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wannaplay #101

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:01/15/2014 05:59:16Copy HTML

Last year August me and my god went to langkawi and she was wearing her 2 we bikini all the time and not many ppl bothers us bout that. She even wore her skimpy shorts pants barely cover her ass with a gstring 
xg9 #102

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:02/07/2014 10:03:59Copy HTML

 hi.. is this topic still active?just wanna share my experience. i went for a vacation in northern malaysia. stayed at hotel seri malaysia.went for a swim in a swimming trunk. couldnt do it in a thong because my relatives were there. so i wore a thong underneath the swimming trunk. just before the pool closes, went to the changing room and took off the swimming trunk. it felt really good walking around in thong. just after 7pm when the pool had closed, i went out in my thong and went for a quick swim.. nobody was there..had a blast swimming!!! went in the changing room again and walked around naked! 
bahkuteh #103

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:02/28/2014 12:22:11Copy HTML

 i thong at JinWoo swimming pool with other guy ,so far no get any complain from lifeguard but only place for us thonging is near by the corner of the maintained backroom I hard to find a place thong at KL
bahkuteh #104

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/21/2014 12:27:09Copy HTML

 i want thonging at Batu Feringhi Penang , which part of area it suit to do it ??
bahkuteh #105

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/28/2014 08:07:27Copy HTML

 yesterday I wore txm collection underwear at MV fitness centre sauna room first I cover up by towel and later on take off my towel and sit along the wooden sit in sauna room some of the guy keep looking at my manhood and some of them don't bother me at all later come with one guy (homosexual )  and complement on my thong , later I wore other colour thong and show here in steam bath room which under maintained and I allow him touch my fabric BUT this moment t he start acting weird because he other hand keep shaking he manhood then I stop the conversation with him and walk away
bahkuteh #106

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:08/04/2014 08:13:27Copy HTML

 JAPANESE guy wear thong at padang merdeka beach, sg petani Kedah http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKee_WyxrOBESn9oV-4NIBA

thefinalaeon #107

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:08/11/2014 06:25:54Copy HTML

 Gonna thong at the Boulevard Hotel @ Mid Valley. Staff say its allowed and ok.
barebutt #108

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:08/14/2014 03:46:41Copy HTML

 Heh when u going to boulevard? This weekend?
malagaguy #109

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/12/2014 12:11:40Copy HTML

Okay, we just had another break on Pangkor Laut at the Sea Villas.
These are villas out on pylons over the water and have a veranda with a couple of sun beds.
We spent time getting some rays as usual, occasionally with nothing on.  No complaints.  
Down at the Spa Villas there are no young kids allowed and there is a separate pool by the spa.  Should be O.K there.
Round at Emerald beach we wore G's with no problems.

gnoht #110

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:10/15/2014 01:58:00Copy HTML

Normally I'd just go thong / g-string when people aren't around.
Some places you could even skinny dip. :P 
bluie #111

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/20/2014 04:01:26Copy HTML

My wife and I were in Langkawi for a trip. We had activities lined up: driving around checking out the local stuff, getting meals, seeing the sights. In our itinerary, we had two sessions at the beach - Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and Berjaya Resort's private beach (where we stayed).

At Tengkorak, we were the first ones there at about 8+ am. 3 or 4 families came after, but they didn't voice any objections outright. They are likely local or from Mainland Malaysia. We left at about 11 because of the rain and the abundance of cloud cover. Tengkorak is a little beach, probably cannot accommodate more people than the parking space allows. Unsheltered beach from the waves. It's a pretty beach to go to. Not sure of toilet facilities, didn't had to use / search for them. Tengkorak is a public beach. But there are four chalets / resort / hotel there.

Berjaya's beach is long and beautiful. Beach chairs and umbrellas available on a first come first served basis. Sand is a little on the rough side unforunately. Many tourists there, much like ourselves. Again no objections voiced. Noticed a few double or triple takes when we walked along the beach. The sun only came out at about 1000. The bulk of people started coming at 1100. We left at 1245 for lunch. There is a area for swimming, clearly demarcated by the buoys. The rest of the waters is used for other water activities like sailing and jet skiing.

Another possible beach to visit is Pantai Kok. We drove past and got out to take a look while on the way to something else. This one might be even better than Berjaya's. Nonetheless, Pantai Kok is a public beach, just as Tengkorak was.

