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Date Posted:12/30/2018 03:32:35Copy HTML

For many years I have worn thongs when biking to the beach or around town.  Women in thong swimsuits are sometimes seen biking down by the beach. 

Just before Christmas four eletric scooter companies envated Fort Lauderdale.  Most seem to be from the companies Lime and Bird.  They are EVERYWHERE !!

Some locals are bitching about scooters zipping down the sidewalks, or riding two up going the wrong way in traffic.  
I have become a fan, simply because people riding eletric scooters are not uising taxies or ubers, so less traffic on the road.

An added benifit of electric scooters zipping around is they make car drivers just a bit more weary, which means better safty for cyclists and pedestrians who cross the street.

It makes the connection between the beach and the Las Olas Shops easy for younger tourists, who are electic scooter savy.  

A trip which would otherwise mean walking more than a mile, or figuring out the infrequent and delibertly confusing bus system.
It means our market is more friendly to the 16 to 30 year old scooter riding tourists. 
We need to bring back young tourists to add vitality, and thongers to the beach.

I have started to see women in bikinis and thongs, dresed for the beach, with a bag over their sholder using the scooters to get from where the parking is free or cheep, to the beach. This is a good trend.

The only drawback is scooters are randomly scattered around town.  There is no guarinty that after parking at the Galaria Mall or downtown parking lot you will easily find one for a ride to the beach.
I know the electric scooters are dockless, but it would help if we had some scooter parking racks at the parking lots which the rechargers keeped stocked.

Park and scoot. The new urban planning model is quckly evolving before our eyes. 

tbck1000 #1

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:12/30/2018 06:40:57Copy HTML

Parking racks are a great idea. I think overall the scooters are a good idea. And what a kick it would be to ride one across town in a thong.

luvnmythong #2

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:12/30/2018 07:21:09Copy HTML

JM_Runs, what about having a Scooter ride for all those who will be in Ft. Lauderdale for the SunSplash weekend? Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Just imagine all those attendees, wearing thongs, and riding the electric scooters up and down A1A. Talk about some great thong exposure! I think everyone would love it. tbck1000, you must make plans to join everyone there this coming July. Let's have one big fun Thonging Scooter Ride!
ithongit #3

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:12/30/2018 10:29:27Copy HTML

I see a lot of "shared ride" bike places throughout the country. Most permit picking up and dropping off bikes in different places. Most area available for single trip or single day use, up to monthly or even yearly use. Some of these locations offer electric assist on some bikes -- either solar or traditionally charged from the power company. With probably over 100 such set-ups offering such services to the local areas, most have some type of local regulations, taxing, cooperation for bike parking areas, etc. It would be interesting to know if thong swimwear is permitted on many of these lines. From what I have seen, it seems that people dress on these rental bikes the same way they would dress to be on the streets, so a biker in Florida might get away in a thong, while one in Boise Idaho might not.
BaltoBob #4

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:12/31/2018 12:09:11Copy HTML

Lots of rental bikes in this years Philly Naked Bike Ride, including me on an e-bike. https://www.flickr.com/photos/24894360@N03/44531514602/
pikeman #5

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:03/05/2019 07:24:54Copy HTML

As a witness to the scooter stupidity in the nearby city, I'd judge scooters to fall in the range of fire ants as far as social utility. There are 14000 at last count and they litter sidewalks, doorways, driveways, wherever morons run out of $ to ride. My town has watched this mess and has not allowed them in. If they appear in town I hope people dispose of them. My attitude about bikes is opposite, but I might feel a bit testy if there were 14000 and they were dumped randomly all over my town.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:03/05/2019 10:50:38Copy HTML

In Febuary I went to a city commission meeting about the scooters. Rather eye opening: We have 4 vendors, who during our coldest months, and January was very VERY wet, still did a combined 130,000 trips, with the average trip being over 25 minutes. This compares with other cities where the average trip length is more like 10 minutes. Our local state senator and city commission staff use them. The chief of police said the amount of trips now done by electric scooter has resulted in a noticeable decrease in overall traffic volume, during our most busy traffic season. The Taxi and Uber drivers are not happy about the number of lost fairs. On the other hand residents are pleased that there are less Taxis and Ubers stopped in traffic waiting for their fairs to find them and get in, or stopped to let them out. Owner of several downtown restaurants said his staff now park further away where parking is less costly and use scooters for the last mile. Decreasing the parking cost for his staff, AND freeing up nearby parking for customers. Business owners on Las Olas where parking is a limiting factor say the electric scooters allow more customers people to get to their business, and for tourists to discover their business. There have been some accidents, but less than the number of accidents where cars have hit cyclists, and none resulted in death, which is not true for some of the bicyclists who were killed during the same period. The city is still working out the teething problems and legal issues of if they should be on the road / sidewalk / bike lane or what. As to the comment about scooters being left all over town. That is what makes them convenient. I would point out cars are parked all over town too: In driveways, on streets, everywhere. You can't look up or down a street in town without seeing parked cars, even after spending millions building parking garages, cars still litter the streets. If we put even 1/10 the resources into alternative personal transport that we have historically spend on cars and accommodating them on our roads transportation would be rather different.
tswim #7

