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string king

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:35:38Copy HTML

Just wondering if thereare any thongers in Gerogia out there? Have been thonging most weekends when it has not been raining this summer at lake Lanier outside Atlanta. On the 3rd, I was laying bottoms up on my raft and was spotted by the DNR (boat patrol). they quickly headed my way. I wasn't sure about the legality of thonging at the lake so I lowered myself into the water as they approached, . They came up and talked - "Just checking things out- see you have a nice quiet place all to yourself." "Not for too long" I replied . They took the opportunity to see in the water that I had on a thong and told me to be safe and then took off.

I have been thonging at Lake Lanier for over ten years. Quite a few rangers have seen me in the past from a distance. I wanted to ask the rangers about the legality issue, but didn't have anything else with me and didn't want to leave so early. So today I called the Army Corp of engineers which control the lake. When I asked if men and women could wear thongs at the lake I was told as long as you are covered. I was releaved. I have only seen a few women and only 2 men over the years wearing thongs there.

I don't like to wear much and all of my thongs are unlined and most have small pouches. I always pick simi private areas (they are getting harder to find). I usually wear a conservative thong if I know there will be a lot of people nearby. I have very few negative comments.

Am planning to hit Tybee beach (Savannah Beach) this weekend if all goes as planned. Have thonged there many times in the past. As long as pubic hair is covered and not tranparent the beach police and the life gaurds seem to be ok. Once when it was crowded the police asked me not to walk the beach and find a less crowded spot. I told him there wasn't one and that I would lay down - He was fine with that and drove off.

Anyone else in Metro Atlanta into thongs? I wouldn't mind having company sometime.

String King

blue t #1

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/13/2004 09:25:37Copy HTML

I have thonged at Lanier before. Where are some good areas at Lanier that are thong friendly? I would be interested to hear your report since you have been going there for 10 years.
string king #2

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/14/2004 09:34:12Copy HTML

Reply to : blue t

Good to know there is someone else in Ga who has thonged at Lake Lanier. I usually go around Van Puch, Burton Mill adn just before Lake Lainer Islands( I think it is called big Creek). Inbetween north and South Van puch you can drive out a small road - when the water is down you can walk over to two small islands. I have gone there many times in the past but the water level is too high this year. You have some walk over traffic but most of the people are on boats or house boats. Have never been hassled there.

At Burton Mill- you can park in the area before the main swim area and then walk to a private cove by following the trail to the left. I have spent most weekeneds there this year. Occasionally will have others that stay for a short time. One weekend there were 8 spanish young men who stayed for several hours. They did not seem to mind I was wear a VLC dore thong.

The park I think it is called big creek is down friendship rd on the way to Lake Lanier Islands - it is on the right down a small road just past a boat sales center just before Holiday Marina. At the restrooms you can follow a trail down to a small cove or on the other side of the road you can walk over to areas they have closed to cars.

Van Puch and Burton Mill are located off Gaines ferry road. From Atlanta take 85 north to 985 - get off on freindship - take a left - make right onto McEver Rd then left onto Gaines Ferry. Burton Mill is on the left just after you come to a new subdivision on left.
The road has two Yatch clubs, one on left and the other on the right - go left. I you continue striaght you will end up at Van Puch Park.

One side note - I was at Tybee last weekend. spent 5 to six hours Sat and Sun in only a thong. It was very crowded and very hot. I wore a red Gregg thong Sat morn and a yellow Gregg thong Sat afternoon. I decided to wear something smaller Sunday and wore a green and purple stripe Dore vlc thong. When I order it Dore said it was just low cut - I can't imagine it being any lower- I have a very tough time squeezing into it. The beach police went past me 4 or five times sometimes within just two feet from me. Never had a problem but I just happened to be on my back each time. I saw one woman in a very small thong walking on the beach with her very large boyfriend/husband. No one seemed to care. Sunday morning after I spread out a group set up not far from me -within 30 minutes there wer 75 teenagers celebrating a birthday - on the other side a group of rednecks parked closeby. I did hear one guy make a rude comment- he was the only one watching me the entire time. Some of the teenagers played football yards away. They took turns sneaking around to take my pictures.

If the weather permits - I will be at Burton mill Sat.

String King
string king #3

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/18/2004 11:24:34Copy HTML

Went out as usual to Buton Mill Park on Lake Lanier (GA) Saturdady. If I had listened to the weathermen I would have missed my only chance for the next two weeks. The next two weeks I will have the my girls and unless I want another custody battle I will have to wear shorts.

Got to the lake around 1:00 and laid out as ususal on my inflatable boat. It makes a a great raft when turned over. Around three it began to drizzle so I went to shore until things blew over. Two young men came around the bend - one was startled to see me in a thong, but made no comment - I said hello and smiled. They walked on by. A few minutes later the other came over and asked if they could use my boat. I agreeded and they paddled over to the other shore. I laid out on by floating mat to tan my buns. 45 min later They returned my boat and thanked me. They did not seem to care about me being in a thong. After they left, I noticed they somehow had allowed water to fill 2 of the 4 air chambers.

