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Date Posted:07/31/2013 06:25:55Copy HTML

My father was (and still is) a thonger, even as he pushes 60.  He claims to be one of the first, probably not true, but certainly he was there when thonging started in the 1970s and 1980s.  (His first ones he had a girlfriend make.)  

My mom (who has passed away) never wore thongs.  She had extensive surgeries and had scars all over her abdomen, chest, and back and said this was why she didn't wear thongs, but thinking back, I seriously doubt if she would have worn one even if she didn't have health issues.  Still, she let Dad do this "thing" without complaining or comment -- one way or the other.  

My sister Nikki and I got our first thongs when I was 15 and she was 14.  We probably could have worn them earlier, but never really thought too much about wearing them ourselves. Then one day when we were at a swimwear outlet store and Mom pulls out a cute yellow bikini that had a thong bottom.  I decided I wanted it, and that was my first thong.  We found a thong the next day for Nikki, because we often influenced each other with fashion choices. 

After that first night at the pool, "There was no turning back."  I wore that little yellow thong until it wore out, even as I started a thong collection of my own.  Nikki was the same way.  Like most thongers, we occasionally wear more "traditional" or "conservative" swimwear when we have to -- but only when we have to.  

I think it was partly my Dad's influence and partly my Mom's indifference to him wearing his thongs that made them seem acceptable to me.  We frewuently visited places where other people wore thongs, and it was an era when thong wearing was a lot more popular too, so there were probably fewer stigmas against wearing them. 

I also was very close to Nikki then, as I still am.  She was my best friend and closest companion.  In fact, I had few other friends since Nikki and I spent almost all our free time together.  This may also have influenced me, since she had the same upbringing and the same lack of any negative influence about thongs.  (Today, I think it would be harder for any kid -- male or female -- to take up thonging without a lot of negative parental and peer pressure, something I was blessed not to have when I started.  Plus as I mentioned before, thonging was more popular back then than it is now.)

I am wondering are there any other members who have a relative (other than a spouse) who wears, or wore, a thong regularly?  This could be a child, a parent, an aunt or uncle, or even a cousin, nephew or niece.  There are other thread that talk about spouses and thongs, so that is why I am suggesting influence from non-marital people only in this discussion.

thongman8 #1

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:08/08/2013 04:30:29Copy HTML

 As far as I know, I am the only one to wear a thong.  My sister, 43, brags about her granny panties sometimes. 
Low_Strap #2

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:08/08/2013 05:22:53Copy HTML

 All of the males in my immediate family know that I own and wear thongs. What they are completely unaware of is the frequency with which I attend beaches and thong. This is mainly because we all live far away from each other,  spread out over the southeastern United States. My dad and my two brothers have seen me wear a thong on a deserted island beach in the Florida Keys. My mom and my sister, however, I don't think have any inkling. I suppose this relates to this topic in that my youngest brother did remark, after seeing me wear my thong, that he considered it plausible that he could wear one himself.

Traci, I love the relationship that you describe with your sister. My youngest brother is my best friend, and far and away the person to whom I am closest on this planet. 
Ex_Member #3

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:11/28/2013 08:48:17Copy HTML

My Mom and my sister know that I thong because they found them dry hanged on my room window, so they know and are indifferent to it, although non of them wear thongs. My Dad and my brother I think know that I wear thongs, my brother because I know he has seen them hanging around but hasn't mention them and my Dad usually knows everything and I know he won't bring it up unless someone discusses it with him and still he may deny knowing anything. That's my immediate family and I think they are all indifferent to me wearing thongs.As for my other family members, most of my female cousins wear bikinis (don't know if they wear thongs as underwear), my aunts wear one piece swimsuits, and I have one male cousin who wear bikini briefs he's the only one who dares to wear them, the family only says he kind of likes himself but don't negatively bash on him and most are simply indifferent on what he wears.
My family isn't thong friendly or accepting but they are indifferent to it, to be honest they really don't care much on what your wear as underwear or swimwear.
Mary0826 #4

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:12/09/2018 02:47:12Copy HTML

I should have posted this last summer, but got too busy. I was up at Lake Loramie State Park (Ohio) and saw the typical American Family come down to the picnic tables near the beach. There were the two parents, a boy about 16 and a girl about the same age or maybe a little older. Anyway, the boy was in bored shorts and shirtless and the girl had on a T-shirt and very short cut-off jeans. Frank thought she was braless under her shirt, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, the family started setting up their picnic and as the girl did her part she kept fiddling with the zipper on her shorts. When she pulled it down, she folded the denim back and sometimes was showing three or four inches of skin. The parents either didn't notice or didn't care as her exposure level moved back and forth. The brother was taunting her to show more. Finally, when the hot-dogs were ready to eat, the girl slid the zipper all the way down and took her shorts off. She was wearing a thong. Now, thongs are not common aat Lake Loramie, but at the same time, Frank, Brad, Scott, and I all wear nothing less, and we know a few others who wear thong almost exclusively. The girls thong was high-wasted, with a wider than normal thong strap in the back, but no triangle where the waist and back straps come together. Everyone had something to eat and drink, and soon were playing football and Frisbee on the beach. What I noticed most was the casual attitude of the parents and her brother to her swimwear. After a while, the kids went swimming, and Frank's assesment that the girl was braless under her shirt was proved. She didn't stay that way long. The first time she got out of the water in her wet T-shirt, she simply stopped by the cache of things the family brought along, took her shirt off, and tossed it in the families stack of stuff. Again, no comments from the parents as she left to go to the restroom in her thong and topfree. As she came back, she dug through the stack and picked something up, then went back to the water where her brother was standing knee deep. She handed him whatever it was that she got at the picnic table and he turned his back to the beach and took his shorts off, then slipped a thong back in its place. The whole time, he stood there naked and showing his naked backside to those on the beach, and his front side to a pontoon boat that was passing. He then brought his board shorts to the family picnic table, ate another hot dog, and then went back to the sand on the beach, where he and his still topfree sister laid out to sun their buns. There was something very hopeful in what the kids were doing and especially the attitude or maybe I sould say lack of an attitude of the parents. We see some thongs on younger women, especially those that are considered extreme cheeky swimwear, but rarely a girl this age topfree. Boys this age seldom wear thongs, and usually will simply strip naked if they want more exposure. The park management is kind enough to give the boys a warning if anyone complains and seldom says anything about their nudity if nobody does complain. My friend Brad spends at least half his time here in the buff -- occationally on quite busy days, and so far has never had anyone complain. The other thing that was refreshing was the fact that the parents were totally non-judgemental about what their children chose to wear. Wouldn't it be nice if all kids had parents that would let them wear whatever type of swimwear they wanted, without a parental comment and apparently no parental concerns. Mary
ohiothonger #5

