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pjmodel2002 #101

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/21/2010 02:28:49Copy HTML

I agree with speedoman05 with respect to what they should spend their time doing versus what they are.  However, the up side is that - as speedoman5 highlights - they lessen the potential gravity of the charges.  In the mid-nineties, Denver put rules in place which banned bare men's buttocks.  The law - from what I can tell - does not exist at the state level and as a result one can "thong" at a state park, but not necessarily in a city park.  The veiled intention of the law was to close male strip clubs in the city while maintaining female strip clubs. 

It is odd what lawmakers choose to target while ignoring larger issues.

Military Thonger #102

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/21/2010 03:23:45Copy HTML

 How was such a law made without it being considered discriminatory? I bet today if an individual wanted to open an establishment for the ladies that had men wearing minimal attire, they could file a lawsuit based on just the fact that a law exists that discriminates against men. It would be tempting to have a group of men and women go to the city park to sun in just thongs and g-strings and to see who is harassed. The idea that such a law was made is ridiculous. 
rt34ge #103

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/06/2010 10:13:39Copy HTML

 I agree with all of the comments that have been made lately.  It always seem just as we start to make progress forward socially we always have some idiot that comes along and put the citizens of this fine state backwards multiple decades with some ridiculous law or rule, case in point City of Boulder, CO. with the new nudity law.  Colorado is not living in the Victorian Era anymore and it is time to break away from it now! 
   Today I decided to shake it up a little bit and go for a swim at the East Boulder Recenter.  Nothing like celebrating sure happy its Thursday by swimming laps in a thong.  For the first time in months I actually got the afternoon off and I got to the rec center at 1:00 PM.  The rec center was amazingly quite at this time.  So just to be safe I asked the life guard if it was ok to thong here and he said, " As long as the important parts our covered it is fine.  From time to time we have an 80 yr. old that comes in and wears a yellow banana boat suit all the time.  So have fun shaking up Thursday."  After our chat I threw on the old war horse black Speedo Thong and I had a nice 40 minute swim.  I got a few positive smirks from all of the others at the pool.  Both life guards gave me thumbs up.  All in all a nice afternoon.  Our new slogan should be in stead of the "Just Do It" from Nike it should be "Just Thong."   So keep up the fight and lets have a good summer with lots of quality thong time.

gstringbuddy #104

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/12/2010 10:00:10Copy HTML

Well, it's that time of year again! I'm going thong and g-string shopping and look forward to some fun at my favorite places. Cherry Creek reservoir is a great place to wear thongs and skimpy g-strings as it seems pretty common out there although about the middle of July the sand flies can start to be a irritant. I ussually hang out at the northern most end of the swim beach where I often see topless sunbathing and other guys wearing strings that make even my skimpiest g-string seem fairly modest. The north end of Washington Park is also a great place as I have been thonging there for 15 years and have never had a problem other than the occasional gay man who likes to sit a bit too close and gawk,but even then I don't consider that to be a real problem. Anyway, just wanted to make a couple of recommendations and am hoping to see some more Colorado thongers this year!
speedoman05 #105

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/12/2010 11:43:31Copy HTML

Hey there gstringbuddy,
I see you've just joined the board. Welcome and thanks for the recommendations! I've not yet laid out at Cherry Creek, although I'm planning to make at least one trip there this summer. I've not heard of thongers at Washington Park. When you say the north end of Washington Park is a great place to lay out, are you referring to the area around Smith Lake? I'd be up for laying out there sometime too.
gstringbuddy #106

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/13/2010 06:45:54Copy HTML

Just to the north of smith lake is the bike path and a few yards north of that is a wooded area near the small pond at the northeast corner of the park. It's a great place as there is minimal foot traffic there. Look for the statue there and you will probably run into me as I am out there quite frequently.