After draining the cahmber of water, I reinflated the boat and continued floating. Around 4:00 I was laying on my stomach and I looked up and noticed the Police had noticed me from their boat. They slowed down and took a long look - I guess to make sure I had on a thong and wasn't totally nude. As soon as they were satisfied they took off. I closed my eyes and dozed off. Fifteen minutes later - I noticed another young man swimming within yards of me. I looked up and smiled - We exhanged
greeting and he continued swimming . Over the course of the next hour we talked some. I caught him staring at me several times. I always smiled back and did nothing to discurage him or to scare him off.

When he decided to leave he put on his shoes and tank top and took off. He return in a few minutes and started looking around. He lost his car key. He forgot to take it out of his shorts before going swimming. I helped him look for twenty minutes in the water. We both knew it was useless, But I was enjoying talking to such a nice polite young man who wasn't taken back by me waring a small thong. I offered to take him to town to his relatives where he could get help. I slowly packed my things while he watched me - then put on my shorts and drove him to Buford.

As we drove off the skys openned and it really began to rain.
I was very careful not to talk about anything sexual or make him feel uneasy. The last thing I want is to have it out that a midage man in a thong was making passes at young man. ( all three of the young men sat seemed to be between 17 and 19)

I will be at Tybee again next week - but in shorts- I will look for others in thongs and report back.

S King
blue t #4

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/20/2004 09:26:49Copy HTML

Sounds interesting. Do you ever thong at any of the beaches? I know at Burton Mill there is a very small beach, but from what you have described you do not go there. The last time I went to Lanier I went to the park closest to the dam. The beach wraps around a little cove and you can kind of get away from everyone else but still be on the beach. If you want to go out into the water on a raft you can really get far away from everyone. Last time I was there I saw one woman in a thong and one man in a speedo type suit. It seems that a lot of spanish women are usally there and wear smaller rio suits generally.
string king #5

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/20/2004 07:58:37Copy HTML

Reply to : blue t

I've been there in the past, but has been awhile. It is futher from where I live and take longer to get there. I don't thong on the beaches - too many families and kids - perfer something quieter like a cove.
AllThongs #6

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/04/2004 03:22:13Copy HTML

I "stumbled" across The Thong Board this past weekend, and am glad I did.

I live near Tybee Island and have wanted to simply wear my thong at the beach for it seems like forever. One night my wife and I had dinner at North Beach Grill and after went walking on the beach. It was a beautiful night. I sorta said out loud 'I'd sure like to go in swimming, but I'm not wearing trunks'  My wife then said, So, you're wearing a thong aren't you? (She said she thought I was silly, but go ahead she didnt' mind.)

I smiled at her, dropped my shorts and in the ocean I went.  It felt SO GOOD.

Well, as I said, I found The Thong Board last weekend and saw the posting from String King and he mentions Tybee Beach. WOW.  Great, that confirmed my question: Is it okay for men to wear a thong at Tybee Beach?

So, the next day or so, mid-week, I finished work about noon and said to myself, I'm going to the beach.  Drove on down, parked near the Lighthouse, and sauntered on out to the beach.  Went a short way down past the clustered crowds, but still there were plenty of "regular folks" around.  As I walked along I saw a middle age couple (my age) , the man laying on his stomach, wearing a dark blue Speedo type but pulled up like a thong.  He didn't pay me any attention. Wife kept reading.

I stopped a short space later, lay down my towel, and dropped my shorts. Wearing a bright green low-cut Dore thong for all the world to see. The other guy glanced over but paid me no attention.  The mother with her kids near by also looked over, but said nothing and went about her business. Couple of teenagers close by smiled by went right back to sunning and gabbing.

A bit later I walked on down to the water to cool off.  The first time I felt quite exposed in my very tiny green thong, but no one paid me any mind.  On a trip to the water later, a couple of "regular" looking women were walking along as I came out of the water.  They smiled at me, said hi, and continued walking.  I looked back to see, but they weren't staring back at me -just acting normal as if "what's the problem'

And exactly the lesson I learned that day: what's the problem (so many perceive as a man, or woman) wearing a thong at the beach?  No one seemed to care and after a while I didn't either, didn't even think about it (the fact that I, a middle aged man, was enjoying myself in the sun on the beach in a skimpy thong.  Life goes on.

So, any one reading this post, I encourage you, just be normal, don't worry about it. Enjoy yourself. Life's good.

thongbutt1 #7

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/04/2004 07:14:16Copy HTML

i visit Atlanta alot- any hotels good for thonging? i was told at the Wingate Buckhead it was ok.  anybody know any other places?
solarbear #8

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/04/2004 09:22:36Copy HTML

Great story AllThongs! I'm glad to hear you had such a positive experience thonging.
string king #9

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/04/2004 10:58:03Copy HTML

Reply to : AllThongs

Happy to hear you had a great first experience. Even when people snicker or are rude, I don't let it ruin my day because I just love the feeling of being out in public in barely nothing. I might have to make a quick trip to Tybee this weekend to pick someone up. Don't know if I will have time to go thonging. If I have time, I like to go around 12th street beach.