We paid for an island hop tour 30RM / pax for a 4 hour trip to 3 island/attractions. Doesn't seem likely to thong at these trips. Didn't check out the other tours available.

It might also be possible to swim in a thong at some less popular waterfalls. I suppose just gotta look out for the kids or the more conservative locals.

Langkawi is also dotted with many islands around the main island, possible for snorkelling and other water activities. We didn't check them out. 

There are also many beaches that line the island. Thonging seems more probable at the private beaches owned by the various hotels. As for the public beaches, maybe just be the first ones there in a thong, visitors after you would probably move on if they feel uncomfortable or stay if they don't mind.

We didn't see any signboards at the beaches prohibiting thong swimwear.

On a side note, do rent a car from the airport after the customs, before leaving the arrival hall. We found that a car is the cheapest and most convenient way to get around the island, especially if you are touring free & easy like we did. My wife and I agree that getting around in a car is better than a motorbike. A cab would be just inconvenient.
bahkuteh #112

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:01/07/2016 04:14:19Copy HTML

 i saw a latin girl wear blue thong at jinwoo swimming pool this Monday ,
ampang_thong_lover #113

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:02/10/2016 06:29:02Copy HTML

 bahkuteh...next time invite me lorrr...tried to thong at Chin Woo before but too shy
bahkuteh #114

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:02/15/2016 09:00:41Copy HTML

why to shy?? i will thong on this week Saturday around 12 afternoon
JM_Runs #115

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:07/26/2016 06:19:52Copy HTML

Penangite here. Wanna thong in public but not sure where to start haha
lionjaguar #116

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:08/04/2016 07:02:04Copy HTML

 I start thonging in condo pool side that i rent for staycation thru airbnb. 
Just be tactful and its gonna be ommmm
JM_Runs #117

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:08/05/2016 12:01:38Copy HTML

Would also like to add that I just confirmed that Teluk Kampi beach in Penang is a nice place for thonging/tanning because it is mostly secluded. The main reason for its seclusion is because there's a hike to the beach that takes around 1.5-2 hours depending on fitness levels, and the path is pretty difficult for the uninitiated hiker. The beach itself is nothing too impressive, however; it is used for camping every once in awhile, so some spots are littered (no one else bothers to clear it because not many people visit the beach anyway), and the water isn't very clear, although that's not something you can expect from Penang's beaches nowadays. Otherwise, the beach is large enough for you to find your own personal spot and tan without disturbance from anyone.
lionjaguar #118

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/03/2016 01:55:50Copy HTML

 I've been thonging at my condo and friends' condos . some photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/146848694@N04/

JM_Runs #119

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/03/2016 05:52:55Copy HTML

Nice pictures. What model is the thong you're wearing?
lionjaguar #120

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/04/2016 12:51:16Copy HTML

got them online - no brand stuffs. 
most of my thongs are joe snyder, AC, and the undershop stuffs 
JM_Runs #121

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/04/2016 04:27:26Copy HTML

 Ahh thanks for the info. I've been searching for a comfortable and affordable thong swimsuit online lately, since I've only worn underwear so far.
lionjaguar #122

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/05/2016 02:44:53Copy HTML

I have one thong swimwear, like speedos quality just that its a thong cutting by the brand of Desmit or smth like that. 
Other than that i wear microfibre materials thongs n gstrings to suntan 
JM_Runs #123

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/05/2016 03:59:01Copy HTML

 Curious, are microfibre thongs/g-strings fit for light swimming? The ones that I currently possess are made of cotton(??), so they absorb too much water and become heavy even after a quick dip.
lionjaguar #124

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/06/2016 04:03:53Copy HTML

very fit - even with wave. Was at Thailand and the sea was rough, at times need to adjust, thats all.
only drawback of microfibre underwear is that if you have short growing pubic hair, it might poke out. whereas the swimthong which is thicker wont show the hair poking out.
JM_Runs #125

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:09/06/2016 09:16:19Copy HTML

 Hmm that's good to know. Thanks for the info!
bahkuteh #126

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:10/04/2016 09:18:02Copy HTML

my collection at chin woo swimpool 
strepsils #127

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:11/07/2016 12:56:12Copy HTML

A good place for thonging in public pool!