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:03/06/2019 04:07:24Copy HTML

To each his own You hopefully don’t find cars in the river, laying in ditches and left on sidewalks. They work in some cities and have their advantages of course like any transportation system they also have their disadvantages The automobile is still relevant and will be for a long time as long as people decide they want to live more than a few miles from where they work. The majority of America still lives outside of our largest cities. We owe a great deal of what we enjoy today due to our great interstate system and secondary roads I am the cars trucks and large trucks that make every day happen all over the country and deliver the goods and services to us that we need to survive including those fancy electric scooters
pikeman #8

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:04/23/2019 08:25:27Copy HTML

I'm not a skater, or skate-boarder, and lack the skill to safely use a scooter. The local streets are bad enough in a car, and you don't belong on the sidewalk, which is actually worse. I've had a few falls running, and all were on bad sidewalk pavement. The electric scooter is a fad I hope will go away soon. They're a serious nuisance.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:04/23/2019 11:45:51Copy HTML

I think most people who can ride a bicycle can ride a scooter.  In actual practice it is simpler to learn, because beginners on bikes tend to look down at the pedals instead of at the horizon. That's why we often remove the pedals when people are starting to learn how to ride, so they learn steering and balance first. 

We now have thousands of electric scooters round here. Most dockless rentals, but many private ones too. Unless they are banned I don't see them going away any time soon.   

During the last few months, in our county, one person was hit by a car and killed. During the same time period quite a number of bicyclists were hit by cars and killed, in a number of different accidents, as were a number of pedestrians.  Cars are bloody dangerous.

Florida has not worked out if scooters should be regulated like bicycles, mopeds, or electric wheelchairs. Nobody is sure if they should be on the roads or sidewalks, or both.  

Irrespective of the various legal opinions, from personal observation it seems that when they act like bicycles they are the most safe and predictable. That they all have electric lights at night helps a LOT, because there are still many bicycles that are unlit. Just FYI, in most of Florida bicycles are allowed on all roads, (that are not restricted access like interstates), must travel in the same direction as the cars, on the same side of the road. (No "samoning" going against the stream).  

ALSO, in Florida,  bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk, 'pavement' for you UK types.  But must do so with care, and if passing pedestrians alerting when necessary, hence the need for bells.   This was not always the law. Many years ago bikes were banned from sidewalks, but with the increase in traffic and increases in cyclist deaths the state changed the law to allow what had become standard practice, for kids to ride bikes on the sidewalks and adults on bikes to take to the sidewalks on dangerous sections of road.

Having seen a LOT of the scooters being used around town, I suspect they are the wave of the future and are here to stay. Their acceptance and adoption has been faster than the introduction of any other mode of transport. They make a good 'last mile' mix when combined with rail and bus. They are excellent for just going out and back around downtown or the beach. The dockless nature of the scooters makes them more convenient than bicycles, which you have to own, store, maintain, and then find a secure place to lock-up when you arrive.  

The only advantage of a bike, other than cardiac exercise and better visibility from the rear, is it is probably still locked where I left it, (with luck), where as with a scooter, if the one used to arrive has been comendeered by someone else, and one is not in sight, you have to hunt, or use an app to find the nearest one, and there are four different vendors, presumably with their own apps.

I forsee scooters adding larger wheels, to beter deal with potholes, and maybe rear whips with lights on the top for better visibility at night. 

As to wearing thongs on scooters, I don't see why not.  When I ride to the beach I wear a thong on the bike.  It might be a better platform for showing off your thong, because you have more zip, and are standing upright, not hunched over like on a bike. I have seen women in thongs riding scooters up and down at the beach. They banned scooters during spring break and the Tortuga music festival, which would have been prime time, but on other days not unusual to see women in thongs on an electric scooter, going to and from the beach. Even seen them zipping down my road. I have not yet seen guys riding scooters in a thong, but then I have not been hanging out at the beach this year. 

Thong212 #10

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:04/25/2019 01:07:08Copy HTML

I like these scooters, I saw them. Last year in Atlanta and yes, they are all over the place so you can just grab it and go with the app. I would Definitely ride one from my car to the beach in my swimsuit, that would be a blast. Looking at the people who have been injured on these scooters, in Florida there have been many people hit by the Brightline commuter train, drivers don’t stop when the gate is down. As JM said regarding bikes, anyone not paying attention or using good judgment could get hurt on these.
ondefense #11

Re:Thongs and Electric Scooters

Date Posted:04/26/2019 02:57:20Copy HTML

JMRuns: Regarding your comment: ALSO, in Florida, bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk, 'pavement' for you UK types. But must do so with care, and if passing pedestrians alerting when necessary, hence the need for bells. Bells on bicycles are almost useless due to the fact that so many walkers and joggers are now wearing headphones and hence cannot hear the bell. From experience of riding my bike, I can tell you that the best thing is a very loud "ON YOUR LEFT" in order to go around, and even that is not enough some times.
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