Just a note. You can't get much smaller suit than a Dore low cut and still be legal at most places. I have worn a mesh thong at Tybee, but I knew I was pushing it - I could not move around freely like I can in my other thongs.

String King
string king #10

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/24/2005 10:45:36Copy HTML

Lake Lanier 2005 Update

Went out yesterday to my usual location at Lake Lanier. I was a little nervous about thonging since I requested the legal status from Corp of engineers. They sent back a legal statute which they said applied- Their interpetation was I would be lewd and therefore illegal. I have thonged there for years without a problem. Last yr I called the Corp and the man who answered said as long as I was covered it would not be a problem.

Well I decided to go anyway. I decided to go to a different cove but when I got there the park ranger told me it was full - I decided to ask him if thong swimwear were allowed. The first thing he asked if it was for a man or a woman. As soon as he said it I gave him a puzzled look and asked him if it really mattered. He suttered and realized I was asking for myself. He said swimwear is swimwear - as long as you are covered he didn't think it would be a problem.

I went to my usual cove and passed another ranger but didn't ask him - didn't want to push my luck. I thonged all afternoon. Around 6:30 I heard someone yelling hello. Two young guys around 19 yrs old were accross the cove on a dock proudly wearing thongs adn yelling to someone on a jetski. Both had good bodies and were posing (lol) and waying to all the boats passing by. They would wave then turn around and shake their asses then jump into the lake. The dark hair lad had the better body and was wearing a very small black thong which showed off his perfect butt. I am jealous of the young guys with perfect bodies. I'm in good shape for my age but age does seem to take its toll no matter what you do. The blond wore a white thong and it was hard to tell fom accross the cove to tell much about him. Both were relaxed and having a great time and wanted others to see them thonging.

After they left a man and his two teenage sons decided to use the cove as a stopping area for their jetski. I was swimming when they arrived. Two jumped off and the other took off. I continued swimming and walking around they didn't seem to care. The father talked to me for a while. All in all I had a nice day out.

As far as the leagallity - I will still take caution - but I have the word of the ranger to fall back on. Tybee or St Simmons are options - but the distance is a problem.
thongexpert #11

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/27/2005 10:59:08Copy HTML

Recently on vacation, I went to "Mary Alice Park" during the week and on weekend.  Wore my thong on weekday at the beach, but on weekend too many people, so I thonged at a grassy area where the boats launched.  People looked, but no real big deal for anyone.  C'mon, we're wearing swimwear, albeit a tiny one   
metrothing #12

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:03/17/2006 12:41:00Copy HTML

There are not many places in middle georgia. Warner Robins is out. I guess the key is to ask and what the establishment is willing to tolerate.

Lake Tobesofkee in Macon is ok. I called there and i got a really mixed response. You're not violating any laws by wearing a thong however, no part of your anatomy or hair can be visible.
string king #13

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/12/2006 09:44:40Copy HTML

I am a middle age man who often goes out to Lake Lanier. I usually go out to Van Pugh park (not the main area the one you have to pay to enter - the park is just a little road in the middle. The boat ramp is to the left.) You can walk out on the island this year because of the low water level. I usually use a small raft or just walk past the houseboats and speedboats. Anyway, I prefer the very end of the island. I get the usual stares and comments - I prefer to wear Joe Synder thongs. I love to get away and just relax. If you or any other of our fellow thongers are in the area - company would be nice for a change. I try to get out to my spot before noon so I can set up before other boaters arrive. Most don't say anything - some stay most of the afternoon others just turn around and leave. The funny thing is more people with kids under 12 stay the longest. I've made a few friends over the years- but not many.

beachstrapguy #14

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/22/2006 10:40:55Copy HTML

I'll be at Lake Lanier about the 20th of October.   Hope the weather is nice.  Have not been to the Van Pugh area, so will try to find it.  Any further specific directions would be helpful.
string king #15

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/23/2006 12:23:48Copy HTML

Beachstrapguy and others,
Van Pugh park is at the end of Gaines Ferry Road. coming north on Peachtree Industrial - turns into McEver Road, make left onto Gaines Ferry Road. Park is at the end of road. To the right and left are fee parks, the middle road is free - if you park at the end you can walk over to the Island because of the low water this year. I usually sun and swim past the house boats and speed boats at the end cove. When the water is higher I ususally go to Burton Mill - also a fee park. Been to Lanier Park in the past, but not lately.
Enjoy the sun safely.
String King
JM_Runs #16

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/18/2007 08:02:28Copy HTML

I just returned from Lake Lanier from a relaxed day of thonging. What a difference a weekend makes. Last week I had my girls and due to a long hard custody battle, I wore Nike swim shorts; much shorter than those horrid dork shorts but still much bigger than a bikini. I felt like I was going to a formal affair instead of swimming. The shorts caught air pockets each time I entered the water. What a terrible design.


Today I rowed out to one of my usual spots but discovered someone was already there. I went back to a sandy cove I just passed which is normally covered with boats. No one was there yet and it looked so inviting so I pulled off my shorts. I was wearing a low cut Dore thong; a g-string pouch with small thong sides and back. It barely covers me.