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:12/09/2018 05:35:15Copy HTML

I have occationally seen a "normal" family where one of the kids wears a thong. I think this presents a positive image to others. More common are moms or moms and daughters in thongs and the men in board shorts. This type family promotes that only women can wear thongs. Young females do sometimes get away with things older people might not, like wearing underwear, only a T-shirt, or some similar costume. I assume they do this without their parent's knowledge or use some type of "I forgot my swimsuit" logic to justify what they have on. For some, this might be true, but for others, I think it is made up and simply a way to wear less ag get away with it. I can only think of one specific time when I saw a dad in a thong with the rest of the family wearing more traditional swimwear. I do think that many times, young men are more likely to skinny dip than wear a thong. This is an activity done when parents are not around (except for the home pool or farm pond).
Mary0826 #6

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:12/10/2018 04:45:36Copy HTML

I think it is ashamed that resort and swimwear advertising always seem to use the "standard family" when showing off their resorts. The Moms, usually 20 something are in bikini's some starting to get a bit cheeky. The Fathers wear board shorts. The mandatory little girl (she almost always appears to be they youngest) wear a one-piece girl's suit, and the little boy, only a year or two older than the daughter, wears board shorts that are proportionately a little shorter than his dad's shorts, but often a T-shirt too. This is the established American or North American family, and most real families seem to try to obtain this look. Look at the resort comercials, and even soft-drink and food advertising and this is the image people are getting. Sorry to say that many families do not fit into this mold simply because the parents are overweight, the kids are in their teens, or there are more than the perfect family of one daughter and one son. There are no gays, no inter-racial families or families with children who appear to be a different race. There are not even that many black or other minority families shown. If these commercials started to show more typical families, and families where a man or older boy could wear a speedo or thong, an adult woman could wear a one-piece suit, or a teen or older daughter could wear a cheeky swimsuit, then maybe people would assume that swimwear preferences do not have to fall into a specific pattern. When I was in elementary school, they youngest girls did not wear bras. Then around 11 years old most started. Some parents made a big deal about this -- a rite of passing from being a kid to being a young adult (or something). Pier pressure insured that most other girls had to wear them too -- even if they didn't need them or didn't want them. I had no interest in bras, and was sent home a few times for not wearing one, something my parents argued in my favor about with teachers and principals. They told me to only start wearing them when I wanted to and if I wanted too. A few of my female friend's parents -- especially the mothers -- were upset that I didn't comform, but others saw the logic and not only accepted me but also gave the same right to choose to their daughters. If advertisers started showing that other types of swimwear was acceptable, then maybe some parents would realize that differences are what make us individuals, and that these differences should not only be acceptable, but also encouraged. I see a lot of young guys -- from about 5th grade up -- who sport different hair styles. Some are punk, some are spiked mohawks, some are long shoulder length or longer. When I was a kid, my male schoolmates all wore their hair essentually the same way. Today's boys have often been given the right to do something different and generally are totally accepted by their parents and society. Why can't we break away from the swimwear "uniform" that has been in place for decades and give our children the same acceptance for swimwear that many parents are now giving their male children? Mary
Martylouie #7

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:12/10/2018 09:19:44Copy HTML

Mary, I agree mostly about what you said. There are two exceptions. The first is that some advertisers are starting to use biracial couples/families. I believe it was a McDonald’s ad I saw Sunday during the football game. Not only that, dad appeared to be the primary care giver. The second is your point about an older mom being allowed to wear a one piece. Forget that, how about letting older mom rock a bikini or even a thong! Especially if she isn’t a size 8 or smaller!
LoveMyThongs #8

Re:Thonging in the Family

Date Posted:01/19/2019 05:38:07Copy HTML

In the states we aren’t ready for that. My wife and I were open at the right time with our kids because it’s a choice and nothing to be ashamed of. Now the standards are different for men and women. My daughter and all her friends wear thongs and it’s normal for them. In other parts of the world it’s no big deal. In Brazil women of all ages wear skimpy suits at the beach. I doubt the four of us on a hotel brochure in thongs would go over well. Haha
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