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Date Posted:01/18/2005 04:31:37Copy HTML

I've been thinking about a short break to Iceland. I've heard about their natural springs and the Blue Lagoon and I was wondering if anyone knows if it is acceptable to thong there?I'm going with an old school friend who I last went on holiday with over ten years ago when we used to go clubbing in Ibiza with a group of mates. More often than not I'd wear a thong to the beach, but most of my friends would wear Speedo's or shorts. I did manage to convert a couple of friends when they noticed how much attention I would get from the girls. But this friend resolutely stuck to his shorts.I doubt that he'd have a problem with me wearing a thong to one of the pools or springs and I'll bring a couple of spares just in case. But I don't know what the local laws are, anyone know anything about it?
poonster #1

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:05/27/2009 02:56:51Copy HTML

 I am heading there this Aug. Any updated intel? Thanks in advance.
tanga #2

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:05/27/2009 01:19:27Copy HTML

I'd say you'd be ok, it's a very liberal place.

I did see some ladies thonging but no other men when we went.  I rather stupidly forgot to pack any so had to put up with some shorts that I bought out there (didn't see any swim thongs in the few shops I looked in).

Make sure you're there for the weekend, the bars get crazy in the small hours (people don't really go out until after midnight).
SlidingG #3

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:05/28/2009 03:30:59Copy HTML

Poonster, I'd say just do it.  Wife and I returned from Bermuda yesterday, and that was my attitude there at the hotel pools and beach.  Never wore more than a thong, probably got a few stares (wasn't paying attention), but no hassles at all.  Resort staff had no problems, either.  Compared to Bermuda, Iceland is probably pretty laid back, so don't sweat it, just enjoy, and have a great trip.  We hope to get there someday, and I'll surely be thonging at the springs and lagoon.
northernthonger #4

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:05/31/2009 09:12:04Copy HTML

 We went to Iceland two years ago. I e-mailed the Blue Lagoon before we left and the reply said thongs were fine. We went to the Blue Lagoon three times and some of the local pools with no problems apart from the usual looks and comments, particularly from the English. Make sure you follow the pool etiquette, full shower without costume before donning your costume and entering the pool At the local pools, there is someone there who makes sure you do it but made absolutely no comment about my thong.
poonster #5

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:07/27/2009 06:54:11Copy HTML

 Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I will be packing my thongs for sure!
thong1 #6

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:02/28/2010 01:09:55Copy HTML

 I was in Iceland last August and thonged more than I'd ever done previously. I was in the pool or hot tub most days and wore nothing but my V-string, or, at most, a thong-back brief. Most liberating. I posted about it in the wrong part of the forum, so here's the body of the text, for convenience:

I've recently got back from a fortnight or so in Iceland, and am happy to report that I was able to thong with abandon! Given the climate, there was no swimming in the sea, except for the geothermally heated beach at Nautholsvik. I took my Sunup/Sundown thong and v-string and wore them most days. At Landarslaug, one of the big swimming pools in Reykjavik, I wore my thong, but at all the small hot tubs and pools I visited, I wore my V-string. Nobody seemed to bat an eyelid.

I didn't find any other thongers except at Landmannalaugar. Here, when finally getting to the stream, I was met on the way in by a topfree girl in a black thong. Under the moonlight this was indeed a lovely sight. Nobody apart from us was thonging, although several ladies went topfree, at all times of day and night, it seemed. I wasn't at all bashful about what I was wearing, although I didn't flaunt it either, wearing a T-shirt on the way from the stream to the showers, all of which were open.

I was equally reserved at the Blue Lagoon, where I was the only thonger, although one lady was sporting a smallish rio back bikini. I rented a dressing gown, but needn't have bothered. I wore my V-string in the main pool (which is opaque), in the steam bath, under the waterfall and in the sauna. I didn't stop in the bar, however, so can't say anything about that. Nobody had anything to say. Just as it should be.
thonguk #7

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:08/04/2011 02:47:54Copy HTML

Has anyone gone to Iceland recently, any updates on where thonging is acceptable? I'm hopefully going in in the next few months.
thongjake #8

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:06/02/2012 05:55:41Copy HTML

I went to the Blue Lagoon April of 2011.
I wore a boxer-tight type in the big pool the first day. Since we stayed at the resort hotel we could use the hotel's own mini lagoon in the evening. I wore a thong (black Joe Snyder thong, one of my favorites) to this pool since there were only a few others. And, as others have mentioned, the water is completely opaque.
At one time I walked through a shallow part of the indoor pool and two young women (maybe end-20s) must have seen the top of my thong from behind but they didn't address me or say anything that I could hear. When I was exiting the pool area to go and have a shower, I had to turn my thonged backside to a young couple. No response. I'm not even sure they noticed.
The next day I felt a bit more self-confident and wore a Black Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer (which rides a bit up your crack after some time) to the large Lagoon. I felt a bit self-concious due to the fact that the bottom half of my ass was showing, but chose to ignore it and just go on.
No-one seemed to mind. At least not enough to mention anything to me. A few times I consulted the mirrors in the shower area to check how much I was showing. No-one wore thongs as far as I could see in the white water. (But a lot of people, especially a large group of British school boys, did not shower. They just jumped into the pool in their dirty boxers and then I thought: "If anyone should complain about me wearing a thong, I would say that maybe I was not the biggest problem this resort had") 
Matt37 #9

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:02/16/2016 03:54:04Copy HTML

Anyone recently been to Iceland and have any experiences? My wife and I are considering going to Iceland early next year and I plan on taking my thong suits with me. Just curious of the climate had changed any.
Makyccs #10

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:02/01/2019 10:09:42Copy HTML

Hi everyone im Going to the blue Lagoon and wondering if other men have wore a thong there
LanaLanaUK #11

Re:Thonging in Iceland

Date Posted:02/01/2019 06:52:53Copy HTML

Ugh so jealous, I've wanted to go to Iceland for years!
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