I turned the two man inflatable boat over and used it as a large float. During the next hour five boats slowed down and looked at me then set anchor. Two were less than ten feet away. They had to know I was wearing a thong because I was buns up. Four boats had families with either teenage girls or small children the fifth were adults. No one seemed to care there was an almost naked man beside them. I didn't hear any comments - good or bad.


I swam and sunned on both sides and walked on the beach to my things several times. I even read a book under the trees with my ass in the air. I am happy to say no textile adult, teenager or small child was harmed by me wearing a thong today.

colesandler #17

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/26/2009 05:06:16Copy HTML

Anyone heading to Lake Lanier this week now that the weather is nice?
shaved4strings #18

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/26/2010 05:18:46Copy HTML

Glad I found this site, thanks for the info on whre to go.  The secluded park beaches on the northwest side of Lanier that I have been going to this summer have been empty.  I think I will have to try out Burton Mill next Monday.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/15/2011 12:45:09Copy HTML

UpdateI haven't post about Lake Lanier in a while. I have been going out to the lake during the summer. I found a nice beach because of the low water and walked out to it. When I got there I was alone, but that changed very quickly.
I was in my small JS yellow thong. close to the water's edge. After 30 minutes a boat docked 15 feet from me. They had to see I was in a thong before they docked. Within another 30 minutes 5 more boats with their friends docked in front of me. One boat was only 4 feet away. In all there were around 25 people including 6 teenagers within 15 feet of me. I had no problems with any of them. Since I was there first I had no problems tanning my bare ass or getting my transparent when wet thong wet. The teen age guys floated next to me for 15 minutes. They stared but I had no problems. I was still careful not to walk too close when my suit was wet. Don't want to tempt fate.
I asked a Park Ranger in the spring if it was still legal to wear thongs at the lake. HE told me he has seen men and women wear thongs over the years and he had no problem with it as long as they kept their thongs on.
ithongit #20

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/15/2011 03:30:49Copy HTML

  My husband, Randy, has had several "attacks", none of them harmful, all the result of a dare or people just having fun.  (None in Georgia however.)  These usually happen when he is alone.  He has several times had women sneak up and put dollar bills in the straps on his swimwear when they thought he was asleep.  The first time this happened he sprung up and scared the poor girl half to death.  After that he decided to act very asleep and to see what happened next.  Sometimes, the girl would run away, never to be seen again.  Sometimes other girls from the same group came over and stuffed more money in his g-string side band.  Once, other women sitting nearby got up and added money too -- sometimes being encouraged by their husbands or boyfriends.  He even had a man who was laying out with a woman come over and add a dollar to the collection. 

Randy says the more money that got put in his thong straps, the more brave the people putting the money in got, some slipping bills into the back strap or if accessible, into the pouch of his thongs.  If a person was particularly clumsy he would "wake up".  At other times, he would simply "wake up" for no apparent reason.   Once awake he sometimes was able to talk to one or more women who put money in his thong.  They usually admitted it was a dare they made them do it.  In one case, the woman said she would be tipping to see a man wear a thong in a strip show, so why not tip a man who wears a thong to the beach.  He has accepted the tips he gets as compliments on his body and/or compliments for the swimwear he is wearing.  He has collected a little over 25 dollars in the last 5 years or so.  He gives the money to the local humane society.

One time we were laying out together and I felt something cold hit my back.  It was a tiny piece of ice about half the size of a green grape.  Then I felt another and another.  Randy was getting some ice crystals too.  Each time we reacted, we would look around and there was no obvious reason ice crystals should be hitting us.  From the reactions of others on the beach someone was throwing ice at us and everyone was in on the gag except us. If  Randy or I would sit up and watch for a while, there would be no ice pelting us until we laid down again.  There was an older couple, perhaps in their 50's sitting about 30 feet from us but whenever we got hit and looked around, they were looking the other way.  Finally after being hit about 6 or 7 times total, one piece hit between my ass cheeks (we were both laying down on our stomachs).  The man who was sitting nearby yelled "Bingo" and he and his wife started laughing.  A few others on the beach started clapping.  The older couple had been throwing the left-over ice in their cooler at us, using out butt cracks as targets.  Once the man called "Bingo" they were quite opened about what they had been doing, but while Randy through it was funny, I didn't like having strangers throwing stuff, even clean ice, at us.  They said they did this all the time to the thongers they encountered.  I am surprised that nobody complained to officials but then where is the evidence of "foul play"?

As far as girls reaching in for a "feel", Randy only once had a girl feel him up without warning.  He wasn't even wearing a thong.  He was in a White Speedo Solar swimsuit at a local community pool we stopped at near Detroit and some girl about 18 came up to him in the water and grabbed the front of the waist band of his bikini with one hand and slipped some fingers on  her other hand in the front for a feel at the same time.  He said she did this is such a quick and fluid motion that he expects that she did this quite often before.  After a quick feel, she pulled her hand out and said something like "nice package" to him.  She then yelled over to some of her friends who were not in the pool "it's all real!"  He has occasionally given women who come over to compliment him a sneak peaks or feels of his "goodies" if they ask him if it's all real, but doesn't force it on them.  Some want to get a glance or explore, most turn down the offer.

