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tiggerix #101

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:09/25/2014 11:17:12Copy HTML

I think Spain has allowed nudity on beaches for a very long time - some places tried to designate nude beaches and were told that they couldn't as all beaches allow nudity.  Portugal allows it on designated beaches, but is fairly relaxed in most places, despite not being legal.  Italy has long dragged its heels on the matter but is beginning to designate some beaches.  That can make it difficult as, allegedly, a man in Sicily was prosecuted for being nude on a beach there.  I go nude on any European beach that I think I reasonably can - often that's easier than a thong/string.  
bulldog62 #102

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/02/2015 06:04:14Copy HTML

 Does any one know if Mar Menor is a good place for thonging? Or Cartagena. Will be having a holiday there soon.
Manu1418 #103

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/02/2015 07:03:24Copy HTML

Any beach in Spain is very good for thonging. 
Thongzforever #104

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/25/2015 01:56:10Copy HTML

 I'll be back in Barcelona from April 16 and will be there for a couple of weeks. Any thongers wanna meet up?
ChadE #105

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:05/22/2015 04:59:37Copy HTML

 Hi, I will be in Southern Spain, Costa del Sol, from 6/5 - 6/15. Wearing a thong to the beach every day. Let me know if you want to hang out.
pikeman #106

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:05/22/2015 05:09:12Copy HTML

 I believe that the Spanish government has recognized nudity as a basic human right. So it makes the thong pretty much a non-issue.
stringueur #107

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:08/23/2015 10:41:07Copy HTML

 I was in costa brava from 8/17 to 8/22.
I was in thong at the beach easily. No one each an eye. I went to the water in my thong and crossed the beach to go the shower. And everyone was indifferent to my thong. First i was a little nervous to take the shower with my thong, in front of everyone, but after 2 minutes, as i realize it was no problem, i was very confident.
Spain is a very good place.
tiggerix #108

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:09/19/2017 09:41:12Copy HTML

Had a good visit to Spain recently.  Found a very nice cove/bay at Cala Boadella on the Costa Brava between Blanes and Lloret de Mar - this is a mixed beach, which was really relaxed with textiles and nudes all enjoying the beach together.  Could park on the road nearby which was a bonus,  There are lots of these bays/coves in the area and all seem to be really pretty with small cliffs and maritime pines and clean sea.  Plenty of topless, cheeky and thong bikinis on girls and various shorts and speedos on guys, but no thongs seen.  Lots of nude male and female too.

Also went south to Tarragona area searching out a wild beach (Waikiki) which we found too difficult to get to.  Ended up driving into a small town beach at Torre de la Mora which at first sight seemed a bit bland.  Anyway we set up on the beach which was busy with a good mix of people.  Topless, thongs etc on girls and again shorts and speedos on guys.  Knowing that Spain allows nudity almost anywhere, I went nude including swimming in the sea and walking close to a beach bar to get to the showers by the road.  Got some looks from what turned out to be English guys in the bar, but just carried on anyway.

The wind got up and took our beach umbrella, so I ended up chasing it down the beach, still naked.  Walking back with it, there was a topless mum laughing away at me and I just smiled back - I would have laughed too.

Much later in the afternoon there was an alert and lifeguards went to help a couple of guys that had been swept onto the rocks at the end of the bay - we had noticed the pull as we swam and it was a windy day.  So we stood up and watched the rescue, me still naked.  Once that calmed down another guy in a couple near to us went nude and after a while the police who had been called out for the rescue, told him to cover up as he was in front of the road.  At which point I decided not to go the shower naked, but covered up with some skimpy briefs.  Good job I did as ambulance staff and police all passed by me as I was showering.  

I find that if I act natural and do my own thing I don't seem to get bothered - people look and just seem to accept it - except for Americans....(see my Sitges post).

If I can go nude in most places, then thongs shouldn't be a problem almost anywhere in Spain.

cmdwxoutku #109

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/11/2018 11:03:07Copy HTML

looking to go to Spain this year, reading through the posts, some of which are quite old, I am thinking Formentera. I like quitter beaches, I do not have the nerve to wear a string on a very busy beach, despite what people say about there nudity laws.
Barcelona seems far too busy and enough respect to the men that thong there. Is Formentera good for thonging, are there quieter beaches, preferably with more non-judgemental locals than Brits and any other recommendations?Also  I know Barcelona is bad for pick pockets, how is the rest of Spain and beaches for that? Thanks
brian9731 #110

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/11/2018 11:12:16Copy HTML

@Tiggerix - it's kind of weird what's acceptable in different environments. Thongs are thought of as a bit ... kinky in some circles, whereas nudity is, well it's just natural. In a different more conservative location, anything even slightly skimpy, from short shorts via a speedo and a thong down to complete nudity, might not be acceptable and considered deviant. There's no consistent logic.
tiggerix #111

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/12/2018 11:39:36Copy HTML

@cmdwxoutku - Formentera is apparently very relaxed with nudity fairly common on many beaches - if you are generally comfortable in a thong, then I don't think you will get any hassle.  If you are a bit nervous, then maybe wear a small speedo type and just lose that once you get the vibe of the beach (nude is often easier than string/thong).  Accept that in most places you will be the only guy in a thong - so as much as you can, figure out whether you look OK or not.  If you saw you on a beach, what would you think?  

