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Date Posted:02/22/2019 09:21:32Copy HTML

Has anyone run into a lifeguard or other motel/park/facility employee who is wearing a thong?  Randy worked for a while as a lifeguard and swim instructor at a nearby "Y".  They always were thong friendly here (at the summer time outside pool) but thongs were not permitted inside.  People who objected to thongs could swim inside in the summer to avoid perhaps running into a thonger.

When Randy first became a lifeguard, he wore the traditional lifeguard short swimwear when he was an employee but continued to wear thongs as a patron at the outside pool.  When it was time to open the outdoor pool at the beginning of summer, there was a huge crowd.  Randy did not work that day, and we all went to the grand-opening of the pool area that had been remodeled over the winter with new landscaping, tilework around the edges of the pool, locker rooms and showers, etc.

We were laying out in the grass in our thongs and Randy gets a call and the manager, who was new and started in late winter was on the phone and ask him if he could substitue for a lifeguard that was getting sick.  He agreed, and simply headed inside the building, still in just his thong.  He was going to the employee locker room, but the manager's office was on the way, and he stopped in to tell her he would be ready as soon as he changed.  She said his red bikini looked fine, and he didn't need to change.  He pointed out it was a thong and turned so she could see his butt.  She again said he was fine, and reminded him that she was from Florida and was used to people in thongs, then told him unless he felt he had to wear the shorts, that he should just go out as he was and relieve the sickly employee.

He went out, changed places, and nobody complained to the manager or him about his swimwear.  After all, thongs were permitted on the customers.  After this, he started wearing thongs exclusively at the "Y" regardless of if he was teaching or life guarding.  He even started wearing them at the traditionally no-thong inside pool when the manager had to switch people around due to the weather.

Randy as a lifeguard was the first I had seen in a thong.  Since then, I have seen two others.  One was a male at a Cape Cod beach who was thonging while his associate, a girl, wore a tie-side bikini.  They did wear or at least carry with them "Lifeguard" T-shirts.  The second was at a Colorado resort.  Here a young woman was the thonging lifeguard.  

I have also seen a few other employess wearing thongs.  People like grounds keepers, pool chemistry personnel, and one lady on a riding mower.  All were thong clad, and not the least bit shy.

Has anyone else run into thonging employees at these type places, or for that matter any other location?

32189 #1

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:02/25/2019 03:16:38Copy HTML

That sounds really cool for Randy. I have not seen any employee wearing a thong for work. That would be cool to see!
ohiothonger #2

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:02/25/2019 06:52:37Copy HTML

I ran into a female life guard in West Virgina who was clad in just a thong bottom and was soaked and had on only a T-shirt with a lifeguard logo, but no other top. I ask her about thongs since I had always been told that thongs were not permitted to be worn in this local, and she said that she had to take her shorts off since she had just had to go in the water, and her shorts were soaked. I should have ask her about why she didn't take her shirt off since it was obviously soaking wet too. She did decide that since she was thonging, that I should be alowed to also -- as long as she had to keep her shorts off. Funny thing is that she spent the rest of the day in just her thong and T-shirt, and never even bothered with her shorts again. Another time I went to a place where they rented boats, and the two female employees wore thongs with tops, while the male employee wore board shorts. This was at a thong-friendly beach. Anyway, I went over and said I liked their "uniforms" and ask if the man ever wore a thong too. They said he used to but one day some idiot called out "faggot" as he walked by, and he never wore a thong again after that. The other told me that their boat rentals went up almost 50% when the girls started wearing thongs instead of more traditional swimwear.
Grabeach #3

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:02/26/2019 08:41:15Copy HTML

In Australia, Occupational Health and Safety Legislation requires employers to provide sun protection clothing and employees to wear it. Don't know when it came in, but since I started using Council pools seven years ago I've never seen a lifeguard in anything less than shorts and long sleeved tops. Same likely applies to other occupations.

Mary0826 #4

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:02/28/2019 04:06:56Copy HTML

