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Date Posted:08/02/2004 02:19:13Copy HTML

Am looking for information on thonging in Israel. Will be in tel Aviv on business week commencing 9 August and am looking for places that I can thong. Anyone with information (beaches, hotels, other places, conatct info) that will help will be much appreciated. Looking also to hook up with other thongers in Tel Aviv if possible (see my thread in contacts section) for early morning or late afternoon beach walks/tanning.Please respond here or to the address in my profile.Thanks in advanceTM
tremendimouse #1

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/02/2004 02:19:21Copy HTML

Am looking for information on thonging in Israel.  Will be in tel Aviv on business week commencing 9 August and am looking for places that I can thong.  Anyone with information (beaches, hotels, other places, conatct info) that will help will be much appreciated.  Looking also to hook up with other thongers in Tel Aviv if possible (see my thread in contacts section) for early morning or late afternoon beach walks/tanning. 

Please respond here or to the address in my profile.

Thanks in advance



string king #2

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/02/2004 09:16:06Copy HTML

Reply to : tremendimouse

Am looking for information on thonging in Israel. Will be in tel Aviv on business week commencing 9 August and am looking for places that I can thong. Anyone with information (beaches, hotels, other places, conatct info) that will help will be much appreciated. Looking also to hook up with other thongers in Tel Aviv if possible (see my thread in contacts section) for early morning or late afternoon beach walks/tanning.Please respond here or to the address in my profile.Thanks in advanceTM

You should have a good time in Tel Aviv. I lived there three years ago and unless something has changed you will not have any problems wearing a thong anywhere along the beach. About 30% of the men wear speedo bikinis or just srip down to their bikini underwear if they were there and just wanted to swim or lay out. Even though women can go topless it is not too common. I have seen both men and women wear thongs or g-strings there.

I use to lay out close to the guard stand close to the King David hotel under one of the cabanas.The sun gets really hot there. The beach police will notice if you have on a thong or g-string. I was once stopped and when a cop saw only my bare ass under a short t-shirt, once he saw my g-string pouch he told me I was ok and went his way. There was a young man who use to lay out nude buns up and the police would talk to him and he would cover up. They seem pretty tolerant especially since the ultra-orthodox walk along the beach aslo.

In front of the Hilton, north of the marina, is where most thongers use to hang out. I usually wore a small red point unlined grey-silver micro thong - more like a g-string which would become almost transparent when wet. It dried almost instantly. It outlined everything nicely when dry. I had police sit down right beside me and never had a problem.

I've seen both men and women stip down and change into swim wear on the beach when there are free changing rooms only yards away. Total nudity for any length in time would be a problem. I've seen men on less crowded days go skinny dipping, taking showers next to the boardwalk and taking off their suits to rinse them off, at Ashdod I watched 2 guys under 20 go surfing nude in a noncrowded area.

Israel prides itself in being very modern and European. I am sure things have loosened up since all of the Russian immigration.

Once, infront of the King David, a young beach patrol noticed a gorgeous model topless in a very small white thong. He went over and talked to her (hit on her) for 30 minutes - He helped her put on her top and they walked over to his office and stayed for several hours. When they returned she removed her top and they talked for another half hour before he left.

I would ask someone at the hotel if it is still legal to wear thongs and g-strings on the beach. Use common sense- I always arrived early so there was no confusion about what I was wearing. I would never try to offend someone- but I doubt seriously if anyone gets offended there. What you are wearing, or not wearing, just doesn't seem to be a issue.

Have a good time and make a report afterwards.

String King
miaswim #3

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/02/2004 01:14:47Copy HTML

You may want to send a message to Hutiniman on Yahoo.  He's in Israel and into thongs also.  We've chatted before and I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you.



Ex_Member #4

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/03/2004 03:57:47Copy HTML

Hey there TM,

Got your email, and that led me here - so I joined.  And thanks, Miaswim, for the reference. 

I'll reply to you here, so that everyone gets the benefit of the conversation.

Truth is, everything that KingString said is still applicable.  You can basically get away with a thong almost anywhere, although the Hilton north beach (which also happens to be mainly gay) is probably the most 'acceptable' place to thong here in Tel Aviv.  But then, even at places where it is less common to see guys in thongs, the worst thing that will probably happen is that you might get some funny looks.  You most certainly won't get arrested.  There is nothing at all illegal about wearing thongs in public (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend walking around the streets in only a thong - unless you really want a lot of attention - that sort of thing only happens at the Pride Parade or the Love Parade).  You can even buy thong underwear in ordinary department stores here, and thong swimwear in some fashion stores.

