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Date Posted:04/23/2005 07:41:08Copy HTML

I've been wearing thongs as underwear since the end of summer 2004 and on spring break recently in the south I thonged outside and it public for the first time.

Just before this vacation I had almost sworn off any thonging, but on a whim I threw five thongs into my suitcase and only a few boxers. Since I am 16, I was with my parents, and I am not ready to confront them about thong underwear/swimwear (they know, but it is not discussed) I was limited in where and when I could thong...

The first was in the backyard of the people we stayed with, for a couple of hours each day (3 days, 2 hours the first two days and 30 mins the third day). I do not have a thong swimsuit, so I folded the waistband of my jockey microfiber thong down, so it looked a lot like one, and for all intents and purposes, it was exactly the same as a swimsuit. (almost the same fabric, etc.) I wanted to get a thong tanline, but since I was in a more or less secluded area, I didn't bother with shaving the first day.

At first, thonging outside was a huge nerve trip, but eventually I just got sick of being squeamish and did it. I always use spf 15 sunscreen, and any where I have hair usually doesn't tan. I didn't think of it the first day, but when I noticed my back (hairless) was getting more tan then my butt, which has never seen sun I realized that I should shave, and did. Over the next couple days I developed some faint thong tanlines.

One of the days we went to the beach, and I managed to walk to the other end and strip down to a thong. This was my first time really in public. Again, the first few minutes are the most difficult, I kept pulling my shorts back on and walking to different spots, but eventually my confidence grew and I was able to lay out in a thong, and at the end I walked down the beach in one. Great experiences, I am going to the gym now that I am home and getting in shape for when the summer (beach weather) comes up here, and much more thonging.
Ryan Booth #1

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/25/2005 12:53:27Copy HTML

Nice to read that you managed to thong in public. Next time why don't you thong with your friends? I'm sure they'll be more understanding than your parents and you sure as hell won't feel as awkard if they are not around.
Hydro-7 #2

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/25/2005 04:59:05Copy HTML

Yeah, I am currently planning hitting the beach with one of my friends this summer. Also like to clarify I was at the other end of the beach then my parents. (1/4 mile)
Ex_Member #3

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/27/2005 01:38:26Copy HTML

Yea the hardest part about thonging in public for the first time is building up the nerve. lol, I used to do the same as you, when I saw someone coming the pants came back up, one day I decided to leave them down when a person walked by, they looked over and said hi.  After that the nerves went away after relizing that most people arent negative.
shaved4ts #4

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/28/2005 05:35:02Copy HTML

I'm jumping for joy!!!!  As I have stated on here before, my wife doesn't know about my "thonging" - that is until last week.  One day while she was home from work I suggested that we go outside and catch some rays.  She agreed and into the backyard we ventured.  When we got out there we laid side by side, her on her stomach and me on my back.  It wasn't long and we swapped places. 

She is accustomed to me wearing a bathing suit (dork shorts) on the beach and pulling the waistband way down while the legs get rolled way up, almost forming a skimpy brief.  Well this time I figured that since we were in our own backyard I would take the opportunity to get more sun.  As I rolled over I pulled the waistband way down and pulled the legs up into my crack, forming a Rio type back. 

I asked her to put some lotion on my back, legs and but so I could get a darker tan.  She made the comment, "I don't know why you don't just wear a thong.  You pull your shorts up so much."  I told her to fix them like she wanted to, that "I didn't care."  Knowing from past conversations how she feels about guys in thongs I thought she would pull them down a little.  Instead ... she inched them as far up as they would got!!!!  Before you know it my dork shorts had been converted into a thong - AND SHE DID IT!  Boy was I in heaven or what!  She said, "There.  Now that is better."  She proceeded to cover my bottom in lotion and laid back down. 

We talked and I asked her why she had choosen to make them smaller and she said, "why not?"  When we went inside I stripped to take a shower and she said, "I love your thong tanlines!"  And had a big smile on her face.  This was a genuine comment and I was so surprised. 

The next day we did the same thing.  Again I worked on my thong tanline in the back while getting a minimal one in the front.  Over the weekend I told her to pull out a red thong that I had bought just as a joke when we first started dating while I showered on night and I would "show her my new lines!!!"  When I got out she had it laid out on the bed for me.  Since our kids were gone for the night I put it on and went in the den to watch tv with her on the couch.  She said, "I like that."  My 'reaction' was obvious!!!!!!!  It was such a turn-on to know that she too liked them on me.  I told her that I was going to start wearing them, not all the time just on occassion like she does.  She asked if I meant as a bathing suit or underwear.  I told her underwear and she was fine with it!!!!!!!!!!  

I think this was the best wkend EVER for me!!!!!!!! 

