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Date Posted:03/13/2007 10:54:04Copy HTML

I need your opinion. The beach I go to is a city park where thongs are legal.The parking lot, also part of the park, is about 300 yards from the beach.The pathway that runs from the lot to the beach is used by beachgoers and dog walkers. Do I go to the beach wearing just my thong or should I wear a cover-up until I get to the beach?
Microron #1

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/13/2007 11:55:31Copy HTML

 May I offer an opinion by asking a question? What are the trail users usually wearing? Maybe that should be your cue. At the Spanish Banks in Vancouver BC, a park runs along parallel to the beach area. On the beach it is legal to wear thongs but not on the trail. I have no intention of disturbing other park users; so, I walk to the beach to an area that is generally understood to be a place to wear minimal swimwear.

Ex_Member #2

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/13/2007 08:51:54Copy HTML

If it's legal, and you've got an exhibitionist streak that needs satisfying, then wear just your thong.  Otherwise, follow the norm and wear a towel, a long t-shirt, boardshorts or something 'til you're beyond the throngs.  Lately at East Beach, RI, I've been wearing just a towel from car to beach and down aways beyond where the throngs are set up, then drop the towel and proceed in just a g-string 'til I get to where I set up for the day.  Satisfies the public and satisfies me. 
JM_Runs #3

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/13/2007 11:38:19Copy HTML

rickl454 #4

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/14/2007 10:31:19Copy HTML

I use a Nu-Parr Tie Nada as a coverup from the parking lot to the beach - it's a classic inverted triangle string bikini with ties on both sides. Fabric is strechy lycra in a variety of colors.  It is a perfect covering just enough (everything in front and about half in back) depending on how you tie the strings. Underneath is the usual Dore g-string I wear at the beach. When the situation is right all it takes is a tug in the strings and I can walk the rest of the way down the beach in my "g".

T_for_2 #5

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/15/2007 02:50:53Copy HTML

I believe that the consertative approach usually is the most prudent.  If you observe other folks customarily wearing thongs on the path from the parking lot, it likely should not be a problem. However, if you would be the only one doing so, I would suggest that wearing some sort of cover-up may be the best approach. You say that the beach currently is thong-friendly, but sometimes it takes only one complaint to change that siutation. For the little additional "exposure time" that you may gain from wearing your thong on the path, it may not be worth taking a risk that could result in thongs being banned entirely.
DavyJ #6

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/16/2007 09:06:30Copy HTML

Its probably best to wear at least a t shirt over your thong.  You can vary the length to vary the exposure, but that way you will at least be more or less covered.  And often the only ones who will notice are the starers, who aren't usually the complainers.
briankay #7

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/18/2007 01:46:17Copy HTML

I agree with the more conservative opinions posted here.  There's a reason to be wearing a thong without a coverup on the sand or in the water.  But not wearing a coverup in an area where there's not a reason to wear just a thong invites an evaluation of exhibitionism.  For example, at Treasure Island, the beach shower is right next to the parking lot.  Someone who is using it has good reason not to be wearing a coverup.

So I'm comfortable with the idea of walking from the sunning location to the beach shower to the car at a place like Treasure Island.  I'm not comfortable with the idea of walking from the sunning area over the paths through the grass, and across the bicycle/roller blade/jogging path to the car at the central north beach area at Fort DeSoto.


But that's just me.  Your mileage may vary!

sarasotajt #8

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:03/19/2007 08:24:35Copy HTML

When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy leaving my shorts behind in the car and carry only the essentials out to the beach. That said, I usually do keep my shorts on when walking from the parking lot at my local beaches. This is primarily not about being seen in the parking lot, but rather allowing me to walk down the beach to find a suitable location for laying out without making a spectacle of myself if the beach happens to be crowded. I enjoy the freedom of wearing very little on the beach and acquiring a nearly all-over tan. I'm not interested in intentionally offending others. Our local beaches get a lot of use by families, the elderly, and even menonites. I respect their "right" to enjoy the public beach without being offended by the likes of me. This is why I really like to go to out-of-the-way beaches or urban beaches where thongs are commonplace. I can walk about freely without much concern for offending others.