Any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.




tremendimouse #5

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/14/2004 01:14:56Copy HTML

Well everyone, just back from Tel Aviv and have to report that I had a great time thonging there.  Not that there were too many other guys (or girls) in thongs.  However,  that did not deter me.  Stuck to Hutiniman's advice and went to the beach near the Hilton hotel anyway.  As I was there on business I only managed to get there late afternoon for about and hour and a half before sunset each day but did manage to top up my tan a bit.  I had he whole of Friday morning in my thong on the beach - a few looks but no rude comments (that i could hear or understand anyway) and no-one really cared.  Plenty of guys in small speedo suits and the usual array of  "dork shorts" on most of the other beaches.  Probably more speedos than shorts actually which makes a change.  Some great looking bodies on the beach too - I think I will have to train and tighten up a bit!

Even managed to thong at the Dan hotel pool in the early mornings - however I do not necessarily recommmend that later in the day as the pool tends to fill up with families.   No comments from the lifeguards or anyone else swimming or sunning at that time in the morning though!. 

If any of you ever get to Israel I can definitely recommend the beaches too - soft, clean white sand (similar to Florida, USA beaches).  Just wish I could have got away to the more remote beaches which were less  crowded to do some beach walking in my thong.  Maybe I will report back on that next time round.  Hopefully will be back in Israel soon and with a few days extra to tag on to explore further afield. 

Thanks to Hutiniman for the info by email and for the IM chats while I was there.  Good advice - pity that we couldn't meet up. 

Keep watching this space for more reports


string king #6

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:08/15/2004 07:47:41Copy HTML

Reply to : tremendimouse
Glad you had a good time in Tel Aviv. I have walked the beach in Tel Aviv from the Hilton all the way to the rock jettys on the south end in only a thong many times without any adverse reaction. Glad to hear the guys are still wearing speedos and thongs there.
sailor250 #7

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:01/23/2007 08:10:21Copy HTML

abczyxabczyx #8

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:01/23/2007 09:17:44Copy HTML

I wound not feel safe in Israel with everything that is going on.
Mako Hawaii #9

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:02/06/2007 06:07:12Copy HTML

Back about 10 years ago I stayed in Tel Aviv and wore a G-string at the pool conservatively until I noticed a group of girls come in and string to G-strings and topless. After that I asked them if it was OK to be in a thong on the beach also, and they told me it was fine on all the Israeli beaches. They also informed me of a nude beach just north of Tel Aviv. Which I went to the next day and even walked about a mile of the beach nude with the girls I had met at the pool the day before. I eventually just put my micro G-string on to walk from my hotel room to the pool and beach.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:11/12/2011 09:29:01Copy HTML

 I spent time in Tel Aviv a while back in the mid 1990's and wore G-string on the beach in from of the hotel daily with zero issue and wasn't the only thonger on the beach
tremendimouse #11

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:06/12/2013 07:58:50Copy HTML

Have been back in Tel Aviv aftrer a long absence. Managed to get a few runs in along the beachfront (nicely paved and abou 4km long - so enough for a good morning or evening run there and back) and also have managed to spend time at the beach in my Skinz cutaway string thong.  This was at the beach in front of the hilton hotel, which has a reputation for being the young peoples and gay beach, which had mostly guys in speedo and squarecut suits with the occasional board short wearer (these were in the minority though).  There  were also some families there as well as couples. 
I spent about 3 hours out one afternoon and no comments at all, even swam and showered in my g-string too.  A great day at the beach and a thonging opportunity not to be missed. 
abczyxabczyx #12

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:06/13/2013 03:57:12Copy HTML

 Israel is too violent and dangerous. 
Thongmad #13

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:06/13/2013 07:39:18Copy HTML

abczyxabczyx , that is a myth from the first hand experiences I have heard.

