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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/02/2005 07:43:40Copy HTML

Im heading up toGambia and i just wanted to know if thongs are accepted in resorts and on the beachs up there.Thanks
ahwahw #1

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:10/23/2005 08:55:39Copy HTML

Only just seen your post - my wife and I have been to The Gambia many times. I wear thongs all the time around the hotel pool and on the beach. No problems whatsoever.
SkyFireGhost #2

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:10/24/2005 03:56:14Copy HTML

mark_issac #3

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:10/10/2010 09:35:42Copy HTML

hi all

my girlfriend and i have decided to head to Gambia first thing in the new year.. Does anyone have any recent experiences of thonging here? Seems like the perfect winter retreat from the London weather!
SkyFireGhost #4

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:11/14/2010 11:14:29Copy HTML

My wife and I have been there in 2005 and we have ware a thong on the beach all the time and it was not a problem.
There was nobody els in a thong we were the only two.
mark_issac #5

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:11/14/2010 05:37:31Copy HTML

Thanks for that, did you have a good time?

I spoke to a lady at the travel agent, and she said it's a strict muslim country so we should have some caution. She said that thongs would probably be fine at the hotel but probably not on the beach ...
SkyFireGhost #6

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:12/28/2010 06:43:23Copy HTML

 Yes it's a strict muslim country.
But we have ware a thong all the time on the beach and it was not a problem.
mark_issac #7

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:01/12/2011 09:43:52Copy HTML

well i just got back from my trip to The Gambia. Sadly, i did not find an opportunity to wear a thong and neither did my girlfriend. the beaches were lovely but we were regularly approached by locals who were politely trying to sell us something or generally having a chat (it's so friendly there!). So all-in-all neither of us felt comfortable just wearing thongs and decided against it.

We didn't see any thongs all week, and I'd given up hope of wearing one. Then, oddly, on the last day we were there, we left our spot on the beach to head back to the hotel, and as we passed one of the hotel/restaurants that fronted the beach, a man in his sixties walked passed us towards the bar. He was wearing nothing but a tiny orange patterned g-string, which i was really surprised to see. It's only the second time i've ever seen another man in a thong on a beach, and was amazed at the boldness of it.

I'm not sure if you're a member of this forum, but if you are, well done for the courage and maybe next year I can get the guts to do the same!
jaystring #8

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:10/05/2018 12:29:32Copy HTML

Thinking of going to The Gambia has anyone been recently?.
darick36 #9

Re:Thonging in Gambia

Date Posted:12/12/2018 09:11:36Copy HTML

same here, i am thinking to go to Gambia (with thong??)
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