Enjoy your summer!
gstringbuddy #107

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/13/2010 08:39:40Copy HTML

 I'm new to the Board and am looking for some new places I can wear a gstring or thong this year beside Boulder or Cherry Creek reservoirs as it seems those are the two places that are talked about the most on this board. Are there any other cool places in the metro area? Mind you, I like to wear very skimpy gstrings and want to feel comfortable wherever I lay out. Any ideas?
speedoman05 #108

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/14/2010 03:34:25Copy HTML

Those are the only places I know of. I'd love to hear of others as well. :)
ithongit #109

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/14/2010 05:54:14Copy HTML

Randy and I have thonged it on some of the smaller creeks in the mountains when fishing, if the day is warm enough.  These are off the main road and when someone comes along, nobody complains.  We only once got stopped, and that was by a game warden who wanted to check our licences and see what we had caught.  We also have done this in Montana, Idaho, Alberta, and British Columbia.  I guess fishing on an isolated road is by it's nature thong tollerent.

pjmodel2002 #110

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/15/2010 04:19:35Copy HTML

Welcome "gstirngbuddy".  I would have never called Washington Park as a place.  I used to hang out on the south end near the lake when I was getting ready for a gig.  Art schools don't like plaster pale people.  

I am looking forward to getting some sun time in - especially down by Cherry Creek Res.  The North end of the swim beach - beyond the main beach - is a decent place assuming that the flies are not out.  I usually just park my self away from the activity of the beach anyway.  Mind you, if it is as wet as it was last year, the north beach might not be accessable. 

Hopefully, when the weather turns, I might see you there.  Welcome.
gstringbuddy #111

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/15/2010 10:41:36Copy HTML

Hey Pjmodel,
 Wash park is not a bad place at all, I usually go to the wooded area at the northern most end of the park. I've seen quite a few others thonging there. Cherry Creek is where I go most often and your right about the smaller beach north of the swimbeach, its a nice spot, although Ive never felt uncomfortable at the main beach. people seem to be very accepting there.

Maybe I'll see you around,
gstringbuddy #112

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/18/2010 01:55:07Copy HTML

I went to Cherry Creek Reservoir today and it was awsome! I decided to be brave and wore a sheer black g-string. About an hour into it three rangers started to work on a portable boat dock that the rangers use to park their boats. They were only 40 ft. away from me and I thought I should roll over so they wouldn't notice that I was wearing a see-through string. After an hour or two they took a lunch break an when they returned I was on my back and I didn't notice them untill they walked right next to me. The didn't seem to care and the female ranger even smiled and said hello. All the while an attracive girl in a half-back bottom sat very close and seemed to like what she saw as when I would catch her looking she would smile. I'm a regular out there and never have had any trouble but today was extrodinarily enjoyable. I definitly recommend it to all you Coloradans who like to go skimpy!
gstringbuddy #113

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/18/2010 01:59:39Copy HTML

Oh yeah, I meant to say I'll be going back on Friday as it is supposed be clear and around 80 degrees.
speedoman05 #114

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:05/18/2010 04:09:39Copy HTML

Sounds like you had a great time! I may try to get out there this weekend or next, depending on the weather. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)
beachstrapguy #115

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/02/2010 01:10:25Copy HTML

Will plan to thong at the b. resevoir next week. Is there any day or time of day during the week that has more thongers than other times?
I really don't care to be the only one thonging.
gstringbuddy #116

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/05/2010 06:09:47Copy HTML

Monday thru Friday is best at cherry creek. Theres never too many thongers but I don't ever feel uncomfortable when I may be the only one. It's a cool place to wear a thong.
pjmodel2002 #117

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/13/2010 05:24:58Copy HTML

Well, the weekend is a wash, but hopefully someone will take advantage of the high UV counts next week.
rt34ge #118

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/02/2010 12:38:05Copy HTML

 I was wondering have any of you lately gone thonging  on the south side of Boulder Reservoir yet?  I wonder if they are still super uptight about it like they were last season? 

The North side of the Reservoir is not quite as pleasant any more because the overgrowth is quite high along with the water level which leaves almost no beach area anymore to lay out.   I hope everyone is having a good summer thong season.  Keep on Thonging.
pjmodel2002 #119

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/15/2010 01:59:15Copy HTML

I don't know if anyone is headed out this weekend - June 17th; but I need to get some sun so I headed to CC at around 11.   Hope to see someone else there.

