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Date Posted:09/05/2015 12:39:51Copy HTML

Headed out on a Carribbean cruise on NCL this fall on their new Escape. Can't wait. Looking for some recent reviews of wearing thongs on NCL, both in adult areas and more family pools/slides. I had no problems in the past on Carnival with wearing thongs at the main pools and slides. Just wondering what NCL is like. Researched Youtube videos and found a few that showed girls in thongs, so I am not too worried about wearing them. This my first time on NCL. What is everyone else's experience with NCL and thonging?
DesertThong #1

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:09/28/2015 01:27:18Copy HTML

 Stay in the adult only areas. There is also the pay area beach club that I'm sure is ok. Their policy is no topless, so not as relaxed as some other lines.
Baguio #2

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/14/2015 06:39:07Copy HTML

 Is this from experience on NCL, DesertThong? Talked to a male cruise help person at NCL the other day on the phone who said there were no policies about thongs on their cruises and that 'thongs are expected to be seen'. I plan to wear a thong on their slides and main pools until told otherwise.
7423080 #3

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/14/2015 10:24:14Copy HTML

It has been more than a year ago but I wore my tiny gstring in pretty much see thru yellow on NCL, no problems whatsoever
Baguio #4

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/20/2015 02:27:25Copy HTML

 Wow, near see-thru all over. Brave. Going to be wearing both Koala and Skinzwear thongs, but not that daring. Don't want to upset families too much..
OS777 #5

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/22/2015 06:31:29Copy HTML

OS777 #6

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/22/2015 06:33:53Copy HTML

 From my experience of owning and wearing Koala... I suggest that you do not wear a Koala suit on a NCL ship. Koala attire is too over the top and was designed to attract gay men. The NCL is not a gay cruise is it?  By wearing Koala gear in a non gay venue or at a nude resort or nude beach the person wearing Koala extremely sexually provocative attire is calling for way too much attention to them self. Unless you are out to cruise and pick up a gay companion for a day or night's entertainment the Koala is definitely not the proper attire for a mixed and heterosexual venue such as NCL ships!!!
Baguio #7

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:10/22/2015 08:47:53Copy HTML

 The Koala i have is pretty tame compared to alot of their stuff. Check my images, thats the Koala I been wearing my last 2 Carnival cruises. And no, not trolling for any gay companions. Just wearing what I like with some thought to those (families) around me.
DesertThong #8

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:12/08/2015 11:30:06Copy HTML

 Baguio, yes it is my experience. It was too uncomfortable in the general/kiddie areas. Maybe it's just me.
Baguio #9

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:12/14/2015 08:53:11Copy HTML

 Just got back and here's my report. Wore my Skinzwear purple rio cut to the slides the first night. The slides kept making the rio into a thong style. hehe Since I wasn't having any issues, I decided to leave it that way. A couple of girls joined me, one in a thong and other with rio style. Was having fun when some dad came up to me and bitched at me for wearing what I wore with kids around. His kid was the only one. Guy didn't know squat as he called what I was wearing 'underwear'. Never said a word to the 2 ladies about what they had on, just me. I told him I am sorry he feels that way and his kid probably saw more on TV and the internet. He just stared at me and walked off and tried to get the employee overseeing the slides to do something, which he didn't. Never saw him around the slides again. Enjoyed the rest of the wear in various thongs, all Skinzwear, at the slides, main pool and other areas including their Thermal Spa, which is totally awesome. Worth the extra cost. Stayed away from the kiddie pool as much as possible but one slide ended next to it and the stairs up to all slides was also nearby. Saw a few women with lacey or fishnet coverups, that really didn't cover much, wearing thongs or rio cuts walk thru the buffet area full of families. Not that I am complaining, just pointing out. Bottom line, except for Mr. Virgin Eyes, had no issues and several positive comments.
miaswim #10

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:12/19/2015 04:35:57Copy HTML

 Sounds like you had a great experience in NCL.  Which ship were you on?  I just returned from a 3-day cruise on RCCL (Majesty) and had no issues in my thong either (Skinz M77 style).  Used it on their private island and again by the pool while the ship was in Nassau.  Interestingly, there were a few women in thongs but not a single guy in a speedo-style suit on the private island.  In Nassau, many people returned early to enjoy an afternoon by the pool and voila!, at least 4-5 guys showed up in square cut swimwear or smaller.  Guess they felt there was some safety in numbers.
Baguio #11

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:02/17/2016 04:54:25Copy HTML

Was on the Escape, loved it!
thongalactic #12

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:04/17/2016 05:57:36Copy HTML

@Baguio, To be honest, nobody is complaining about your wearing a thong swimsuit. It's about the front; they're very likely complaining about your prominent display of genitalia. Some combination of factors: the tightness of your swimsuit, the skimpy coverage of your pubic region, and the transparency of the fabric. The sides of your pubic region are definitely exposed— particularly in the purple swimsuit. It's simply too narrow for your body. And the red swimsuit on the waterslide: again it exposes the sides of your pubic region. It's too flimsy for any sort of activity. Also, both swimsuits look unlined: you can definitely see the outline of your genitals. In the side-hug picture, the purple swimsuit becomes this asymmetrical blob of genitalia: penis and balls on full display, in-your-face. It looks pretty tight: it digs quite a bit into your flesh. Personally, I think your swimwear choice is inappropriate. For a number of reasons, it too prominently shows your genitalia. Again, it's about the front. You think you're wearing a thong, but you're really wearing dicksuit.
Jman71 #13

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:04/24/2016 05:58:57Copy HTML

Just got back from a cruise on the NCL Breakaway. The ports of call were Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay, and Nassau. During my trip I saw no thongs on anyone (male or female). The closest was a guy with short swimshorts. There were a lot more teens and children on the ship than I thought there would be, considering we are still in school season.

Great Stirrup Cay was great. There are two main beaches were most everyone hangs out but the island is big enough to find isolated snorkeling and sunning spots. I found one great reef and did some nude snorkeling.

While I didn't see any thongers on the beaches, I don't think you'd be hassled by any NCL staff for wearing them. But your fellow passengers might be another story.
bubblebuttt #14

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:04/10/2018 06:55:51Copy HTML

 has anyone been recently on the NCL Escape? I am going at the end of the month to bermuda. any tips? any issues happened while you thonged there? 
bubblebuttt #15

Re:Thongs and Norwegian Cruise Lines

Date Posted:05/07/2018 01:22:29Copy HTML

 So I came back from my Cruise to Bermuda on the Norwegian Escape, and I have to say it wasn't that bad. I thonged 3 days in a row and didn't experience any problems, no one said anything, although there were a few men that were starring at my ass like they have never seen one before. and they had their wives next to them lol. anyway, I thonged only on the Sun Deck which was all the way at the top of the ship, adults only. I thonged in 3 G-strings and 1 Speedo type thong and no problems. took lot of belfies lol and i felt so sexy and liberated. I had a couple of guys stare at me at sort of disbelief, I had girls set up next time while i'm laying on my stomach, I have had girls in groups walk right past me with no giggles or laughs or anything. although, it was very surprising that I did not see more than 1-2 girls in thong like bikinis which was shocking. I believe I had the smallest bikini on the ship on the days I tanned. Overall a good experience, everyone minded their business and no one said anything. Even some of the crew members saw me in a few G-strings and no one said anything. also, we sailed from NYC. def recommend it. and I now have a great tan line, which I have and will continue to maintain for as long as I can, it's been 9 months now lol
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