We have both had people -- usually members of the opposite sex -- brush against our bare buns when we have been in the water.  They usually apologize for bumping into us "accidentally" but we know that most of the time the people are doing this for some type of a personal kick or on some type of a dare.  In a very crowded pool it might actually be accidental, but in a large pool with only a few people in the water we figure the "casual brush" is not accidental.

One other dare that was common a few years ago at least in Ohio was when women would follow strange men into the showers.  This happened to several men and at several parks but seems to have only occurred one summer season.  I have always wondered what caused women in several areas to do the same thing to men at different parks starting almost the same day, then suddenly stopping.  Perhaps there was a scene on a TV show or in a movie that gave them the idea.  In any event, there were several posts back then about men who had this happen.  Often the "target" man would act indifferent and let them watch him change or shower with little or no reactions.  Randy had this happen twice, once each at two different parks.  He thinks that the girls who followed him in figured that since he was practically nude on the beach, wearing only a thong or g-string, that he wouldn't mind them seeing him in total nudity in the shower.  While he didn't make a fuss when this happened, he did feel that some men might find it troubling, and he wondered what would have happened if someone else had been in the change house at the same time.

As a woman who sometimes thongs alone, I have had men (always men) sneak up and touch my bare buns or even worse come over and touch a bare breast or nipple when I have been laying out topfree.  I don't know what it is that makes an otherwise "normal appearing" man think that if a woman is laying out in a thong and apparently sleeping that it is okay to come over and touch her body.  Do these men really think they can do this without waking a person up?  A few years ago, there was a warning on a local TV station near Nags Head NC that said that several women had been inappropriately touched in this way when they wore thongs, or went topfree and that the police suggested that women not wear thongs and keep their tops on to prevent this from occurring.  The news people reporting the story didn't seemed to realize that it's no the person in the thong that is to blame, but the person doing the inappropriate touching.  I seriously doubt that any woman who touched a man without "permission" would get into trouble -- most people and courts would not see this as a problem.  I do think that a person who touched a woman in more traditional swimwear might get into trouble, but I do think that there is a perception that a woman in a thong or going topfree is "asking for it", and that they should not be protected from preditors.

I don't see other women who wear regular bikinis get their stomachs or backs or legs touched in the same way, so I have to assume it is only a women in a thong or who is topfree who would be treated this way.  This happened once to me at a hotel pool in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and was witnessed by a few other guests.  I was laying out sunning my buns on a chaise lounge chair wearing a conservative thong and top.  I was reading and obviously awake.  None of the other guests around the pool seemed to mind my bare buns and in fact the desk clerk had given me permission to wear a thong swimsuit.  I had stayed at the hotel for several days and had worn thong swimwear at the outdoor pool each day (except one day when it rained).  Then one afternoon a creepy older man came over and put his hand on my butt.  He dropped his key card next to my chair and then when he was bending down to pick it up pretended to loose his balance.  So this gave him an excuse to reach over and put his hand on the closest, most obvious thing to grab to stop from falling -- my bare ass cheek.  He did "apologize" simply saying "sorry, I lost my balance" then immediately headed back to his room. 

One of the other guests called the police on her cell phone but did not tell me.  As we sat out by the pool, we saw two police cars with three men pull up with sirens on and lights flashing.  They went into the hotel office for a while and somehow identified the man who touched me, without even coming out to the pool and talking with anyone who was there, including me!  I guess they had it on video from the pool monitor TV camera.   I later learned that the man wasn't arrested but he was kicked out of the hotel quite ceremoniously with the two police cars with lights flashing and three police men making a big show of the whole thing.  Nobody bothered to ask me if I wanted to press charges or anything else until after the man drove away, followed by one of the police cars who was supposedly following him to make sure he left town..  At this time the police man who was left came over to me and apologized for the man touching me "inappropriately".  He then explained that while thongs might be OK on South Beach, in places like Arkansas, I should be careful and I should not be surprised that someone did what he did.  He implied that it had something to do with the "clan folks" who live country who have little education, etc. etc.  The whole tone of this police man was that while the man might have done something wrong, he probably was too ignorant to understand that what he did was wrong.  At the same time, he implied that I was partly to blame for the situation having occurred because I dared to wear a thong which would tempt him to take such an action.  I guess I should feel happy that I wasn't arrested! 