nicinathong #9

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/02/2007 03:02:28Copy HTML

if you are going to the beach to wear your thong, then you might aswell wait 300 yards or so
Ex_Member #10

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/02/2007 05:11:32Copy HTML

It's a difficult one this. On one hand i have to agree with the sentiments of lets not be too exhibitionist about thong wearing and not offend others, and on the other hand look to a feeling of encouraging a normality acceptance of thong wearing. I guess the answer is to do what feels right in any situation but not to go out of the way to offend others.
nicthong #11

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/02/2007 04:01:47Copy HTML

I can remember being on vacation in Europe and while most people came to the beach with cover-ups and then stripped down to their bikini/speedo/shorts/thong, there were some that simply came in the beachwear. One guy strolled onto the beach in his thong with something like a running vest but it wasn't long enough to cover  any of his butt. No doubt quite a few heads were turned but no-one was offended and he was able to just get on with his day as far as I could tell.

Personally, I wore woven mesh tight short shorts, sometimes with a top, sometimes without. I think I now err towards the side of wearing fairly normal shorts so people don't immediately assume you're 'different', then stripping down to the thong as though it's absolutely normal, thus challenging any preconceptions. That said, I think we thongers will always raise an eyebrow or two, wherever we choose to wear our thongs and whatever the timing of it all.

My advice would simply be to do what you feel comfortable with, considering your own personal preferences and the environment in which you're thonging.


JM_Runs #12

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/02/2007 11:25:17Copy HTML

"One guy strolled onto the beach in his thong with something like a running vest"

Yes that is my solution too.  

The key is self confidence.  If you fumble with your cover up and look around furtively then you will draw attention to your self, and more importantly your actions will telegraph that you think maybe you should not be doing this.

If you are as bold as brass, then don't worry.  If you are not, then cover up.  I found that if I took shorts, and went through the now I'm thonging, now I'm not pantomime, I felt more embarrassed and uncomfortable than if I only had a thong. Because by putting on the shorts as a cover up it suggested that the thong was not ok.  

It's just up to you.  Do what ever will make you feel comfortable. Sod what others are thinking.  You can't control what happens in other peoples heads. 

Heck half of them voted for the wrong man for President, so you know fifty percent of them are out to lunch.

Ex_Member #13

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/05/2007 12:11:35Copy HTML

On our holiday in Bermuda, from which we returned just last evening, we stayed at a posh intown resort.  When going down to their heated pool about 7:00 am for my morning laps, the same time their restaurant overlooking the pool opens for breakfast, I wore their white terry robe with my red Speedo thong underneath.  Still cool and breezy, such a coverup made sense.  Then draped the robe over the bar, strolled down the steps into the pool and swam. Came out, toweled off, put the robe back on and headed for their sauna.  Nothing furtive, just natural behavior.  Chatted with the workmen around, paid no heed to the breakfasters in the window.  I'm sure folks looked, but no hassles whatsoever.  Did the same at their unheated salt water pool midday -- wore the robe from the room, then spent my time sunning and swimming in my new HE swimwear thongs.  Plenty of other men and women around.  No hassles, and didn't notice any disapproving looks nor any adults shooing their kids away,  at least that I could see.  As JM says, confidence goes a long way.

Pretty much the same approach at Horseshoe Bay, a popular public beach, where my wife and I spent a couple of sunny afternoons.  From where we parked our scooter, I walked barefoot in a teeshirt and boardshorts to our chosen spot, then pulled off the clothing to sun and swim in my HE thongs.  No different than the women in their bikinis and a few men in their speedos.  Not a furtive coverup, just the normal behavior.  By contrast, at Orient Beach on St Martin in January, I felt comfortable going back and forth from our hotel room to the beach in just my sliding g-string.  Know your venue, and be somewhat bold, but respect the local customs and you should be fine.    

subtlethong #14

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/20/2007 11:19:30Copy HTML

My favorite coverup is an oversized button-down shirt. The tails cover your bum just enough. If you want to feel a bit bolder, you just unbutton the shirt so people can see the front but not the back. I suggest this as a compromise until you can get a feel for the local custom.
thongbutt1 #15

