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Cheeky Monkey

Date Posted:08/01/2004 08:09:31Copy HTML

Has anyone tried thonging in Egypt?I visted Sharm el sheik in May, needed to take a break and wanted it as soon as possible, at a placewhich guranteed sunshine at that time of year. I was unsure what to take with regards to swimwear as it is a muslim country and didn't want to upset the locals, so packed a selection, all fairly conservative with a couple of Lloyd thongs, and a slide back suit from bodyaware which over the years has proven a great benefit to test the water, as you can start with a full back and gradually take it to a thong with out the problems of getting up and changing.Anyway the first day I got up and put on my slide back, got to the pool for 7:00am and set my area, got to a thong back by the end of the day, and not one bad comment was made, made converstation with many around the pool, and just had confidence that what I was wearing I shouldn't be ashamed of.The second dayI thought, what the hell lets wear a thong all day, so I took no back up plan, just wore a long t-shirt and proceeded down to the pool to do my morning laps. When finished started sunning myself. At 9:00 every morning it was 30degrees Centigrade (or celcius!) and by midday it reached 44 degrees! Their were many around the pool and no one kept their distance they excepted me for a guy who wanted to sun his buns, a few did stare which was expected.The hotel had its own beach so although I wouldn't have thonged at thepublic beaches I considered a private beach O.K. the water was crystal clear and if any of you have been to Sharm will nowith it being in the Red sea and impossible to sink (due to the high salt content) it isthe best place to go snorkling or diving in the world (according to the experts!). The coral reefs are amazing. I took my t-shirt off and covered my back, legs, and buns in factor 30 suncream and walked along the jetty to put my gear on to go snorkling, it was a great feeling to have the confidence to walk along and have people give secondlooks at you. Once in the water your buns areup to the sun and you are completely alone, this I have found is the best way of tanning your buns (got killer tan lines!)Although I saw no one else around the pool wearing a thong at the beginning of my week, by the end of my stay, more started to have the confidence to wear one, mainly women. I travelled on my own, and made so many friends with alot of the girls around the pool, who I ended up going clubbing with or just chilling out around the pool. At the end of the dayits just another piece of swimwear.I think if I wore a Dore etc I would have had a different reaction, but I don't find these my kind of swimwear.Now I'm a member of this great site I will post my experinces at Orlando wet n Wild soon, where I went last year!
marlon1972 #1

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:09/27/2004 10:59:49Copy HTML

Reply to : gsj

I've been on a nile cruise, wore my hom thong on board. no problem at all. also in Hurghada at the beach and the hotel swimming pool, nobody told me to cover up. there were a few ladies wearing thongs too. i only saw 2 men who pushed their speedo's between their cheeks to get some sun. (russian guys)

so feel free in egypt

abczyxabczyx #2

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:06/13/2005 05:04:35Copy HTML

I postponed my trip to Sharm until next week.  Wanted to know if there were topless people around the pool.
Cheeky Monkey #3

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:06/14/2005 09:58:15Copy HTML

Technically the view is because its a muslim country they would prefer women to keep the tops on.  However, as the week went on many of the women took there tops off, and weren't hassled at all by the workers or any management.  If women go to the public beaches it would be advisable to keep tops on and respect the local culture.

On the first day I decided to go for the thong and miggled quiet easily with the other guests of the hotel, with no problems.  Be proud, be confident, be sensible, and I have never had any negative comments.  Been Thonging now for nearly 10 years (Started when I was 20)

Enjoy your trip.

abczyxabczyx #4

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:06/15/2005 06:09:01Copy HTML

I plan to only bring thongs with me.  I will post my experience when I return.


thong1 #5

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:04/02/2006 04:20:45Copy HTML

Have just got back from Sharm el-Sheikh. There were a number of thongs in evidence, but discreetly worn for the most part. After the first day or two, I thonged on the boat, and whilst snorkelling. I hardly spent much time at all by the hotel pool, but on the last day, I spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing - wore my thong the whole time with no bother. There was a lady in a pretty small G-string, but the rest of the bathers were generally pretty conservatively turned out. Nonetheless, there were no hostile stares, as befits the 'City of Peace'. For late-night swimming, I threw modesty to the wind and wore my Sunup/Sundown V-string.

I get the feeling that the Sinai beach resorts as a whole are quite thong-friendly - one can bare one's buns without any feeling of violating local mores. Going topless, though, ladies, would be going too far - it has the minor disadvantage of being illegal, and is firmly advised against by the travel gurus.