Later the manager came to my room and we talked about what had happened.  He said the hotel did not have a policy which prevented a woman from wearing a thong swimsuit and that he didn't see anything wrong with them or what I had been wearing.  He said that I was not in the "wrong" in any way for the incident.  He did say that the police probably handled the thing the best they could -- it might have been hard to prosecute the man since he claims it was an accident and the police did find some prescription drugs that could cause dizziness in his room.  They also would have needed for me to press charges.  As it turns out, the man was given the choice to leave town and have no further actions taken, and he accepted this arrangement instead of perhaps being arrested or having to go to court.  There were also two business associates who were staying at the hotel who left shortly after the man was escorted from town, and the manager said the police put on the "big show" to make sure the man was embarrassed in front of his co-workers. 
flthongbutt #21

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:03/10/2012 04:31:37Copy HTML

any RECENT updates on lake lanier? can't believe that in a city the size of atlanta, that there aren't more thongers....
JM_Runs #22

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:03/10/2012 10:37:23Copy HTML

Fithongbutt -  Lake Lanier Ga
The posting I told about the boats docking almost on top of me was at Lake Lanier last year. I usually go to the free area of Van Buren park. The water was low last summer and I walked over to the island. I talked with one of the park rangers earlier in the year and he said he has seen others wearing thongs over the past years and he did not have a problem as long as you were wearing something. I have asked the same questions for the last 10 years to see if anything has changed.
I have only seen 4 or 5 other male thongers over the years. There are many police departments govering the lake. so you might get differnet answers from the county sherrifs. I do not wear totally sheer suits. only suits that become slightly sheer when wet.

flthongbutt #23

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:03/12/2012 12:51:22Copy HTML

gotcha. was thinking about driving up there, and checking it out... i'll probably go to the van buren area you're talking about.... probably have to look it up on a map or something....sounds pretty ok....
JM_Runs #24

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/01/2012 01:46:57Copy HTML

Am going out to Lake Lanier tomorrow. Anyonw care to join me?
JM_Runs #25

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/01/2012 10:23:13Copy HTML

Just back from the lake. It was gorgeous and not too hot. I went to Van Pugh. the southern park where the parking is free. The water is low so I was able to walk over to the island. I found a spot on the beach which was empty and quickly stipped down to my black JS thong. About an hour later. A patoon boat with 3 families parked almost on top of me. Mind you there wasnt anyone else on the beach for 3 football field lenghts. I was on my back but after 15 minutes I rolled over- ass up. Got a few giggles, and they stayed for 1 1/2 hours. The kids were busy playing down the beach. The senior class of the high school was having a party just down from me. At least 120 kids walked past me- most of the time ass up. No problem at all - some even said hello. They looked and moved on. Part of the time I was standing knee deep in the icy water. It was hard to miss me. I had a great time. I listend to my ipod and relaxed. I walked back to my car in just my thong and an open button up shirt. Passed a lot of people on the way. I just didnt want it to end.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/21/2012 01:27:20Copy HTML

I have been going to lake lanier for many years wearing a thong. My thong of preference is a regular Joe Synder. I have had no problem with the quality of their suits. I have had many for sevearl years that get constant wear.
 Anyway, I was out saturday on the island you can walk out on when the water level is low at Van Pugh park. I set up around 2 pm in a cove that has lots of shade if I am getting too hot. There wasn't anyone close within  a football field in either direction. I was working on tanning my ass when 2 black couples walked by- almost on top of me. About 30 minutes later a woman with a dog set up about 20 feet away. (Why are people allowed to bring dogs to public beaches, they dump and always try to sniff my ass, lol) A few minutes later her husband arrived on a jet ski pulling a raft with 4 teenagers. I had no problems. Half hour later a boat with 2 young couples around 23 yrs old pulled up within 10 feet of me. Acouple got off  and the boat pulled away to move to a beach a little further down.
I didn't pay it any attention. I flipped several times working on my tan. I was ass up when the young guy who got off the boat came alone up to me and asked if he could lay down beside me in the shade. He was very nice but nervous as hell. We spoke a little. Didnt want to offend him or run him off. He commented about my dark overall tan and aked if I was from around the lake. I could tell he was intrigued by me wearing the thong and I bet he wanted to wear one also. He stayed for 15 minutes then left. I think there are a lot of younger guys who would love wearing smaller swimwear if it were more acceptable. Hope the movie magic mike is not making fun of guys wearing thongs and influences more guys to be proud of their bodies. I have had several young guys come up to me and tell me they wish they had the guts to wear a thong or gstring.

JM_Runs #27

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/28/2012 11:05:27Copy HTML

I have finally posted some pictures of me. They were taken memorial day weekend 2012 at Lake Lanier, Ga.  I was out for 4 hours. As you can see there are children playing in the water and they could care less I was there. BTW you can only post 1 picture at a time. Even though I have been thonging in public for almost 20 years and most of the time at Lake Lanier, these are the first pictures made of me in public wearing a thong. Dont know why I waited so long. LOL
ted230 #28

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/31/2012 01:59:58Copy HTML

I live in Cumming.  Are there any parts on Lake Lanier that are close to Cumming that I can wear a thong swimsuit.
JM_Runs #29

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/31/2012 02:13:10Copy HTML

TedI think u can in a park called Mary Alice. Of course if you want to join me one day I will meet you on the gwinnett side where I always go.  Im older but many of my friends are younger. It would be nice to have someone to chat with. I went to Paradise Valley outside Dawsonville in April for the 5K fig leaf run / clothing optional inside the resort. The people were very friendly and accepting of anyone. Gay, straight, Bi or any color. I usually go out on Saturdays to the lake - but will have some Sundays available this summer. You can email me. for further info. But read my posting under this link


ted230 #30

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/31/2012 11:51:48Copy HTML

I have never really worn a skimmy swimsuit.  I would like to get used to it my back yard but I don't want to get in trouble with the law.  How can I make sure it is ok?  Here is the swim suit I have.