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:04/20/2007 09:28:47Copy HTML

i would say if it's a beach where thongs are common, then you'll be ok to walk to the beach in just a thong.  that's usually what i do. tha'ts definitely what i would do in south beach or haulover.  if the crowds a little more conservative you can wear something over it on the way to the beach.  many times i'll gather up all my stuff and just go on down to the beach wearing nothing but a thong. it's about a 5 minute walk, but if hardly anybody's there or they all look cool , i'll do it for sure....
nicinathong #16

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:05/04/2007 08:30:40Copy HTML

its far more fun to walk to the beach naked
undercover20 #17

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:08/28/2007 09:47:27Copy HTML


I just said to hell with it. I would just drop my shorts at the car and leave them there and walk from the parking lot to the beach in nothing but a thong.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:08/29/2007 05:47:16Copy HTML

Undercover20, that's what I do now at my favorite beach here in New England -- East Beach in Charlestown, RI -- even when it means I'll have to return later in the day through the crowds that have since gathered near the path from the parking lot.  It's amazing what an air of self-confidence can achieve, both in giving yourself courage and in forestalling negative feedback from others.  
Beachlover492000 #19

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/02/2007 04:28:49Copy HTML

I wear an suit by Greg Perry, that I believe is called the Tarzan thong. It has a flap over my butt, and I wear it to the beach over my g-sting. It covers my butt most of the time, and yet is fun enough to be a little naughty.
stanpuppy #20

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/02/2007 11:11:59Copy HTML

To me, it depends on the venue.  I have done it at sandy hook, which is a totally nude beach and such actions would not be construed as out of line.  In most other venues, i (and my wife) typically cover up.  We are just trying to relax and not really draw attention to ourselves, not trying to exhibit our bodies to those who most probably have no interest in seeing them in such a place.

undercover20 #21

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/05/2007 11:22:05Copy HTML

I was at 2nd Beach in Newport RI and i was wearing a 3 1/2 inch back Dore bikini, and its small enough to turn into a thong. So everytime i had to go to the parking lot to my car, i would turn my bikini into a thong and walk to my car, I loved seeing people's reactions. As i was leaving for the last time, this car passed by and this chick screamed out "YEAH BABY!!!" It was awesome to just have no fear and thong it all day long, i love it :-)
Ex_Member #22

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/06/2007 03:32:53Copy HTML

On a good day at East Beach in RI, like yesterday, putting a thong on to walk back to the parking lot at the end of the day is like getting fully dressed.  I can appreciate the perspective expressed by Stanpuppy just above, that many people probably don't want to see such things, but I figure they are free to look away, especially as they can see me coming in what looks like a bikini from the front, which if it were I wouldn't consider hiding, and which serves as a warning, so to speak, for the rear view if they continue looking.  One older man and his wife, fully dressed and just surveying the beach scene from the end of the pathway leading to the parking lot, got an eyeful, yet he was very pleasant as I pulled out of the lot a few minutes later, complimenting me on my beautiful antique car, a 1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe, fully restored.  No way he could mistake me as anyone but the guy whose bare butt he'd just observed. 
Ex_Member #23

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/06/2007 11:42:15Copy HTML

I also believe it depends on the venue. When I go to Tybee Island (GA).  I sometimes just wear a thong to and from the beach. I always end up carrying too much stuff and one less article of clothing is one less thing to keep up with. Sometimes I wear a shirt to the beach if I have had a little too much sun or wear a pair of short shorts. It just seems silly to get covered up when I'm just going to remove the clothing moments later.