Also, take a book to read, so that when you set up you have something to do as that can really help you blend in - you are just minding your own business.  If you are relaxed (or appear to be) it helps others to chill.  

As to other Spanish beaches - again a look on Google maps will give you useful insight - a quick flick to the photo section gives an indication of what a beach is like.  There are so many great Spanish beaches and, chances are, you are never far from one you will like, no matter which area of Spain you choose.

@brian9731 - I agree!

cmdwxoutku #112

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:02/12/2018 05:23:43Copy HTML

 Thanks Tiggerix. Been doing this for a few years and know my comfort boundaries. Don't like very busy beaches but also agree I will probably be the only man in a thong on the beach. There's something exciting and very cool about that, but sometimes you wish it didn't attract so much attention. I've had mixed results in the few times I've strung on various European  beaches, far more positive over seas, so just being cautious. Thanks for the advice.
Peterko64uk #113

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/03/2018 07:26:35Copy HTML

As mentioned many times, if you look confident with what you're wearing and not trying to harass anyone just minding your own business then no one will complain. I've been in Spain last August and have been thonging on the beach. It was absolutely amazing feeling. I had a run from the resort to the beach in white tights shorts with white speedo style thongs (clearly visible underneath the tights) which was over 2 miles. I run along the road and then mile through the fields only in thongs. What a feeling... On the beach I went nude for perfect tan and couple of hours later I put on my thongs and wondered down the beach for mile towards the city centre. Beach was quiet as was siesta time but walked past couple of families (2 single english ladies with small kids had quite a loud conversation about how good it looks and that spanish guys are more courageous than english guys back home ?, me pretending not to understand walked away). On the way back I took a shower on the beach close to them (to their full enjoyment) and exited beach wearing tights over wet thongs (again fully visible). Going to Spain again this year and hoping for a lot of thonging.
Napoleon44 #114

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/12/2018 12:58:42Copy HTML

I was also looking at Son Bou in Menorca and es Trenc in Mallorca . They seem to be long beaches with naturist areas so although I might be in a minority of one that might be quite nice . I think that as long as one avoids the lager louts or big groups it should be really cool . I think people tend to be more critical when they are in big groups as they get egged on and feel safe in numbers . Personally I do not like a crowded beach but equally I do not want a deserted one .

stringster #115

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/13/2018 03:32:39Copy HTML

 Es Trenc is excellent, probably the best on Mallorca. A bit out of the way though if you're not staying in the nearby town (Mallorca is huge), I recall driving for quite a while on the scooter from near Las Palmas and it wasn't fun on the highway (probably illegal).

Can't remember Son Bou though, Menorca is a really good island as well, frequented by more Spanish locals. Cales Coves were excellent too, not many people but clear water, rocks to jump in and more secluded, worth checking out if you like coves. It's near Son Bou.
Napoleon44 #116

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/13/2018 07:24:38Copy HTML

Thanks stringster ! I was looking also at Vera playa in almeria . Which has naturist hotels and beach . I'm not at all into naturism but it gives an idea of a relaxed atmosphere . I think that looks very promising . Has anyone been there ?
danny108 #117

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/30/2018 05:54:47Copy HTML

 I've been to Vera Playa but that was as a naturist so didn't get to wear any thongs but I think you'd be fine. Best to find an area where there is a mix of nude and clothed people on the beach and I'm sure you'd have no problem,
Napoleon44 #118

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:03/30/2018 12:57:07Copy HTML

 Thanks Danny that’s good of you . Have you any advice about where to stay . Initially I thought about a hotel but then I figured a nice apartment complex might be nice preferably with an overlooked sun terrace area  and  a communal pool where you can just stroll to in a thong . I definitely don’t want total privacy and I don’t want a lager lout ambience . Thanks Paul
willem_h #119

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:04/02/2018 07:16:39Copy HTML

 Formentera, I like it. Nude beaches, but also walking in Thong is relaxing there.

This year, for the thirth time we spend our vacation there.
Alfresco10 #120

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:05/24/2018 09:21:37Copy HTML

 Thongs were my go-to swimwear when I couldn't get to a nude beach in Andalucia two years ago.  Nobody paid any attention on any of the beaches I visited.   In September I will visit Peniscola, Barcelona and Sitges, and plan to pack thongs as a backup to my birthday suit swimwear.  I love the body acceptance I saw in Spain.
brian9731 #121

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:05/24/2018 09:31:56Copy HTML

A number of years on from a previous visit to Spain - Menorca to be exact - we now have another family trip to Gran Canaria booked in September. I have to admit, I wimped out on the full-on thong the last time. Instead I opted for the narrow backed Rio-style speedo, it just seemed too much of a family orientated environment where all the other guys (ALL of them) were in long swimming shorts.  It remains to be seen this time around whether the same thing will happen again but I will pack thongs in hopeful anticipation. Wish me luck!
Alfresco10 #122