JM_Runs #31

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:06/01/2012 12:12:57Copy HTML

ted  great suit. Can't imagine how u could get in trouble with the law wearing that at the lake
JM_Runs #32

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/02/2012 12:49:37Copy HTML

Just got back from Lake Lanier. Boy was it hot today, over 100. I walked over to the island from Van Pugh park, the free area. Want very crowded because they closed most of the parking because people trashing the area just before Memorial Day. I wore a green VLC Dore thong. The pouch is very tiny and it is always a challenge to get everything covered. I love this thong because it  the straps are very small - its almost like wearing a g-string. I posted some pictures. As usual, boats pulled up close. I heard a few say: Is he naked? No I think he has on a thong.

A young couple with 2 dogs came and set up in the shade close by. Their dogs came up and the guys said they are friendly and wont bite. I continued in and out of the water not bothering to hide. I acted like anyone else who was there swimming. The park rangers came by in their boat. I heard a kid yell- There is a naked guy over there. I thought for a minute I might have a problem, but the rangers kept on riding by. I have asked almost every year for the last 20 if thonging was alowed at the lake. And each time a park ranger told me it was okay. None the less, I was a little nervous, since the thong was smaller than I usually wear.

For the last few years I have noticed that young couples and teenagers in general are more accepting of my thongs. I hope this is a new trend. It might just be people have become accustomed to seeing me in them.
BiLarry #33

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:08/16/2012 12:32:55Copy HTML

I have worn a thong to Lake Tobesofkee in Macon several times.  I have seen several other guys wearing thongs there.  The only negative comments I have gotten is from teenage girls.  Most adults just look and say "Hi" and go about their business.  I had one woman (in her 40s) tell her husband, "See I told you that you wouldn’t be the only guy in a thong, next week you will wear your thong."
JM_Runs #34

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/14/2014 10:04:37Copy HTML

 I went to Lake Lanier Saturdayspent the day in my new Skinzwear g-string.  Several park rangers came by not too far off shore in a boat and looked. There was a couple on shore on a kayak and they waved to rangers. The rangers waved back and took off. Later more people came by. It was overcast and a  slow day at the lake. As I was leaving I noticed a guy in the parking lot. It looked like he was drying off and wearing a black thong or gesturing. I went over and asked if he was wearing a g-string? He said it was a thong. I asked him if he had asked if they were allowed. He said no, but the rangers had seen him and he had no problem. Since I have been thronging at lake for 20 years I was sure that would be his answer.I told him I went thonging there often and if he saw me he was welcome to join me. He was very nervous and kept saying he just wanted to get sun and nothing more. I asked if he would be comfortable enough to take some pictures of me, but he declined. I smiled and assured him that I only wanted to swim and tan.Nice to run into another male thonged.Tking
nospam_TN1 #35

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:07/16/2014 03:56:51Copy HTML

stringking:  I hate to say this, but I think you made the gentleman you mentioned uneasy.  He might well have feared you were looking for a hook up with him somewhere.  I realize the etiquette of an encounter between two heterosexual male thong-wearers can become complicated, but I believe it's always best to err on the side of caution.  If you see another man wearing a thong in the locker room or briefly expose his thong in public, then don't even mention it.  If he's wearing it full public view, then simple, non-sexual compliments would be fine as long as you don't appear to approach him solely for the purpose of making the comment and you don't invite yourself to hang out with him.
JM_Runs #36

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:09/01/2014 12:55:01Copy HTML

 Follow upWent to Lake Lanier again today.  Decided to wear my g-string as much as possible, so I walked to my car in just my g-string at the house. I did lip on a pair of shorts to go to my spot. A couple of families were there. So I moved a littel futher down. I got out on my float and I noticed one of the women had pulled her small binkin bottoms into a thong. She had a very nice tanned ass. Im sure this wasn't her first time. I noticed a guy looking down from banks. I thought it was the thonger from before. I decided to find out and apologize that I made him feel uncomfortable the first time we met. Sure enough it was him. He waved and I went over to talk to him. He had on a tiny g-string/thong. We chatted for a few minutes and then I went back to my float. AsI was leaving, he was also leaving and we ran into each other on the trail back to cars.We chatted some more. Hope we can be friends now.Oh I rode back home in just my g-string and parked out front and went in the front door. My neighbors could see me if they were looking.
JM_Runs #37

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:10/28/2014 03:45:02Copy HTML

Hey everybody, so my girlfriend has been recently introduced into wearing a thong when when she goes swimming or tanning. Of course, I am not going to deny the fact because she would look amazing, but I don't want to get into trouble with the law. That is my only concern. I know most of you have thonged in Georgia, but can I have some more recent updates onto the experiences and what peoples reaction was toward you? I am looking for a girl to primarily answer, but anyone can help. 
thongexpert #38

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:10/31/2014 07:12:40Copy HTML

