather. Another chance of rain late today. Modest crowd when I got there. A nude guy was in my usual spot, so I found a decent spot closer to the main beach. I got my stuff laid out, put my thong on and ate my leftovers for lunch. A few passers-by. A couple bicycling near me started to chuckle until she hit a branch. A mother/daughter team was kayaking along the shoreline when the daughter shouted for her mom that this would be a great picnic spot. I looked up and both were looking at me. Some college kids showed up with a whole bunch of dogs. Once again, the dogs started sniffing around my empty food containers. At least the girls in that group were pretty.
redraider55 #80

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/09/2009 04:59:03Copy HTML

Went out to the reservoir again yesterday for lunch. A few people were out with their dogs. I spotted a few women who looked very, very good in their bikinis. As I walked to my usual area, I noticed that the water level was even higher than two days prior. Part of the walking path had water. There were a few guys laying out where I usually set up, so I went further along the beach. I ended up in an area that had more rocks than I liked, but it was only for a short time. While I laid out, some guy walked by and said something. I thought he was mumbling to himself, so I ignored him and kept reading. A few minutes later, he asked me if I waxed my butt. I said no, I trim. Then he complimented me on how nice it looked. I went back to reading. Then he asked me if I had any sunscreen. I saw how this was going, so I lied and said I didn't. He got up and scrunched his boxer underwear into something of a bikini. That's when I noticed he had braided hair down to his knees. He left for a stroll, I looked up to see if it was real hair or something of a wig attached to his ballcap. I didn't want to look to long, as it might give him ideas. I had never seen him before, and judging by the black, blocky ankle bracelet, he probably doesn't get out very often. He came back and asked if I wanted a massage. I told him flat out, I wasn't interested. What a creepy guy. It was time to go, so I packed up and left.
swflaguy #81

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 Yuk - but it does give you a feel for what women put up with. When they used to allow use of the little island across from the entrance to the Rez there were guys who would plop right down by women sunning nude or topless in thongs. One guy in particular must have lived nearby because anytime a woman came onto the island and laid out he was right there - would sit within a few feet. Usually gay guys get the idea real quick that your not interested and they leave you alone.
redraider55 #82

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 Made it out to the Reservoir today for lunch. I hadn't been out there for a while because I got moved to 2nd shift when that guy got fired. I've been told it's only temporary...we'll see. When I got there, I immediately noticed that the water level is way down to normal. There's actually beach area to lay out on! The weather was very nice. Hardly anyone was there. A young couple played with their dogs, in the water, near me until the lake ranger floated by in his boat. They packed up and left, but then the ranger seemed to linger right in front of me. I was laying down, reading, wearing my thong so I didn't have anything to worry about.
redraider55 #83

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Made it out to the Reservoir late this afternoon. The parking lot was full, so I had to park off on the side of the road. I saw an older gentleman sitting on the main beach in a black g-string. He was in decent shape and had a good tan. The water level has gone down even further. Lots and lots of beach to lay out on. I found an area that afforded me to point my feet to the sun. Just on the other side of a clump of bushes, a lady with two little girls played with another lady who looked like the mother's sister. The boyfriend of the other lady also hung out. The girls played with their 3-legged dog and were oblivious to me. The ladies wore typical bikinis that only showed a bit of cheek. After a while, the ladies started strolling the beach - at first away from me then they spent a lot of time near me with the girls. As I read my book, I watched them and they took long looks at me - especially the mother of the girls. The guy occasionally glanced over as he talked on his cell. A lady walking her dog struck up a conversation with the two bikini ladies and soon all three would look over at me. None looked disgusted, but they weren't drooling either. I couldn't hear the conversation as they talked for a while until the guy said loudly, "Oh no! Those should be illegal!" I glanced over and the dog-walking lady was smiling at me, while the guy had his back to me. The lady then proceeded on her walk.

As I packed up at 6:15, I noticed a guy had laid out about 20 yards from me. He was naked with flagpole XXX. He ended my enjoyable time on a bad note.
redraider55 #84

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Made it out the reservoir again this afternoon. Thought I saw a thong lady, but her bikini was flesh-colored. The flagpole guy was there again and he seemed to be getting bolder. Walking around mostly inflated, near the main beach.

As I was setting out my stuff, I saw a nude couple at the far end (away from the main beach). Unfortunately, they packed up and left shortly after I got there.
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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I may head out to the Reservoir this afternoon myself. I really hope flagpole guy doesn't become a permanent nuisance on the beach. I am glad to hear that the water level's gone down a bit. Last time I was there, there was hardly anywhere to layout.
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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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The Cherry Creek State Park has a piece of the swim beach where you can discretely thong.   No one bothers you, but I don't like it much because of the sand flies.  In the parks, you can get away with a string bikini, but - then again - it can be a bit of a bother.