I've gotten a lot of reaction walking to and from the car in just a thong, but I'm pretty use to it. Tybee has a lot of red necks but the police and the life guards are pretty cool and leave you alone. I was once approached by a policeman who asked me not to walk around in just my almost sheer Dore g-string. I didn't realize how revealing the suit really was. I thought the pattern hid everything. When I told the police I didn't have any thing to cover up with he asked me to stay close to my towel since the beach was really crowded that day. I complied and had a great time the rest of the day. Tybee also has a lot of SCAD  art students who tend to be pretty cool. Several students use to live beside my sisiter downtown. One day she came home to find a girl possing topless on her front porch while several other friends drew her. One time a student came up to me on the beach wearing a speedo swim suit and wanted his picture taken with me. He pulled the seat of his suit into a thong then wrapped his arm over my shoulder while his girlfriend took pictures from the front and back.

I usally go to Lake lanier because I live in the Atlanta area. I have asked several Park rangers if thongs were legal and both told me they were, but got a mixed vague responce from the Corp of Engineers. The sherrif dept. of three counties and local police as well as the park rangers and DNR all patrol the area. Each of them could have different policies regarding thongs and g-strings. This has not stopped me from thonging and I know a girl at work who thongs all the time at the lake. (I have not yet shared with her that I also thong.) I recently discovered one of my favorite parks to thong at is directly across a small cove where she hangs out.  Any ways, I usually wear shorts over my thong to the lake. Lately I remove them before getting into my 2 man raft and row to a convient spot. Last week I didn't put on my shorts when I went back to my car. I drove home in just my Joe Snyder thong. I would love to wear only a thong all the time a the lake. I'm afraid to ask each police dept their policy because I don't want to hear a no and be forced to abide by their ruling. I know I have been spotted by park rangers and the dnr and have not had any problems, but there is still the sherriff depts and local police to contend with.

I love thonging so I am careful not to stand out to much. I wouldn't want my freedom to thong taken away.



beachfolks #24

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/06/2007 03:46:31Copy HTML

Mostly I've just worn my stringback Skinz banded thong for driving to the beaches around Pinellas, even getting gas at the beach stations. Now I'll try wearing my smaller Skinz Roman to these places. Since it meets the Pinellas ordinance, there should be no complaints.
stanpuppy #25

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/12/2009 04:44:53Copy HTML

Wife and I both do it all the time at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ
Ex_Member #26

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/20/2009 01:41:27Copy HTML

stanpuppy #27

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/20/2009 02:17:16Copy HTML

I think it is really a matter of personal preference and what you are trying to achieve.  Can you do it....yes, obviously.  As stated above, wife and I do it frequently when we are at Gunnision beach.  Now...the environment there is very different than at a municpal beach.  Gunnision is a Clothing optional beach and (in spite of the naturalist premise that naturalism is not about sexuality)...Gunnison had a aura of sexuality to it.  Many people walk around "showing" themselves, and a good number of gay are often crusing.  The "show" we put on by walking to the parking lot in our thongs is not that big a deal.   Contrast when we are at Longport or Margate at the Jersey shore.  This is primarily a family beach and the dynamic is very different than sandy hook.  Granted, we "could" wear our thongs from the street to the beach....but we never do. Our objective here is to relax, get some sun, and have a quiet fun day.  We are already pushing the envelop by wearing thongs at these beaches, since virtually nobody else does and the bulk of beach goers dont really appreciate it.  But...it is well within our rights to do so (see other posts of our "Thongs on Jersey Beaches") so we do.  What we dont need is added hostility by calling attention to ourselves by walking around in our micro suits (muscleskins & Wicked weasel).   Like most things, it is really a matter of judgement and what it appropriate for certain situations
Ex_Member #28

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/23/2009 01:59:36Copy HTML

when I have gone to a pontiac state park, I have walked from my car to the beach in just a g string.  According to pontiac state park office, thongs are okay to wear as long as the necessary areas are covered.  I usually have my bag in one hand, sunglasses on, sandals on and just a gstring on.  I have gotten alot of looks but I have also had a lot of people come and set up near me when they see me.  it feels so good to walk to the beach that way
Ex_Member #29

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/26/2009 08:40:35Copy HTML

When my wife and I go to the beach we usually only wear our G-string to and from the beach with either a towel or a t-shirt as a cover up, but lately she willl only wear a crop tank top and  her g-string because she likes the way they hug her breast when she wears them and who is going to complain about a woman walking in a g-string on a beach where it is allowed
Tanned Bum #30