I wouldn't thong anywhere else in Egypt, though, apart from possibly Hurghada, which struck me as a dump anyway. I get the impression that it's beach, boat, or pool only, and it's something of an indulgence on the part of the Egyptian people, among whom a wave of conservatism has been growing in recent years. Didn't find any problems, but I didn't push things so as to be offensive, either - that would be bad manners as well as unwise.

I didn't get to go to Alexandria, but I hear the Mediterranean beaches are quite a different story - very conservative there for the most part. Anybody heard different?

lauren1 #6

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:04/09/2006 01:40:04Copy HTML

OK, I'm not sure about the rest of Egypt or public beaches there, but I went topless and g-string at the Crown Plaza resort last October. There were plenty of Ukrainian girls in thongs but wearing tops (and a few guys in thongs). I too had been told to be discrete but the staff there were very friendly and would just politely look away without any hint of offense caused  
smootheddie #7

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:04/21/2006 06:46:53Copy HTML

Last year I was working and living in Egypt.  Every weekend I went to the beach.  I wore a thong at every beach I went to.  I was at El Gouna (North of Hurghada), Hurghada (Intercontinental) and Soma Bay (North of Safaga). 

I experienced no problems at all.  My narrow, low Dore thongs with 1/4" sides leave little to the imagination.  But neither Egyptians nor foreigners said a word.  I think that the Egyptians may think something but just put it down to one of those things that Hawagas do. 

By far the best, and quietest, resort was Soma Bay.  Mostly Germans, so my thongs probably went unnoticed.  If I get the chance I will go back to Soma Bay, complete with thongs.

drb #8

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:05/14/2006 02:32:01Copy HTML

My wife and I have travelled to Hurghada, Egypt on two occassions, once in February (2006) at Ali Baba's and second in April (2006), staying at the Le Meridian at Macadee (sp) Bay. At Ali Baba I asked one of the "animation team members" what the rules for topless and thongs were at the hotel. She told me thongs and g-strings were no problem, and that topless was also not a problem. We were told it is was permissible to sunbath topless, swim in the pool, walk to the Cabana bar and even around the pools sans top, which she did.  The same applied to the beach, which is exclusively for guests and is not open to the public. However, entry to the hotel lobby requires being covered, so even any swim suit requires coverage. There were probably 5% topless and about 10% in thongs or g-strings.


Our second trip to the Le Meridien, once again asking the guest relations staff, we found that the same rules applied. We spent most of our time at the beach where my wife sunbathed topless and swam topless, even snorkeling topless. A variety of suits were worm including a sheer green WW and a leopard FIU FIU v-string micro. It was the smallest suit on the beach or pool while we there.  Topless girls were about 10% with 10-15% in thongs. Saw about 5-6 guys in thongs and several more in sheer g-strings.

Both experiences were her first and now she wants only to go to beaches where she wear g-strings and be topless. The atmosphere was very pleasant, actually un American , as an American I found it very pleasant, as the Germans, Russians and Ukrainians were cool with everything. No gawking or comments, only a glance and smile!

My only suggestion if going there would be to check with the guest relations, as the resort next to ours, which we walked thru to go shopping, allowed no topless at the pool! So the situation varies with hotel management. Also, remember both locations are not considered public access and thus only for guests.

orienthippie #9

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:07/17/2006 02:42:35Copy HTML