Public Swimming Pool (Butterworth)

JM_Runs #128

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:11/07/2016 09:38:45Copy HTML

 I don't think that's in Butterworth; Seberang Jaya is at Prai, which is mainland. It does look like a nice place for sunbathing though, if they allow thongs there. As far as I know there are only 2 public pools at Penang (island), and both of them explicitly prohibit thongs.
barebutt #129

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:11/27/2016 04:01:38Copy HTML

 Back to midvalley boulevard hotel...swam in my g string and tanned the whole day. It was really nice...took a corner and went laps when no kids were around....booyah...thia hotel rocks.
lionjaguar #130

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/07/2016 10:36:02Copy HTML

sounds fun . was it empty at the pool ? 
i find it uncomfortable thonging with presence of malay family, especially if they are in their hijab / conservative family.

bahkuteh #131

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:01/03/2017 12:39:40Copy HTML

Happy_Thonger #132

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:02/06/2017 09:58:02Copy HTML

We are thinking now of going to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. Anyone have any recent experience on how thong bathers are received by hotels and on the local beaches for both men and women?
Seamus87 #133

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:03/24/2017 04:11:36Copy HTML

 any thonger in malaysia??
gnoht #134

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:03/27/2017 05:16:05Copy HTML

Yup, thonging here and there. 
bahkuteh #135

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/04/2017 05:56:28Copy HTML


shoyupoke #136

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/07/2017 08:37:00Copy HTML

 How's thronging on langkawi?
Maxin #137

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/08/2017 03:00:50Copy HTML

 I wouldn't risk it on any of the beaches. Its Muslim.
turkishboy #138

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/08/2017 01:51:40Copy HTML

 I came back from Malaysia recently and stayed on Langkawi. I thonged with no problem on beaches there. I was at one beach where there were Malaysian families, so I stayed sitting or lying down in my thong.
lionjaguar #139

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/09/2017 04:45:23Copy HTML

 Malaysia is generally liberal although its muslim country. You may get laughter from locals a little, but that's about it.
I have to admit I'm more comfortable to be in my thong where Caucasians are around , and a little more careful where locals are regardless of race.
barebutt #140

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:04/29/2017 07:41:44Copy HTML

 Penang G hotel on gurney drive....awesome afternoon.....tanned and swam in my g string.....walked about the deck openly....friendly.....
Seamus87 #141

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:05/02/2017 01:48:47Copy HTML

really?? will go try 1 day... thank barebutt ....
barebutt #142

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:05/02/2017 03:27:57Copy HTML

gnoht #143

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/25/2017 08:32:32Copy HTML

Wore my g-string at Neo Hotel in Penang. 
2 ladies nearby (Europeans) saw me and they didn't seem to bother. I went to apologize to them for being insensitive but they said they were fine with it. 
Pool attendant was nearby, saw me and had no issues with it.
lionjaguar #144

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/26/2017 04:57:44Copy HTML

usually NEO hotel are crowded with locals. lucky you!
gnoht #145

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/28/2017 06:42:53Copy HTML

Depends on time too, Neo hotel that day had many check-in from overseas. 
Even almost closure time it had some 10+ people there, if you go Neo hotel some other time before closure time could be empty.
steveeagle #146

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:11/30/2018 09:57:53Copy HTML

Off to Malaysia shortly and staying at the Westin in Langkawi. Does anybody know if it’s okay to thong there? Also Boulevard in KL?
turkishboy #147

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:11/30/2018 06:18:05Copy HTML

Hi, Steve. Yes, thonging while on Langkawi is ok. I stayed in Pantai Cenang 2 years running, including this year. I thonged there ok. I travelled around the island and thonged on other beaches. It's a Muslim country, so it's better to be a bit discreet, not walking around in a thong when there are local people there. I don't know about KL.
lionjaguar #148

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:12/16/2018 03:59:58Copy HTML

i personally love Tanjung Rhu beach , followed by Pantai Tengah and Tengkorak Beach. Tanjung Rhu has the best scenery IMHO. I've thonged in all 3 places. I personally dont even like Pantai Cenang due to its crowd and watersports distraction, and never felt comfortable thonging here due to too many beach goers in fully clothed .
lionjaguar #149

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:01/29/2019 05:51:37Copy HTML

Today i was tanning at my friend's condo poolside, and the security guard came to me to inform that thong was not permitted. Oh well.
steveeagle #150

Re:Thonging in Malaysia?

Date Posted:03/02/2019 11:42:44Copy HTML

Just returned from Langkawi where we stayed at the Westin. I wore my g-string, swam in the sea and sun bathed on the beach all with no issues. A few stares (mainly from the Western guests!) but as I was confident in my outfit I think I got away with it
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