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:05/26/2018 12:11:53Copy HTML

 Brian, you have more confidence than I would have on a family vacation.  As much as I love thongs or other minimal swimwear I opt for trunks (shorter than boardshorts) or briefs with family.  Good luck, tell us how it goes!
Lycrafool #123

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:08/14/2018 09:05:54Copy HTML

Has anyone been to Torrevieja? It’s close to Alicante. My sister has an apartment there, and I was thinking about going there. I would love to stroll in a thong on the beach, but I don’t know the vibe there, when it comes to male thongs. OT: These last years have seen an upgoing trend in thong - or almost thong - bikinis, but the men’s beach fashion doesn’t offer much skin exposure. But hopefully this trend would generate some acceptance or at least understanding of why men would also like to expose some butt. The reasons are the same, well at least regarding tan lines. Men don’t have the same (Instagram-)pressure of following the tide of fashion though. Thoughts?
tiggerix #124

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:08/14/2018 10:49:44Copy HTML

@Lycrafool Torrevieja seems to be mainly town beaches with buildings and road very close. Full of holidaymakers that have never known hunger. So order of the day is shorts with plenty of elastic.... If you head out of town you will come to any number of more natural beaches that look much more relaxed and you can easily thong or go naked.
Lycrafool #125

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:08/16/2018 10:48:34Copy HTML

Ok, thanks @Tiggerix, will look into that!

wearsthongs #126

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:08/19/2018 10:58:49Copy HTML

Barcelona trip report - Mar Bella beach: More thongs than not thongs on women. None on men other than me. Beach is split half naturalist half not. There is a gay bar and high population of gay people in the nude section, but there were also many straight couples, enough that my girlfriend and I felt at ease. The naturalist section was a mix of speedos and nude, most women topless, about 2/3rds of the women had a thong but no top. Non-nude section was younger crowd, but many skimpy brief swimsuits on guys, about 50/50 briefs/shorts. I wore a thong 2 days in a row with no issues in the nude section, no one batted an eye. In the non-nude section I wore a brief that was quite cheeky compared to a regular speedo and I don't think anyone even noticed. Thong might have gotten more attention, but would have been fine. All in all my impression is, I loved it! Really chill place, many different people in a variety of attire all coexisting. Best crowded beach thong/skimpy swimwear experience yet.
wearsthongs #127

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:09/02/2018 11:35:01Copy HTML

Trip report for Mallorca Es Trenc - Hands down my best beach experience yet. True clothing optional beach: about 20% were nude, mostly thongs on women, mix of all ages and orientations, really nice place. I wore a thong for days with zero stares or looks and went nude for a bit to dry off after swims. I want to go back again already. General Mallorca info - A lot of the island consists of towns purposely built for tourists. In these towns you will find nice beaches and nice hotels, but they are mainly family orientated. These are nice places, but probably not what those on this board are looking for. Definitely better than the US though in terms of swimwear. If you travel to the beaches outside these towns you will probably find what you want.
tiggerix #128

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:09/04/2018 08:58:26Copy HTML

@wearsthongs - thanks for the trip reports. We try to stay clear of the main family tourist areas - but often just a walk or short drive away are some great beaches.
cmdwxoutku #129

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:09/06/2018 04:45:01Copy HTML

Any one any experience on the beaches in and around Malaga?
Alfresco10 #130

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:10/19/2018 01:38:19Copy HTML

Peniscola:. I wore my new N2N thongs on both of the main beaches in town and several small beaches outside of town. I didn't see other men in thongs but didn't get the feeling that it was wrong. I did at times get the feeling of being a curiosity. But that is how trends get going. Sitges:. Thonged also on the main beach and in the section regarded as the "gay beach" . I think I was the only thonger there too. Most in in this busy section we're in designer square cuts, some briefs and trunks. I visited a couple of nude beaches and am happy to report one of the most beautiful to go out of your way for is Del Torn, outside of Tarragona. Fabulous big sandy beaach, calm clear water, showers and services. Wow.
RPMString #131

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:10/20/2018 09:15:58Copy HTML

You can wear everywhere a g-string or thong in Spain. I went with my girlfriend to Malaga, Fuengirola, Marbella, Torremolinos, Alicante, Ibiza etc. It’s fully excepted that you wear a tiny string. Only when I am at a beach with a lot of family’s I will wear something to cover my smallest strings. 

packiest #132

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:11/20/2018 12:26:54Copy HTML

I’m going to Ibiza in July for my honeymoon. Can’t wait!
mayapan #133

Re:Thonging in Spain.

Date Posted:01/30/2019 11:21:18Copy HTML

I've spent a few weeks in Malaga last May wearing thongs almost daily on city beaches. No one cares, no reactions, maybe a little more interest, kind of positive if at all. (I heard "Que lindo!" (Nice!) once from young girls walking over me, but I am not absolutely sure it was about me.) Just expect to be the only male thonger on the beach. Speedos are really common, sometimes quite sexy and more exposing.
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