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:09/26/2009 01:24:47Copy HTML

Just recently I've made a few walks to and from the parking lot at my local beach in a thong.  Since the season is nearing the end here in New England the beachs are not as populated as mid summer. I've read about it on the board and decided to give it a try. The boardwalk that passes over the sand dunes is about 6 feet wide and 5-600ft long.  I was a little nervous wearing a JS walking across the parking lot getting to the boardwalk. As I approached the the entrance a couple of moms and kids were loading up their beach cart to fit on the walkway. I hurried up passed them and made my way up the board walk. Once on there is only one direction to go, as I neared the midway point I was approching a couple girls exiting the beach heading my direction just wearing their bikinis. Got  some smiles and an "enjoy this nice weather" and as we passed we all gave each other the once over. Once I got near the landing and staircase decending to the beach I saw a few seniors watching the seals in the ocean and had to squeeze thru them. Then it was business as usual on the beach.

Walking to/from the beach for me in a thong is a little bit of a  confidence booster.
Proudly #31

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:10/07/2009 03:56:16Copy HTML

I'm sensitive to locations, but I think that my g-string is just another swimsuit. If others wear their suits en route to the beach, then I'm wearing mine. 
In any case, don't loiter. (There's a mention about loitering at: http://proudlybare.blogspot.com/2009/07/public-pools.html)
See you on the path.
elvis1977 #32

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:07/07/2018 11:35:05Copy HTML

 at albert dyck park abbotsford I seen a woman in a thong wearing a teeshirt most of her butt was showing in the parking lot walking to the beach.can a man wear basicly the same a tee shirt and my thong . its hard to find a tee shirt long enough to cover the whole butt.
Snublefot #33

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:07/09/2018 06:30:53Copy HTML

@elvis1977 There seems to be a fashion among snowboarders and slope style skiers to wear tall-tees over their jackets. The shirts typically go down to mid thigh and should suit your need perfectly.?
NudeNArizona #34

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:07/09/2018 06:45:12Copy HTML

 We usually wear some sort of cover up if unfamiliar with the location but if we are very familiar we will just wear our swimwear to and front. Much safer leaving valuables locked in the car than sitting on a towel when we take Long Beach walks.
thongdude213 #35

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:10/25/2018 06:11:49Copy HTML

Anyone do this in Southern California? I usually wear shorts til i ppst up. Then wear my shorts back to my car
abczyxabczyx #36

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:10/31/2018 05:18:19Copy HTML

I have done it at Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach without any issues.
32189 #37

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:11/04/2018 04:03:27Copy HTML

I often wear my thong from parking to beach and then from beach to car without issues. I have done this in Laguna, Newport, and Huntington beaches. Plenty of girls do it so why shouldn't I? And again, no problems whatsoever.
7423080 #38

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:11/04/2018 07:32:01Copy HTML

Guess I never gave it any thought.  On vacation and the like, I will leave my room with a Tee shirt on a wearing my g-string.  I am heading to the beach

anyway so why would I wear anything else?  Once at the beach, I shed my Tee shirt, layout my towel on the lounger and settle in.  Why carry any

unecessary items with you to the beach that you do not need.  I enjoy walking toward the beach and my Tee shirts are always very short and

only go down to my navel so everyone has a good look at what I am wearing and from the back you can see that I am actually wearing something

and not butt naked.  A longer shirt would give the appearance of being naked I believe.  Granted, I have had some serious lookers, mainly women

checking my tiny g-string out but have yet to hear a negative comment.  I take that back....one time at the pool swim up bar an attractive women said no man

should wear a string  bikini unless they have a really large di*k, then she said, you fit the bill and look good.  

sailor250 #39

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:11/04/2018 08:47:53Copy HTML

Hell Yes I do it. On a recent trip to Miami I got to Haulover (nude beach) two days in a row.  As I was leaving in a G string just pulling on my shorts to get in my car up rolls this Audi and a stunning girl in workout clothes hops out to go get the parking ticket at the machine by the pedestrian tunnel, she looked just like Michelle Lewin the fitness model.  There was another equally as stunning chick in the car too.