Hydro-7 #5

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/28/2005 12:05:42Copy HTML

Nice dude, great to have support like that.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:09/29/2011 05:55:46Copy HTML

My mother in law how is pretty much in love with me knows i wear really small speedos. I just emailed her my xmas list and and put thong swimsuit black size m on my wishlist we will see what happens.
JM_Runs #7

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/01/2011 12:27:24Copy HTML

I just did a similar thing, tback.  My mother in law knows of my swimwear habits.  When she asked in an email I sent her a few links, a couple bikinis and a couple thongs.  Lets see!
JM_Runs #8

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/01/2011 03:07:38Copy HTML

 Update. No comments about the thong not really sure what to think. I will assume shes down cause she has washed my speedo 1" bikini by hand so. She is  a swimmer to how wild would that be to swim laps in a thong right next to my mother in law.
ownpool #9

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/01/2011 04:59:23Copy HTML

Just go for it and wear a thong the next time you swim with your mother in law.
7423080 #10

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/01/2011 05:17:33Copy HTML

It was many years ago while on vacation in Colorado.  My parents and my brother were on a skiing vacaton and went
down to the condo type outdoor hot tub.  I wore a very small Dore thong and jap flaps down to the tub with a towel
wrapped around me.  Dropped the towel and got in the hot tub and got out to set on the edge of the hot tub when it became too hot.  Neither mom or dad said a word but my brother said "nice suit" so everyone noticed but nothing said.  Haven't stopped wearing one around them since.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/01/2011 06:05:27Copy HTML

Yeah I think thats a good idea. Funny this is the ladies seem to enjoy me swimming in a thong so why not.
NcknameInUse #12

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:10/02/2011 08:36:51Copy HTML

We go on holiday to Turkey with the in-laws every year.Having rarely worn anything but thongs for sunning and swimming since I was 20 I never really gave it any consideration. I strip down to a thong at every opportunity whether at the hotel pool or beach or on a boat trip. The in-laws are always there!The mother in-law took a sneaky photo of me wearing a tiny thong out on a boat trip this August. Apparently her friends don't believe what I wear!She wasn't the only one taking my picture that day. I expecting to be appearing on youtube as the star of one family's holiday video :)
This year I bought some Joe Snyder gear. I like the camo prints. I got a Rio Thong which is famously small in the front. Every thing needs packing in very carefully! I wore this nearly every day out and about. Another Item the mother in law liked was my new Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer. I have an athletic butt so this thing sits like a thong, well it is a thong really. I got the Mango colour and with it being unlined became very see through when wet.It is also very small in the front and after climbing up the steps out of the water it sits very low at the front. It didn't need to be see through for people to see I was totally shaved. the base of my little man was just exposed! But so was the rest really.Eventually my wife said that it was too transparent so I shouldn't wear it out on a boat trip where every one is pushed together close up and personal. She didn't mind  her mother seeing it though.I did wear it again though :)
So for me thonging in front of family is normal. One year we were with the in-laws, the brother-in-law and his wife and their two children- a teenage daughter and a young son. They would have been disappointed if I hadn't stripped to my thong.
My own son who is 20 now has seen it all. He don't come on holiday with us any longer and would probably scream if I wore a thong on the beach in his company now. At home I often wander round nude all day so he sees me then anyway.
My own mother is long gone now but when I was at home she saw my thong underwear in the wash and never made comment. She never saw me wearing it on its own. My fetish for lycra shorts/leggings and ultra skinny jeans started in my teens. I had no option other than to wear thongs to avoid ugly panty lines so she saw them in use that way as did the whole family.

JM_Runs #13

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/01/2011 09:06:42Copy HTML

 I wore my speedo thong in our hot tub when my mother in law was over. She blused a little but it was all good. Kinda embarassed my wife but whatever.
Sunson #14

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/02/2011 02:50:35Copy HTML

It´s funny because I´d rather show off in thongs to my mother in law, than my mom. I wouldnt feel comfortable wearing thongs in front of my mom.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/02/2011 02:56:19Copy HTML

I have to agree with Sunson....I've worn thongs in front of my mother-in-law swimwear and underwear and less at times when she'd stayed at my home. Walk around in my undies sometimes mesh ones but would never do that with my mom wife will tell me put something on :) but just not my mom.  Well I have to say Once I wore a bikini on the beach with my mom there was a long time ago.
stanpuppy #16

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/03/2011 10:35:55Copy HTML

Sorry...mother, father, MIL, FIL, brothers, you name it.  No family member will ever see me in a thong!  Just not happening!!!
JM_Runs #17

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/05/2011 12:27:02Copy HTML

 During years and years, when i went to the beach with family, i let my thong in the bag.
I wore a speedo (a speddo is very usual here in France).
But this summer, my mother in law spent all the summer at our home during 6 weeks. At the beginning, i let my thong in the bag. But, i thought it was stupid to lose a summer... so one day, i said nothing but i was in thong on my towel on the beach of the lake...
The days after, i did the same. My mother in law has said nothing : she didn't move an eye... She continued to speak as it was normal.
In fact, i understood that a lot of people don't care to my thong
SlidingG #18

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:12/05/2011 04:14:40Copy HTML

Piopio89, good for you!  Proof that "just do it" can work fine, especially when carried off with casual non-chalance, like "what's the big deal?"
sxmthonger #19

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:04/02/2012 04:02:40Copy HTML

I've thonged on vacations with my parents for about 15 years, though I usually don't do it in front of them.  I go down the beach alone and strip down to my thong.  My mom was always supportive, saying that I work hard to stay in shape, so I should be able to show it off.  My dad had a big problem with it, as he saw it as a sexual invitation and proclamation.  However, as we've travelled more and he's seen more men, particularly married men, wearing thongs, he has mellowed in his view.
LoveMyThongs #20

Re:Thonging with parents

Date Posted:09/01/2018 10:44:31Copy HTML

My wife and I thong with her sisters and my niece got her first thong for our trip to Hawaii last summer My brother in law prefers speedos but all three sisters have been wearing them since the 80’s. I’m really close with all my nieces and two just turned 14 and now have their own thongs too. They wear them in part because of their moms but they like the style as well. They aren’t flaunting or sticking their buts out. They just wear them like the rest of us.
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