Hope a female can give you her experiences, but I hope mine can help.  I believe that my experiences being good, and including encounters with the rangers, so a girl in a thong would be very acceptable, and appreciated by many, and pretty sure all guys.
I've had 2-3 instances where rangers thought I was naked, but on closer inspection, just left after we waved to each other.  I've had many curious people taking second and third looks, and had females honk and recently whistle at me, it was fun :)  I don't make a big deal of wearing thongs, I'm used to it, I like my sunbathing, and don't like tennis short tans :)
True there will not be many thongs at this lake, and I've seen only 2-3 girls in the last several years.  I usually try to sunbathe away from the crowds because of kids, and I want more peace and quiet.
I'm happy for you that your GF will wear thongs, she will never go back.  It's so much more comfortable, sleeker, not to mention sexier for the both of you.  People don't wear them much, and IMO, due to trends.  On the other hand, tiny swimwear will remain special.  Good luck next season.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:11/03/2014 03:28:04Copy HTML

Thank you very much for the response.
On a further question, my GF is concerned with wearing a thong in front of everybody on a beach. She does not want to feel out of place or uncomfortable with wearing a thong.  I want her to because she will look amazing.
Does anyone know how to get rid of these initial fears and give her some reasons to wear a thong bikini instead of a traditional bikini bottom? 
JM_Runs #40

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:11/03/2014 05:50:23Copy HTML

The best way to give her courage is to wear a thong in a matching color to show your support for her. 
Couples thonging together get less grief than singles.
tobias5711 #41

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:06/05/2015 02:02:52Copy HTML

 Went out to Lake Lanier for 4 hours today. It was cloudy for the first hour but gradually the sun came out and it was perfect.  I wore my new white JS bulge thong. Very few people around. good thing - it gets pretty sheer when wet- but dries very fast. Hope to get back out Sat or Sun afternoon
tobias5711 #42

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:03/19/2016 08:03:04Copy HTML

 Thursday was such a nice day in North Georgia- Went out for the first time this year to tan in my new Skinzwear tiny thong. Most of the parks I go to are closed for the winter so I ended up at a beach which usually is a very busy beach area. Not Thursday. I laid out buns up for over 1.5 hours and then on my back for another 1.5 hours. I then changed into a pair very thin (see through when wet)  really short shorts with no liner from body aware and walked around- several families drove up so I laid out for another half hours then rode home in my tiny shorts.
athnscpl #43

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:02/24/2017 05:34:16Copy HTML

 Lake Lanier is a great place for thongs/G-strings.  I have a boat club membership which gives me access to boats and, therefore, the 600 some miles of coast and it's MANY coves.   We go with our kids, 13 and 11, and my wife and I are usually only in minimal swimwear.   This year I plan to not cover up when out with our friends.   They are our friends after all, right?!  Lake cove+beer+sun+buns=awesome day!!
tobias5711 #44

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:02/27/2017 12:47:44Copy HTML

 athnscpl- I usually go to Lanier Park. If you and family ride by and see me, please stop and say hello
athnscpl #45

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:25:33Copy HTML

Will do, Tobias!   We may be out on a pontoon Wednesday or Thursday next week with our dogs.
tobias5711 #46

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/19/2017 12:55:55Copy HTML

 AthnscplI went out to Lake Lanier last Friday. I went to both Van Pugh (on Island) and to Lanier Park. I wore a small red Skinz stuffit thong to both. I walked around for several hours. Many boaters and fishermen saw me. I decided to walk to my car in just the thong as I left Van Pugh. I surprised many  people. One guy was taking selfies with the phone pointing in my direction, so I went up and said hello. He told me I had been at a nice spot. If he saw me there, I was laying buns up. We chatted for a few minutes. He continued to check out my thong while his wife was a few feet away on her towel catching one sun. I made sure to say hello to everyone I passed. One families wet dog ran up to me. Of course they all had a good look at me. they apologized for the dog getting me wet.  I then went to Lanier park- decided since went so well not to put on shorts, so I walked out to my area again in just my thong.
Anyways, I am trying to go back to the lake again on Thursday. Will probably be there around 1 or so till 7.  Hope to see you there.
tobias5711 #47

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:04/22/2017 01:19:26Copy HTML

 Another really great day at Lake Lanier. Perfect weather. 
athnscpl #48

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/15/2017 07:34:07Copy HTML

  We will probably be out on the lake tomorrow around 10 AM until 1 PM. Will swing by and take a look for you!
tobias5711 #49

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/16/2017 04:27:53Copy HTML

 athnscpl- sent you several messages- I will try to be at Van Pugh Island at the end- closest to the 3 Islands around 10:30
tobias5711 #50

Re:Thonging in Georgia. (Lake Lanier and other inland places)

Date Posted:05/17/2017 11:44:57Copy HTML

 athnscpl- Did you go out yesterday to the lake? I went out on the Island off Van Pugh. I didn't see you. I did have a platoon boat slow down and come close. I waved to them, They came within 10 feet and stared. An older man and his wife and a cute dog. After watching me for several minutes they drove off.  Haha. By the way- I don't know what you look like or your ages, so I have no idea who to look for.
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