Next day I pull in the parking lot and there's that car. I slip off my shorts to walk and get my parking ticket which you take back to your car to display on the dash. I'm walking toward the machine in an aqua missile V string. I look up and see these two girls walking out of the tunnel. I would have went from swinging to jibbing (sailing term when your boom swings around in the wind) if I wasn't disappointed that I wouldn't see them out on the beach. So the Michelle-like girl looks at my suit and says  "You Show off!"  The other girl smiled and laughed holding her hand to her mouth, then looking back as they walked by. 

Ironically one of my dollar bills was too flaccid for the bill machine to take in!

tbck1000 #40

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:11/07/2018 05:44:30Copy HTML

My rule of thumb on this is- if I would wear a more modest bathing suit with or without a shirt in the situation, then I will defiantly wear a bikini or thong bathing suit in the same situation. I have walked from the parking lot to beach at Haulover in a thong and flip flops many times. Never felt out of place.

navythong #41

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

Date Posted:11/08/2018 06:41:47Copy HTML

I never walked in a thong from the parking lot to the beach. But last summer I was on holiday in France and we were staying on a camp-site about 500 metres from the beach. Since my wife is not allowed to get into the full sun anymore, I go to the beach for a few hours every afternoon. I take a nice book with me and lay-out for some time and make a beach-walk every now and then. One day I decided why should I cover up when walking back to the camp-site? So I put my short in my bag and walked home along the water-line. When arriving at the path through the dunes I just walked on in just my thong and a shirt. The path through the dunes, about 200 metres some people came across going to the beach. They may have noticed I was wearing a narrow cut thong, but nobody made any comment. I was happy I had the courage to show I'm a thong wearer and improves my self confidence.
ithongit #42

Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

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Generally, I think a conservative approach (some form of coverup) is a good idea unless you are familiar with a specific place.  All of us may occationally get the urge to be an exhibitionist and if that is the way you feel, then I would not hesitate to wear the thong from the car to the beach unless I find out the whole route is not thong legal or thong friendly. So there are places where the trail to the beach passes businesses, other people's yards, etc. and I might think twice, only to be nice and not create an uncomfortable situation for them.  In Ohio, the state parks generally have a parking lot within sight of the water.  The distance can be as little as 50 feet or less, or hundreds of yards.  Still, thongs are legal all over the park and the parking lot is sort of an extension of the beach.  I have also thonged in Florida where you had to hike across a busy road, between several houses, and past a motel to get to the beach.  Here, I would probably wait until I was on the sand. In Galveston, I stayed at a motel on the inland side of the seawall.  Both men and women were walking along the top of the seawall in thongs.  This was not as common on the guys as the gals, but still, with others in thongs, there was little incentive to not to wear a thong.  I stayed in a motel across the busy four-lane (with additional lanes for parking) highway adjacent to the seawall.  For some reason -- probably because there were other thongers -- I didn't even bother with a coverup but did not wear a thong without a top except when I got to the sand. What surprised me was that there was a Kroger Store on the seawall road, and it is very tourist oriented.  Some of the men were shirtless, and many wore bottoms that were obviously swimwear.  I saw two men in thongs only.  Women did keep their tops on, but some of their tops might as well have been invisible.  Thongs and even a few G-strings were worn by some of the ladies.  At the motel front desk, people were similarly dressed.  In this environment, I could not see any reason to not wear a thong. On the Outer Banks, I have also worn just a thong (and been topfree) when going from my car to the beach.  This is practical if you hike over the dunes, since the nasty ticks are easier to spot and they take a while to decide where to bite you, giving you a chance to find them and kill them before they bite you.  I do take it easy with thonging at these places.  Below Avon it seems safe, but up near Nag's Head, I have almost caused a few accidents when people who are not expecting thongs and/or toplessness make sudden changes in their driving to get a better look.  People in the more southern areas seem more likely to be comfortable with thongs and don't make such a big deal about them. There are places on the Outer Banks where you might wear a thong in the parking lot, and perhaps even go topfree, but at the same time, you might keep on something as a coverup.  This is determined by where you are going and why you are going there.  At the pony farm, you must cross the road to see the ponies.  If you are going to see the horses, a coverup seems appropriate, while you might park in the exact same spot another day when you plan to go to the beach, and a thong and even topfree is okay.  In Buxton and Hatteras village, thonging is acceptable in some of the groceries, post office, and at the self-serve gas stations. There are private pools I have been to that permit thongs at the pool, but not on the other side of the pool fence, even though the fence does nothing to prevent people from seeing what a person at the pool is wearing.  Here the issue is where are thongs permitted legally of by local rules or customs. Another factor can be who is at the beach.  Some people might not want to thong in front of a large group of school aged kids on a field trip. Traci