The majority are warm, welcoming people who love visitors and are very happy to show them their country and culture.
Unfortunately the media mis-represents many, many things...
JM_Runs #14

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:06/14/2013 12:35:45Copy HTML

abc- I lived in Israel from 1997 to 2000. I felt very safe there. Still one must always be aware of his surroundings even in the USA. Israeli kids are safe to walk the streets even in the wee hours of the morning. Murders are almost nonexistent, but growing with all the immigrants moving in. Since they built the walls around the west bank there have been almost no terrorist attacks on buses. The border cities in the south, west and north do have the rockets from time to time. All soldiers are required to carry their issued gun when in uniform. There are bomb shelters in all apartments, hotels office buildings etc.

I wore a small g-string almost every week either on the beach at Tel Aviv near the Hilton or on the beach at Ashdod without any problems. I was walking the beach in on a tiny silver grey - unlined G-string near the marina in Tel Aviv when a religious Jewish woman dressed in a long dress, the sheitel (wig) with kids in arm. One of her little boys around 2 yrs old got loose from her without any shoes on. The sand was very hot and he was crying. I reached him before she could. She thanked me over and over. Not once did she give me a nasty look for being almost naked. I'm sure the thin suit didn't hide much.
In Ashdod, The first time I wore a thong in Israel (gazelle thong) The water was very shallow for almost a 100 yards., so my bare ass was visible for everyone to see. I got almost waist deep when I saw a guy approaching me. He came over and asked me Mah Shah (what time is it?) I forgot I had on my watch. I began to laugh. Nobody owns watches there. They are always asking for the time. Anyway he had to walk 5 minutes to ask me, so I know he had other intentions. I told him the time as he checked out my wet  transparent thong. He chatted for a minute. My Hebrew was bad and his English was bad. lol He wasn't  a perv type. Later as I walked by him  to my things he had rolled his speedo up into a thong and was ass up. He waved and smiled as I went by.

They have bath houses on the edge of the beach in both Ashdod and Tel Aviv- but many times I watched as both men and women stripped down to put on their swim suits. the women usually used a towel to cover up. Once on Tel Aviv beach - a Stunning girl model type saw me and set up within 10 feet. She stripped down to just a wicked weasel G-string bottom, no top. I was going to talk to her when a young beach police (around 28 yrs old) went up to talk to her. I thought he would ask her to cover up - But no he sat down and talked to her laughing. They left together to his office, she still in only her G-string bottom. They returned an hour later and he kissed her goodbye. 10 minutes later her BF/ husband came up and helped her get dressed and they left. 
In Ashdod I watched a guy on public beach naked smoking a cig while talking to his friends, Two other guys surfed naked (tried too- not may waves) another male seminary student asked me to watch his clothes after seeing me in my g string, while he used the sea as a mikvah (religious Baptism in fresh water while naked- most time in indoor pool fed by spring water- but a sea , ocean, river , lake can be used)
I didn't see many guys in thongs, but the ones I did see weren't trying to hide and nobody cared. Most of the young guys in thongs were the only one in thongs but were usually in a large group of friends.  At the time about 40% of the guys wore speedos, many just wore their breif underware if they decided to hit the beach and forgot their swimsuit. Not at all what I expected in the Holy Land
tremendimouse #15

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:09/02/2013 02:42:48Copy HTML

Just back from a week long business trip to Tel Aviv.  Have to report that the beaches there are still thong friendly.  I went to the Hilton beach again on a couple of days and had no issues tanning or swimming in my Skinz M1R2 string thong.  There were a few women there in thongs and one even in a small g-string and  topless.  There are still lots of guys swimming and tanning in Speedo or Squarecut suits and some smaller bikini type suits on guys too. Women are typically in small bikini's or one-piece suits (generally depending on age and comfort level).  Although i was the only guy in a thong i did not feel uncomfortable or under pressure to cover up at all.
jackk #16

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:03/31/2016 07:48:39Copy HTML

 How are the beaches in Tel Aviv these days? I'll be heading there soon.
ChadE #17

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:01/21/2017 03:49:16Copy HTML

 I will be in Israel in March. How is the weather in March? Will I be able to tan at the beach? Has anyone thonged in Eilat?
tobias5711 #18

Re:Thonging in Israel?

Date Posted:01/22/2017 05:08:20Copy HTML

 Chad- see my report above from 2013  posted as ex member- Never made it to Eilat. Can't imagine much changing. Israel considers itself to b very European
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