From what I have read, the Boulder Res. is the most established place.
swflaguy #87

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 Personally I would not worry to much about the flag pole guy. I suspect he's a new-be and it can be pretty exiting the first time or two. Pay him no mind and I'll bet things will calm down and he'll be flappin in the breeze... or whatever
redraider55 #88

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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It figures! I planned taking a long lunch and lay out at the Reservoir today, and it's cloudy. It was hot and sunny all weekend, but not today. I went and laid out anyway. Virtually no one was there. One naked guy strolled the beach.

Speedoman, were you able to get out on Saturday?
speedoman05 #89

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I did go out on Saturday, but I ended up going with a friend to the South Shore, so I'm not sure if flagpole guy showed up. I do hope swflaguy is right though.
kentheten #90

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I have found that if your going to thong at Cherry Creek its best to do it in plain view in the more crowded spots. If you are at a distance people think your nude and you will probably get a visit from a ranger. However, the rangers are usually pretty cool.
redraider55 #91

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I've been out to the Reservoir a couple of times since my last post. Every time there was virtually no one there. Every once in a while, a pair of ladies would stroll by walking their dogs and would pause briefly near me. The only interesting item since my last post was a lady, walking to the beach area from the parking lot, wearing an open dress/cover-up. The sides of dress was very open and I could easily see her breasts about to roll out of the sides. I figured she was going to lay out topfree. Unfortunately for me, I was leaving...

This summer was very disappointing for me. The weather was below normal. The whole month of June was cloudy and rainy. By the time that cleared out and things started warming up, my work schedule got all messed up. And it's already snowing in the mountains. I'm already hoping for a nice summer next year.
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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Yeah, I hear you on the disappointing summer. By the time it got warm and dry enough to feel like summer, it was already over. Hopefully all the precipitation will come this winter so that it doesn't wait until summer next year.
My-nice-ass #93

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Anyone ever layed out suntanning in a thong at Cheeseman Park?
pjmodel2002 #94

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Cheesman Park is more of a scene than a place to grab a tan.  You see a lot of everything there, but I don't recommend it because it is so busy.  The cops are trying to clean it up  and the park is nice. However, I have been there twice and both times there were some creepy people circling the open area typically littered with people looking for a place to tan. 
speedoman05 #95

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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I've heard that Cherry Creek Reservoir is thong-friendly. Does that just apply to Cherry Creek Res or are all state parks thong-friendly? If the latter, can anyone recommend other state parks in the area at which they've had good thonging experiences?
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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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 Well today it hit 80 degrees and I decided after work to head out to the north side of Boulder Reservoir.  It took some time to blow the dust of the old Speedo Thong and dig out some sun screen.  That Speedo Thong never wears out and I have had that suit for 10 plus years unlike every other brand of thong that I own which has only survived a season or two.  Upon arriving at the parking lot which was mostly empty with a few cars and I then headed to my usual spot of the other side of bushes a ways up the beach.  I saw one other man lying out nude but otherwise a deserted beach. I laid out in the sun for a awhile and I even waded into the water which was not that cold amazingly enough.  A couple passed by me while I was lying out on my towel and the women blurted out to me "what would you do if I had my child with me."  I responded by saying that it is legal to be nude on this part of the beach.  In all of the time that I have been wearing thongs that is the first negative comment that I have heard.  The rest of my time was quite enjoyable.  I hope that they have not changed the rules on the north side of the reservoir this year.  I look forward to enjoying the thong season and reading all your posts.  Have any of the rest gone swimming at the rec centers or hot springs in your thong lately in the Denver Metro area?  Happy thong wearing,
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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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True.   The temps are getting warmer though I doubt we have seen our last snow flake yet.   I am looking forward to few hours catching some rays.

I am surprised that someone would be so outward - but then again some people feel compelled.  I did see something in December about the Boulder DA trying to change some of the nudity rules.  You may want to check it.

speedoman05 #98

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Here's the skinny on the new Boulder anti-nudity law. On the one hand, it'll be nice that people who get cited won't automatically become sex offenders; on the other, this may bring an end to the nude sunbathing on the North Shore of the Res.

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Re:Thonging in Colorado

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A sad state of affairs that will probably create a legal precedent at the state level as well.
speedoman05 #100

Re:Thonging in Colorado

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Well, part of the motivation for the law (so they say) was so that Boulder police could cite nudists (the pumpkin runners, bikers on World Naked Bike Day, etc.) with a charge that doesn't lead to registration as a sex offender. Until now, the cops had to use a state law that required sex offender registration for those convicted. On that count, it's probably a good thing. My question is why the Boulder police don't spend their time going after real criminals.
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