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At Ft De Soto I walked from the "thongers" area all the way to my car in just and thong. Well, I was wearing sneakers too because the ground was hot but it was fine. Got a few looks and stares but otherwise no problem!
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Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

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When I arrive at the Fort I always shed my shorts and t-shirt down to my g-string before I even off load my wagon, cooler and chair. When I go to the beach it is for the day so I take more than I usually need. I walk the pathway to the beach and then head north, what is the difference if someone sees me after I am at the beach or when I walking to my spot for the day. I may have been more discreet years ago but now who gives a shi_! I enjoy the beach and I enjoy wearing my skimpy little suit, soaking up as much sun as I can. When I leave the beach at the end of the day, the last thing I do is put on shorts before leaving my parking space. I have had many people walk past me or drive on the road past my truck seeing me in my suit, I say good for them!
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Re:Thongs--From parking lot to beach

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I agree with others about being familiar with your surroundings, years ago we used to frequent the same beach almost every weekend, So we got to know most of the regulars and they knew us and our choice of swimwear and even though most were dressed more conservative than us our minimal G-strings or less were never an issue. So one day after arriving at our normal spot and setting up Michelle realized she had left our sunscreen we just bought in the car after she had stripped down to her tiny G-string and topless, So as she went to put her sundress back on one of the ladies nearby ask if we were leaving so soon, when Michelle told her she needed to run back to the car for a minute and the lady ask her "why are you getting dressed, if you are just going to the car?" which this statement must have triggered something in her head, because just then she dropped her dress and started walking to the car in just her G-string which surprised me as I walked out of the water after cooling off. Then after about 20 minutes or so I began to wonder where she had gone, so I got up and walked to the car to see if everything was ok with her, when i find her in the parking lot talking to a couple of younger college age girls who were still completely dressed. Then as I walk up she asks them if they would like to join us. As we chatted on our walk back to the beach she tells me the girls ask her if I had any issues with going topless or wearing such a small G-string on this beach, because they had heard of local guys harassing girls on the beach. Michelle assured them that we had visited this beach for a long time and had never had any issues and they were welcome to join us. When we got back to our towels the other girls set-up next to Michelle and one of the two immediately removed her t-shirt and shorts revealing a modest thong and bikini top, while the other girl removed her sundress revealing a standard bikini bottom and no bra and didn't put her top on. After a few minutes the other girl removed her top as well. The following day which was a Monday we met the same girls in the parking lot when we arrived, only this time they were joined by two other girls and as we got out of the car Michelle removed her sheer cover-up and through it in the backseat of the car wearing just her G-string as we collected our stuff out of the trunk. Then we all walked to the beach only this time when we arrived we wreathe only people, so as I set-up our spot the other girls all took a walk. Since we had the beach to ourselves Michelle removed her G-string and went for a swim naked as I finished. Then as the girls were walking back Michelle greeted them as she came out of the water which didn't seem to bother them her being naked so she decided to remain nude until others came but no one else came around. Then Michelles friends seemed more comfortable and went topless and the original girls were both wearing G-strings this time until Michelle encouraged me to remove my G-string and join her nude, which began a snowball effect as the girls each dared one another to also go nude. From that day neither of us found the need to wear cover-ups from the car to the beach, and if we were going from the house directly to and from the beach rarely put on a cover-up for the drive.
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