Have a great summer.
JM_Runs #120

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/28/2010 03:08:30Copy HTML

does anyone know if it is definitely legal to wear a g-string and/or thong at cherry creek reservoir?
redraider55 #121

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/07/2010 01:27:43Copy HTML

I'm seriously thinking about going to the Boulder Res on 8/11. My work schedule absolutely sucks now, and my thonging chances will be few. I'll post a trip report as usual.
pjmodel2002 #122

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/09/2011 04:15:54Copy HTML

Yippee.   The weather is changing.  Headed to Cherry Creek tomorrow to get some color on. 
Acceptable #123

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/02/2011 01:55:02Copy HTML

 9 days off, 95 degree weather. Hello sand dunes here I come!
rt34ge #124

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/09/2011 02:24:22Copy HTML

 Hello fellow thong wearers,
Today for the first time all season I had some time off to go to north side of Boulder Reservoir.  I arrived around 2:00 PM and I set up shop a ways up the trail.  I saw some college age kids all with their dogs.   The last few times I was able to go out and and walk the trail on the north side I have not seen any nudist, or topless women unlike the last couple of summer seasons.  It is like the vibe has changed a lot and I hope this place has not become a dead spot.  I lied in the sun for a a good hour and I waded out in the reservoir and soaked there for a good half hour. Boy the sun felt good on my buns.  I got a couple of smirks from a few people passing by, other wise a quite pleasant afternoon.  I wish we could have a true thong friendly place in the Denver Metro area.  I am getting tired of everyone not cleaning up after their pets and the overgrowth.  Do not get me wrong I like the north side of the Boulder Reservoir it just needs some maintenance done on it.  I hope that everyone else is enjoying the summer and have gotten some quality thong time in.  Tell us about your thong experiences in Colorado and elsewhere.  We have hardly herd a peep from Coloradans.   Take care and keep thonging.
oregonbeach #125

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/12/2011 04:49:50Copy HTML

Just recently I was staying at a motel in Glenwood Springs.  Its a major chain but since I don't know their policy I won't say which one.  The indoor pool was open until 11:00pm and I got there a little after 10:15pm when all the kids were gone.  I had my thong under a speedo type suit and wasn't going to go lower if anyone was there.  But everyonhe had left so I slipped the speedo off and got in the pool.  About 15 minutes later a couple came into the pool.  I don't know exactly when they realized what I was wearing but I said good evening when I exited after my swim.  They replied 'good night' but nothing else.  Really not sure if they approved or not.  No rules were posted about attire. 
tb15 #126

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/13/2012 04:39:37Copy HTML

 hello guys, i am new to this board, does anyone have a clue about thonging in Union Reservoir? thank you
swflaguy #127

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/14/2012 12:23:06Copy HTML

 Any updates on activities at the Boulder Rez? Used to go there a lot when I lived in Boulder but doesn't look there are many comments about it these days.
rt34ge #128

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/22/2012 05:23:35Copy HTML

Hello Fellow Thongers,
   This past summer around here has been quite quiet around here.  I made a couple of trips to the North Side of Boulder Reservoir and I saw no nudists, topless woman and thong wearers.  All I saw as far as the eye could see were college kids in their dork shorts and their girlfriends were in quite conservative bikinis.  As far as a spot for thong wearing goes it is dead.  However my girlfriend and I found a new place to go along Boulder Creek.  You exit at Araphoe and 38th Ave and right behind the Bank Of The West parking lot is a nice beach behind some trees and there is a natural swimming hole in the creek which is quite deep.  Both times I went there I wore my custom made Florida Custom Swimwear thongs.  Both times were quite enjoyable and I had zero issues.  The few others times that I went swimming at Spruce Pool, North Boulder Rec Center, and East Boulder Rec Center I saw at least one to two woman in 1/2 half back rio's and most of the other men were wearing speedos.  I wish that target would sell more of the 1/2 half back rios and I would imaging more college woman would wear them and the whole perception of thongs in the US would change. We have not herd from any other Coloradan's thong wearers.  Have you had any experiences lately?  We would like to hear from you.  I hope everyone has had a good summer.  Keep on Thonging,
pjmodel2002 #129

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:12/21/2012 01:51:41Copy HTML

Hello all.  Cherry Creek Res was  my hang out this Summer - but not with enough frequency.  Bummer really.  Better luck in 2013
mtrider #130

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/07/2013 09:10:44Copy HTML

I arrived at the North Shore of Boulder Reservoir at 1:00. I first walked the length of the shore to see if there were other thongers. No thongs on anyone or topless women, but there were two nude men. A couple of years ago the City of Boulder reinforced their laws against exposed genitals, but made sure that womens nipples were not included. Even though thongs are still legal, it seems thongers have been scared off due to people getting citations for exposed genitals. Being that I was legally clothed in a thong. I made sure I had some distance from the nude guys so no one would assume I was nude as well. There is roughly 20 ft of shore between the water and the main trail, depending on water height, so even if you lay next to bushes people can still see you. I got plenty of looks and smiles, but no vocal comments that I could hear.  
thong_jock #131