While such rules may exist in some places, I think generally people who work outside can generally get away with almost anything within the law. There have been attempts, even by large labor unions to have dress codes eliminated, but this usually fails since there is no "freedom to where whatever you want" in the constitution. About the closest is businesses that are legally required to let men and women dress similarly -- for example women can wear a men's style business suit with pants and a tie. Even in Ohio, some places have rules. A hospital that was adding an addition put a "sun protection" clause in the contract -- apparently to keep the construction guys from taking their shirts off or wearing short that were too short. At any other construction site, guys often work on hot days in shorts (but usually not too short) and shirtless. Most employers not involved in construction, building maintenance, landscaping, or other similar trades have some type dress codes. People may be required to wear business cloths if they are in a professional job, even if they rarely meet with customers. Factory workers may be permitted to wear conservative shorts and tank tops. Those in more dangerous occupations where they might be subject to substances like paints, glues, etc. might be required to wear more. At the auto plants, most employees must wear company supplied work long pants, and button shirts. Other people like delivery or daily/weekly maintenance (floor polishing, plant care, etc.) may also have to wear specific clothing, but this may consist of almost any matching outfits such as t-shirts or golf shirts and shorts or jeans. The last group wears what they do because their management wants to control their body exposure and also maintain a common company image. Many places that have specific clothing rules also have "casual" days when people may wear their own clothing. And this is usually actually more casual like not needing to wear a tie, not having to wear a skirt, or being able to wear athletic shoes. Causal days can be on a regular schedule like "casual Fridays" or can be offered only a few times a year, and provided as a non-monitary reward. Things like making sales projections, giving to charities, etc. can be the basis for getting casual days assigned. Mary
Beached_Santa_Cruz #5

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/01/2019 05:28:36Copy HTML

Not that this has anything to do with thongs. My employer has a dress code. I work for a health insurance firm where the head of HR is a control freak. The code for wearing leggings states that the person has to wear a shirt or tunic which covers the buttocks. Although there are many women who push this limit. There are quite a few women who wear jeggings that wear short shirts. I wear leggings all the time I'm not at work. The ex-GF once asked me when I came home from work in my jeans why I don't wear the leggings to work? She said they look fine and I have shirts that cover my male parts. I told her that if I wore them to work that I would be sent home to change. She said that if women can wear them it's against the law for them to discriminate against men wearing the same thing. She used to hold a very high position in the state government. I told her to give my HR guy a call and plead a case by it's a waste of time.
ithongit #6

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/01/2019 01:40:57Copy HTML

When Nikki was 16 and I was 17, there was a store that that sold above-ground swimming pools near where we lived. We got jobs there as swimming pool models, along with a few other girls, mostly 18-20 college students. Our job was to hang around the pool and look like we were having all types of fun. We would toss a beach ball around, swim, sit on the edge of the pool, etc. We were permitted to lay out near the pool for 15 minutes per hour, which we spent at a unbrella table or in loungers. What made us the store owner's favorite models was that Nikki and I wore thong bikinis. We were instructed to show our rears when there were men or boys, or even easily influenced girls and women around. He would give us a signal and we knew if we should be exposing our buns. We whould run around the pool, playing with the ball or simply lay out on our stomachs. This helped to keep these people on the sales lot. On the other hand, people who were more conservative would not appreciate our little show, and we would do things that prevented them from even seeing our buns. I now realize that he was exploiting us, but at the time as teens, we both liked getting the extra money.
stringueur #7

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/02/2019 01:51:17Copy HTML

I only saw oonce time a lifeguard girl with a thong. She wore a black thong. It was not very visible because she wore a shirt. So i saw her thong only when she climbed the ladder to go to the high chair. Usually, lifeguards wear a uniform (red boardshort, white shirt). Sometimes, colors can be different accordind they are a lifeguard or a swim instructor, or if they are payed by the city or by the fire administration. So, even if they wear a thong, you can't see it. It exists 4 types of dress rules : 1 : uniform. It is when you have to be recognizable. So you have no freedom to wear what you want. Wearing the uniform is part of the job. 2: work clothes for safety It is when your clothes protect yourself... You can be fired if you don't wear them. So, no freedom. Like in Australia, employers start to obligne workers to put long sleeve shirt for sun protection. Shirtless is totally forbidden, and the employers can have troubles with authority if workers are shirtless. 3 : dress code. The dress code can be written or not written. It is for white collar workers. Unluckily, with dress code, there is a double standard. That is to say, women have a lot of choice whereas as men must wear a suit and tie. The liberty depends on your work, your employers, if you are in front of clients... and the open minded of your co-workers. Even if there is no rules, but few liberty in the reality mostly for the men.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #8

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/02/2019 03:55:57Copy HTML

Two summers ago there was a kids swim instructor at my gym that wore a extremely small cheeky suit during her swim lessons. This was a week after I was admonished for wearing a Joe Snyder kini suit with the comment of "do you think this is a beach, there are children here".
ohiothonger #9