Egypt is a wonderful thong and topless friendly destination, it offers endless topfreedom opportunities along it's extensive beaches.
the red sea beaches in particular are both wonderful and tolerant places, at least 30 % of the western female tourists enjoy the all year round sun and warm weather and bath topfree, most of them in thongs.. no one ever objects or frawns at them.
My wife and I come from the ME, but unlike most of our people, we are anything but conservative! we have bathed in the nude in a cove in Malta before, and many times we took off our swimming suits and after hiding them under the rocks we swam naked during visits to the red sea. but my wife never sunbathed topless before, until last year when we went to this wonderful red sea resort and i have brought my wife's skimpiest bikinis (she always leaves this to me) but only one thong because she insisted she was never gonna wear one in egypt! the first day she was wearing an unlined crochet bikini with a skimpy bottom, she was sitting beside me on the beach and she looked around and was impressed by the number of ladies sunbathing and swimming topless and in thongs, she gave me a wicked look and suddenly said: it seems this is the right time and place, what the hell and she took off her top in a split second, it was so thrilling and she stayed topless the whole day long and swam and walked around in complete freedom without any hint of a problem. the next day i surprised her by showing her that i had brought her thong, she couldn't believe it and immediately jumped in it, as soon as we went to the beach she stripped her top and stayed only in her thong the whole day, the atmosphere was relaxed that we were walking hand in hand on the beach (like the good old days) but this time she was almost naked, we even swam to a near by little island that can be seen from every corner of the beach and waved bye bye to sailing ships in the sea, all the hotel staff were so poltie and they never made us feel uncomfortable, the only bad vibes we got were from a western guy who sat beside us and kept on staring at her breasts like an idiot, i told her he probably can not believe his eyes that he's watching the naturally tanned breasts of a local woman (my wife has olive skin), she didn't seem to mind his staring so much and acted as if he wasn't there. the next day we took a long walk on the open beach and when we reached a secluded part, we swam and sunbathed totally nude but only for a short while because a family of explorers were approaching with the purpose of collecting sea shells. the bottom line is, always book a hotel with private beach, make it either 4 or 5 star and don't be intimidated as they are quite affordable, and when in one, don't bother to ask anybody what to wear, cause they might not want to say it frankly sometimes for other considerations but will invariably allow topless and thong on the beach.but as for the pool, it is advisable to test the water before going topless there (but not by asking the staff), just bear in mind that it's not such a big deal since they definitely had it before. have fun all of you.
Leeds_Thonger #10

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:06/09/2009 04:04:15Copy HTML

My wife and I visited the Festival le Jardin hotel between Hurghana and El Gouna earlier in the year. I was surprised how many women were wearing thongs by the pool and on the beach.

A couple of men were in thongs on our first few days. When they left I was the only one for our second week. Nobody cared though as I strolled through the grounds.

This hotel is definitely thong-friendly. The hotel shop even sells thong bikinis.
Sunson #11

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:08/14/2010 01:54:02Copy HTML

So, we just came back from Egypt (Marsa Alam).I didn´t see any men wearing thongs - speedos and dorkshorts only. Few women topless but no thongs wearers. There was one young couple from Italy - we saw her wearing thongs on the pool, but she was kindda slutty - I mean she was dressed every evening like a pornstar - extremely tight pants and high heels. I mean it´s not I am like conservatove guy - no, I like when ladies lookin little bit slutty but common - would you let your wife of gf go to the beach in high heels? I dont thonk so.Anyway - We worked on our tan on the private beach. I took binoculars with me, so I could watch every ship coming out and into bay, plus, every other beaches - but never saw anyone in thongs. Just some topless and smaller pants (I dont know whats the name of  it).I took speedos, dork shorts and 4 thongs with me (black white panther, dark red, white grey panther but very skimpy on front and classic black). We reserved the spots at the end of the beach so no one could see us (actualy me, cause my wife didnt want to wear thong). On the first day I had to check out the sittuation - who´s wearing what. Too bad, but as a only person in thongs I decidet to wear classic black. I wore them first under my dork shorts, and when I was sure no one´s around, I putted them off and lie down in thongs. It was my first whole day in thongs and the first what I noticed was a comfort - they are more comfortable than any other swimwear. Great feeling not to feel all the material on my body.However I didn´t go to the bar or to water in thongs - I always put shorts before. I was liying on my back only in the morning hours, when we were the only one on the beach - I dont know - maybe if I wasnt the only one (not only man, but person) who wears thongs I would decide to burn my butt and even walking around.As far as reaction goes - Bartender saw my outfit (he used to bring us drinks etc)  but didnt say nothing - completly natural. One couple (25yo) who offered massages saw me also - the guy stayed behind the windbreak but he saw me for sure, and the girl was about 1 - 1,50 meters from me and had short small talk with us, so she saw either. She was smiling but I don´t know if it was about my thongs or was she just nice cause she tried to sell me these massages.Than was a couple (ca. 45-50yo) from Netherlands or France. They were next to us and also could see me. I didnt hear any comments (I would recognize after the tone I guess)  or laughs, but the guy was always looking at me at the restaurant 3 times a day every day. Maybe I was obsessed but everytime I walked next to them, he looked at me. But never mind.Plus some of the people, who had go thru the beach to go to snorkling - they also had to see me - also no comments.Overall - I guess no problem with thonging in Egypt, but no thongers, which is not helping for  thongers begginers like me.Next time I will check for the beaches, where´s more thongers.
tradof #12

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:02/23/2018 04:16:47Copy HTML

 Any news on 2017-2018?
tradof #13

Re:Thonging in Egypt

Date Posted:10/15/2018 05:58:55Copy HTML

I'm interested too.
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