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/30/2014 02:00:08Copy HTML

Going to be in Denver this week. Any other thongers want to hang out and/or go for a swim?
Acceptable #132

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/31/2014 01:34:01Copy HTML

You might enjoy Indian Hot Springs, which is just a short jaunt up I-70.
I *might* be up there next Saturday with a gf... It's kinda up in the air
TennStud #133

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/27/2014 05:22:37Copy HTML

 Is it legal to hike in a thong at say Estes Park, etc. ??
pjmodel2002 #134

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/27/2014 01:35:41Copy HTML

Technically, hiking in a thong is not illegal - practically it becomes an issue if someone complains.  Exercise your best judgment and avoid busy trails.
speedoman05 #135

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:08/05/2014 05:00:39Copy HTML

rt34ge, have you done any thonging this summer along the Boulder Creek at Arapahoe and 38th? I was wondering if you'd still recommend it as a good layout spot. Otherwise, I've been out of Colorado for a bit, but I'm finally back for the remainder of this summer. I've not been to the Boulder Resevoir, but the last time I was there in 2010 it was starting to get more and more populated with the boardshort crowd and the people who walk their dogs without a leash, and I'm not terribly encouraged by what I'm reading here either. Here's hoping we can find some new spots. 
sunnfun #136

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/14/2016 01:58:41Copy HTML

 I'm going thonging at Cherry Creek today!!!  Anyone want to hang out?  I have some brand new Jovana thongs and g-strings and thinking about wearing my teeniest one.  :-)
sunnfun #137

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/14/2016 09:05:35Copy HTML

 Just got back from Cherry Creek State Park, what a wonderful place to thong!  No one cared, there were some cute girls jogging by on the trail by the beach, one of whom smiled at me.  My avatar is a pic from the beach today in my new lime green Jovanadesign thong!
speedoman05 #138

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/16/2016 12:36:58Copy HTML

Glad to hear you had a great time! I'd have joined you had I been in town. Perhaps another time. :)
sunnfun #139

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:04/23/2016 12:50:42Copy HTML

That would have been great!
Next time!
Gnohter #140

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:07/18/2016 02:31:27Copy HTML

Went thonging on the Big Thompson river (up in the mountains) this weekend. It was just warm enough that the areas with non rushing water were perfect for soaking.  I soaked in a few different areas without problems. Had a few people park above and walk down but nobody said anything.
Think I'll head back this week! Also planning on thonging at Carter Lake this week.
svqergo1 #141

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/12/2017 10:06:03Copy HTML

I haven't had any issues wearing thongs at SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs.

thong_jock #142

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:03/12/2017 10:22:36Copy HTML

 That looks like a great spot for thonging, svqergo1!
Jeancaulson #143

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:01/27/2018 07:20:14Copy HTML

Hi all. Just moved to Denver... I like to swim and was hoping to get an update on pools that might be friendly. Anyone still going to the boulder pools?
RapidBlue #144

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/12/2018 11:16:32Copy HTML

 I just spent the day at a pool at one of the major hotels downtown Denver. I got to the pool and only a few people were there. I set up on a lounge with several empty lounges all around me. I stripped down to my tong and started to soak up the sun. With in a half an hour every chair on my side of the pool was filled with women. None wore cheeky or thong suits, but every lounge chair was taken all around me.

On the other side of the pool there were several men looking at the situation, all I their long board shorts or more. As one woman would leave another would move to be near. No one said anything. I took a couple of dips in the pool and it was as if no one was bothered by my choice in swimwear. I have a couple more days to test the waters here in Denver, but based on how today went I anticipate good things.
JM_Runs #145

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/13/2018 06:16:32Copy HTML

 Posts like this make me wish the Aimoo software had a Like button.   Something to post a Thumbs Up, Smile or Heart.
RapidBlue #146

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:06/15/2018 05:10:47Copy HTML

This was my last day at the pool in downtown Denver. The situation here has been very calm and very positive. Yesterday and today were very hot in Denver. There was no way I was not going to be getting in the pool to cool off.