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/02/2019 08:21:36Copy HTML

When I was in college, the rules and dress codes were pretty relaxed. One of the male lifeguards regularly wore shorts, but one day showed up in a thong. He was one of the first guys I had seen in real life in a thong, and I loved the look. I guess a thong was okay with the folks at the pool and work-study department who found jobs on campus for students who wanted to make money or get experience working in specific jobs that tied in with their studies. From that day on, I never saw him in more than a thong bottom at the pool. He was so casual about it, he would even walk the block or so from the pool to his dorm, right across the main quad and past the original building on campus that had a theater, some class rooms, and mostly offices. , Towards the end of the year, the students put on the play 'Hair", and he was in the cast. There was a nude scene in the play, and he stripped of his cloths for that, again without any issues. There were several shows and he and the rest of the cast never modified their outfits, so I assume again that the nude scenes did not bother anyone. They did have a sign at the ticket window that said they were performing the play as intended by the author and original cast, and that there would be some frontal nudity. I also saw him a few times on the trails of a nearby park/nature preserve being as natural as he could be. Again, there didn't seem to be any complaints about his total nudity. There was another guy in town who was a little odd. He would have fantasies where he thought he was rock start Peter Frampton. When he switched into this personality, for some unknown reason, he stripped all his clothes off and wandered around town in the buff. After he went into the grocery to get some food while in this state, someone got him a thong, and everyone told him that Peter preferred them to being nude. After that he wore only his thong when he went into that personality. What later surprised me was that at the time, guys wore thongs, but women hardly ever did. It was a guy thing and accepted many places. I think it was when more guys wore thongs, more women wore them, and as thongs got smaller, sometimes progressing as far as a G-string that they started to become less acceptable. Around the same time, they moved from a guy thing to a women thing, and this and the fact people thought gays wore them, caused them to be less likely to be worn by anyone, but especially men. (When the aid's epidemic started, they did not know what it was or how it was transmitted. The association with aids and gay man came around quickly, and so people were scared of gay men and straight men didn't want to be incorrectly associated with gays. Religious places even preached that it was God's wrath to punish gay men,)
NudeNArizona #10

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/04/2019 05:11:46Copy HTML

When I was in college during the summer I worked as a lifeguard at a public swimming pool that had a membership that also would rent out the pool after hours for private parties, which the person renting the pool had to make their own arrangements for lifeguards. So one Friday around 5PM I was not working and had stopped by to pick-up my pay-check and way asked if I could lifeguard for a private party starting at 6PM and they didn't have a lifeguard lined up. I told my boss I didn't have my "official" lifeguard suit with me and couldn't make it home and back also dropping my girlfriend off in the way. Linda the owner said it was fine if my girlfriend was here because most of the guests were younger adults anyway and not little kids, she also said during private parties lifeguards could wear what they wanted, but just had to make sure everyone was safe. Then I came out direct and told Linda that we had been out on a friends boat all day long and the only suit I had with me was a thong on under my jean shorts, which were not permitted for swimming, she assured me I would be fine and said "the usual fee for life guarding a private party was $50, but I was free to negotiate the price with the party" So I ask Lisa if she would mind hanging out with me while I worked the pool party, and since we really didn't have any plans and the party only went until 10PM and also since I was making a little extra money she agreed. So that evening was the first time I wore a thong while life guarding but a few of the people who were at that party had requested me to life guard their future parties and one lady specifically requested "I wear a thong or less to life guard her party" Also since this was in the 80's there were no security camera's at the pool and after the general public membership left the party goer's asked if they could skinny dip, to which I said it's their party, have fun!.
stypenz #11

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:03/06/2019 10:42:54Copy HTML

I definitely support the idea that lifeguards should wear thongs, g-strings or just go fully naked!
DavyJ #12

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:05/23/2019 09:01:51Copy HTML

My only experience was being a lifeguard for a bit way back when.  They provided all the swimsuits and, yep, you guessed it, there were good-looking all-red bikinis for the women and matching not good-looking dork shorts for the men. When I objected to the shorts and wanted to wear my own bikini-style suit they said "no, it had to be 'their suit'".  So, while they weren't looking, I just went to the women's basket and found a larger size bottom that would cover me adequately. After putting it on and going "on duty", eventually someone did approach me and said I had gotten the wrong suit by mistake.  I assured them that was what I wanted, and they more or less agreed it was ok since I was wearing one of their "official" suits, and they couldn't make me change. I definitely got numerous comments for two weeks I worked that job.

JM_Runs #13

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:05/23/2019 11:47:52Copy HTML

DavyJ - That's a fabulous story. Well done !!
Sun4me #14

Re:Thonging lifeguards and other employees

Date Posted:05/24/2019 12:06:44Copy HTML

DavyJ, that really is a great story!
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