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Date Posted:12/29/2005 07:24:44Copy HTML

I've read the threads re thonging in shamr in egypt and wondered if anybody has any info regarding the taba area. The only reason I ask is that I know that sharm is perhaps the most major of tourist resorts and am hoping that things don't get more 'anti-thong' in the other resorts! All comments appreciated!
smootheddie #1

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:01/25/2006 01:13:10Copy HTML

I don't know about Taba, but I have recently returned from Egypt.  I frequently went to Soma Bay (South of Hurghada).  I wore my Dore thongs all the time.  No problems even though I was the only guy wearing one.  Some girls were wearing thongs and some were topless.  Everything was very cool.  Far less developed than Sharm, and far nicer.
spyder82 #2

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:02/12/2006 07:30:10Copy HTML

thanks for the advice.

Taba Heights is a purpose built international resort so I would hope that female thonging / topless bathing is acceptable as long as some degree of common sense is applied!!!
lauren1 #3

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:02/13/2006 04:59:02Copy HTML

Again cant say from actual experience, but as Taba is as popular as Sharm with Ukranians it should be fine. Ukranian women wear thongs quite casually as if no different from standard bikini bottoms, although they dont seem to go topless - I had such fun 'competing' with them as they dont seem to have g-string type bikinis so I was getting loads of jealous (I hope) looks in my WW's. The guys too wear thongs although not so regularly but it seems quite accepted.


Have fun     



orienthippie #4

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:07/15/2006 06:49:05Copy HTML

hi everyone, i'm from egypt and i can assure you that any place on the red sea is thong and topless friendly, this includes the whole of sinai (taba, sharm, dahab, and nuweiba), and also all the eastern egyptian coast on the red sea (hurghada, elgouna, safaga, marsa alam, etc), we've been to all these places and i know what i'm talking about (i mean if my wife could go topless and in a thong then any westerner can!)

however, to have more freedom you should always look for a hotel with a private beach, hotels with public beaches are cheaper but you won't be totally comfortable there with greater possibilities of contact with local people. nobody will offend you and there's no problems with the police or anything, but in fact you will be offending them, so better pay a little more and avoid it!

spyder82 #5

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:07/17/2006 04:49:21Copy HTML

Thanks for the info. We're staying at the hyatt in taba heights so I'm hoping things should be fairly relaxed.
smootheddie #6

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:07/17/2006 05:03:11Copy HTML

 I have just come back from another trip to The Sheraton at Soma Bay.  Great location, far superior to Hurghada and much quieter then Sharm.  I wore my tiny Dore thongs all the time and had no problems at all.  It was a really pleasant experience.
lel #7

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:06/09/2012 06:59:49Copy HTML

 Do you think the staff if you go topless wear thongs etc will want some action with my wife out in taba ?we are looking and hoping they will give her attention ? cheers
tradof #8

Re:Thonging in taba, egypt

Date Posted:02/23/2018 04:19:18Copy HTML

Is something changed in last year in Hurgada?
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