Like the day before yesterday I set up with several empty chairs around me. Slowly they filled in, one by one. As women entered the pool deck they would head toward my side of the pool and take a seat. Soon again all the lounge chairs around me were filled.

One other man with his female partner was near me. As they entered the pool area he started for the other side until she looked over toward me and pulled him to my side of the pool.

I had a couple women “sneak” a photo as I got up to get in the water.

Again it was a easy day at the pool wearing my thong. Both yesterday and today there were half a dozen women in cheeky bikinis and a few that tucked there bottoms toward thong style.

Today I ended up in a long conversation with a beautiful woman until she had to leave. Finally as I was leaving the pool I was stopped by two women. They offered this: “We like EVERYTHING about you. We really like your style.” Wearing a thong at the hotel pool and being confident has it payoffs. 
Blackthong23 #147

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:09/06/2018 05:54:22Copy HTML

My wife and I are heading out to Colorado next week and we plan on being in the Boulder area the first few days then Denver the last few days. Early in the week we plan on hiking at Rocky Mountain park and afterward wanted to check out some hot springs. I found that the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is fairly close and was wondering how thong friendly it was? Looks like they have 20 pools to relax in but I’m not seeing anywhere if it’s clothing optional? If it is then I know I’m good wearing thongs. Also.. I noticed on this thread a lot of mention about Boulder Reservoir. If we have time I wouldn’t mind checking that out as well! Would he main beach area on the south be ok to wear anything less than shorts? I’ll have regular bikini briefs with me and a thong underneath if the coast is clear for thonging. 

Blackthong23 #148

Re:Thonging in Colorado

Date Posted:09/15/2018 03:20:45Copy HTML

Well just a little update on a few places I thonged at this week in Colorado. After a full day of hiking my wife and I went to the Hot Sulphur Springs spa to check out the 20 pools of hot springs water. It wasn’t too crowded and each little pool were pretty private so I wore my Desmitt thong. Each pool had a pair of layout chairs and we got to soak up the sun and relax in the hot water. Most of the people there were just relaxing and moving from pool to pool and a few passed by me while laying on my stomach. No one really seemed to care too much. I moved to a few pools wearing just the thong and I know a few older ladies got a view of my backside. Great feeling it was.

I checked out the Boulder Reservoir on 2 different days. First day we went to the north beach area and it was pretty quiet. We were in a little bit of a hurry so we just walked along the trail and beach and hung out for 30 min or so. I had a skinz thong on and really only a couple people with there dogs passed by. Pretty uneventful but got some sun. Really wasn’t sure if I could wear a thong or not but I didn’t see why I couldn’t. 

Day 2 was much better and we decided to go to the main beach area which was open for free and very empty. There were company parties going on by the beach in the grass fields so I was very hesitant to thong it but we setup on the far end of the beach from the people. They could still see me but I was pretty far from them and my wife was with me. It was a good day and slightly embarrassing day at the same time. The good.. I wore my Desmitt thong and decided to just layout in that. The sun was beaming and I got a good tan. Kayakers and stand up paddle boarders went by with no issue.. and even the lake patrol kinda cruised by but nothing happened. I was on my back so not sure if they knew it was a thong. Only 3 other people were at the beach but one good looking lady came up and had a thong on with string sides. She laid out on her stomach most of the time and even untied her top strings. Nice to see another thonger out there.. btw.. my wife isn’t much into thongs so I’m always wearing less than her.

Ok the kinda embarrassing part for me was when I went to the water to cool off for a bit. I really tried to be discreet as possible I was wearing a thong so I kinda turn my body walking into the water so all the people in the tent could only see the front and sides which look like a regular speedo. Well.. this company get together was giving away door prizes on a loud speaker.. as I got into the water facing them about a 75 yards or so away the guy on the mic said something about a speedo cracking a joke. I know everyone turned and probably laughed.. etc.. that was a bummer. I just walked back to the towel and laid back down. About 25 minutes later I hear 2 ladies from that company walk up behind us about 30 feet and I hear them laughing and giggling and turned to walk back. Kinda disappointing with all of that.. while a lady is wearing way less.. nobody bats an eye. I’m sure if that group wasn’t there it would have been a standard beach day with the other beach goers. Overall I had a pretty good experience in Colorado with thongs.. other than the moment of being called out it was very thong friendly.

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